Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sentance of the trail against B&H Spain

On 05-07-2010 the Regional Court of Madrid has published the sentence of the trial against 19 members of the Spanish Asociación Cultural Sangre y Honor (Cultural Association Blood and Honour) which are accused of forming part of an illegal organization and of possession of illegal weapons.

The defences of the accused plead for their acquittal based in the fact that there is no evidence or proof that to show the “incitement to hatred” or the illegal possession of weapons.

For these two crimes the public prosecution and the private prosecution, represented by the leftwing association “Movement Against Intolerance”, pleaded for sentences ranging from four and five years in prison, except for one accused that was only accused of selling weapons, for whom only two years were requested as he collaborated with the police.

The ten defence lawyers have pointed out to the court that their clients had no criminal record, did not promote racism, and those who have weapons in their homes was only because they were former soldiers or worked in security companies.
There is no “objective data" or "evidence" showing that "B & H" inciting hatred or that their leaders recruit minors, or that they contacted with international anti-Semitic groups, argued in their conclusions.

All police investigation is focused in a concert made in the disco "Taj Mahal" of Talamanca del Jarama (Madrid), the 12th of February of 2005 , were the police the next morning supposedly founded a box, among other material, with illegal weapons, but it is not proved that those weapons were of them, or that any weapons was sold during the concert, as no agent entered in the disco during the concert.
In the first official police statement of the inspection of the disco there is no detail of the type and quantity of the objects founded, so there is no certainty about the material analyzed by the police. Also, the cds, books sold and also bands that played were not illegal.
About the illegal weapons that some members of the group had, like Co2 sprays, extending batons, tasers brass knuckles etc.., one of the accused declared that he bought all this material legally in a shop, and he had the receipts. He said he was a “mere intermediary between a store and members of the security sector that made him wholesale orders to get a better price, like did the president of the Cultural Association, that works in this sector, for his workmates”

The sentence

In the facts, the Section reports that in December 1999 two of the accused formed the Association 'Blood and Honour' aimed by "the conservation of European culture and the promotion of youth activism to support that end."
But in reality it was the Spanish faction of an association of the same name created in the United Kingdom in 1987, taking its name 'Blood and Honour' of the magazine created by Ian Stuart Donaldson, included within the National Socialist Skinhead movement.
Along with the statutes registered in the Ministry of Interior, the organization drew up another for the organization 'Blood and Honor NS Skinhead' in stating that this division was together with the divisions of other nations in the undying fight for Europe and National Socialism.

According to the sentence, the association was from the beginning hierarchically structured and hac clear leaders. The association was defrayed by paying monthly fees for the members selling all kinds of neo-Nazi paraphernalia and concerts of groups of RAC music (Rock Anti Communist). The actions fulfilled two purposes: to serve the purposes of the organization and spread the ideology through the lyrics.
The court ordered the dissolution of the association 'Blood and Honour Spain' as they consider that their aims were to promote violence and hatred against certain groups considered inferior, and to spread the Nazi ideology to recover the Europe of Adolf Hitler.
According to the court, they not only to propagated the Nazi ideology of who was their absolute leader Adolf Hiller, but also deployed "a whole systematic and planned activity" under the disguise of an anti-globalization and intellectual artistic discourse that "seeks to glorify the executioners and justify their deeds."

The supposed leader of the organization has been condemned to 2 years of prison for being leader of an illegal organization, 1 year for possession of illegal weapons, and a penalty of 2.160 euros.

His brother has been condemned to 2 years of prison for being leader of an illegal organization, and a penalty of 2.160 euros.
Other member of the organization has been condemned to 2 years of prison for being leader of an illegal organization, 1 year and 6 months for illegal possession of fire weapons, and a penalty of 2.160 euros.

11 members of the organization have been condemned to 1 year of prison for being members of an illegal organization, and a penalty of 2.160 euros

Three of the accused have been absolved of the charges of an illegal organization and of possession of illegal weapons.

All the penalties together sum up 30.240 euros, and they will have to pay also the expenses of the trial.

The sentence could be appealed in the High Spanish court, and one of the private prosecutors, a leftist ONG against intolerance said that they will appeal the sentence as they consider it “not to hard enough”

Freedom for all the Nationalists!!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Anti Islamic demo in Scotland

Saturday 19th June 2010

,,Scottish Defence League" demonstration for free speech and against Islamic terrorist on the streets of Scotland and the UK.

We arrived in Glasgow central station to get our connection to Kilmarnock to take part in the 3rd SDL demonstration for free speech and against Islamic terrorists,the first thing on every ones mind is will the cops let us have our day or will they ship us onto buses again and dump us miles away from our desognated demonstration point ,they seem to be getting good at that way of dealing with us .but soon the word went round the troops stand your ground ,,,dont let the zog backed cops intimidate us with threats of public order breach of the peace charges if we dont dispurse onto the waiting buses ,,,were on the train a carrage to ourselves with cops at each end of the train ,then in the other carriage behind about 6 cops were a few smelly dreadlocks red scum antifa they call them selfs Scottish socialist youth ?? ?Well, at least 2 of them were old enough to get free train passes haha...

