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Skrewdriver - Rock Anti Communism LIMITED EDITION

The policy of the blog is AGAINST uploading music, especially new albums, or cd’s you can buy from any band or label. Copying is killing our scene. But this case is about very old and rare stuff you can’t find elsewhere. The songs are with their original lyrics without any censorship.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Humour or just German reality: Hitler-Saluting Gnome Sparks Outrage

I wondered to laugh or to cry when I saw this article on English version of German “Spiegel online”. This story perfectly shows the non stopping anti NS hysteria that is still alive in so called German democratic society 64 years after the end of II WW. Enjoy!

Great art or bad taste? A "Nazi" garden gnome in Nuremberg has prompted a public investigation and a renewed debate on what constitutes art.

The humble garden gnome is usually associated with quaint tradition rather than progressive art. Nonetheless, a gallery owner in the German city of Nuremberg has caused controversy by The public prosecutor's office in Nuremberg has launched an investigation following an anonymous letter of complaint regarding the Nazi gnome. Spokesperson Wolfgang Träg explained to the German press agency DPA that the display of the symbols of organizations which are banned under Germany's constitution -- such as the Nazi party -- is only lawful if the organisation is being overtly criticized. "We are currently deciding whether the case of the garden gnomes is as clear cut as placards with crossed-out swastikas."
The creator of the exhibition, art professor Ottmar Hörl, told DPA of his shock at the reaction to his work. "I am completely stunned," he said. "In 1942 it would have been the Nazis massacring me because of this piece." He argued that "presenting the master race as garden gnomes" clearly
Still, it is possible that both Hörl and the owner of the gallery could face punishment for their association with this provocative piece of art. The public prosecutor's office is currently giving Hörl time to make a statement in response to the furore.
Earlier this year, Hörl, who has been president of the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts since 2005, displayed 700 of the Nazi gnomes in the Belgian city of Gent -- where they were seen by over 40,000 people -- and the Italian region of South Tyrol. The exhibition, entitled "Dance with the Devil," received no official complaints in either country and garnered postive feedback from the Jewish community.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Upcoming gigs in Bulgaria

Hammerskins Fest in Hungary

26th . June. 2009.

We had a great oppurtunity to see two of the best american bands in Budapest this evening. I was really interested about the bands becouse it was a reallly speacial event for us. The organisator of the gig was the Hungarian Hammerskins. The place was in southern Pest, not so far from the airport. It was a middle-sized music pub, called ’Club Corner’ , When we arrived at 20h the place wasnt full, but 30 republic, austriaminutes after the place was full with (about 300 people) comrades from Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Czeh , Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and from Sweden as well, and of course from the USA. After the two hungarian bands Worst nightmare and Vérszerződés the people were ready for the rock and roll :).

Before the war gave us a perfect and very hard show. I always wondering how good they can play their technical and high quality music. The people just become mad, the „mosh-pit” were going from the begining till the end.

After them the highlight of the event came: H8machine! The backup was formed by the musicians of Before the War. Even from song we got awesome music with hardcore style, and with racially motivated lyrics. It was the best show that night. The singer „Dennis” did a perfect job so as his session musicians. The crowd was mad, dancing, jumping, surfing top of the people. It was like a real hardcore event. I really enjoyed every moment.

After a half an hour break Bully Boys came onto the stage and they made an excellent show, of course they played their finest songs, but the highligths were the „Six million more” and the „skinhead superstar” songs. At the end the singer went down from the stage to sing with the cowd, the people had such a nice time than. We had a great event, without any police problems.
by Dani (Hungary)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Vinlandic - German - Croatian Strike Force

Brand new cd from German label Moloko Versand Plus. A 3 side split by KG 23 (side project of Big Ed), Blue Max (Germany) and Strong Survive (Croatia). The cd starts with an intro from KG 23 and tree songs of metal storm played perfectly by Ed on guitar. The lyrics of the songs are dedicated to Croatian history (Ed have Croatian origins). The next pieces of 3 tracks are from Masters of RAC’N Roll Blue Max – they do it in their typical own style, a top favorite for all the old school skins around. The dessert comes from the countryman of Ante Pavelic. Strong Survive plays basic RAC but even the fact that they took place is this split is big step forward for small but dedicated Croat movement and scene. The booklet contains twelve pages with all the lyrics and some photos.

Below you can hear one of songs of Croats named "Neznanog Junaka" the engish meaning of which is "Unknown brave man/hero"

Saturday, 25 July 2009

RAC News

Saturday 18th July.
The first concert of the new organization between Blood and Honour Chile and legion thor. The bands was Marcha violenta and Legion Thor.
The principal cause of this concert was the conmemoration of a fallen cofrade 3 years ago (mauricio egaña r.i.p)
To this event 60 persons arrive from diferent parts of the capital and from the coast.we hope the next concert more persons arrive
Good quality in the music and diferents style like the r.a.c. and metal ns in the event, good friendship and good drinks. a excelent night of rac and roll for everyone.
what we are trying to make here is reborn with a new musical scene, with new bands and a lot of power. Bang with a bang!!. The musical scene here now is reborn like the fenix does too. We thanks the help of all the comrades from all the parts and if u want to came some day here u are welcome to visit our litlle country!

Sebastian (28 Chile)

Xenophobe - the first New Zealand RAC/NS Metal band is about to release it's 1st full length album, entitled "Lords Of Chaos" (to be released on NZ Metal Underground label "Blood Sacrifice Productions".) The album also has original Guitarist Rob playing Rhythm and some Lead Guitar tracks on some songs, (who is now no longer in the band). There are also 4 tracks on the album, which will feature lead breaks from one of my favourite Thrash Metal Guitarists from the USA, who is none other than good old BIG ED!!! The cd must be released at 1st September.

Dylan (28 New Zealand)

The Frenchmans from Lemovice had a successful gig at Polish city of Krakow together with Hate For Breakfast(Italy), Kitores(Hungary), Hammer of Hate(Poland). The show was attended by around 100 persons and all passed quite well both on organisational and music level. The great mood of the crowd wasn't broke even from the late night visit of the cops. Thanks to the organisers for the job well done!!!

Paul (Lemovice)

Friday, 17 July 2009

Verszerzodes interview

We say hello to Geri, the singer of the Hungarian band Verszerzodes. Your band has already played in Bulgaria, but please gives us a brief history of your band. As far as I know the band is on stage for more than 15 years.

Hello! Well, the band was formed in 1992, by some young guys in a small town in North-West Hungary, Sopron. Just like in any other bands we had changes during the years, and nowdays I am the only one in the band from the original line up. We have 4 our own CDs released (Szent Haboru-1997, Ez vagyok-2000, Hate Parade-2003, Politikailag nem korrekt-2007), 3 splits with Archivum, Brainwash(EP) and English Rose, and we have songs on several Hungarian and international compilation CDs.

What are your impressions from your visit in Bulgaria, both from the demonstration and the gig which was held in Plovdiv at the end of November last year?

We had a great time by you, your hospitality was really nice. The demonstration was good organized, the march with the torches in the city was powerfull, but to be honest, from the speeches we couldn’t understand any words. The gig was also okay, there was a good atmosphere, and hopefully you liked our set. The only thing what we didn’t really like, some chauvinist attitude at the gig. But as I wrote before, we really enjoy that weekend by you, and hope, that we could visit you again in the close future.

You are also connected to a Hammer skins nation on personal level, please tell us more about this matter?

That’s right, I am connected on personal level, and I am the only Hammerskin from the band, so I can’t really say much about this. Anyway, I am not sure about what do you interesting?

Few years ago in Hungary were just few bands playing, but nowadays I can count more then 20. It seems that what scene is growing very fast. What’s the reason for this?

We have all the time 5-6 ns bands around in the past, but that’s true, that in the last 1-2 years more bands were formed. I don’t really know, what’s the exact reason why, and why now, I’m just guessing, that there is a new young generation in the scene who have much more interest to play music. Another reason could be, that the nationalist movement and the nationalist feelings in the people is got stronger in the last few years, so all these bands are getting a bit bigger publicity.

How many gigs VSZ played abroad, do you have some moments that will always stay in your memory? You have some bad experience with the Swiss authorities.

