Friday, 10 July 2009

Vinterdis interview

1. We say “Hello” to the Nordic beauty Johanna from Swedish band “Vinterdis”. Firstly we want to thank you for agreeing to do this interview for our magazine. Please introduce yourself and your band to our readers.

Hi there and thank you for the compliment! :) As you said, I'm Johanna from Vinterdis, a Swedish band that has been active for about 5 years now. In the beginning I shared musicians with two other Swedish bands, Angriff and Titania but nowadays I play with the guys from Vit Legion. Leaving only me as an original member of Vinterdis but no complaints since I have the best musicians that I could possibly have right now in Jocke, Johan and Putte! Very talented boys and I couldn't be happier!

2. Do the band members have any political activity outside the band? Are you members of any political party or a “Free national resistance”?

At the moment I'm not so active outside the band since I've had a lot of personal troubles lately with Antifa and so on. I'm not a part of any organizations or parties. I have always been a so- called free nationalist and helped out whoever has needed it but of course there are organizations in our movement that I feel more warm about then others. When it comes to the boys I'm not really sure since we live in different cities.

3. How does the nowadays Swedish scene look like both musically and politically? How many active WP bands do you have at the moment?

Well Sweden is, as it always has been, a big producer of WP bands. At the moment it's kind of slow and there are maybe 5-8 bands who are active when it comes to both gigs and recording CD's and many more that still haven't made their selves a name yet. :)

4. The topic of the next question faces the same problems everywhere. Are the Swedish nationalists united or not?

Unfortunately not! There are way too many people in the Swedish movement that have more interest in causing trouble and fights than making comrades. It's really sad to see and that's one of the reasons that I'm not in any organizations or parties. We also have had some traitors who have left the NS movement to join Antifa, which I do see as a big problem! We have to be more aware of who to take into our ranks and how we treat each other! As I have SANG a 1000 times; Why are we fighting each other we're all blood and honour!?!

5. There aren't too many female singers in our movement. Have you ever been compared with Saga? Do you personally like Saga’s creativity?

No there are not, but more and more are coming and I think it's great. Hats off to all new female singers! :) And yes, I have been compared to her a dozen times and it sickens me! I'm nothing like her, as a person or as a vocalist! Also some think that I'm trying to take her place, which is wrong since there is nothing to take. There is room for us all, even if I personally do not like Saga's so called creativity!

6. Is the so called “Antifa” movement strong? Do you face any problems with them?

To call them strong would be to give them a victory, so NO. They are weak rats who can't do anything alone but a lot when they are in a pack. I don't think that strong individuals need a pack to act.. But to say that they are no problem would be a lie, they can disturb things a lot.

7. The NS movement is mainly accepted as a movement for males. Do you think that women have a place in this movement, and how they can help our struggle? Are there many girls in the Swedish nationalist movement?

This one is hard for me to answer.. Can't I just say yes and no to first one?! :P There are quite a few girls in the Swedish movement, most just come and go but a few have been in the game for around 15 years which I think is great.

8. What is your personal opinion of the Salem march, which took place every year in December in Sweden?

First of all I think it's sad that we even have a march because it never should have happened! However since it did, I think it's great to get together and march in Daniel and all the other fallen ones' memory and to show that we will not accept this kind of hate against the white population in Sweden! This is our country!

9. What are the main problems which Swedish society is suffering at present time?

To make it easy I would say too many immigrants and there are a lot! Worst of all is the fear of being called a racist that's growing larger in the Swedish society. At the same time the acceptance of hate against Swedes is also growing. Media and papers talk about 4 Somalians that raped two Swedish girls on New Years Eve as 3 Swedes and a Finn. Is a cat that lives in a stable all of a sudden a horse?! That's how brainwashed they want us to be.. People are afraid to speak their minds cause of what the EU have done to our country! And I can understand that cause you can get in a lot of trouble. Its bizarre to see Europe becoming exactly what ISD said that it never was, a "puppet state"! :(

10. Two songs from your first CD “I faders spar” took place in our sampler “For faith and folk” and I think the fans really like them. How was this CD accepted in Scandinavia?

Yes and I was very flattered when you told me about it! :) The first CD has sold quite good but unfortunately it got out on the net before it was released.. :/ People seem to like it and I hope that they will like the next one even more! :)

11. At the moment you are working on split CD with German band Oidoxie. What else we can expect from Vinterdis?

Yes that's true! We are finished in the studio so now it's only a matter of time before it's out! And it's great! ;) haha. Right now we just want to play some gigs and have fun! Otherwise I would go crazy. ;D haha. Then there are plans about making a cover CD with Sniper songs if it's possible since that's my favorite band! :) Also there is some talk about making a split CD with Vit Legion. Otherwise you'll just have to wait and see, I promise to keep you updated! ;)

12. Will you accept an invitation to play a concert here in Bulgaria?

Any day! :D We would love to play in Bulgaria and see the scene there! And we are looking forward to getting our invitation! ;)

13. Your final words. What would you like to say to the readers of our webzine?

I would like everybody in Europe to send a thought to our prisoners of mind! They need and deserve our thoughts and help! Keep up the good work and never lose your spirits! There is only one possible way and it leads to victory! Thanks so much for the interview! :)


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Great blog, you are doing a very good job with it, nice interview with Vinterdis.

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