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The sacrifice of Captain Dimitar Spisarevski

"To fall Bulgaria should fall only Sofia. It should be razed and the rubble and to sow potatoes”
Winston Churchill

Cap. Dimitar Spisarevski

On December 20, 1943 formation of American bombers "flying fortresses" B-24 Liberteytar ("Liberator" ironic author), guarded by dozens of fighter jets bombed again and buries the capital Sofia with the deadly its load.

For comparison, Bulgarian Air Force during the war have about 80 aircraft. It should be noted further that the Air Force two "most democratic" societies in the world in the United States and Britain, not just bombed civilians, but got there it poured so-called "toy bombs"  that explode in the hands of children.

Airport Bozhurishte this day martial duty gives alumnus Second Male High School and the Military School of His Majesty, Lieutenant Dimitar Spisarevski. For him, this is the first combat flight, but something unexpected happened - the machine which was supposed to fly, he breaks down and uses a spare aircraft - Messerschmitt Me-109G-2. During the battle Lieutenant Spisarevski off one of the flying fortresses. Pushed by the guards of the enemy fighters, Bulgarian pilot assumes a rate of rupture is the enemy bombers and although his plane was riddled with machine gun fire, managed to catch him and crashes into the "Liberator." His plane crashed on the village of Dolni Pasarel. In the air battle and died lieutenant George Kumurdjiev.

From bombers shot down by "Tara" from the first Bulgarian "live warhead" survives only twenty-four year-old Sergeant, Robert Henry Renner. The story goes that during his treatment in hospital, asked to bring with him the mother of Spisarevski on which to forward their orders and medals as a sign of respect for the heroism of her son.

This we know from the diaries of Bozhurishte airport, but what is this person? How has decided this great sacrifice? Why he decided to sacrifice young twenty-seven year life in defense of the sky over Sofia and the Fatherland?

Let's dive into the memories of relatives, friends and enemies and everyone to decide what was this young man:

"There are celebrities who sharply distinguished from the others. Once you meet them, to remember them forever. Spisarevski was the kind of person. Are you angry about something terrible happening. And for myself doing that, but always in defense of others, the weaker. Particularly attached to his comrades. Was ready for them, without batting his eyes, to throw and even fire. But most strongly reacted when it offensive as a Bulgarian. All men love and respect him, because to them it was playful and talkative. " says  pilot-Colonel Stoyan Stoyanov.

In Lufatwaffe uniform
"There was a Feldfebel (Sergant) of his company - Gatev that beat most regular soldiers. Once a soldier had undertaken an a bar ... Spisarevski see him pluck with power bar and then broke his back and said: "This boy has come here to serve Bulgaria and you beat him. Who gives you this right? "Said O.z. Feldfebel-Aeromechanic Ivan Petrov.

From the memories of the fighter pilot Michael Grigorov, served under the command of Lieutenant Spisarevski understand: "Whenever he spoke of Bulgaria and mentioned her name or talked about its history, its natural beauty or it came to decent Bulgarians, his voice began to vibrate, and his face blush of internal stress. His chest swelled and it became a huge and impressive. With its proud stance dominated us all. "

Lieutenant John Makledan: "Only six minutes before he fell with my fighter with my own eyes I saw something incredible and awesome. I do not know whether the American pilots have experienced something similar in Europe. With the same eyes with which you see, I watched a flying whirlwind Bulgarian fighter is now separated from collapsing to the ground our "flying fortress" fell with all his strength on the other, and fell on it. He pulled her tail and "fortress" to break a large oak struck by lightning in the mountains. And there was one of our best crews.

Indeed, the terrible death, even the most fearless drivers! "

To get a more clear idea about the personality of Spisarevski will mention one incident:

During his training in the elite German fighter Vernoyhen School in 1938, a German officer abusive Bulgarian honor. Spisarevski beats up the German along with five other German pilots. Gear up to a huge scandal, which was quickly extinguished by the head of the school. The commander was impressed by the ambition of Spaycha (Spisarevski's nickname) and boasted to the other pilots in the school.
After 1989 his heroic feat is removed from oblivion. It has been published numerous books, pamphlets and articles. Monuments were erected in his home town of Dobrich, Sofia , and his skull a place where a plaque was affixed. Streets and boulevards carry their name in Dobrich, Sofia and village of Pasarel.


