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Frank of Stahlgewitter Interview

I’m pleased to introduce our next guest, Frank of the top German band Stahlgewitter. Thanks for sharing time of your busy schedule to answer my questions. Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Greetings to you, S., and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the magazine! My name is Frank, 40 years old, father, and musician, blogger, nationalist and active for my country since 14 years of age. My bands are Stahlgewitter and Halgadom and I have got two videoprojects in addition. Der dritte Blickwinkel (the third viewpoint) and Multikulti trifft Nationalismus (Multicultural meets nationalism). 

In the first one, I express my viewpoint on several themes like, nationalism, racism, white genocide, motivation and discussing the lies from the mass media relating to our big concert "Rock gegen Überfremdung" for example. The other project features a black immigrant. We discuss mass migration without anger, but with mutual respect. Leftists and the media try to boycott this project, because it destroys the stereotype that nationalists are stupid and full of hate. Whoever understands German, may check my blog. There you can find all videos and essays from me: 

How does it all get started? When and where you did first meet Gigi and decided to launch a band?

When I was 14 or 15 years old, I had a one-man band called Volkstroie. A comrade asked me, if I would be interest in a new band with the singer of Saccara. I liked Saccara and the voice of Gigi, so we launched the band in 1995 and released our first CD Das eiserne Gebet 1994.

What is the origin of the band’s name? Is it associated with the novel written by German officer Ernst Junger about the First World War entitled “In Stahlgewittern”? 

Yes, you are right! “Thunder of steel” meaning shrapnel, bombs and everything that kills the enemy in a war.

Tell me about your first album “Das eiserne Gebet”? You had almost no experience as a musician at that time (1996) and as far I know it was recorded with a drum machine and most of the songs began with the same intro? 

I used the drum machine for my first one-man project “Volkstroie”. Because we weren't really a proper band, just Gigi and myself, we used this opportunity. It wasn’t the best, so we got real drummers for all other CDs.

The band showed a large progress with the next album “Germania” (1998), which according TO many fans, is still one of the finest albums in the German scene. What caused this fast evolution of Stahlgewitter?

Thank you for your words! Evolution should be the way of everything. Gigi and myself listened a lot of metal music, which is why our music doesn’t sound like most of the RAC bands. Why such difference between our first two releases? I don’t know but it is nice that you and our audience recognized it.

As far as I know all of your albums are “indiziert” by the German authorities. What is the reason for this? Can you explain to the non-German readers where this censorship stems from? 

Only the album “Hohelied der Herkunft” isn’t forbidden. We have the support of 2 or 3 lawyers, who check our lyrics. But this is no guarantee to avoid trouble, because everything depends on the prosecution's decision. They interpret that some words could spread hate against someone or we claim that we aren’t as negative regarding world war II and this is forbidden here. It is crazy. No other country in this world, besides Austria, have such silly laws.

Tell me about the problems associated with Stahlgewitter and yourself, regarding the German secret service? How many units were deployed in the fight against the so called “right extremist”? When was the last time you were approached by them? 

For long time, we suffered house searches and my guitar was confiscated by the police, but we were not condemned. They tried to browbeat us, but that's impossible. I have to say, that I have abstained from issues with the authorities for a long period of time. Because, releasing an album is so time consuming, and the last release was 2013. My last problem for “supporting a criminal group”, was when I put a banner of my online shop on the Thiazi-Forum. It was the biggest right winge Forum in Germany. Because of discussing forbidden themes in this forum, the founder were accused of “founding a criminal group”. I had to pay 900 € so the prosecution wouldn’t open a case against me. If I declined to pay, I had to travel to every process to Rostock, a city in eastern Germany. Because of my job, I can’t afford it timewise or logistically. So, I paid the 900 €. and got very big support of my comrades, as they collected the most of the money for me. Thanks for this great Volksgemeinschaft (Folkish community)!

Let’s move on to the social/political part of the interview. I know that freedom of speech is quite limited in BRD, so please disregard any question you may find inappropriate, or which can cause you legal issues in Germany. 

German journalist Udo Ulfkotte (who passed away earlier this year) wrote a book pertaining to the so called “Migrant Industry” in Germany. Do you agree that such industry exists? 

Yes of course! There is a hidden agenda of NGOs and other parts of this migration industry like the EU commission. But it is not really hidden for people, who can search and read. The UN call it “replacement migration”. The aim is, to fill up Europe with non-europeans, so that consumers can save the never ending growth of capital and economy. The other plan is to destroy our race with racemixing. If there is no homogeneous people, the is no origin and the concept of nation-state and so it is easier to dismantle borders altogether. 

