Friday, 22 February 2013

In Review: Posol Vlasti

Name: Pred ohnivým drakom
Label: Self - released
Style: Nationalist Rock
Tracks: 12

Posol Vlasti or “ Messenger of the Homeland “ are a brand new band of the well known Slovakians from Project Vandal. The cd contains twelve tracks including a ballad all in their native language. It’s very well played rock music, up to the level of mainstream bands. A lot of powerful and singalong tunes like “Este stale lipa stoji” and “Slovanska krv”. In some of the songs, solos and whole leading rhythm reminds me a lot of the legends of Viking Rock – Ultima Thule which is a quite remarkable fact. From what I understand from the common Slavonic words, lyrics deal with topics like national pride, strength and unity plus some historical backgrounds. Sixteen pages booklet with lyrics in Slovakian included. In my opinion the design and contents could be much better, like some band photos plus lyrics translated in English. All in all it is a really good album from a really god musicians!!! At last but not the least, I would like to thank Rado for sending me a copy of this cd.