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Report from B&H Slovenia gig

Deptarture from Middle England at 7am Thursday morning, eventually arrived in Ljubljana at 4.30pm, was met by comrades from Slovenia who I had contacted via this B&H forum, was taken to a very nice B&B for a wash and brush up, then about 6pm was picked up and taken to the infamous/notorious Club 88! Had been told about this place by a couple of the members of Section 88 at the St Georges Day gig in April, any way I wasn't to be disappointed. Club 88 may not be the biggest, most sulubrious pub but how often do you walk into a joint to be greeted by a HUGE portrait of Adolf Hitler! The beer was good, cheap and tasty and with Skrewdriver/No Remorse/Brutal Attack on the juke box could you ask anymore of 'any' pub? Glad I went on the Thursday as I got to meet the Slovenians in chill out mode and ave a chat/laugh/drink as most of 'em were 'working' the gig Friday/Saturday night. All the Slovenian boys were f*ck*ng top geezers though, passionate, funny and 100% committed to the cause. Sat drinking beer and blueberry snapps with them for 4-5 hrs before becoming DJ for the night and avin a couple of hours of my favourite white power tunes. Eventually the lack of sleep (cough!) and lack of food (cough!) and an exessive amount of alcohol started to take its toll and I had to be escorted (carried) back to the B&B!

Friday started late with one HUGE hangover, sleep/food/water sorted that though and by 2pm I was back at Club 88, the weather was very mild and we could sit outside drink and listen to more quality white power tunes. The party was due to start at 6pm but by mid afternoon comrades from Holland, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia (N/S/E/W), Switzerland and beyond started to arrive, a 12hr party of drinking/singing/laughing then proceeded as the numbers grew and grew and comrades from every corner of Europe descended on this tiny venue. Speeches were made by our Slovenia hosts to welcome us all and some of the younger skins (who worked f*ck*ng hard setting things up) got their tee-shirts that made them fully fledged members of the group, a really nice touch. Anyway the party went on til about 3am then back to the B&B.

The day of the gig started late (thankfully minus a hangover, thanks to laying off the snapps) and predictably the first port of call was Club 88, as the previous day comrades started to descend upon the club in larger and larger numbers and the various number of nationalities (Austrians, Croatians, Hungarians, Italians, Slovakians, Spaniards, crew from Bulgaria /note editor/) just grew and grew. The atmosphere was good as comrades rekindled old friendships, drank and chatted, then about 6pm people started to head towards the venue of the gig, the venue by the way was a LARGE night club a bit like old Hummingbird night club in Brum, for those that know Birmingham. Upon arrival a large number of people were already lined up ready to go in, on getting inside the venue consisted of a large main room with a rectangular bar and a big dancefloor, in the other room had a fantastic selection of merchandise.

Too the important stuff now and the bands:

First up was German band Rotte Charlotte, I saw them at the 2009 Fest Der Volker and once again they were very good, different in many ways as they are a bit more punky rock n roll rather than stodgy Teutonic rock/metal, up beat and bright they got the night off to a great start, am told their lyrics are mainly satirical which unfortunately leaves an Englishman who speaks very little German floundering but even I got Antifa Superstar to the tune of Skinhead Superstar by The Bully Boys, a good set, well recieved by the crowd and we were off to a flyer.

Rotte Charlotte

Next on stage were one of Englands finest and the ever popular Whitelaw, now with a second guitrarist which really gives them that added kick they started off with the crowd favourite/anthem Kick The Reds In, the front of stage mosh pit was now really in full swing as the Nottingham boys nailed classic after classic, Benny was doing his trade mark speeches/diatribes mid song as Fetch The Noose, Raise A Salute, Nothin At All, were all knocked out. Too finish what else but Tomorrow Belongs To Me and one last blast of Kick The Reds In (again) a top set that the ever exhuberent crowd really enjoyed and really good to see a band who genuinely seemed thrilled and exited to be there.

Next up were the German giants Division Germania who I'd seen earlier in the year at the Bonded By Blood gig, a large German contingent were always gonna give them a huge reception, like a panzer rolling they do/did song after song and 'fortunately' a German comrade from Bavaria translated the lyrics to me as best he could and explained what each song was about. They seemed to have a few technical problems along the way so their set wasn't as fluid as it might of been but the crowd sang along, seig heiled and moshed from start to finish and another great set came to an end.

Fourth band of the night was French band Frakass who unfortunately had to follow Division Germania and proceed headliners Brutal Attack, a thoroughly unenviable task, most people seemed to take a breather at this point so they didn't quite have the crowd with them like the other bands did, have to admit I went outside for some fresh air at this point but what I did see/hear was some very proficient French RAC, good to see a French band represented on the bill and they got a poitive reception as their set came to an end.

Last but last were the headliners and RAC legends Brutal Attack, with 30+ years under their belts they were never gonna fail to hit the mark infront of a huge receptive, enthusiastic, appreciative audience, we got classic hit after classic hit, as the mosh pit got bigger and bigger and wilder and wilder! Stand out song of the night was undoubtedly 'Always Near' as the whole audience joined in and the seig heiling reached a zenith. Shame the minutes silence wasn't as quiet or respected as it may have been but I think some of the message was slightly lost in translation with some of the punters. The set finished with the crowd wild and high as a kite and a good night was had by all.

