Thursday, 9 July 2009

Bully Boys interview

We get in touch with the veteran of the American WP scene Scott – the singer of famous band “Bully Boys”. After the starting misunderstanding about the fact where exactly our beloved Fatherland Bulgaria stands on the map of Europe we had a nice and interesting conversation with him, discussing various topics, which now we present to our readers attention.

1. We say "hello" to Scott from Bully Boys. First I want to thank you that you agreed on giving this interview. I have to tell you that your band is pretty popular in Bulgaria. What are the latest news around Bully Boys?

Let me first start off by saying that it has taken me almost 40 years to realize that Bulgaria is not part of Russia! HAHA! When I first agreed to do this interview, I had thought it was for a zine from Belarus, Dont ask why,just did....Anyhow, I am glad Savin has a sense of humor. The band has been on a bit of a break. We recently recorded another cd which is set to be released this summer (around august 2007). Once the cd is released, we shall return to the road to support it...We dont like to sit still too long and it will be nice to play new stuff live.

2. Like I said, You have many fans in Bulgaria that follow your music. But for now you only have two albums and two splits (with Brutal Attack and Division S) . Isn't this a very small fraction of what could have been done since the band was first founded 24 years ago?

HAHA yes I agree!!! It wasnt until recently that we somewhat domesticated ourselves into the humble men we are today (laughing), There was a time in our past that we always seemed to find trouble everywhere we would go. We grew up as young skinheads that pushed the envelope for change and caught ourselves into many situations that would seperate us from friends and family. It has been our curse since the beginning, we have been through many line up changes and many incarcerations. We are very passionate of our ideals and music, so we always find a way to keep the pages turning

3. Would you tell us a curious and memorable story from one of your concerts?

We did a gig in California some time back. While there,I hooked up with an old friend who was shot by some gang bangers and was left paralyzed from the neck down. He arrived at the gig and this was the first time I had seen him in a few years so we had alot of catching up to do. The gig was on top of a mountain ( I mean like 2 hours of driving up this mountain!) so we partied ontop this mountain all night, and around 5 am we decided to go to our rooms. I was the least drunk so I drove this van down the mountain. Jeremy (the paralyzed guy) was in the passenger seat keeping me awake by talking with me. Suddenly he asks me if we were driving in a tunnel and I tell him no that he was just tired and seeing tunnels. I had to keep my foot on the brake the whole time because of the hair line turns that had no guard rails to stop you from falling straight down! Every time I would turn, Jeremy would fall over onto me, and because he could'nt move, I would be driving with my hand on his head keeping him in place. I was very nervous at this point because I started thinking of all this responsibility I had on me to keep all these people alive. I was holding up Jeremy, Driving very cautiously, and to top it all off, I was now driving into this same tunnel that Jeremy was seeing!! I was so fucking tired that I got tunnel vision and this tunnel was barely big enough to drive in. I was freaked the fuck out over the whole experience but we made it down in one piece. I am glad I was sober!

4. Our next question is about one of your songs named “Skinhead superstar”. Can you tell us what motivated you to write the lyrics for the song?

I think it is no secret that we wrote this song about Jason Stevens (ex vocalist of Intimidation 1). Jason Came about in the Portland scene and rose to skinhead superstardom in a very short time. He made bad judgement calls, Ran his mouth on solid stand up brothers and ran from his issues when confronted. These actions are looked down upon very badly within American Skinheads and the end result can be very bad for an individual. Jason was eventually corrected by the guys that lived in his city. Jason made such an impression that we had to write a song to forever remember him by, so we gave the world Skinhead superstar!! On our recent recording we did, The Superstar is back but its not Jason, This next character is far worse than Jason ever thought of being........Heres a hint-----------Panzerfuast records!!!

5. A few weeks ago you played in Russia. What is your impression of this country which during the so called “cold war” (under the name USSR in these times) was the number 1 enemy of the US? Is the fear from the communists and KGB which has spread for decades still alive in America?

I was very inspired by my experience to Russia. In my younger years I thought of Russia as this place that had no Freedom, And everyone worked for a machine that had absolute total control of their lives. That is what we were told simply because the USSR was our biggest threat. I look back on my years in school and now see the trickery used on young minds to sell Democracy. The only news we really hear from Russia anymore is about the wave of skinheads that are killing Immigrants and fighting to secure a homeland. Its just horrifying!!haha The Russia I experienced was presented to me by the people of Russia. They have a strong fighting spirit, They are racially conscious, They are organized and they are fighting daily to block foreign invaders from entering their land. Moscow is a city of 15 million and it is the whitest city I have ever seen! I plan to go back very soon!

6. Do you think that a Hammer Skin Nation could have representatives in Eastern Europe? As far as I know Russian hammers was rejected to be a such.