I don’t really know the exact numbers of these gigs, but we had a few abroad in the following countries: England, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Greece. We got the invitation 2 times to Switzerland, but both times the cops already waiting for us at the border and the airport. They had a report about us, that we are an “evil xenophobic nazi band”, so we can’t entry to Switzerland, otherwise we will spread hate speeches from the stage and do any other crimes. It’s crazy, haha! So first time we got 1 year long expelling, 2nd time just 4 days. This could be thank for the Hungarian ZOG too. I can’t really say which of these gigs were the most memorable, I think so we have good memories from most of the places, despite the fact that for example in Germany it’s very difficult to play, and had some problems with the cops there too, but we are still going back to play time to time. The worst was maybe in Slovakia, as we were arrested when we were standing on the stage, and spent 1,5 day arrested at a police station together with other 80-90 comrades. But of course we already laughing on this, what doesn’t destroy us, just makes us stronger!

You was a singer in another well know Hungarian band – Arrow cross. What was the reason for you to left the band?

Hmm…that’s a bit longer and complicated story, and I don’t really want to explain all the details here. The 2 biggest reason were, some personal disagreement, and that I don’t really have time for this band in these times.

What do you thing about Straight age culture, which firstly appeared in non political HC scene? Does “sXe” have a place in our movement?

I have big respect to those people who are living healthy, don’t drink alcohol, smoking, etc. But I don’t really like when it’s over reacted, and people try to force their opinion on you. We don’t have to propagate drink alcohol, that’s not the right way too. Everybody have to know the limit. There isn’t any problem with alcohol, but we don’t need alcoholic people, for who the priority in their life is drinking! And I could see some people already in the movement, who were proud sXe few years before, and spread this message in our circle, looked down on comrades who drenk alcohol, etc. and just few years later they started to drink again. So, where are you now?! Or people who call themselves sXe, but using steroids at the same time…

Some years ago your band had c close connections with English rose. What are you memories from those times?

This started back in 2002, when we first time met with Jonesy at a gig here in Hungary. He saw us play, and next day asked the musicians from our band to play him at the final ER gig, as he wants to close the band. We agreed of course, so the plan was, that we will have 2 gigs, one in Hungary and one in England. But as the news circled around the scene, we got more invitation, so on the end we had a small tour in Europe in 2003. That was the ‘Dead to SHARP’ tour, and we played in England, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia and France. Then we played one more time together in England, and released a split CD ‘United Forces’. We have really good memories from these times, and we could thank a lot for this project, as we could get lots of invitations from abroad because of this, and got many new comrades and contacts. Otherwise, our guitarist PPH is still helps for Jonesy in some other projects.

Please tell us more about your last album “Politikailag nem korrekt”. For the people outside Hungary is hard to understand the lyrics. Can you please tell us what you sing about?

This cd came out in October of 2007. Musically I can’t really definite it, as we have songs in RAC or punk style, and also some like hardcore, so we mixed together a bit all the influences of the band members of that time. About the lyrics, I think so it would be difficult to explain each song’s lyrics, but in general, we have songs on this album mostly about the political situation in our country, about our fight against the system, and also about our movement, our feelings and how to live our skinhead way of life. The songs, what’s also the title of the cd, is written about the band and what we represent, a kind of a mirror to this sick society and system. But I think so it’s title tells everything, Politically uncorrect.

What do you think about downloading music of our bands for free from I-net?

Our 4 CDs were released by ourself, from our own money. We collected the money to go to studio, go to press the tapes (when our first album released the cds weren’t so popular in Hungary yet), and paid for the booklet. And our stuff were sold by us at the gigs, and via comrades. As we never ask any extra profit for playing at the gigs, only the money for our real costs (petrol, food, sleeping place,etc.), we could make some money only from selling our CDs, and collect it for the next studio project. But lots of people, who call themselves “comrades”, just click on the internet, download the music, and don’t care about the work of the bands, which work is sacrificed for the movement. So we simple call this stealing. And that’s the fact. I don’t know why these people think, that they have right to do this, or why they think, that all of these bands are full of money and living from band? I can tell it for sure, that non of the bands from the movement living from the music, even got rich from it. So all what I could say, it’s the biggest disrespect to the bands to steal their music! Maybe I will be now an unliked person in these people’s eyes, but I don’t give a damn!

What do you about chauvinism? Is the “Europe of the Fatherlands” possible having in mind that there are large minority of ethnic Magyars living outside the Hungarian borders?

I judge chauvinism. It’s a senseless hatred between white nations, instead of solving the problems, and see trough what’s behind all of them. In the other had, chauvinism is a good tool in the hands of our common enemy. While white nations of Europe, or the whole world, fighting against each others, they will never stick together, and fight together against the real enemy, who actually created the reasons of chauvinism. I know, that just us my nation, other European nations have problems with the neighbor countries. But instead of fighting against each others, we should sit down, and try to understand each others point of views and problems, and find the way together. Otherwise it could be just a never ending war, and we know only who could be the winner on the end. Both parts could have offences from the past, or from the present time, but we must try to understand each others somehow. I know, that it’s not easy, I could see in my own country, by my own nation and in the neighbor countries, but for us national socialist have to step forward, and working on that ‘Europe of the Fatherlands’ wouldn’t be just a dream, but became to reality!

What is your opinion about Christianity? Do you follow any religion?

In my opinion the religion is everybody’s personal business, and it can’t be topic of arguments in the movement. Personally I am not Christian, but better believe in Odinism. But I have a lot Christian comrades, who are very good friend of mine, we trust each others, so it never causes any different what kind of a religion we have. The problem is, if somebody try to force his religion on me, as I will never do the same to him. We have more important things to do, than fight against each others because of the religions.

How do you see our movement after 10 years? May be Verszerzodes will celebrate 25 years on stage at that time :) ?

It’s hard to say, as lots of things changed, sometimes very quick, in that last 10 years too, so I can’t really tell what the future brings for us. I could only which and hope, that our movement will be still exist and more stronger and united as today. I will working on! About my band, haha, yes, I hope that we could celebrate our 25 years anniversary on the stage. That could mean, that at least I could still go up to the stage,haha!

Any future plans about gigs, recordings, etc?

This new line up is exist more than half year ago. Sadly we could have chances to practice very few times, as we all are living in different towns, some of us more than 200km far. But for now we arrived to the point, that we got accustomed, and fit a good gig set together. That means, that it’s time to start to write new songs. We are planning to release a full length English cd, maybe it has better reality, than a new Hungarian. But it’s a question of time when…

Any final comments? Your message to the readers of our zine?

Thank you for the interview and for the good questions. Keep up the good work with the magazine, hope you could continue long. We send our regard our Bulgarian comrades, not just those who stand closed to us (I don’t want to write any names, you know who you are), but all of them. Hope we could visit you again, or see you in our country. The fight goes on!

June 2009

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sons of Europe

For a third year in a row Hungary is a host of one of the biggest gigs on European soil. This year we have tons of great bands and ballad singers who will perform, and in addition - a very special guest, which will be a surprise for all who attend the show. More info and details HERE

Jurgen Graf interview

Despite the fact that this blog is dedicated to the music scene, we'll publish some political interviews and articles also. This time we choose a pretty sensitive topic, and a person wich deserves my respect. Enjoy the reading!!!

Jurgen Graf is one of the leading Revisionist in Europe. A Swiss school teacher and language genius, Graf speaks almost one dozen languages fluently and understands many more, some of them the most exotic ones such as Russian, Japanese, Thai as well as Malay and Filipino dialects. Author of several books, among them "Der Holocaust auf dem Prüfstand" (The Holocaust on Trial), he went recently to Russia where he researched Russian archives for months. The Swiss government charged, tried and convicted Graf in 1998 to 15 months in jail under the new anti-Revisionist law adopted by the Swiss in 1994. His German-born, 80-year-old publisher was likewise convicted to 1 year in prison. To escape from the Western “justice” in 2000 he flees to Russia, where a year later he married a university history teacher from Moscow. Because of security reasons he refused to confirm where exactly he is living at the moment.