Brutal Attack

A few nice speeches by the Slovenian organisers thanking everyone for attending was a nice touch and alot of very drunk, very tired skinheads headed to the for corners of Europe.

This truly was a great event, a great gig and a massive success, to the Slovenian organisers (old/young/male/female) a huge thank you from ALL of us, you are a credit to the Brotherhood, cheers to ALL who helped me over the week-end and heres to the 11th Anniversary in 2012. Nice to meet old friends and great to make new ones, this was a top week-end, Slovenia as a country is clean, friendly and white, its skinheads are intelligent, committed and honourable.

Hail Slovenia! Hail B&H! Hail the European Skinhead Army!!!

by Krusty

Photos by Galician white devils blog

"Skinhead magazine" Interview

1.Hello Poli, greetings from NS Revolt e-zine? Please introduce the history of “Skinhead magazine”? How it gets started?
Hello crew! Well, it's a long story. Everybody knows me as Poli and I'm 35. I've always been written on mags. During 1995-96 one friend and me knew the 'Rock and Revolution' magazine editor, the project liked us and we supported it writing reports, etc.. but finally the mag disappeared because had different problems. After that, I cooperated actively in other mags like 'Clase Obrera' (Working Class) in 1997-98, 'Extreme Sound' in 1999 and others as Rägnarok (1996) or The Voice of Spain - in English (1999-2000). I decided to do my own magazine in 2001 and I did two issues of 'Race, Rock and Revolution' but I had troubles again.. and in 2003 I returned back with my NS/WP Skinhead Magazine -from issue 3-but I had troubles again when the issue 9 was out. Finally the magazine name changed to only Skinhead Magazine and from the issue 10 was printed every two months.

Some years ago I was thinking to print a magazine in English language, similar to Spanish edition. Peter from Pure Impact cheered me to go on forward and 12 issues are out now, althought I must add it isn't a success.

The most of people are not aware of the effort and perseverance what a magazine need when you are doing it regularly. The worst problem I have it's fucking money, print and post costs are really expensive here. That's the reason because you are doing a web-zine, isn't it?? Money and capitalist society is the cancer of the 21st century, no doubt, but this is other question.

2.You have interview many bands, but what is the feeling to be on “the other side of the barricade”? Have you ever been interviewed before?

Buff... I've published on 300 interviews in my Skinhead Magazine proyect from 2001. I have not favourite interviews, but thanks to some interviews I have contact with really good people.

Yes, I have been interviewed sometimes. I answered questions to B&H Romania, Frente Negro, B&H Hellas, Omerta, Golpe a Golpe, NS Violence, Morrion and Juventud de Acero magazines. And to Nuevo Orden Musical, Soto del Real Resiste, Ultra Sur Ciudad Real and Bombardero Skinhead Magazine webzines. I don't know if I forget anyone....hehe. I'm very happy to answer an interview but usually I need some months to do it becuase I'm always very busy not only with my magazine; my job and my family need all my time too. My favourite activity is to play with my sons.

3.Do you have a “black list” of bands who never answered you questions :) ?

Hahaha, no, I have no black list of bands who never answered me!!!! But it's a good idea!! haha, it's a joke. Many bands, more than you can think, didn't answer my questions. The worst is when a band tell you: "yes, send us the questions and we'll answer them soon" and they'll never contact with you again. That's sad but it happens.

4.Why you have interviewed so often Greek bands? Is there some strong connection with the Greek scene for you?

Well, the reason is simple,.... Greek bands always answer!!! Old band Boiling Blood didn't answer my interview because the band split up. But the rest, except Sergeant Oi!, always answer me soon. Thanks to interviews I got good contact with good people.... Albert, Kostas, Christos, etc... I have no special connection with Greek scene but I think the people from South Europe keep common points of view about life, for example, such as, Italians. But I think all European people are brothers, from Athens to Helsinki, from Moscow to Madrid.

5.Why you are so interested in Czech/Slovak and Eastern European scene in general?

Well, I was in very good touch with skins from Czech/Slovakia, Poland or Ukraine in 90's, I keep good memories from these years. I think people (not only in skinhead scene) were more honest and compromised in these times than now when we have the technology in our hands, people don't know to use it in the right way. I specially remind to Ian from Czech and Lukasz from Poland, we were in touch by letter from many, many years.

About music, I like too the music from 80's-90's in East Europe: Orlik, Vlajka, My Lai, Krátky Proces, it's a long list to name all bands...

6.Why do you prefer to use A5 format for the zine instead of bigger size like NADSAT for instance?