After a 45 min train ride we arrived at Kilmarnock station (youtube has video of us arriving in Kilmarnock type in SDL Kilmarnock ),as soon as we got off the train we headed straight to the carrage the reds were getting of from biut the cops had prier experience with this at various football matches so they knew a fight was gonna kick off ,we were with in 3feet of getting tore in about the reds when the cops got between us ,but for the greater good of the demo we backed off and let our voices be heard all thru the train station sssdl sssdl ,and muslim bombers get off our streets ,,witch is the battle cry of the SDL ,,,soon we were marched round the corner to await our other brothers and sisters from the south of Scotland near the border with England ,after 5 10 mins there train arrived we greeted our comrades and went on our way to the demo with a cops at each side of us two deep and 20 strong ,,,as we got closer to the demo site witch was the town of Kilmarnocks main square and shopping area ,two high ranking cops approached the organizers of the demo and asked us to hold and listen they then told us our demo was going ahead and we would be allowed to give our speeches etc ,,BUT if they thought we were getting out of hand they stop us and arrest as many as they could ,,,as we told them we were there for a peaceful demo as is our right and we wouldn’t be starting any trouble ,,,,on we go t5o the square were as we turned the corner we heard the reds shouting usual rubbish nazi scum of our streets ,to our excitement we were only 50 yards away from them with cops all over the place between us and the red scum ,,,our organizers gave there speeches witch the reds tryed to drown out with whistles etc but they had no chance as even the folk of Kilmarnock who weren’t in our ranks were on our side and started telling the r3eds to shut up and let us have our say and do our speech ,,after a very good speech about the Islamic threat and the way in which our demos have been dealt with in the past by the zog cops we had our posters flags out and were told to start marching down thru the main street to our next stop a hotel on the other side of town so we all started the march with flags flying and voices loud with our country’s National anthem god save the queen ,,and “Rule Britania all the time getting abuse and threats from the red vermin ,,,it was at this point that a few reds broke the police cordon and made a half hearted charge at us bring it ob they were greeted with kicks punches and getting spat on in all we kicked the reds in hahahaha ,,,,,after a hour at the hotel speaking about our next demo and the SDL has had a surge in members we leftoups of 5 and six with cops all around us again we were marched back to the train station or our cars to start our journey home to our various towns and villages all over Scotland all the time looking for a red to smack ,in all there were 1oo to a 150 of us a few had even traveled from England for our demo ,,we shake hands with our brothers and sisters of the SDL and assured the organisers that the BFF would be back at more SDL demos to help rid our land of the Islamic threat and to counter act the reds as well ,it was a good day and we made a lot of good comrades and m8s whom we would see again in august for the next demo ,,,please note that this was not a blood and honour demo this was a demo by the Scottish defeance league who are good white nationalists but we have one common goal to rid our lands of the muslim scum who would have our woman wearing burkas and have there flag flying over our capital cities ...NOT ON OUR WATCH ...

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Brutal Attack in Skinhouse Hellas

It was great honour watching live a group like Brutal Attack, with many years in white power music scene coming to play in Greek court and speaking with pride about our country! These favorite persons are Ken Mc Lellan and Brutal Attack, a band that exists for about 30 years giving the ability to white youth to be united and a reason to live! For sure, it was the best night ever in Skinhouse Hellas! Ever! The members of Brutal Attack were very friendly and happy, the two famous Englishmen and the two other French. They attended from the soundcheck yet – where they played 7 songs – seemed they had already a lot of energy. Ken used to say on this it used to say before many years so Ian Stuart, that "comrades and fans are the only ones that keep alive one band through the years, the respect that must show one band to them must be for sure equal and moreover".

The gig was opened by the very good Greeks Straightline. In their best appearance till now, with a very good scenery style and sound, played 15 songs, in a set of one hour. Their best times were "State means land in slavery", "Our revolution will live for ever", "Bring back your life", "Forever alive", "Break your rules", "Freedom" (the prologue was the message from our imprisoned skinhead comrade Porky), while very dynamic were the covers chosen to played ("Blue Eyed Devils - We'll never die", "Final War - Land of the Whites", "Kategorie C - So sind wir", "Bully Boys - White kids gonna fight"). We are waiting for their new release, starting their recordings in this summer!
Unfortunately the Serbians Razor 88 couldn’t come here cause of a serious problem of their drummer.
After midnight,it was the time for Brutal Attack, they entered the scene with "Embers Of Yesterday", making the Hellenic crowd raving madly and continued playing for about 2 hours (they must played at term moreover of 20 songs especially from their old school times).

We can’t describe what really happened when the band started to play, Ken is a wonderful man and a great showman, an always young man that loves what he is doing till nowadays, so they played for us "As the drum beats", "Αlways", "Healing hands", "White pride, white passion", songs that are the lovely ones cause of their identity into our lives through the years. A real panic when they played "Tales of Glory", "Rock Against Communism" and "Let it Burn" (played as encore too) by a violent pogo even from Ken, while he made a lot of stagediving. The people was asking for more and more and finally after 6 encore songs Brutal Attack stopped their great appearance, while had already left us the best feelings and impressions for ever!