1. What can you tell us about your last book which is published only in Russian?

The book, which was published by Algoritm in late July and has over 400 pages, seems to be selling well. Its title is “The Collapse of the New World Order”. I have chosen the form of a dialogue between a German historian I christened Dr. Friedrich Bruckner and students specializing in recent German history at a fictive Russian institute. The "seminar" lasts five days. All essential aspects of the Holocaust questions are extensively discussed. On the last day, Bruckner and his students discuss the political implications of the Holocaust myth.

2. Please comment on the sentences of the last victims of the “freedom of speech” – Germar Rudolf, Silvia Stoltz and Ernst Zundel?

While I do not know the courageous Silvia Stolz personally, both Ernst and Germar are close friends of mine. The terror trials against these three heroic persons show that the American-Zionist puppet regime in Germany is mortally afraid of a free debate about the great taboo of our times. They unmask the German politicians, who constantly claim that the Federal Republic is "the freest state in German history", as impudent hypocrites.

3. There are numerous examples for violence against Revisionists. Have you ever been afraid for your life or well-being?

No, I have never been afraid for my life.

4. What part did Robert Faurisson play in your life?

An extremely important one. I first met him in March 1992 inVichy, where he makes his living, and I was deeply impressed by his brillant intellect and his absolute honesty. Since then, we have regularly worked together. I have translated many of Faurisson's writings into German.

5. Have you ever been in touch with Revisionist Jews? What makes them different from the other entire Revisionists worldwide?

The only Jewish revisionist I personally met was David Cole. We both attended a revisionist conference in California in September 1992. Later, Cole recanted his revisionist views under duress, as the thugs of the Jewish Defense League made his life a living hell and threatened to kill him.

6. What is you opinion of some political leaders like the president of Iran for example, who critiques the West and Israeli politics every chance he gets? Did you participate in the Holocaust conference in Teheran at the end of 2006?

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Teheran conference, but it goes without saying that I closely followed it. I edited a dozen of the most important contributions, which were then published by Algoritm in the Russian language in summer 2007. As for Ahmadinejad, I greatly respect and admire him.

7. What do you think about the influence of the Anti-Holocaust laws in different countries of the world? Do they stop researchers or does the ban makes them more interesting?
Unfortunately, we cannot but admit that these odious laws are relatively efficient. They cannot stop revisionism, but they can certainly retard its progress. On the other hand, they prove the absolute bankrucpy of the orthodox Holocaust version. If the adherents of the gas chamber story had any serious arguments, they would not be afraid to debate us, and there would be no necessity for such laws.

8. What is your opinion of the “Anne Frank’s Diary”? Is it a reliable source or a fake document?

I must admit that I have never read it. Whether it is authentic or not has no importance whatsoever for the Holocaust issue.

9. What is your opinion about the part that Simon Wiesenthal took in creating and keeping the Holocaust myth alive?

Wiesenthal, who was an especially obnoxious individual, was one of the innumerable parasites who profited from the Holocaust story. He played no part whatsoever in creating it, but like so many other despicable liars, he did his best to keep it alive.

10. What would be the major consequence if the Holocaust myth crumbles one day? Is a review of the world’s history at the end of the 20th century needed?

The consequences would be tremendous. The pseudo-democratic system of the West would be greatly shaken. Germany would become ingovernable, as the German people would feel nothing but hatred and contempt for a system which has slandered itsw own people with a formidable lie for over 60 years. In the USA, both parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, would be utterly discredited, for there is not a single American politician who has not paid his tribute to the Holocaust legend. The Zionist state of Israel would of course be doomed. Nationalism (not in the sense of chauvinism and the contempt of other peoples or races, but in the sense of national pride and the defense of national interests) would become legitimate again. It could no longer be clubbed with the Auschwitz cudgel.

11. What is the future of Revisionism worldwide?

It will certainly impose itself, but we do not know when. Scientifically, the battle has been won for a long time, however because of the total media blockade and the severe censorship, the revisionists are unable to reach the public. I see but two possibilities of a revisionist breakthrough: 1) A huge economic crises, which will lead to the collapse of the Jewish dominated system of the West and the assumption of power by nationalist forces. 2) Russia decides to counter the growing American threat by playing the Holocaust card and publishing documents which have been hidden since the end of the Second World War. There can be no doubt whatsoever that Russia has such documents. First of all, the Soviet Union contributed to the formation of the myth by means of its commissions, which allegedly proved the existence of the gas chambers and the extermination of the Jews. Secondly many Jews who allegedly perished in the "extermination camps" were in fact deported to ghettoes and labour camps in the occupied Soviet territories.

12. What are your future plans?

I would like to investigate one aspect of the Holocaust story which has been almost totally neglected by the revisionists: The fate of the Jews of Lithuania and Latvia. In our book about Treblinka, Mattogno and I have shown that the official figures (about 200.000 Jews allegedly shot in these two countries) are impossible, but we know very little about what really happened. Unfortunately, I am unable to travel to these countries for the time being, and moreover such a study would require considerable preparation, such as the study of the Lithuanian and the Latvian languages, which are utterly different from the Slavic ones and as different from each other as German and Swedish or French and Romanian.

13. Thanks for your time. What do you want to say to the Bulgarian readers?

I have never been to Bulgaria, but everybody who has says it is a lovely country. Maybe my wife Olga and I will be fortunate enough to be able to visit it one day.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Die Lustigen Zillertaler - Wir lassen uns das Singen nicht verbieten

After twelve years of silence Zillertaler Türkenjäger are here again. This time under a new name and with new material. The cd contains cover versions of various songs in different music styles – disko from the eighties, rock ballads, Bavarian folk songs…etc. All this all this sang in karaoke-style: a nice and cheap way to record tracks. The voice of the singer is pretty strong (reminds me of Gig a little bit) and all the lyrics are politically incorrect J The title of the album speaks for itself “We won’t let them forbid us to sing”. Actually the band is using the name of an already existing band which does mainstream folk songs…and this fact have put them in very a delicate situation. They have had to explain to the local cops and journalists that they are not neo-nazis and that they haven’t produced this “evil” album The cd booklet is in typical Rock O Rama style -- just a front and back cover. The original cd is pressed outside Germany, but it already has had two bootleg versions made of it in the Fatherland.

White Wash interview

from Hungarian magazine "Riado"

1. " Now we can tell your band has been excisting for 10 years. What made you to form it? "

Well making it to the 10 year mark is very surprising for me. When first starting the band I had no idea of how long it would it last. I had just gotten discharged from the military and found a couple of guys who were interested in starting a band. Quickly we put together a set list of originals and covers. At first we played many small gigs, but our first quality show was with the bands Squadron and Aryan. From there everything continued to get better.
Over the years the band has been fortunate to keep a full line-up. There have been consistent line-up changes. Members have quit on good and bad circumstances. Besides myself, there are no original members. Well Tapeworm, our bassist, can be considered original. He has been in the band for 9 years and has played on all our releases.
I am sad to report that our original drummer, Jim, died this year from heart failure. He played on the “Unity Through Aggression” CD. It had been 4-5 years since I had spoken to him. Regardless, I was still shocked by his passing. Jim was a good person and has always stood by his beliefs. He was extremely influential in helping start this band. I miss all the good times we had back then.

2. " Can you tell me what were the most memorable things in the history of the band in the past 10 years?"

Well there have been many memorable things that have happened. When our first CD was released, I was really excited. I had been playing in bands since 1990, but none of them ever released an official CD. Now it may not seem to exciting but back then it was a really big thing to me.
Also we have been very fortunate to play all over the states and a few times in Europe. In all our travels, we have met all kinds of interesting people. Some really great people who turned out to be great friends, and others that were psychotic. Through our travels I have a wealth of great stories! Times that I will never forget. We do not take any of it for granted.
Speaking of the band’s history, we have been writing material for a WW zine to celebrate the 10 year anniversary. If will not be so much of a straight history, but a collection of stories and commentaries of past events. Also there will be a section of lyrics about the meanings and motivations in writing them. Hopefully this will be available before the tour. If anyone is interested, write me at the email address provided below.

3. " You've released lots of cds and split cds. Which one is next to your heart?"

