Monday, 4 April 2016

Police raids in France

Mass police raids and arrests have been done last week in France. At the early morning of Wednesday, March 30th a large police action took place at 8 different regions in France. More than 200 cops and special polices forces were mobilized. 

Eleven rifles, two guns, 28 knives, some bullet-proof vests and helmets, several NS flags. cd’s, mobile phones, personal computers and historical items from personal collections were seized during the raids.

Two of the arrested comrades are risking prison for charges of “criminal association”, “participation to a combatant group” and “propaganda of extreme right wing ideas”. According by the French law this can be punished with up to 3 years imprisonment and 45 000 Euros fine.

All the comrades have been already released, waiting for the trail, but they don’t have the right to communicate each other.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: 28 HEXAGONE stated that all the announced upcoming gigs will GO AHEAD AS PLANNED!