Thursday, 9 July 2009

Blue Max interview

1. We send our greetings to Blue max. Can you tell our readers what are the origins of the band’s name? What was the main reason to start the band?

The band name was the idea of Andreas. He had the name Blue Max for a longer time in his head. Normally it is very difficult to find a name for a band. But when we heard of Andreas idea, it was clear we are Blue Max now.
Blue Max was one of the highest decorations in the First World War. Mostly it was a flight decoration, but also in the science and art it was a high decoration. The original name is Pour le merite. Cause of the blue color, the nickname Blauer Max (Blue Max) was given.
The reason was that we would change anything in this destroyed Europe. We wanted to give some messages to the people. And now we have to give an interview for Bulgaria! I think it works!

2. Why have you decided to produce and press your cd’s by yourself? In Germany there are a lot of big and great labels.

We produced the CDs ourself, cause we want to create our own things with our own ideas and nobody can say us that we have to produce two CDs in a year or something like this. We want to have our own style without any specifications. Our CDs are 100% Blue Max and we think it is good so!

3. What's the main goal of your music: to entertain or to carry a direct social and political message?

The songs and the lyrics are different. On the one hand we have songs with political meanings on the other hand we make party songs. We are Skinheads and not politicians. Politics are important but not the only thing. There is more in the words “way of life”. We think the people can feel this at our concerts. Old school skinhead Oi, Oi, Oi!

4. By everyone's opinion your last album "United” is your best one. What have you changed in your style during the last two albums?

We do not know exactly what has changed. Our first CD “Skinhead Street Rock” was mostly Oi-music. The second “Von uns für euch” more political and the third had both of them. But it should be, that the quality of music will grow up with the years. Perhaps the next one will be better than the “United”?? We hope so and we will give our best!

5. Next question is a little bit personal. What does your family think about your involvement in the nationalist music scene? Do they support you in your actions?

The most parents are not very happy if their child is a Skinhead. But they learned to accept it with the years. After many discussions they said themselves that the most things are right.
When there were problems in the past we had support of them. Thanks to our parents again.
Tim: My wife is also involved in the scene, so it is no problem. My daughter has to make her own decision in the future. Then the time has come to support the next generation.

6. What is your opinion on NPD, which is the most popular nationalist party in your Fatherland? What do you think about the fact that party Generalsekretar Peter Jacob Marx is a Jew and that party leader Udo Voigt bought himself a villa in Spain with party money?

That is right. The NPD is the most popular national party in Germany. To the other two persons, what should we say? Mostly there are good people with good ideas. But there are always some idiots without ideals! Corruption and lies are existing in every party all over the world we think. But we convict this people for these things.

7. “Kameradschaft" is the most popular form of organization of the National Resistance in Germany. Do you think that "Frier Widerstand" is a better option than the standard political parties?

We think the comeradeships are a very good thing. You can follow better your own targets. But we think that you have to carry on the contact with the national parties. We have to work together and not in different directions. This is our only chance to win that war.

8. Germany is infamous with trials against the "politically incorrect" song lyrics. Is there a possibility for Blue Max to sit before the bar in court?

In July 2005 we were arrested on stage. After a night in prison we had to go to court for two times. Other concerts were stormed by the police and they forbid us to organise more concerts. But the show carry on! It is sometimes very difficult to make good music in Germany. But this is also the “way of life”. Keep on fighting!

9. What is the current situation of the music scene in Germany? Some time ago it was known that the major gig organizator of C18 (Sebastian Seemann) is a police informant and drug dealer. How has this situation reflected on the right wing scene?

- We do not have contact to C18. But it is a bad thing to hear about such things. We cannot understand that people on the one side are involved in the scene and on the other side they work together with the people we are fighting against. We hope that he will get his punishment for this!

10. What do you think about Polish nationalists? The hate between Germans and Poles is very well known. What is your opinion about this subject?

There are many problems cause of the history between Germany and Poland. We think we have to handle this problems and get a new form of fighting together. Today we have the same ideas and the same ideals so we have to stick together. But it will need time.

11. A few weeks ago you played on an ISD memorial in England. What were your impressions of this event?

Playing at the ISD in England is a great honour for a band! Playing in memory for a great man. We have many contacts to the English people and they are very good guys. It was a great weekend with nearly 1000 people!
Perhaps in the future we make a Split CD with an English band.

12. What do you know about Bulgaria and our WP music scene?

Sorry, but we do not know many bands or the movement in Bulgaria. But we think that the scene is growing up in Bulgaria, isn’t it? We hope that we get more informations in the future and the white revolution goes on!

13. Where do you see your band and nationalist music in Europe in 10 years?

We are looking forward to these times. The scene is growing up, more and more people will understand the problems. Perhaps a new national army will raise till this date. We wish it for us, for the children and for all white European people!

14. Any final comments? What do you want to say to your Bulgarian fans?

Thank you for the interview and hopefully in future we can play for you in Bulgaria. Keep on the fighting, we are stick together. Stay strong and proud!
Racial regards!
Blue Max

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