A5 format is better to send it by post, perhaps isn't so professional as a bigger size, but it's more convenient and cheaper. There are not special reasons.

7.What is your opinion on Bask and Catalonian separatist and about separatism in Europe at all?

It's a complicated question. I'm a Spanish nationalist, no doubt, but I'm, or I consider myself, NS. As NS I support, respect and defend ALL European cultures, languages, etc... Spain is a country which was built from different communities who were united by blood and cultural ties. Marxists and capitalists interests want to destroy these ties spreading lies, regional confrontations, envy, etc... Unity is strength, but if white people is divided in Spain or Europe cause to separatism, chauvinism or other Marxists or capitalism strategies then a third way, a growning of NS ideas, will be impossible. Of course I want a Bask or Catalonia areas where their culture and language can develop healthily inside Spain, but it's only possible in a NS Spain which is inside a federal NS Europe free of Marxism and capitalism.

8.Your comments about the latest news from Spain – the court said that “neo-nazi” ideas are not illegal. Is this really good news, or just another trick of the system? In same time nationalist have been prosecuted - the case of Josue Estebanez , trails against B&H Spain, Pedro Varela… just to mention a few. Did the present days are bad times for Spanish Nationalists and Revisionists?

It was a great sentence for Spanish NS but it's not a free or blank check. A thing is theory and other different is practice. Spanish laws are confused about NS, it depends what judge is judging you, the law is written but every judge interpret the law as he or she wants -under his point of view or political beliefs-, really!

The trials agaisnt B&H is an example of that. B&H Spain was a legal association but the most of B&H were sentenced by illegal association (?). Pedro Varela is only inprisoned because the judge is a friend of leaders of SOS Racism in Barcelona.... Catalonian judges are harder against NS and Pedro Varela is considered a dangerous person in a multicultural society as ours. I'm sure if Varela had been judged in other Spanish area, he wouldn't be in prison today.

I must add the Varela's imprisonment is only getting him stronger, sure.

9.What is the situation on nationalist political scene in Spain? As far as I know there are 4 different fractions of “La Falange” and many other small organizations? Is the scene is so divided as it seems?

Well, I personally think the Spanish political scene in nationalist and NS-NR movement is a total jigsaw. Falange, in my opinion, is in a deadline without future. The most of leaders in NS movement keep old rivalries from the CEDADE's era, being this organization the most important NS movement in Spain ever. The most active and better politically talking under my point of view are AN and MSR parties but democracy never will allow a strong NS-NR party, so I don't believe in democracy.... Financial system well hidden behind democracy loves the power and our ideas are the opposite. It's remarkable the excellent association Devenir Europeo which is very active publishing NS texts, fanzines, etc...

10.Spain has the highest rate of unemployed young people in Europe. What are the reasons for that? Do you think that the situation will get better in next few years?

Really it's about the 40% when in Austria or Netherlands is 4%. I don't see a solution of that in a short time... for example, it's cheaper for a company to fire up a young than offering a long-time contract of employment, so the most of big companies fire up young people continually, contracting again other young people and fire up them again six months or one year later. The new government have promised a new work law, they have promised too a financial reform. But about work, the situation is complicated, the building construction is an unviable work-area and don't exist in Spain any productive work area what can absorb five millions of unemployment persons.

11.Some words about “Democracia national” and Manuel Candela (ex Divisiosn 250). Did he betrayed his former beliefs as a skinhead?

Manuel Canduela has a long history in Spanish scene, right, their ideas now perahps aren't NS but calling him traitor is excessive under my point of view. I think he chose a different way, more nationalist, lighter facing to mass media trying to reach the people votes. But the Spanish nationalist votes are totally divided in a lot of little parties and carry a message to population is very difficult when democracy is spreading shit about you.

12.Changing the subject onto music topic finally – what are your memories from your early skinhead days? Memories about bands like Division 250, Estendarte 88, Batallon de Castigo? What was the spirit of the times back then with no Internet, Mp3’s downloads, etc.?

Well, I personally keep no good memories from the first years, we were in a lot of problems, we were too young. At the beginning of 90's skinheads groups were unconnected, people met on football matches and little concerts. Only one shop about skinhead items was in Spain in these years, all contacts -national and international- was by letters whose answer was anxiously expected...

It was wonderful times, people were more honest, sincere, genuine, there were other times, old times.... I see young people today on streets playing with drugs, adicts to internet, no values, no future, but no problem they can watch tonight Big Brother. Really sad.