Yes there has been lots of material released but probably my favorite is “Unity Through Aggression”. I also really like the soon to be released “Pain is Temporary”. That record is filled with catchy songs with great lyrics. Also the soon to be released split CD with Frontalkraft is also a favorite of mine. I really like the material for that one. Another release that I am proud of is the “Unity” 10” picture disc vinyl. It is a beautiful collectible piece of vinyl. Oh the split with Avalon was also a favorite of mine. It contains some of my favorite tracks like “Patriotic Void” and “Hate Edge”. The “Awfully Raw…8 Years Later” is also a great CD. It is a huge collection of previously unreleased material.

4. " Your new cd will be released soon and afterwards you're gonna make a tour in Europe. Are you looking forward this autumn?

Yes we are extremely excited about the mini tour in Europe. We will have plenty of time to travel around and see the country. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. On the tour we are set to play with many good bands. Being a fan of music, it is exciting for me to have to opportunity to watch all these bands play.

5. " As I know until now you've been twice to Europe. What is your opinion about the scene here?"

Europe has a great music scene. On both of our trips there we were well taken care of. The people were all really friendly. The shows were really great.
Also being a tourist, we had the opportunity to see the land and some attractions. The previous trips were short but this time around we will have a little more time. So I am looking forward to seeing more of Europe’s countryside.

6. "What about the situation in Texas?"

Unfortunately the scene in my city has gotten small. About 5 years we always had a huge crew of people hanging around. Back then we would have crazy parties at my house. The band would set up in the living room and play. The house would transform into a small “concert hall”. The whole place would be filled with drunken slam dancing. Surprisingly the house would only get minimal damage out the parties. I really miss all that. Everyone would always be ready for another concert party at my house. My neighbors hated the loud noise.
Now only a few of those people are still involved in the scene. The others either moved away or just disappeared. These days only a few of us get together. Now the only big events are going out of town for gigs.

7. " Do you know anything about Hungary? Any Hungarian bands?"

Yes I have read quite a bit about the Magyars background. Your country has a long history of heroic struggles against Communists and Muslims.
As for music, over the years I have received a fair amount of mail from Hungary. I have also traded lots of music with several Hungarians. So I have had the opportunity to get CDs from great bands that are not available in American Distributions. Some of my favorite Hungarian bands are Valhalla, Titkolt Ellenallas, Feher Torveny, Verszerzodes, Romantikus Eroszak, Junkers 88, AMF, Nimrod, Archivum, Gungnir and others.

8. " Are you members of any ns group?

We support several groups, but we are not actual members of any organizations.

9. " Is there any conflict between ns groups in America? Because unfortunately in Europe we do have problems."

Oh of course there is always some conflict and drama going on. I do my best to stay out of any infighting. I am not interested in fighting with other whites. I just like to go to shows and have a good time. Everyone has their own internal problems and I respect that. Just like in a regular family household, siblings fight with one another. Every grudge has a reason for it. If it does not concern me, I mind my own business.

10. " As I realized you've been doing the same style of music during the years. Is there any change on your new cd?"

Yes over the years we have maintained an Oi/Hardcore/Rock sound. That is because it is the music we love. We have done side projects to play different styles but we wanted to keep the integrity of WW’s original sound.
The new CD follows the same formula as before. Some of the tracks have a hard rock feel….in the vein of AC/DC and, Motorhead. Of course there are many good sing along Oi/RAC tracks. I feel this CD has memorable choruses that will be stuck in the listener’s head. Tracks like “Only the Valiant”, “Time and Time Again” and “No Reason Why” should be favorites.

11. " Finally send some words to the White Hungarian Youth!"

Stay loyal to your culture! Your country has a rich history of Nationalism. We are extremely honored to have the opportunity to play for you! Also thanks to everyone who organized our tour. If anyone is interested, please feel free to write me at

Friday, 10 July 2009

Antisystem Interview

1. Hello Karlito, please introduce your band in a few words.

Hello to all readers, we’re Antisystem from Moscow; our project was started in July 2005. We did some recordings; we did some gigs; our line up changed many times.

2. How did the band name come into your head? Is there any special meaning behind the name Antisystem?

The name was born in natural way, such name just came in my head, I even didn’t think about how our band should be named. Meaning is very easy – Antisystem is White anti-totalitarian band that stands against all kind of tyranny and oppression, we deny any systems that force free individuals to be slaves. I think no need to mention that we speak only about White individuals; and it is freedom for Whites that we care about.

3. You have very different line up when you started the band. You even have two vocalists and you played very various styles of music. Can you get this situation clear?

The band was started by me as singer and lyrics writer and Max as guitarist and author of all music. In such line up we recorded our first songs, with help of a friend on bass. Some months later Sadko joined us as keyboards player and solo-performer of ballads.
In 2006, Max has left our project, but turned back some months later. During this time, we asked our friend Slava from hooligan band Clockwork Times to help us to record songs for split CD with Swedish band Titania. Slava was into punk/hardcore music and composed the songs exactly in this style.
In 2007, we formed full line up with session musicians and played 2 gigs, but then we understood that we need to have the band filled with same minded guys, just as we are.
In 2008, Lev joined us as guitarist, to replace Max who lost all interest in the band.
Some later, Kraft joined as drummer, and Lutovid as second-guitarist.
Finally, our live line up today is following: Karlito on vocals, Sadko on bass and vocals, Lev and Lutovid on guitars, and Kraft on drums.
Our style now is not so much techno-thrash-metal as it was with Max, we sound today much more “traditional”.
Except from full line up, Sadko plays many ballad evenings all over the country, sometimes with help of Lev. Also Sadko supports as guitarist the band Sokyra Peruna on their ballad evenings.

4. In your first full length album “Worse is better” you have covered two songs of legendary Polish band Honor sang in Polish? You also sing in German. Does Antisystem is a Multilanguage band?

Definitely, we sing our own songs in Russian and English, but we do cover-versions also in Ukrainian, Polish and German. Sadko also can sing in French, so maybe we'll record something in French in future?

5. Can you give us some information about the project SGA (Slavonic Germanic Army) which your band is part of?

GSA is the right name, Germanic Slavonic Army. Originally it was just a project for couple of gigs on Romania and Hungary in 2005; we wanted to play some well known songs, to underline the idea of European Unity and Solidarity. Back-up band was Brigade M from Holland, singers were me and Arseni of Sokyra Peruna. As a final result, in end of 2007, we gathered in Kiev with guys of Brigade M, and also Big Ed of Bound for Glory joined us, we did an album there, we played a gig for almost 400 people and we hope to meet altogether again one day to make a second album.

6. There are many young bands in Russian/Ukrainian scene, can you point any promising of them?

I can say honestly, I really don't keep my eye on what is going on with the scene; I mean musical side of things. As for Ukraine, I can mention 9th Wall, young NS grindcore band, I personally can't listen to their sound, but many people like it. As for Russia, I've heard that Garynych and Ermolov are good bands.
All in all, here're many new bands appeared, time will show what they will achieve.

7. What is the situation with the labels in Russia?

Definitely, no big labels here, that's the fact. Some labels work without the name, in case not to attract any attention from those above us. As for RAC scene, B&H Russia Records is active label, RAC-Shop is nice internet distro. In NSBM side of things, I could recommend Stellar Winter Records and Othal Productions.
Really serious label Pure Hate Records stopped its activity, they were most known Russian label in the rest of the world since they released good international bands.

8. What do you think about the mp3 downloading, there is a Russian forum in the Net, which uploads albums just few days after they have been pressed?

I personally don’t download much music, maybe only something that I really want to listen to as soon as possible. But if I like any band and recording – I always try to find their original CD. You can’t do anything with downloading, since people have technical possibility to grab the tracks and upload it to public access in Internet – they will do it. It’s about persons – those who really support the bands – they will buy a CD.

9. What’s the current political situation in Russia nowadays, as far as I know it’s like an updated version of the USSR, but even worse about some oppressions of the Putinist state machine against the civil rights.

Too long story to describe it in 100th time, sorry… Situation here is total ass, if I can characterize it in few words. We live in real Asia despotic, it's just nice tales for idiots that "Russian Federation is European"…

10. Please, tell us about your song “You will be with us once again” which original English version still doesn’t see a light of a day in some cd?

