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Jurgen Graf interview

Despite the fact that this blog is dedicated to the music scene, we'll publish some political interviews and articles also. This time we choose a pretty sensitive topic, and a person wich deserves my respect. Enjoy the reading!!!

Jurgen Graf is one of the leading Revisionist in Europe. A Swiss school teacher and language genius, Graf speaks almost one dozen languages fluently and understands many more, some of them the most exotic ones such as Russian, Japanese, Thai as well as Malay and Filipino dialects. Author of several books, among them "Der Holocaust auf dem Pr├╝fstand" (The Holocaust on Trial), he went recently to Russia where he researched Russian archives for months. The Swiss government charged, tried and convicted Graf in 1998 to 15 months in jail under the new anti-Revisionist law adopted by the Swiss in 1994. His German-born, 80-year-old publisher was likewise convicted to 1 year in prison. To escape from the Western “justice” in 2000 he flees to Russia, where a year later he married a university history teacher from Moscow. Because of security reasons he refused to confirm where exactly he is living at the moment.

1. What can you tell us about your last book which is published only in Russian?

The book, which was published by Algoritm in late July and has over 400 pages, seems to be selling well. Its title is “The Collapse of the New World Order”. I have chosen the form of a dialogue between a German historian I christened Dr. Friedrich Bruckner and students specializing in recent German history at a fictive Russian institute. The "seminar" lasts five days. All essential aspects of the Holocaust questions are extensively discussed. On the last day, Bruckner and his students discuss the political implications of the Holocaust myth.

2. Please comment on the sentences of the last victims of the “freedom of speech” – Germar Rudolf, Silvia Stoltz and Ernst Zundel?

While I do not know the courageous Silvia Stolz personally, both Ernst and Germar are close friends of mine. The terror trials against these three heroic persons show that the American-Zionist puppet regime in Germany is mortally afraid of a free debate about the great taboo of our times. They unmask the German politicians, who constantly claim that the Federal Republic is "the freest state in German history", as impudent hypocrites.

3. There are numerous examples for violence against Revisionists. Have you ever been afraid for your life or well-being?

No, I have never been afraid for my life.

4. What part did Robert Faurisson play in your life?

An extremely important one. I first met him in March 1992 inVichy, where he makes his living, and I was deeply impressed by his brillant intellect and his absolute honesty. Since then, we have regularly worked together. I have translated many of Faurisson's writings into German.

5. Have you ever been in touch with Revisionist Jews? What makes them different from the other entire Revisionists worldwide?

The only Jewish revisionist I personally met was David Cole. We both attended a revisionist conference in California in September 1992. Later, Cole recanted his revisionist views under duress, as the thugs of the Jewish Defense League made his life a living hell and threatened to kill him.

6. What is you opinion of some political leaders like the president of Iran for example, who critiques the West and Israeli politics every chance he gets? Did you participate in the Holocaust conference in Teheran at the end of 2006?

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Teheran conference, but it goes without saying that I closely followed it. I edited a dozen of the most important contributions, which were then published by Algoritm in the Russian language in summer 2007. As for Ahmadinejad, I greatly respect and admire him.

7. What do you think about the influence of the Anti-Holocaust laws in different countries of the world? Do they stop researchers or does the ban makes them more interesting?
Unfortunately, we cannot but admit that these odious laws are relatively efficient. They cannot stop revisionism, but they can certainly retard its progress. On the other hand, they prove the absolute bankrucpy of the orthodox Holocaust version. If the adherents of the gas chamber story had any serious arguments, they would not be afraid to debate us, and there would be no necessity for such laws.

8. What is your opinion of the “Anne Frank’s Diary”? Is it a reliable source or a fake document?

I must admit that I have never read it. Whether it is authentic or not has no importance whatsoever for the Holocaust issue.

9. What is your opinion about the part that Simon Wiesenthal took in creating and keeping the Holocaust myth alive?

Wiesenthal, who was an especially obnoxious individual, was one of the innumerable parasites who profited from the Holocaust story. He played no part whatsoever in creating it, but like so many other despicable liars, he did his best to keep it alive.

10. What would be the major consequence if the Holocaust myth crumbles one day? Is a review of the world’s history at the end of the 20th century needed?

The consequences would be tremendous. The pseudo-democratic system of the West would be greatly shaken. Germany would become ingovernable, as the German people would feel nothing but hatred and contempt for a system which has slandered itsw own people with a formidable lie for over 60 years. In the USA, both parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, would be utterly discredited, for there is not a single American politician who has not paid his tribute to the Holocaust legend. The Zionist state of Israel would of course be doomed. Nationalism (not in the sense of chauvinism and the contempt of other peoples or races, but in the sense of national pride and the defense of national interests) would become legitimate again. It could no longer be clubbed with the Auschwitz cudgel.

11. What is the future of Revisionism worldwide?

It will certainly impose itself, but we do not know when. Scientifically, the battle has been won for a long time, however because of the total media blockade and the severe censorship, the revisionists are unable to reach the public. I see but two possibilities of a revisionist breakthrough: 1) A huge economic crises, which will lead to the collapse of the Jewish dominated system of the West and the assumption of power by nationalist forces. 2) Russia decides to counter the growing American threat by playing the Holocaust card and publishing documents which have been hidden since the end of the Second World War. There can be no doubt whatsoever that Russia has such documents. First of all, the Soviet Union contributed to the formation of the myth by means of its commissions, which allegedly proved the existence of the gas chambers and the extermination of the Jews. Secondly many Jews who allegedly perished in the "extermination camps" were in fact deported to ghettoes and labour camps in the occupied Soviet territories.

12. What are your future plans?

I would like to investigate one aspect of the Holocaust story which has been almost totally neglected by the revisionists: The fate of the Jews of Lithuania and Latvia. In our book about Treblinka, Mattogno and I have shown that the official figures (about 200.000 Jews allegedly shot in these two countries) are impossible, but we know very little about what really happened. Unfortunately, I am unable to travel to these countries for the time being, and moreover such a study would require considerable preparation, such as the study of the Lithuanian and the Latvian languages, which are utterly different from the Slavic ones and as different from each other as German and Swedish or French and Romanian.

13. Thanks for your time. What do you want to say to the Bulgarian readers?

I have never been to Bulgaria, but everybody who has says it is a lovely country. Maybe my wife Olga and I will be fortunate enough to be able to visit it one day.

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