Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Vinlandic - German - Croatian Strike Force

Brand new cd from German label Moloko Versand Plus. A 3 side split by KG 23 (side project of Big Ed), Blue Max (Germany) and Strong Survive (Croatia). The cd starts with an intro from KG 23 and tree songs of metal storm played perfectly by Ed on guitar. The lyrics of the songs are dedicated to Croatian history (Ed have Croatian origins). The next pieces of 3 tracks are from Masters of RAC’N Roll Blue Max – they do it in their typical own style, a top favorite for all the old school skins around. The dessert comes from the countryman of Ante Pavelic. Strong Survive plays basic RAC but even the fact that they took place is this split is big step forward for small but dedicated Croat movement and scene. The booklet contains twelve pages with all the lyrics and some photos.

Below you can hear one of songs of Croats named "Neznanog Junaka" the engish meaning of which is "Unknown brave man/hero"

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