Oh, great, first bands as D250 or Estirpe must be on every skinhead's record collection, I remember the first Primera Linea gigs when I was a teen. Yes I've seen twice or three times to Estandarte 88 on stage, they played a lot of concerts during many months, every weekend -the most active live-band ever in Spain-, I still am in touch with the band drummer. And about Batallón de Castigo.... they had the best live show in Spain, and perhaps in Europe, people turned crazy dancing in front of the stage. Eduardo, the Batallon singer, is well-known showman in Spanish scene. I remember to see them in 1998 or 1999.

Of course, sadly skinhead scene is changing every year. I'm not agree with new tendencies inside skinhead movement although, of course, I respect them. Downloading is good when you're looking for a rare old record but to download current records is really a problem for labels and a healthy scene.

13.What can you tell us about present music scene in Spain? Is it hard to organize a gig?

I'm very critical with Spanish music today. During early years bands play more simple music but lyrics were great, real battle hymns, very well done you were able to vibrate with all of them -full of feelings-, but today all bands here love to play RAC with metal influences repeating the same topics in lyrics. Currently I like Dramatic Battle or Prisionero nº7 musically and with texts. Arma Blanca lyrics can get a smile out and was a surprise to listen Los rockeros de Cristo Rey, hahaha, very nice lyrics and music too; they split up but are working in a new musical proyect now.

About gigs, I love little concerts where all people is such as a family; but unfortunately many concerts in Spain have fights among brothers, they want to solve their rivalry during a concert, this is an unacceptable image for our scene. Big concerts are too visited by police, they control the concert entrance and the name of all people who go to concert, shameful!!

14.What do you think about the drugs in the skinhead scene? Do you have such problems in Spanish scene?

People who takes drugs cannot name himself skinhead, no place for drugs in skinhead movement. Of course I suppose some bastards inside in skinhead scene in Spain take drugs, but is not usual. Yes, of course, Spanish scene have some problems.... worst is apathy of skins, sitting on computer or doing nothing and many personal rivalries and football rivalries were always present, dividing the scene. Both are big problems.

15.What can we expect in the upcoming issues of “Skinhead magazine”? Could you give us some interesting information in advance, please?

Well, Skinhead Magazine is closing 2011, a real annus horribilis for magazine. The Spanish edition lost a lot of magazine readers and subscribers, lossing too a lot of money to print future issues. But I'm not discouraged, a handful of comrades are still interested in old paper magazines art so Spanish edition nº43 is coming soon with more pages, 68 pages. The English edition will be with same structure and number of pages. The next magazine issues will contains a good stuff, no doubt.

Internet world will never defeat paper magazines, no defeat me. Sure. The traditional magazine will survive. It's incomprehensible as one skinhead can spend hundred of euro buying clothes or tattoos.... and cannot spend 15 euro by one year for reading a -I think, good- paper magazine. Of course, Skinhead magazine is too in Internet

I advise you too the recent POW Spain site ; a young political site and the most important Spanish site for skins

16.Ok, enough for your first interview for my blog, will not torture you more:) I wish you good luck with your excellent magazine in the future. All best wishes to you and your family, we’ll continue to cooperate in the future. Any final comments?

To answer you is not a torture haha, thanks for your best wishes to Skinhead Magazine, my family and me. I wish you too the best. Keep your good job with RevoltNS blog!

I want to apologize you for my late reply, better later than never. Believe me if I tell you I'm really busy, thanks you for understanding me and your patience.

Best regards to all RevoltNS readers.

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Nissa skins Interview

Greetings Comrade! We would like to thank you for your answers, thus we come to know more about the French movement and also about you. First of all please tell us about yourself and about the Nissa Skins Crew.

In the context of French and European politicking, young nationalists from city of Nissa wished to regroup in a small but radical structure. The aim is to bring together friends participating in the same sports, cultural and activists.

The Nissaskins (NSH) were born in April 2002

I know you are editing a blog and a magazine (Werwolf webzine, Hammerfall zine). Could you tell something about these? Why you felt their importance? Will you continue the Hammerfall Zine?

This second question follows on from the first. Indeed, before a decline in youth engagement, we wanted to maintain a certain way of life, in other words to create and maintain the flame. In the early 2000s, there has been little by little the disappearance of French and zines in 2008 there were more skinzine, hence the birth of Hammerfall. And for that we must use the latest technologies, and in France we had a car behind, it was essential to create a webzine (Werwolf), who was also one of the forerunners in its field Actually view the blog launched in September 2008 and the zine a month later. Despite all the existing sites and blog, there was a void in France. No site was dedicated to the patriots, nationalists, skinheads, to the NS. A 100% National blog! The concept was to upgrade the Fanzine by keeping online through the blog, for better distribution. This allows us to reach many more people. Hammerfall the zine were to exist, and I hope I can continue I had to interrupt it because of time, as new projects have emerged as the realization of the DVD Brutal Attack (a big thank you to the Hungarian comrades for their help) and a compilation of international assistance to political prisoners.

