Friday, 10 July 2009

Spanish scene

Spanish scene is strong, of course, but is divided. I read in past newspapers reports which talked about police informations.. they talked about three thousands skinheads only in Catalonia area, I think that's exagerated and in this area can be around one thousand of skins and if you'd have to say you one number. I can calculate about three or four thousand of skinheads in Spain.
You can see in Catalonia area skinhead movement is very numerous and count with an active musical scene with famous bands as Tercios, Retaguardia, Arma Blanca or Prisonero nº7 but also other no famous abroad as Invictos, Odio Urbano, Agresión Armada, Disciplina Nacional, Impertinencia (second cd 'Solo Dios nos juzgará' is out), Resistencia, Incipium, Legion Condor and others younger. In Catalonia you can find comrades who support all organizations active in Spain, B&H, HS, C18, SAS, Racial Volunteer Force, and others.. and also international comrades who lives in this area from Chile, Brazil, Germany or Austria. You can see also there many hooligans and casuals, and also no politics skinbands like Sospechosos Habituales (hooligans), Skin Spirit, Acero Condal and others... and finally this area has also a good number of Sharp and skinreds but the city of Spain with more of this scum is Madrid. I can finish to talk about Catalonia saying the most important political band in this area was Estandarte 88 which played dozens of concerts in all our country.

Valencia area has a strong tradicional scene, the most important organizations ever always born there, we can remember Acción Radical (earlier 90's), Armagedon (later 90's) or SAS, all were raided and dissolved by police. Actually there are a numeroous scene of skinheads and also many people votes to nationalists or NS parties in this area like España 2000 which has members in some city town council, AN, DN and other little parties. Talking about skins actually are active in Valencia only a few bands like Brigada 1238 who have recorded a cd last months and whose guitarrist Toni Ortiz died last October '07, he does played in Division 250 and other young bands like Ius Sangui; bands like Shaved Dogs and Glory Boys are in unpolitical side, which also are in hooligan groups. Souther is the Murcia area where actually is playing a youngest band named Bandera Negra and are active some comrades.

Zaragoza scene is very numerous and important also. The skins in this city usually organized concerts -involved on B&H- because is in middle way from Madrid and Barcelona and in a few hours by car you are there from both cities. Nowadays is playing there the BH band Unidad Ezquerra. There are other young bands like Territorio Salduba and Sin Perdón.
In Andalucia, the southest spanish area, you can see comrades in many villages and cities but the skinhead scene is only strong in three or four big cities like Jaén, Malaga, Huelva and Sevilla. Batallón de Castigo was the only active band in this area, concretely in Malaga, whose members are active also in political scene united to AN party and finally split up the band.
Madrid has an very important and numerous scene, with many skins involved in hooligan groups. Musically talking there are only a few bands active like Estirpe Imperial which recorded their last album 'Sin Miedo', Rebeldes -which dissappeared-, Desorden and other youngest like Sspandau, Asedio, Vendetta or Osadía. And in unpolitical side you can find bands as Depresión or Dramatic Battle, last one has recorded recently a minicd 'La vida en un pacifico nuevo mundo...', simply explosive!!
In North of Spain you only can find a few bands, concretely Más que Palabras, Rienzi and youngest Offenders in Valladolid city and Brigada Totenkopf in Asturias area. There are places in North of Spain where skins are strong and active like Salamanca, Valladolid, Leon and Asturias but in the rest of north extreme left wingers and antifas groups are very active, above all in Galicia, Pais Vasco and Navarra areas.
Of course, police is very active in last 3 or 4 years have a strong control against NS skins and hooligans groups and is usual to find police when meet groups of skins or in concerts where film on video and take the identification cards of all. And you can see as all important organizations have been raided in last years... Really, we are under their control.
There are many NS and skins associations actually in Spain, many of them are in a only city or area so I only say you the most important... I think better organization nowadays in Spain is B&H spanish division, beacuse they always are active and doing constructive things, cooperating with political parties, organizating concerts, and others. They are in the most of spanish areas - Spain is divided in 17 big areas-. In other hand I can talk about others like Hammerskins which are strongest in Madrid; B&H C18 are more numerous in Barcelona area but they are in other cities, and they are in good touch with B&H Spain, there are not problems between them; FAS, SAS, SHT, BN are others little organizations. The most famous and active organization in Spain was Accion Radical in Valencia area, where were members the D250 members but they were raided by police at the beginning of 90's.

Politically, there are also many parties in Spain... that's the spanish scene. Many people and very divided. The most active party actually is A.N. (Alianza Nacional), they are recently in scene and in last two years they have got to meet many skins under their banner, have opened many headquarters, and are doing good things, I'm in good touch with many of them. The most numerous perhaps can be D.N. (Democracia Nacional) which is a veteran party, whose leader was member of D250, they are supported by many kind of people from skins to Ns no skins, nationalists, etc... MSR (Movimiento Social Republicano) is very strong in Catalonia area but they have suffered a few raids by police and they are very active still and had a book printing office named Ediciones Nueva Republica and a label named Tricolor, this label have produced cd's of NS singer Axis Mundi or skinband cd's like Impertinencia or coming soon the debut CD of Invictos (coming soon!).
Old Falange party is curiously very active in last 3 or 4 years and many young people support it and have organized demonstrations where nobody have never done. España 2000 is other active party which is strong in Valencia area and after there are others like PNT (Partido Nacional de los Trabajadores) which is strong in Murcia or ENE (Estado Nacional Europeo) which are in Barcelona city.

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