I do not speak for Hammerskin Nation so I cannot comment.
7. What is your opinion of C18?

I have only met a few members in Europe. The ones I have met were courteous. I really dont know any C18 memebers personally, so it will be hard for me to make an opinion.

8. Your opinion of some political leaders like the president of Iran for example, who critiques Zionism politics of the US every chance he gets?

It shows that even "brown people" feel the effects of Zionism! It is no secret that the US military is an extension of Israels Army. The people that live in this country are very much against the war in the middle east and Bush is a very unpopular President....I personally dont care either way. I am one of those guys that feels theres only one solution to all the worlds problems, I believe in total seperation of all races for the good of humanity. I think that everyone will benefit once they are governed by their own race in their own region. I look at multiculturalism as being inhuman and think of it as the worlds biggest disease.

9. USA has been given as an example for a democratic country multiple times. Do you think that dropping nuclear bombs and occupying foreign countries ( with the purpose of tobbing them of their natural resources) an act of democracy? Isn't democracy just a mask of the Zionist totalitarism?

I personally think Democracy is a "BUZZ" word thrown to gullible individuals as a security blanket. Americans are so consumed with this idea that they have stood behind it since the beginning. When our European ancestors wrote the constitution for this country it was an oath to live free of tyranny. The principles were sincere, the better interests were for whites in this country, and the plan was to establish an ultimate homeland for whites. Along the way to advancement an evil plague found its way to our shores and began its treachery on our people. Centuries later the jewish influence is alive and well in America. That little piece of paper that was put forth to us as a constitution is well on its way to being merely a myth. The minds of youth are indoctrinated into multicultural mind fuck and so much propaganda is shoved down your throat telling you that all these middle eastern countries need to be liberated from the hands of politicians that seek to do us harm. Lies, lies and more lies cover up the facts of our countries wrong doings because the world propaganda machine has control over America more than any other country. Zionism comes in many forms and as every white nation in the world can agree upon, it must be dealt with immediately before it sinks in its claws and cripples civilizations.

10. As far as I know you don’t support any political party or organization. What is the reason for this? What must the NS movement look like in order to be successful according to you?

I support those who have the right agenda. There are several organizations that promote our idealogy in a positive manner and are about making change. Beer drinking on the weekends and smashing one of your own is not my idea of survivalism. I realize that we cannot all get along, But my focus is on bettering myself and being a man to my children who they can look at in 20 years and know that I made sacrifices for them. My brothers and sisters recognize me as being a man with a big heart...The ones Invloved in my life are the ones I love and they get the best of me......the ones that have stabbed me in my back and lied to my face get the worst of me.

11. As a citizen of a multinational state, how do you accept the processes of “racial and ethnic globalization” in Europe? How will the end of the “national state” reflect on the continent?

One only has to look at America to tell that multiculturalism does not work! We are being invading by third world countries who have brought in their crime, their diseases, and their hatred to whites in general. This country is a ticking time bomb and whites are the victims. If this can happen in America, It can happen anywhere. Sadly, Americas future is looking very grim so we are cheering for the European countries to block the same issues now invading you so we have a safe place to go when the shit hits the fan!! HAHA. I can tell you from Issues we have here is that when Non whites become the majority population, Your laws will change to suit them more than you, Your politicians will be non-whites and will favor non-whites, Non-whites that entered your land illegally and worked for cheap labor will be given citizenship and "paid off" for their suffering. Whites will become so guilt ridden that they will lose all sense of European customs and give in to understanding their culture more than ours! This will be imposed onto you much like our children are being forced to learn to speak Spanish here. Whites will become 2nd class citizens and it will not be safe for young women to be out past dark....or out at all!! A pretty good reflection of some of our inner cities like Chicago, New york, Dallas are like these twisted video games you see that are glorifying criminal behavior and putting the minds of our youth on thug yo yo gangster level.......It makes you sick!

12. What is your opinion about the WP music scene in Eastern Europe? Do you know that in Bulgaria we've had RAC and NSBM bands for years?

What I have heard I think is great!! I have many friends in bands that follow European music, we all agree that there is big talent coming from Eastern Europe and we want to help bring your message to our country! I have approached bands in the past to come to America and play our festivals and help strengthen our bridge across the Oceans.

13. What can we expect from the band in the near future? Are you working on any new projects at the moment?

There is nothing really planned at the moment. Once the new cd is released we will support it if there is a demand. Ed and I have already started writing material for our next recording.14. Any final comments? What do you want to say to your Bulgarian fans?Thank you all for having interest in our little band!! We look forward to one day coming to Bulgaria to spread our cheerful relaxed music. Until then stay strong and stay focused!!!

July 2007

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