Please tell us something about the French movement’s past and its present?

The Patriots defender of France gradually became the guardians of the nation against the Republicans and liberal egalitarian capitalist. In this context, they recognized the enemies of France in the Freemasons, Jews and all the parties and international associations. Unfortunately the French Nationalists had little opportunity to overthrow the government in power, and wars have decimated many of us from the historical parenthesis of the French government (under the government of Marshal Petain). Nationalists are in silent war, and had little room to express their political beleifs. One structure is out of the omerta, the Front National (FN) at a price many concessions to the system and focusing on the elections in the short term at the expense of training militants in the long term. Crane, Jean Marie Lepen kept some radical in his discourses (to a certain unification of the national family), which ended with the arrival of Marine LePen. Meanwhile, there was explosion of black and north African immigration, and now Asian. While Jews are in control of the goverment, the NS movement has gradually reduced. Only a few radical groups such as the French work survived

While groups like the Bloc(h) Identitaire (Nissa rebela, Projet apache, rebeyne,...)of Israel opts like The English Defense League. Because of fatigue (disappointed corrupt governments) and the consumer society, young people turn away from politics and the public interest.

But others rekindle the flame.

The main organizations in France:

• Poujadisme :

o Union de défense des commerçants et artisans (1953)

• Mouvance identitaire et néopaïenne :

o Terre et Peuple (1994)

o Nouvelle droite populaire (NDP) (2008)

o Front Comtois (2008)

• Nationalisme :

o Jeune Nation (1949-1958)

o Occident (1964-1968)

o Groupe union défense (GUD) (1968-2002)

o Œuvre française (1968)

o Ordre nouveau (1969-1973)

o Front national (FN) (1972)

o Parti des forces nouvelles (PFN) (1974-1984)

o Alliance populaire (1992-1995)

o Parti national républicain (1995-1999)

o Mouvement national républicain (MNR) (1999)

o Parti de la France (PdF) (2009)

o Rassemblement étudiant de droite (RED) (2004-2009)

• Solidarisme :

o Mouvement jeune révolution (1966-1972)

o Groupes action jeunesse (1973-1978)

o Union solidariste (1975-1976)

• National-catholicisme :

o Chrétienté-Solidarité (1980)

o Parti Français Chrétiens (1984)

o Renouveau français (RF) (2005)

• Fascisme clérical :

o Cercle franco-hispanique

• Pétainisme :

o Association nationale Pétain-Verdun (ANPV)

o Jeunesses patriotes (1924-1936)

• NS :

o Parti nationaliste français et européen

o Truppenkameradschaft

o Elsass Korps

o Combat furtif-Werwolf

• Army groups :

o Commando Mario Tutti

o Nomad 88 2008

o Ordre et justice nouvelle

o Front de Libération nationale français ~1978

o Comité pour l'ordre moral ~1984

o Commando Delta 1961-1978

o Organisation armée secrète

o Groupe Charles-Martel

o Ligue des combattants français contre l’occupation juive 1979

o Organisation secrète d'action révolutionnaire nationale

o Armée nationale secrète (autre appellation de l'OAS-métro MIII, regroupe des anciens de Jeune Nation)

o Cellule Ordre et Justice ~1980

o Commandos de France ~1981

o Commandos de France contre l'invasion maghrébine ~1986

o Groupe ou Commando Hermann Goëring 1973 et 1977

o Groupe Massada ~1989 (proche du PNFE)

o Groupe Odessa 1979

o Ligue internationale contre le racisme juif fin 70's

o Organisation autonome des néo-nazis d'action 1976

o Parti fasciste d'action révolutionnaire 1978-1980

o Résistance solidariste 1977

o Sections phalangistes de sécurité 1977

o Comité d'action fasciste 1977

o Groupe d'intervention nationaliste

o Brigades françaises révolutionnaires

What kind of organizations do you have? Can these organisms work together, or they act by their own?

We have the National Front, previously quoted, which is an institutional party, which has now become a party of political correctness in the pay of the Zionists. There is the NDP (New People's right) that much closer to our vision. (With a pagan wing) PDF (Party of France) Renewal is a French-Catholic nationalist movement. The French work radically anti Zionist nationalist movement And there are people that Earth is a cultural heathen (the group closest to our ideas) The NDP and the PTO regularly work together. The RF and OF have a good relationship. And all these organizations find themselves at the event on May 9, in memory of Sebastien Deyzieu.

Could you enumerate legendary French bands, nowadays’ bands, and promising young bands?