It was one of our first songs, lyrics were written by our friend from Sofia. We recorded it and sent to German label to be featured on some compilation that still isn’t out. Actually, three and a half years already passed, and label always tells that sampler will be out soon, so we wait.

11. You are now in studio recording some songs for your next album, what the listeners can expect from it?

Yes, we record some stuff now, but not for full length album, we did a track for German solidarity compilation, we made two songs for a vinyl EP to be out in England, and we did a song for Tribute Brigade M project.

12. Your final words?

Thanks for your interest in our band, thanks for your friendship. Stay honest, follow your heart!

B&H Hungary interview

1. Hello comrade, greetings from Bulgaria. What could you tell us about the history of Hungarian B&H movement? As far as I know it has an official registration as a “cultural organization”.

Regards from Hungary! Well, everything has begun on the August of 1998, when the Hungarian B&H was founded in the town of Szekszárd. We were helped by our German comrades to found our division. Between 2002 and 2005 we had an official association, which was called “Vér és Becsület Kulturális Egyesület” ( Blood & Honour Cultural Association ). It was banned after a long trail in October 2005 because the basic rule and ideology of the association was almost the same as the “Nyilaskeresztes Párt - Hungarista Mozgalom” (Arrowcross Party - Hungarist Movement) basically the “Hungarian National Socialist party” which was our country’s last government in the last years of the war (15. 10. 1944 – 9. 05. 1945). The other cause was then the association has contact with the international Blood & Honour movement what is clearly national socialist. The third cause was then on our meetings, rallies, gigs those people who said speeches often said things what was too aggressive and offensive towards the Jews and the gypsies… We didn’t give up we still exist just not officially J.

2. It’s a well known fact that from your Fatherland a lot of lands was taken away after the world wars. Does this fact have influence the relations with your border countries? We ask specifically about a country which is also neighbor of Bulgaria :) ?

Well its always a hard question. The 2/3 of our lands were taken after the First World War in Versialles (Trianon palace) 4th of July 1920 by the Antant nations. Our lands became a new part of other countries as: Czech-Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Russia, Romania, Austria and Slovenia. Between the years of 1938-1941 we got back some of our territories because the help of the III.Reich. But we fought in the WW2 and lost our lands again. Most of the Hungarians who are not living in Hungary now are living in Transylvania, what is a part of Romania now. More than 1,5 million Hungarians are living there still today. These people had to face the Romanian socialism all the time, but they don’t give up! Many atrocities and genocides happened there since we had lost our land. And all because the socialism what is noting else than “leftwing-extremist nationalism”. This is still living in Slovakia, Serbia, and Romania. It’s hard to forget! The good thing is that many NS comrades are coming from Slovakia, Croatia, and Slovenia to work together with us for our common goal. We are going to understand and then we have to fight together because our enemy is international, so we have to fight as conational against it! Personally I think the borders of Hungary in 1941 were correct because we got back those territories where the Hungarian people were at least a 70% majority. But as I said we have to fight commonly first because if we lose we don’t have to speak about borders anymore… so its time to work together.

3. Hungary is famous with the heroic defense of Budapest at the end of WW II. Could you tell us more about this day and about the annual “Day of Honour” Memorial march? What kind of problems you as one of the organizers faced in the last few years?

The first Day of Honour march were held in 1997 with a couple hundred NS people, till 1999 when more then 1600 people marched together (many comrades from Bulgaria as well!). The so called “right wing” government took steps to shut down our strong movement. After the march the Police tried to check the people’s ID’s on the gig, but the fight broke up, and many policemen got hurt. There was a trial against the comrades who fought with the police. The secret police sent agents to turn the comrades against each other. So our movement was in pieces till 2001. After that the leaders of the NS groups came together and they had the will to work together and build up the movement again. Everything went on, and in 2003 we were to able to hold our next Day of Honour. Since then every year we are able to make it, and now it becomes a tradition in Europe to visit Hungary and participate in the Day of Honour. Why do the police let us to do it? Because the march is going always in order, we don’t burn cars…etc. The march is official every time as well. Somehow they respect this…it’s a really interesting situation. This year more then 1400 people were in the formation and a couple hundred were just passive supporters outside the formation. Also this year the media told then we were more than 2000 people attending… it was really good for us…because they always decrease our numbers J. In this way I would like to say thanks to all our Bulgarian comrades who are coming to our march each year to support it! My respect is yours!

4. Our movement worldwide is separated between B&H and C18 sides. What is your opinion on this subject?

The Hungarian B&H was always the part of the so called independent B&H so most of our actions are determined because this. This is the official view of the Hungarian B&H. My personal opinion, I search people who are serious enough and have enough intelligence to work together with others. I care more about the personality and the personal activity and not about the “club”! We won’t be harmful to our enemies if we are fighting against each other like hooligans…it makes no sense to me.

5. In contrast to all other countries in Hungary the National Socialist movement is not divided. On the contrary, the biggest organizations are united in “Unity for Homeland” Movement. What is the major reason about this fact?

It’s very easy. As I told we were influenced by secret agents after 1999 who turned the comrades and the group-leaders against each other. In 2001 the leaders understood then it is better to work in alliance. The alliance helped us to build the movement and increase its numbers. There is a meeting between the group leaders in every year to speak about the upcoming events like the dates of the demonstrations and gigs. In the fall of 2007 some group leaders wanted much more order in the alliance, so they made a system for this. After this order-system was introduced the “Untity for Homeland Movement” changed name to work under the name: NS-FRONT. There are some groups and active persons who didn’t join this new alliance because they believe the freedom of the leaderless movement.

6. In my contacts with comrades from your country it seems to me that almost everyone is taking part in some military games or “replays” of war battles. Can you give us more information about these “games”? Why most of the skins in Hungary are militants?

The fact is that I would be happy if most of the skins would be more militant here!
I would call 10% of the skinheads are real militant, others are militant only in the gigs or in the demonstrations, they are acting like SA, fight on the streets, drink beer, make politics…and sometimes that’s all. But there is a couple hardliner who are really militant. Those comrades are the ones who try to teach themselves how to fight, they had understand that we would never win our struggle if we are just sitting in the local pub and dreaming about the upcoming IV.Reich… We try to organize the militant comrades. For example in every year since 1999 we hold our “Outbrake tour” which is a 45 km long excursion one week before the Day of Honour. The most militant persons are coming to this excursion to prove then they are able to march 12 hours across the hills and valleys in nighttime to reach their goals. In this way these comrades –WE– show our respect to our ancestors and heroes who broke from the besieged Budapest in 11.02.1945. This year more then 100 persons were marching… of course there are other activities as well. There are gamer-groups who play “airsoft” almost every weekend. The airsoft is one of the best tactical-war games because it is quite realistic, cheap and keeps you in shape as well. If you are there not just for fun then you are able to learn a lot of things by experience. Other comrades are going to shoot in shooting clubs or making historical reenactments. Many comrades are doing martial arts as well to improve their fighting skills. There are a few who went into the army or the “Legion Entrange” to have real experiences from the real war. Some skinheads fought in the Yugoslavian wars as well to help to defend the Hungarian minority in Croatia against the Serb army.

7. Next question is about the music scene in Hungary – which are the most famous local WP bands? Why do some of the hardcore bands from your movement play live with other “non political” HC bands?

The most favorite local WP band is “Archívum”, this band is playing again since last year, so we have their support again. The other active WP-bands are: playing RAC: Valhalla, Vérszerződés, Titkolt Ellenállás, Vendetta, Arrow-cross, Tar-Had, Hunor, Vádló Bitófák, Hűség, Tarsoi and 3 new bands. In other styles: S.O.G. / Gungnir (NS-Grindcore) Fehér Törvény (RAC/HC), Pushing Onwards (NS-Deathmetal/HC).
In 2007 one of our active gig-organizers thought than it would be good idea to spread our voice for not just skinheads but other right-wing people, or towards just ordinary metal/HC people. So he made a gig with a big success where right winged HC and other non political bands were playing. So we become open to influence from other sub cultural groups with our ideology. Why? The fact is the RAC has good lyrics, but not everybody likes the typical skinhead music…so these bands are reaching only those people who are already involved in this kind of scene. With making other kind of music, we can reach hundreds or thousands of people! I think the ideology should have a culture, not just only one subculture!