I can’t miss the question about the present situation in Germany. What was the reason for the huge illegal immigration influx? What’s the role of Merkel in all this? Do you think she has a real personal impact in this processes or she’s manipulated from external global factors? 

Germany is not a sovereign nation nowadays. The so called politicians are like puppets of the big banks, economy and a network of NGOs and lobbys, who pull the strings. Merkel is also a slave of these networks like every politician before her and every politician that will follow in her footsteps. This is the main reason why we have to change the whole system!

The situation is very bad. Since 2015 we got over 2 million arabic and negroid immigrants. 80 % are young men. Every day they rape German women and children, there is an escalation of violence and they plunder our social system. But the main problem are not these immigrants. but rather the democrats, who invite them, and empower them with them more rights that the indigenous population. An example: There are some cases that immigrants burn their own home for people seeking asylum, because they want to live in another place. In these cases, the immigrants get no punishment. Then a German man set a fire in an empty house, which was to become a home for people seeking asylum. He didn’t want crime, raping and violence in his town. He got 2 years in prison for this. When an immigrant rape a German woman or a child, most of the time, he avoids prison. The argument is that immigrants don't know how to behave in Germany, because of the different culture! In fact, we have anti-german race laws. The politicians stand against the German folk. It is the biggest genocide in history! 

What will be the impact of all those so called refugees for the German social and economic system in the coming years? How do you see Germany in 2050? 

Our social system will collapse and if we don’t change this situation, in 2050 the German folk will be a minority in our own country. So called refugees have the right, to bring their families to Germany, too. So, 2 mio will turn in 8 or 9 million eventually. But we will fight against this genocide and we will never give up!

Please, comment on the recent events in Hamburg, during the annual meeting of G20? Why did the authorities allow this vandalism and violence from the lefties and anarchist? How many of the arrested rioters faced a court trial?

As far as I know, there was not a single condemnation! The reasons are simple. 70 % of the journalists in Germany describe themselves as left wing or extreme left wing. So the media will smother the real violence and try to trivialize the brutality. The SPD (Social Democratic Party) is the strongest party in Hamburg. There are many links between the SPD and left wing violence groups like Antifa or the Black Block. And another important matter is, that the democrats need those left wing extremists in the fight against us, meaning they aren’t persecuted. I hope, the police will recognize the real enemy and will choose the right side, when the time has come.

What is your opinion on the subcultures within the Nationalist movement in Germany? Are they helpful to gain more support from the youth, or are they limiting us from spreading our ideas outside these specific subcultural movements? Have you ever been a skinhead? 

No, I was never a Skinhead. I was into the Black Metal scene for many years. I am not against subcultures, but it shouldn’t be the most important thing for us. There are too many negative ingredients such as alcohol, party and indiscipline. There are subcultures for 20 or 30 years. But our germanic, romanic or slawic culture is thousands of years old. That should be important for us. And yes, we are limiting the range of our Weltanschauung, when we set our focus only on subcultures. 

As a person involved for more than 20 years in the movement, what is your view about the people involved in German Nationalist scene… how did they evolve since the 90’s?

The movement attracts more faces and during this mass foreign invasion, we reach more people who were not associated with us previously. More faces generate more conflicts inside the movement, that's a sad fact. But I am sure, that these conflicts will be laid aside, when times get harder. We have to realize, that not ego is important, only the community.

How many of them are real activists and how many are for the booze, fashion and fun?

A sad fact is, that more people flok to a concert than a demonstration. But we have to differentiate between "scene" and "movement". Scene is fashion and fun, movement is real Weltanschauung. But the majority have nothing to say, when spirit lacks. 

Do you follow any local football team? What is your take on THE hooligan scene in Germany? Is it a good way to stay fit for fighting or it’s a waste of energy best preserved for fighting the System? 

I am not into football. For me, it is only commercial and multicultural scrap. To fight someone, because he supports another team is senseless to me. Ok, it could be a training for fighting. But there are so much gangs, drug dealer and other scum which deserve a "third half" more, ha, ha...

What about the relations between German and Polish nationalist? For many years there was hostility between them, but in the past years it seems that the situation is improving. 

Personally, I have no contact with Polish nationalists. Of course, there were problems, because of our difficult relationship during Word War two. But I think, today we have as lot more important problems. There is an ongoing genocide against all white people and we have to fight together against this. It doesn’t matter if you come from Russia, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden or another white country. We are united by our destiny of the modern world with all its symptoms of decline.