Early 80’s: Infanterie Sauvage, Komintern sect, Skinkorps, Brutal combat, Chauve Pourris, Snix, Evil skin, Légion 88, Bunker 84,Bagadou stourm.
Early 90’s: 9 ème Panzer symphonie, Fraction Hexagone, Frakass,Elsass Korps, Ironfist, V colonne, Viking, Décadence culture.
Early 2000: Hais&Fiers, Terre de France, Lemovice, Bretonische waffenverband,Choc Frontal, Bordel Boys, Humungus, Wolfsangel, Oïccident

What events (of course National Socialist) do you have in your country?

Apart from the various gigs and rallies in honor of our Veterans (LVF and the SS Division Charlemagne) in the form of memorials or meetings, and the commemoration of Marechal Petain and Joan of Arc, there is no NS real events.

Otherwise many French comrades go to the various events in Europe (April 28 in Italy/VFS Fest/ , Germany August 17 /Hess Memorial March/, October 28 in Italy, Spain November 22, December 9, Sweden ...)

How do you see the future of your country and Europe? What do you think about how important that nations of Europe set aside their old grievances and fight side by side against the common enemy? What should be happened to more and more people realize that there are dangerous problems?

View current policies, it will be very hard to get back on track. We are run by corrupt politicians, Freemasons in the boot of Israel. The only way to change things, it is civil war! When the French will not endure to go to the second plan, to pay for this mass immigration, of being robbed by these corrupt politicians, can decide to take to the streets and do justice, to take their destiny into their hands, and free their country!

It is interesting to note the recent events in Hungary, where the militias were formed to defend the Hungarian citizens, and so left the field far back in the hands of this massive immigration. It can refer to the book by Philippe Gautier "The White Toussaint," which is a novel evoking the dangers of immigration written in 1981 but still relevant Or "The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail" written in 1973 describing the flooding of France, resulting from the inability of government as that of the population to react to this invasion, peaceful but far-reaching consequences for long-standing civilization.

I know that you actively support those comrades who are in trouble like Vincent Reynourd. Could you tell something about him and about the importance of supporting?

It is interesting that you raised the case of Vincent Reynouard Reynouard was militant PNFE (NS openly nationalist movement) and it has a close interest in history and myth in particular, he has written numerous books and pamphlets on the subject, one of the best known being the massacre of Oradour sur Glane, Father of eight children, former professor in mathematics and chemical engineer by training, he was dismissed in 1997 for National Education for keeping a computer in his high school documents denying the Holocaust Sentenced to one year in prison under the Act Gayssot, he was imprisoned in France He was released April 5, 2011. It remains under court supervision, and within the scope of a procedure for forgery, forgery and conspiracy to defraud. Since it is a regular column in the weekly Rivarol. It was normal to actively support (donations, activism, t-shirts ...). But now, after his time in prison Mr Reynouard discovered a passion for the African people! And yes even a traitor!

There was an event in Spain last summer. The organizers planned a concert (with Spanish, French and German bands), and an international conference. Please tell us something about it!

 A weekend was organized by the Nationalist comrades from Spain. Concert with the program, barbecue, conference, sports expo. We had to also participate in the organization When we arrived on Friday late afternoon, we began by installing and then we drink requires, we went around the table time to restore. And the evening went to the bar. On Saturday morning we went to supplies and then started around 10 am the football tournaments, France, Spain, won by our Spanish comrades. And 12.30 while the BBQ prepared comrades and others were in the pool. Here's a speaker Mossos D'Esquadra (Catalan police force specialized in the fight against terrorism). That's a hundred police officers entered private property without a warrant, searched the property, with searches of people and goods and vehicles. The operation lasted 8 hours (search, identity verification, data collection), but they let us leave the organizer arrested To us they took us for about 2000 euros materials All Mossos are bastard!

I heard that face concealment was banned in France. This is a tiny step, but it cannot stop the fast spreading of the Islam. Will there be more measures like this? What is your opinion?

Not really, because unfortunately they attack only the visible part of the iceberg, what are the consequences of a policy immigrations conducted for over 35 years. We must tackle the main problem! Which is what the capitalist system led to an iron hand by the Jews! This is a clear need them first and then the other following problems. And return power to the French strains!

There are quite a few street demonstrations in your country. What is their main subject, and the reason why people support these demonstrations?

It is true that we have little reasons to commemorate in comparison with the Eastern countries such as Hungary or Ukraine or Poland. But I want to stress once again the work of the French Revival pushing to achieve the various events But the French work or the NDP. Unfortunately, the draconian laws reduce or even prevent the realization of events.

Missing anything important you would like to tell?

I would first like to apologize for the delay! Then I thank you for letting us speak and I wish you good luck! Salvation will come from the East! Not yet arrived at a bridge of no return as France! It's now or never! Otherwise you will see them arrive with their caravans, their suitcases, destroy your churches, your buildings, to install their mosques! Do what you must, come what may! Tomorrow belongs to us!

