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Brigade M blitz interview

* The editors of the webzine don’t share the views of the band which are stated bellow. We just want to show an opinion which is different from all the others. The freedom of speech should be applied for every point of view, no matter we like’em or not!!!

Hello Tim, we go directly to the point…What are your memories from your visit to Bulgaria back in 2003?

Hello comrade, I’ve got font memories of our gig in Bulgaria, but mixed feelings. The location was superb the audience was overenthusiastic but because they were misbehaving in the town before they alarmed the police who later charged the hall and beat a lot of comrades up. Lucky for us the cops didn’t have internet at the station so we could fool them. We told them we were football supporters and didn’t know anything about a Dutch band playing and they believed us ;o) So in the end they let us go without charging us but we were escorted to the Greek border and I think we’re not really welcome anymore.

Some people find you political beliefs strange, because you don’t share the “standard” NS political views like all the other bands in the WP scene. Can you tell us what “national revolutionary” means for you?

At first we never said we were an NS-band. We never considered ourselves NS. National Revolutionary means for us an ongoing revolution by nationalist forces. All regimes led by dictators are reactionary for there’s neither room for change nor any criticism. Brigade M has no real political leader or a straight ideology but we believe in a natural law by the ‘leaders’ of the people. Like most dictatorships for instance the NSDAP was lead by people who controlled the party not because they were the smartest or people best qualified to lead their departments or ministries but because they kissed the bosses ass. Once criticism is forbidden a system turns to reactionary means of terror and the revolutionaries will be eaten by the system.

Have you ever faced troubles at gigs because of your different political views?

Not ever. I guess most people who consider themselves NS don’t know anything about what we say or they hate us and just don’t come to our gigs. We’ve been asked a lot of times why we played for C18, B&H, Hammer Skins etc. For us there’s no fun in playing just for political friends. We want to spread our political views as brought as possible. If the communist would have the guts to ask us to play one of their Rock Against Racism shows we would do it straight away. Discussion opens your mind and we would love to discuss serious politics with the reds it’s just that they don’t have the balls to do so.

In a CD sampler named “Smashing rainbows - Rock against Homosexuality” your band take a part with a song but in fact the lyrics are sung in Dutch are against homophobes. Why did you do such a song with so provocative lyrics?

The song was already recorded for the Dutch version of ourlast CD “Nationaal Revolutionair” that came out at the end of 2005. The lyrics may be provocative to a lot of so-called nationalists, but we got a lot of positive reactions as well even from people who totally disagree with our view but they said we were brave to do so.

The editor of the sampler didn’t notice the meaning of the lyrics and put it together with the other anti-gay songs. Was that your plan? I suppose a lot of reds are laughing at us now.

When we heard about the plans of the anti-gay CD we thought let’s give them an opposite view, like in a real political arena. We delivered the lyrics in Dutch and asked if it was OK and they said Dutch lyrics are OK. I don’t think a lot of reds laugh at ‘us’ now, for one they are pro-gay and second they’ve got enough other things to laugh about, sad to say.
We know there are a lot of gays in the NS or nationalist movement and actually one of the very few post-war NS leaders who really had something to say (well for the NS movement), Michael Kühnen was gay. In Holland the AFA called us hypocrites ‘cause we would only protect gays who are nationalists, talk about the deaf leading the blind.

The Nederland government is famous with its totally liberal politics on drugs, prostitutes, defending of gay-rights…etc. Soon in your country tobacco smoking will be forbidden but not marijuana. Does all this make you proud to be Dutch or you are ashamed of the puppets who rule your country?

I personally support all laws against smoking of any kind. And I think anyone who calls him- or her selves a follower of Adolf Hitler should so the same for ‘their eternal leader’ was a staunch anti-smoker. No true nationalist should smoke for we want a healthy mind in a healthy body. STOP SMOKING !!!
As for the liberal government of The Netherlands. As long as they don’t support or finance anything that goes against Mother Nature’s will they are as bad as any government this country has had since it had a government. I think multiracialism and Americanism does more harm to our youth than prostitution or the fact that gays are defended against gay bashers of which most are secretly gay themselves. I’m proud of my wife and children, my close comrades and all people who oppose the system that wants to destroy our heritage, history and in the end our race. Being Dutch doesn’t mean that that much to me, I feel a greater bond with a national revolutionary from Bulgaria than with a MTV-wigger from Amsterdam.

You stated that Brigade M is over with their activity at the end of 2005. What was the main reason for this act? Why you still take part in some projects like playing special gigs for money rising and so on?

Yes, we stopped with Brigade M in 2005 because we we’re fed up with the fact that even though a lot of people seem to hate us or our ideas, they still come to our gigs and don’t discuss or try to engage in political action. Also we had achieved almost everything we set out to do, spreading our message through CD’s, DVD’s, Shows, Interviews all over Europe, what could we do more?
The fact that we still do the occasional show or recording is a concession to our believe that we must always keep spreading our views and try to educate people. Or we try to help out people who do benefit CD’s or shows for the movement because especially in The Netherlands there’s not many bands that can help out.

Any final comments? What you would like to say to the readers of our magazine?

Thanks for the interview and a chance to express our views to your readers. Think for yourselves and don’t follow leaders blindly but always resist against that what wants to destroy you!
Oderint dum Metuant! (Let them hate, as long as they fear!)

Tim for Brigade M
Sassem, July 2008


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