8. Here in Bulgaria one of the most popular Hungarian bands is Karpatia, people like it because of their unique style. What could you tell us about this band, which as far as I know is just patriotic and it’s not aligned to B&H?

We have a subculture which is called “National Rock”. They are playing patriotic songs and they are not connected most of the time with the NS movement nor B&H. They’re making big business from patriotism, and we think this is not a right thing. Otherwise it is good then they give some ideas for the people who they are, what does it mean to being a Hungarian… being one nation…etc. Kárpátia is one of the “superstar” bands from these. They are playing every weekend. If you go somewhere you can always find a couple Kárpátia song in the musicbox. They become very popular because 70% of their songs are old national military songs, and other folksongs.

9. During one of my visits to Budapest it was a huge impression to see a soviet monument from communist times which was surrounded with tree fence lines!!! Majority of the Hungarian people are anti-communist. Is there any active Antifa movement in you country in present times?

I would say then the people learned what it means to live under a communist regime. Because of that the Antifa people are mostly Jews or idiot liberals….well most of the time they are the same, so we don’t really have Antifa mob in our country, but the government is always Antifa because they have to serve the New World Order which is run by the free masons & Jews. So there is no way out… but at least we don’t have so many problems on the streets like our comrades in Germany.

10. Around two years ago the streets of your capital was plagued by thousands of people protesting against the Prime Minister Gyurcsány. People from the NS movement took major part in the riots and fights with police. The most remarkable moments was the blockade of the building of “national” TV channel and the kidnapping of an old tank…what are your memories from these great days?

In 18th of September 2006. the socialist party leader and Prime Minister Gyurcsány’s speech was made known in the media. He told to his party members then they lied about everything…they just ruined the country etc. So the people went onto the streets in front of the Parliament building in Budapest to protest against Gyurcsány. The protesters wanted to proclaim their story to the “national TV (government TV) but they refused so the protestors fought with the police and conquered the TV. The riot-police were beaten totally. The following two days the fights continued. We fought with everything we were able, with rocks, with bottles, everything from the street.
On the 23rd of October 2006 on the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian anti-communist revolution the people wanted to show they don’t want this government! When we gathered at the Deák Ferenc square and we were waiting for the fight. We saw the T-34/85 tank on moving towards the police and the people went on attack, us as well. The police were shooting with rubber bullets and the usual teargas…sending water/paint-guns against us… many people got shot down with rubber bullets its not a nice thing but the people kept fighting The driver of the tank was taken out from the tank by the police using tear/smoke grenades. The fight was going on and they shot at us, we then threw Molotov cocktails towards them. Then we built barricades against the mounted police (cavalry) attacks, which were using real swords against the people – so it was a real situation. Since then every national holiday is looking like this just a little but smaller. I was happy then I was able to see in live this part of the history and fight for my rights against the system! Many of my comrades were fighting as well, shoulder to shoulder we fought, even the rival hooligan groups were working together against the police, and this was a precedent! What did I learn? It was good practice, and I could see who is the real fighter…who fought with us…and who are those who just speaking about the acts.

11. What are the positive and the negative sides of the Hungarian membership in the EU?

Well, I see no positive things in the EU…. it’s just an economic union, which is the perfect representation of the New World Order.

12. Just a few days ago the territory of Kosovo declared independence. Can you share with us your position about this important for Europe subject?

In my opinion Kosovo’s fight for independence was a perfect example how to fight a guerilla war and making world wide propaganda to support this fight, and even having the USA’s help in it. Serbia was not able to resist or control the situation, so they lost this territory. Since 1920 the Albanian population grew 6 times bigger. They become 90% majority in that region, and of course ruined the economy of this region. Most of them are unemployed and those who are working are doing this in the EU countries. Actually the USA wanted to have a “base” in the South Balkans because Kosovo won’t be in the EU for a while. Some economists say that Kosovo will be very important soon because of the oil-transportations. So we can see how is it possible to use ethnic people to fight for what the USA ( or those who control them as well) wants. It was a good example of the diversion.

13. Do you have impressions about the movement in Bulgaria? What do you think about the idea of future co-operation between Bulgarian and Hungarian sections of B&H?

Sadly I never was in your country, but I heard stories from my comrades, that the Bulgarian comrades were always very helpful and nice with them! Those people who I already met become my friends and good comrades! As I saw your propaganda materials (zine for example) made me think, then what you are doing is serious. I still need more information about your whole movement but I think you have enough talented persons to reach your goals! I think the co-operation has begun we just have to continue our struggle! We as the Hungarian B&H are ready to help you anything as we can to improve our connections!

14. Your last words? What would you like to wish to your Bulgarian comrades?

First, I would like to thank you Savin for the interview it was really good to answer well thought out questions! I would like to send my comrades best regards to our friends in Plovdiv as well and for those Bulgarians who read this article! J I wish for you to keep going all the time, our fight is very hard sometimes, but what doesn’t destroy us makes us stronger! I would like to finish the interview with the following admiral words:

“Better to live for a moment as a hero then being a slave in your whole lifetime!” Szálasi Ferenc.

B&H Hungary

Vinterdis interview

1. We say “Hello” to the Nordic beauty Johanna from Swedish band “Vinterdis”. Firstly we want to thank you for agreeing to do this interview for our magazine. Please introduce yourself and your band to our readers.

Hi there and thank you for the compliment! :) As you said, I'm Johanna from Vinterdis, a Swedish band that has been active for about 5 years now. In the beginning I shared musicians with two other Swedish bands, Angriff and Titania but nowadays I play with the guys from Vit Legion. Leaving only me as an original member of Vinterdis but no complaints since I have the best musicians that I could possibly have right now in Jocke, Johan and Putte! Very talented boys and I couldn't be happier!

2. Do the band members have any political activity outside the band? Are you members of any political party or a “Free national resistance”?

At the moment I'm not so active outside the band since I've had a lot of personal troubles lately with Antifa and so on. I'm not a part of any organizations or parties. I have always been a so- called free nationalist and helped out whoever has needed it but of course there are organizations in our movement that I feel more warm about then others. When it comes to the boys I'm not really sure since we live in different cities.

3. How does the nowadays Swedish scene look like both musically and politically? How many active WP bands do you have at the moment?

Well Sweden is, as it always has been, a big producer of WP bands. At the moment it's kind of slow and there are maybe 5-8 bands who are active when it comes to both gigs and recording CD's and many more that still haven't made their selves a name yet. :)

4. The topic of the next question faces the same problems everywhere. Are the Swedish nationalists united or not?

Unfortunately not! There are way too many people in the Swedish movement that have more interest in causing trouble and fights than making comrades. It's really sad to see and that's one of the reasons that I'm not in any organizations or parties. We also have had some traitors who have left the NS movement to join Antifa, which I do see as a big problem! We have to be more aware of who to take into our ranks and how we treat each other! As I have SANG a 1000 times; Why are we fighting each other we're all blood and honour!?!

5. There aren't too many female singers in our movement. Have you ever been compared with Saga? Do you personally like Saga’s creativity?

No there are not, but more and more are coming and I think it's great. Hats off to all new female singers! :) And yes, I have been compared to her a dozen times and it sickens me! I'm nothing like her, as a person or as a vocalist! Also some think that I'm trying to take her place, which is wrong since there is nothing to take. There is room for us all, even if I personally do not like Saga's so called creativity!

6. Is the so called “Antifa” movement strong? Do you face any problems with them?

To call them strong would be to give them a victory, so NO. They are weak rats who can't do anything alone but a lot when they are in a pack. I don't think that strong individuals need a pack to act.. But to say that they are no problem would be a lie, they can disturb things a lot.

7. The NS movement is mainly accepted as a movement for males. Do you think that women have a place in this movement, and how they can help our struggle? Are there many girls in the Swedish nationalist movement?

This one is hard for me to answer.. Can't I just say yes and no to first one?! :P There are quite a few girls in the Swedish movement, most just come and go but a few have been in the game for around 15 years which I think is great.

