Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Hammerskins Fest in Hungary

26th . June. 2009.

We had a great oppurtunity to see two of the best american bands in Budapest this evening. I was really interested about the bands becouse it was a reallly speacial event for us. The organisator of the gig was the Hungarian Hammerskins. The place was in southern Pest, not so far from the airport. It was a middle-sized music pub, called ’Club Corner’ , When we arrived at 20h the place wasnt full, but 30 republic, austriaminutes after the place was full with (about 300 people) comrades from Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Czeh , Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and from Sweden as well, and of course from the USA. After the two hungarian bands Worst nightmare and Vérszerződés the people were ready for the rock and roll :).

Before the war gave us a perfect and very hard show. I always wondering how good they can play their technical and high quality music. The people just become mad, the „mosh-pit” were going from the begining till the end.

After them the highlight of the event came: H8machine! The backup was formed by the musicians of Before the War. Even from song we got awesome music with hardcore style, and with racially motivated lyrics. It was the best show that night. The singer „Dennis” did a perfect job so as his session musicians. The crowd was mad, dancing, jumping, surfing top of the people. It was like a real hardcore event. I really enjoyed every moment.

After a half an hour break Bully Boys came onto the stage and they made an excellent show, of course they played their finest songs, but the highligths were the „Six million more” and the „skinhead superstar” songs. At the end the singer went down from the stage to sing with the cowd, the people had such a nice time than. We had a great event, without any police problems.
by Dani (Hungary)

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