Friday, 10 July 2009

Struggle of the Races

“History shows with terrifying clarity that in every mingling of Aryan blood with that of lower peoples the result was the end of the cultured people.”
A. H.

Throughout human history until nowadays the white race was always a superior race, a bringer of culture, civilization and progress. Every achievement of the humankind is due to the skills and actions of white men. And it’s beyond dispute; it doesn’t need to be proven. Every fair-minded man could convince himself with just one look back in history.
The white race survived in the war against the lower races – destructive elements which societies live in darkness and degradation. Au contraire, the Aryans bring the light wherever they go. Until now!
Today we are witnesses of maybe the last battle in the centuries-old race war. White men are about to face extinction. I think it’s clear to all that this is a well made plan of a small group of conspirators. But let’s see what the white race’s situation is today.
Europe. Home of the civilization. Motherland of the greatest men in history. Today the continent is overcrowded by millions of immigrants that don’t give anything for the prosperity of the host country; but they bring their Asian and African primitive customs and degraded moral.
We can see very clearly the situation in France. It’s a great nation, creator of an even greater culture, a born place for men like Voltaire and Napoleon, a nation who stopped the Arabic invasion in Europe and later reigned over a big part of the world. Today there’re almost no real Frenchmen. The French tolerance led to a huge immigration from the former colonies and the Arabs and niggers have been “integrated” in the French society. I must say with a big sense of regret that France is already lost. In about fifty years the largest state on the continent will look like an African-arabic country in Europe.
It’s not sunnier in England. Half of London’s population isn’t part of the Aryan race. In Birmingham only 35% are white. And that’s in the country that kept very conservatively for centuries its racial purity. This was the greatest colonial empire in human history. Motherland of Ian Stuart and Skinheads. Anyway the Englishmen can see what is happening and don’t stay aside. They are rebels in their veins and the white resistance there is strong.
Still racial pure are the descendants of the Celts in Scotland, Ireland and Wells, but if they don’t take urgent measures against immigration they will face the same situation as in England.
It’s pretty much the same in the Scandinavian countries. It’s the place where you can still see the real Aryan look. Anyway the governments’ politics are so liberal and they attract more and more niggers and Indians who are mixing with the whites. For now Norway and Iceland are still pure of foreign elements but Sweden and Denmark are in serious danger. But the worst thing is that the fearless Vikings’ descendants have turned into fat, ill idlers who welcome cheap Asian workers but don’t understand that their nation is dying.
We have a similar situation in the Netherlands and even the sport teams of Belgium and Holland (like France) are almost full of niggers. But anyway those nations are killing themselves with legal drugs and prostitution and are loosing their content as white people.
And what about Germany?! The largest and most powerful nation in Europe, but in the same time – the most tragic. Germany of Odin and the Nibelungs, the Rhine’s wine and the Prussian beer, Germany of Bismarck and Goethe, Germany of Hitler and Goebbels! ... A nation that has been divided through ages and unifying not long after that. Today the national-socialism’s born place is a scene of racial mingling. A huge wave of turks and arabs, niggers and Asians is threatening the Aryan in Germany. But under pressure of UN (headquarter of the international jews) and Israel (Zionists) the Germans don’t have the right to speak. They are to blame for “the extermination of millions of jews” and now they’re going to pay with their nation and blood. Fortunately, there’re still in Germany proud white men that have the courage to say NO, begin and bring to an end the struggle for the white race’s future. It’s identical situation in Austria.
Moving on to Italy we see a nation with Mediterranean mentality which is not quite the ideal Aryan. But you can hardly find in Europe more Aryan country than Italy. The people on the Apennine peninsula don’t give up to the judo-Masonic provocations and love their national history. Garibaldi and Mussolini are still giving strength to the Italians and they’re not something they’re ashamed of. Their liberal politics are not as liberal as to provoke a wave of immigrants from the neighbouring Africa. In Italy is one of the strictest anti-immigration laws. A state example that will protect the Aryan race for many years.
Very unexpectedly, knowing the situation 20 years ago, the biggest fortress of white race appears to be Eastern Europe. It sounds funny, but the communism’s system of isolation saved us!!! It’s true that lots of people’s nationalistic feelings were erased but at least the Eastern-European nations kept themselves racially pure. And that’s when the liberalism in Western Europe made the people there “foreigners in their own countries”. The national resistance in states like Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, and Greece is getting stronger every day. Unfortunately we can see in here the trend of liberalism and tolerance towards the immigrants from the Middle East and Central Asia.
The situation for the white race in Europe has reached its climax. All white men must leave our differences behind and unite in the name of White Europe for us and the generations to come. If we don’t realize this and don’t react fast, in no more than half a century will be too late!

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