Saturday, 25 July 2009

RAC News

Saturday 18th July.
The first concert of the new organization between Blood and Honour Chile and legion thor. The bands was Marcha violenta and Legion Thor.
The principal cause of this concert was the conmemoration of a fallen cofrade 3 years ago (mauricio egaƱa r.i.p)
To this event 60 persons arrive from diferent parts of the capital and from the coast.we hope the next concert more persons arrive
Good quality in the music and diferents style like the r.a.c. and metal ns in the event, good friendship and good drinks. a excelent night of rac and roll for everyone.
what we are trying to make here is reborn with a new musical scene, with new bands and a lot of power. Bang with a bang!!. The musical scene here now is reborn like the fenix does too. We thanks the help of all the comrades from all the parts and if u want to came some day here u are welcome to visit our litlle country!

Sebastian (28 Chile)

Xenophobe - the first New Zealand RAC/NS Metal band is about to release it's 1st full length album, entitled "Lords Of Chaos" (to be released on NZ Metal Underground label "Blood Sacrifice Productions".) The album also has original Guitarist Rob playing Rhythm and some Lead Guitar tracks on some songs, (who is now no longer in the band). There are also 4 tracks on the album, which will feature lead breaks from one of my favourite Thrash Metal Guitarists from the USA, who is none other than good old BIG ED!!! The cd must be released at 1st September.

Dylan (28 New Zealand)

The Frenchmans from Lemovice had a successful gig at Polish city of Krakow together with Hate For Breakfast(Italy), Kitores(Hungary), Hammer of Hate(Poland). The show was attended by around 100 persons and all passed quite well both on organisational and music level. The great mood of the crowd wasn't broke even from the late night visit of the cops. Thanks to the organisers for the job well done!!!

Paul (Lemovice)

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