Finally we would like to thank your answers and best wishes for you and your group! What is your message to the Hungarian readers?

To be honest I discovered Hungary and especially Budapest 2 years ago when I first came to the gig Sons of Europe. This is a beautiful city! In addition, we were fortunate to have Hungarian comrades as a guide to show us around the city giving us a maximun of information on the history of Hungary. I knew a little about the Hungarian  scene but after my visit I was more interested in the Hungarian scene.

Personally, I prefer the more oldschool RAC, then hatecore. But I loved Voice of Justice, Vendetta, and especially Archivum. Even if the style I like least, I love the energy released by the band Feher Torveny , they are awesome! In addition you have a scene that goes well but mostly that is renewed, that it continues!

Originally conducted by Hungarian magazine "Ellenallas Hanja"

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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Backstab promotional video

A new hardcore band appeared in the capital of Hungary under the name BACKSTAB. With their first demo CD and promo video they do not afraid to be excluded from the liberal hippy hardcore scene!

Explicit lyrics, straight opinions against the infections of the modern world and self-styled leaders of the so-called hardcore scene.

No politics - just healthy way of thinking!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Headhunters Domžale Interview

Hello comrades, please introduce to our readers your organization in few words. How the idea of HH Domzale was born?

The idea was born in critical moments, when Slovenia entered the EU and we realised that intentions of Europe and European capitalism is to migrate as many non-whites in our country. The HHD became a safe place and shelter for people with same ideology, for people who feels like foreigner in their own country.

Why you have chosen this name? Is it connected somehow to notorious hooligan firm Chelsea Headhunters?

The idea came in coincidence, when Warren Glass from Chelsea HH was here on visit. After long conversations, we came to conclusion that we have the same oppinion about NS, so we asked him if we can use their name. Allthough we have no connections with hooliganism or football firms.

Do you consider HH Domzale as a political organization? Do you cooperate with any nationalistic political parties in Slovenia or skinhead crews?

We have no ambitions to cooperate with political parties because parliamentar democracy is destroying White man. So this kind of sistem, brought by ZOG can't operate. We are working with B&H Slovenia, of which we are a local branch.

Slovenia gain it’s independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 very fast unlike other ex YU countries who suffered bloody wars? Can you tell us more detailed info about this historical event?

The war was not as bloody as elsewhere, but we think it would be better that it would be more like it, because we see that in other countries there is a higher level of nationalism.

What can you tell us about the history of Slovenian WP scene, past and present?

This scene has developed about 1989. In the begining it was more opportunistic, so many of followers were there just because of dangeorus looks. From year to year our scene was rising and there came a lot of people who were there for ideology and knew their goals and intentions.

Couple of years ago members of Slovenian band Skullcrusher were heavily beaten on a C 18 gig in Netherlands. What was the reason for this incident?

As we know, it was arranged that the band was attacked.

How many gigs take place in Slovenia per year? As far as I know during the last few years your country was visited by some of the leading bands in our scene. What are your memories from these great concerts?

We organize one big and one small concert, because our main course is quality not quantity. These gigs are our greatest memories and those who didn't saw it, can't even undestand. We are very proud of ourself because most of these bands says we are one of best organizators in Europe.

What is the level of “political correctness” in your country? Have you often been attacked by the media? Are there any special “anti racist laws” in Slovenia?

Racist laws in Slovenia are the same as in other countries but our advantage is that we stoped contacting with media over 15 years ago and our capability that in our little country is that we can affect on every event which can be potentially dangerous for our movement. This mean that we stop every jerk who try to bring us down.

Do you have many international contacts? Which is your favourite destination abroad?

We have contacts all over Europe and our favourite destination is not just one. We have beutifull memories from England, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, etc.

The name of your Homeland is often mistaken with Slovakia, because of the similarities of the names? Do you know any funny anecdote or story about this matter :) ?

Yes it is often mistaken becuse of similar names but in the other hand there are worst things than this. The Americans thinks that Europe is their state. Hehe  :) !

What is your opinion on chauvinism?

The first priority is white race the other things that comes on our way are not important.

What do you know about Bulgaria and it’s movement?

Our way of knowing the country is that we sit in the car and go on roadtrip to meet new comrades. In March 2012 we are planning to go in so be prepared. Hehe :D

What are the future plans of HH Domzale? Any upcoming gigs or social activities?

In next year we are planning to do some parties on which we expect comrades from all Europe. Becuse our belief is that when we forget all the differences in Europe we will become stronger. In year 2012 we are preparing 2 concerts and all informations about it you will get the right time on internet or from our guys.

Your final words? Any message to our readers?

The nationality defends on ramparts of race so no more brother wars.

Together we stand! Divided we fall!