8. What is your personal opinion of the Salem march, which took place every year in December in Sweden?

First of all I think it's sad that we even have a march because it never should have happened! However since it did, I think it's great to get together and march in Daniel and all the other fallen ones' memory and to show that we will not accept this kind of hate against the white population in Sweden! This is our country!

9. What are the main problems which Swedish society is suffering at present time?

To make it easy I would say too many immigrants and there are a lot! Worst of all is the fear of being called a racist that's growing larger in the Swedish society. At the same time the acceptance of hate against Swedes is also growing. Media and papers talk about 4 Somalians that raped two Swedish girls on New Years Eve as 3 Swedes and a Finn. Is a cat that lives in a stable all of a sudden a horse?! That's how brainwashed they want us to be.. People are afraid to speak their minds cause of what the EU have done to our country! And I can understand that cause you can get in a lot of trouble. Its bizarre to see Europe becoming exactly what ISD said that it never was, a "puppet state"! :(

10. Two songs from your first CD “I faders spar” took place in our sampler “For faith and folk” and I think the fans really like them. How was this CD accepted in Scandinavia?

Yes and I was very flattered when you told me about it! :) The first CD has sold quite good but unfortunately it got out on the net before it was released.. :/ People seem to like it and I hope that they will like the next one even more! :)

11. At the moment you are working on split CD with German band Oidoxie. What else we can expect from Vinterdis?

Yes that's true! We are finished in the studio so now it's only a matter of time before it's out! And it's great! ;) haha. Right now we just want to play some gigs and have fun! Otherwise I would go crazy. ;D haha. Then there are plans about making a cover CD with Sniper songs if it's possible since that's my favorite band! :) Also there is some talk about making a split CD with Vit Legion. Otherwise you'll just have to wait and see, I promise to keep you updated! ;)

12. Will you accept an invitation to play a concert here in Bulgaria?

Any day! :D We would love to play in Bulgaria and see the scene there! And we are looking forward to getting our invitation! ;)

13. Your final words. What would you like to say to the readers of our webzine?

I would like everybody in Europe to send a thought to our prisoners of mind! They need and deserve our thoughts and help! Keep up the good work and never lose your spirits! There is only one possible way and it leads to victory! Thanks so much for the interview! :)

Brigade M blitz interview

* The editors of the webzine don’t share the views of the band which are stated bellow. We just want to show an opinion which is different from all the others. The freedom of speech should be applied for every point of view, no matter we like’em or not!!!

Hello Tim, we go directly to the point…What are your memories from your visit to Bulgaria back in 2003?

Hello comrade, I’ve got font memories of our gig in Bulgaria, but mixed feelings. The location was superb the audience was overenthusiastic but because they were misbehaving in the town before they alarmed the police who later charged the hall and beat a lot of comrades up. Lucky for us the cops didn’t have internet at the station so we could fool them. We told them we were football supporters and didn’t know anything about a Dutch band playing and they believed us ;o) So in the end they let us go without charging us but we were escorted to the Greek border and I think we’re not really welcome anymore.

Some people find you political beliefs strange, because you don’t share the “standard” NS political views like all the other bands in the WP scene. Can you tell us what “national revolutionary” means for you?

At first we never said we were an NS-band. We never considered ourselves NS. National Revolutionary means for us an ongoing revolution by nationalist forces. All regimes led by dictators are reactionary for there’s neither room for change nor any criticism. Brigade M has no real political leader or a straight ideology but we believe in a natural law by the ‘leaders’ of the people. Like most dictatorships for instance the NSDAP was lead by people who controlled the party not because they were the smartest or people best qualified to lead their departments or ministries but because they kissed the bosses ass. Once criticism is forbidden a system turns to reactionary means of terror and the revolutionaries will be eaten by the system.

Have you ever faced troubles at gigs because of your different political views?

Not ever. I guess most people who consider themselves NS don’t know anything about what we say or they hate us and just don’t come to our gigs. We’ve been asked a lot of times why we played for C18, B&H, Hammer Skins etc. For us there’s no fun in playing just for political friends. We want to spread our political views as brought as possible. If the communist would have the guts to ask us to play one of their Rock Against Racism shows we would do it straight away. Discussion opens your mind and we would love to discuss serious politics with the reds it’s just that they don’t have the balls to do so.

In a CD sampler named “Smashing rainbows - Rock against Homosexuality” your band take a part with a song but in fact the lyrics are sung in Dutch are against homophobes. Why did you do such a song with so provocative lyrics?

The song was already recorded for the Dutch version of ourlast CD “Nationaal Revolutionair” that came out at the end of 2005. The lyrics may be provocative to a lot of so-called nationalists, but we got a lot of positive reactions as well even from people who totally disagree with our view but they said we were brave to do so.

The editor of the sampler didn’t notice the meaning of the lyrics and put it together with the other anti-gay songs. Was that your plan? I suppose a lot of reds are laughing at us now.

When we heard about the plans of the anti-gay CD we thought let’s give them an opposite view, like in a real political arena. We delivered the lyrics in Dutch and asked if it was OK and they said Dutch lyrics are OK. I don’t think a lot of reds laugh at ‘us’ now, for one they are pro-gay and second they’ve got enough other things to laugh about, sad to say.
We know there are a lot of gays in the NS or nationalist movement and actually one of the very few post-war NS leaders who really had something to say (well for the NS movement), Michael Kühnen was gay. In Holland the AFA called us hypocrites ‘cause we would only protect gays who are nationalists, talk about the deaf leading the blind.

The Nederland government is famous with its totally liberal politics on drugs, prostitutes, defending of gay-rights…etc. Soon in your country tobacco smoking will be forbidden but not marijuana. Does all this make you proud to be Dutch or you are ashamed of the puppets who rule your country?

I personally support all laws against smoking of any kind. And I think anyone who calls him- or her selves a follower of Adolf Hitler should so the same for ‘their eternal leader’ was a staunch anti-smoker. No true nationalist should smoke for we want a healthy mind in a healthy body. STOP SMOKING !!!
As for the liberal government of The Netherlands. As long as they don’t support or finance anything that goes against Mother Nature’s will they are as bad as any government this country has had since it had a government. I think multiracialism and Americanism does more harm to our youth than prostitution or the fact that gays are defended against gay bashers of which most are secretly gay themselves. I’m proud of my wife and children, my close comrades and all people who oppose the system that wants to destroy our heritage, history and in the end our race. Being Dutch doesn’t mean that that much to me, I feel a greater bond with a national revolutionary from Bulgaria than with a MTV-wigger from Amsterdam.

You stated that Brigade M is over with their activity at the end of 2005. What was the main reason for this act? Why you still take part in some projects like playing special gigs for money rising and so on?

Yes, we stopped with Brigade M in 2005 because we we’re fed up with the fact that even though a lot of people seem to hate us or our ideas, they still come to our gigs and don’t discuss or try to engage in political action. Also we had achieved almost everything we set out to do, spreading our message through CD’s, DVD’s, Shows, Interviews all over Europe, what could we do more?
The fact that we still do the occasional show or recording is a concession to our believe that we must always keep spreading our views and try to educate people. Or we try to help out people who do benefit CD’s or shows for the movement because especially in The Netherlands there’s not many bands that can help out.

Any final comments? What you would like to say to the readers of our magazine?

Thanks for the interview and a chance to express our views to your readers. Think for yourselves and don’t follow leaders blindly but always resist against that what wants to destroy you!
Oderint dum Metuant! (Let them hate, as long as they fear!)

Tim for Brigade M
Sassem, July 2008


Struggle of the Races

“History shows with terrifying clarity that in every mingling of Aryan blood with that of lower peoples the result was the end of the cultured people.”
A. H.

Throughout human history until nowadays the white race was always a superior race, a bringer of culture, civilization and progress. Every achievement of the humankind is due to the skills and actions of white men. And it’s beyond dispute; it doesn’t need to be proven. Every fair-minded man could convince himself with just one look back in history.
The white race survived in the war against the lower races – destructive elements which societies live in darkness and degradation. Au contraire, the Aryans bring the light wherever they go. Until now!
Today we are witnesses of maybe the last battle in the centuries-old race war. White men are about to face extinction. I think it’s clear to all that this is a well made plan of a small group of conspirators. But let’s see what the white race’s situation is today.
Europe. Home of the civilization. Motherland of the greatest men in history. Today the continent is overcrowded by millions of immigrants that don’t give anything for the prosperity of the host country; but they bring their Asian and African primitive customs and degraded moral.
We can see very clearly the situation in France. It’s a great nation, creator of an even greater culture, a born place for men like Voltaire and Napoleon, a nation who stopped the Arabic invasion in Europe and later reigned over a big part of the world. Today there’re almost no real Frenchmen. The French tolerance led to a huge immigration from the former colonies and the Arabs and niggers have been “integrated” in the French society. I must say with a big sense of regret that France is already lost. In about fifty years the largest state on the continent will look like an African-arabic country in Europe.
It’s not sunnier in England. Half of London’s population isn’t part of the Aryan race. In Birmingham only 35% are white. And that’s in the country that kept very conservatively for centuries its racial purity. This was the greatest colonial empire in human history. Motherland of Ian Stuart and Skinheads. Anyway the Englishmen can see what is happening and don’t stay aside. They are rebels in their veins and the white resistance there is strong.
Still racial pure are the descendants of the Celts in Scotland, Ireland and Wells, but if they don’t take urgent measures against immigration they will face the same situation as in England.
It’s pretty much the same in the Scandinavian countries. It’s the place where you can still see the real Aryan look. Anyway the governments’ politics are so liberal and they attract more and more niggers and Indians who are mixing with the whites. For now Norway and Iceland are still pure of foreign elements but Sweden and Denmark are in serious danger. But the worst thing is that the fearless Vikings’ descendants have turned into fat, ill idlers who welcome cheap Asian workers but don’t understand that their nation is dying.
We have a similar situation in the Netherlands and even the sport teams of Belgium and Holland (like France) are almost full of niggers. But anyway those nations are killing themselves with legal drugs and prostitution and are loosing their content as white people.
And what about Germany?! The largest and most powerful nation in Europe, but in the same time – the most tragic. Germany of Odin and the Nibelungs, the Rhine’s wine and the Prussian beer, Germany of Bismarck and Goethe, Germany of Hitler and Goebbels! ... A nation that has been divided through ages and unifying not long after that. Today the national-socialism’s born place is a scene of racial mingling. A huge wave of turks and arabs, niggers and Asians is threatening the Aryan in Germany. But under pressure of UN (headquarter of the international jews) and Israel (Zionists) the Germans don’t have the right to speak. They are to blame for “the extermination of millions of jews” and now they’re going to pay with their nation and blood. Fortunately, there’re still in Germany proud white men that have the courage to say NO, begin and bring to an end the struggle for the white race’s future. It’s identical situation in Austria.
Moving on to Italy we see a nation with Mediterranean mentality which is not quite the ideal Aryan. But you can hardly find in Europe more Aryan country than Italy. The people on the Apennine peninsula don’t give up to the judo-Masonic provocations and love their national history. Garibaldi and Mussolini are still giving strength to the Italians and they’re not something they’re ashamed of. Their liberal politics are not as liberal as to provoke a wave of immigrants from the neighbouring Africa. In Italy is one of the strictest anti-immigration laws. A state example that will protect the Aryan race for many years.
Very unexpectedly, knowing the situation 20 years ago, the biggest fortress of white race appears to be Eastern Europe. It sounds funny, but the communism’s system of isolation saved us!!! It’s true that lots of people’s nationalistic feelings were erased but at least the Eastern-European nations kept themselves racially pure. And that’s when the liberalism in Western Europe made the people there “foreigners in their own countries”. The national resistance in states like Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, and Greece is getting stronger every day. Unfortunately we can see in here the trend of liberalism and tolerance towards the immigrants from the Middle East and Central Asia.
The situation for the white race in Europe has reached its climax. All white men must leave our differences behind and unite in the name of White Europe for us and the generations to come. If we don’t realize this and don’t react fast, in no more than half a century will be too late!

Blood Red Eagle interview

This interview should took place in Swedish fanzine “Ragnarok”, but never saw a light of a day because the oppression of Swedish occupational government.

1. First out, tell us a little about you in the band, who are you?

My name is Doug, I play guitar, some other instruments and i sing and write the songs.
2. When, were and how did the band start? Who was it that started it?
We had just left an Oi! band we used to do. We preferred the message in RAC but we listened to alot of Viking Rock bands from Sweden and we wanted to make something like that but a bit harder and with a good message. At the time we were listening to a lot of the main Swedish bands like Ultima Thule, Hel, Enharjarna, Volund Smed, Midgards Sonar and we wanted to mix this up with our own style in a new band, so we did. I think the year was around 2000.

3. Were do you guys stand politically?

We are a WHITE POWER band and we don’t make any apologies for it. We like to sing more about love of our own race instead of hatred for other races and we don’t pretend otherwise.

4. How do you think the Nationalist scene in Australia is?
It's small but its becoming very productive. We have some good groups here to support and people are beginning to do a bit more for themselves so I would say its strong and we have some quality people.

5. Are someone in the band connected to any organisation/party/movement?

Blood Red Eagle supports VOLKSFRONT ( 100%. we also support Blood & Honour and anyone who is in good standing with the official BH. The Swedish Viking-rock bands always says their not 'racists' and really don't want any connections with National Socialists and other true Nationalists, but you have played on ISD memorial gigs, played together with a lot of NS/RAC bands, what do you think of how Ultima Thule and other swedish viking-rock bands are so scared of being called Racists so they even slag their own supporters (That are NS) down?
We dont care what the media and the leftwing commie faggots say about us. Who cares, its just talk and bullshit. I see alot of the 'viking rock' bands in sweden are all PC now and i dont like it, but they can do what they want, they have to look at themselves in the mirror. We dont want to be rockstars, We are WP, Nationalists and all of us are active members and supporters for certain groups and its very known in Australia. We are no different to our supporters. We have been on the cover of national newspapers and in the news all over NZ and the world. We dont care what they say.

6. Where have your inspirations come from (Musically)?

I liked the music coming from Sweden around the early 2000's but I wanted to do it my own way with less pop romance and a more 'honest' message, But we also take influence from Viking Metal and normal rock music, Oi! music, RAC, punk, country and anything at all. My inspirations themselves come from my racial ideals and my studies into asatru.

7. What do you guys have for any favourite bands?

Skrewdriver. Blackout. Kill baby Kill. Enharjarna. Amon Amarth. Fortress. Ravens Wing. Einherjer. Falkenbach. lots of stuff. we like a bit of everything ;)

8.Have you plans for another record?

Yes. we're working on two albums right now and two split cds possibly. The next album will be called 'Divine Providence' and then after this we are doing the 1st of 3 albums based on the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda and other traditional texts. The 1st album of this series has already been written and its called 'Volume 1: Creation'

9. How did you found the name 'Blood Red Eagle'? What does it mean for you?

It's from the story of Ragnar Lodbrokk. Its the form of torture his son imposed on the priest who murdered him. You cut out the lungs of a person while they are still alive and you spread them out like an eagle. Blood Red Eagle is the name of theis method of torture/execution.

10. Have someone of you in BRE played in some other band/bands?

I did a solo project called AFFRAY once. It was improvised traditional style RAC. that was a one time thing. We are now doing another band aswell as BRE, the band is called 'Honky Tonk Knife Fight' and its funny/over the top/offensive scumbag rock/punk stuff for fans of cocknoose, Supersuckers, the hookers, etc etc. we have a 7' coming out soon in the USA.

11. Which bands have you played together with?

Fortress, Bullyboys, Deaths Head, Ravenous, Downright Hateful, Frontline, Rolling 7's, I can really remember.. lol 12. Which band have been funniest to play with?i'm not sure. maybe Death's Head. their singer is a funny guy and a really good guy as well.

13. How is it to be a Nationalist in Australia? Is it much repressions from the system and their servants?

It's not easy but its not as hard as Germany. The system doesnt like us but in the end they cant do much about us. We still get troubles with them but not as badly as europe.

14. Do you have any last words for our readers?

Thanks for your interest in the band. if you want to read more or hear our music then check out , and you can get our cds in Sweden from Midgard records. Thanks. Hail Woden, Race Over All!Doug. Thank you very much for the interview!