You recently appeared on a YouTube channel discussing various topics with a reporter of African origin. What is the purpose of this project and why did you chose to cooperate with a black person? What is the feedback from the viewers? 

We met each other at a Pegida demonstration in Cologne, February 2016. The sexual mass assaults at new year's eve against German women were the reason. He wanted to know more about the people which are pro and against Pegida. He approached us and wanted to talk. Many of us thought he wanted to provocate, because he was black and the criminal refugees were black too. So, it wasn't easy for him. 

I saw him, asked him what he wanted to know, and told him my reasons why I was part of the demonstration and what we have to change. I dind’t know that he was a little bit famous in Cologne, because he is like an entertainer as he presented himself. He stages events featuring VIPs, artists and businessmen called “Connect and celebrate” that people can do networking, for example. He made a video of our conversation and put it on his Youtube -channel. He was absolutely fair and didn’t alter the content of my answers, as is the common practice with other so called journalists. I put a comment under his Facebook post with the video and told him, that he is a fair guy and I invited him to an interview for my blog, to which he subsequently agreed. It was a very long interview. After the interview, we met again in Cologne and explained to each other, what we thought of the situation, the mass migration and Germany in general. Following our meeting, he asked me, if I would make a film with him with our story. I agreed and so we made the first video. He asked me about my Weltanschauung, and I explained it to him. It was a win-win situation. Nana Domena, that’s his name, could show that he was a real connector who can speak with a white nationalist, and I had the possibility to speak freely about my Weltanschauung and that Nationalism has nothing to do with stupid violence. So, we started these project of freedom of speech. Leftists and the system tried to keep our project suppressed, as it doesn't fit with stereotypes the established media spreads about us. The feedback from the viewers was absolutely fantastic! The comments under the video shows the respect for us and our video from different stocks of people: Some foreign people, residing in Germany for a long time, and are against the invasion too, as well as normal people and comrades. I get many mails from people, who saw for the first time a Nationalist, who can explain his viewpoint without all this negative stigma. There were only a few guys from the left, who attacked Nana, that “he gave a Nazi the opportunity to make racial propaganda”. And only a handful of comrades couldn't understand, why I spoke to a black guy. I say it again: I hate no other race. Every race has the right to exist. Of course on their own continent or country. And yes, I am against race mixing and foreign invaders. But we will change nothing, when we fight the invaders. The root of all evil is the democratic/plutocratic system. I told Nana the we have to repatriate millions of so called refugees back to their countries to live in peace. We spoke of the difference of races in medicine and cultural traits, that an arabian guy can’t become a German, like I never could become a Japanese. We spoke about these themes in a respectful way without anger or hate. The special thing is, that a black guy and a white nationalist do that, and there was never a project like this. Ok, in America, David Duke discussed with a black guy via television. But in Europe, this is a novelty and many comrades support this project.

What are your other activities on the net? Tell us about your other video blog called “Der Dritte Blickwinkel".

After my project with Nana Domena, I got many questions about Nationalism, Racism and Identity. So I turned my blog into a vlog, a video blog, and made videos to explain my Weltanschauung. One video is in regard to motivation to keep on the fight, while another is about race-realism; there is also a video about the secret services which supports terrorism, and so on. In the future, I will invite a real film studio and will discuss different subjects with other nationalists. 

Returning to music… tell us few words about the other band you are involved in – Halgadom? How can you describe their style and what are the most notable topics in their lyrics? 

Halgadom is a form of expression for my pagan and philosophical aspect. The lyrics are about germanic mythology and have a philosophical thought. Some albums are Pagan Metal, some are Neofolk. I play the guitar, compose the songs and do the vocals of the Neofolk songs.

Your opinion on the new trend called NS Rap?

Every generation have its own music of protest. Men like us had Rock or Metal, the youth of today prefers Rap or Hip Hop. That’s not really my music but I think, that this could be a way to reach the youth, when the lyrics are in our way.

What was the reason of the very few live concerts of Stahlgewitter in the past years?

Stahlgewitter consists only of Gigi and myself and we live far away from each other. We don't rehearse together like other bands. I record the riffs at home with my computer, then send them to Gigi and he tells me, what riffs are useful. In this way, we create songs. And when you work in this way, it isn't easy to play concerts. The other matter is that I am not much into live concerts. 

What can we expect from Stahgewitter in the near future? Contemplating new gigs or a new album?

When I find time, I create new riffs with my guitar. But free time is rare. So I can’t tell anything with certainty. Sorry.

Few German bands like Exzess, Hailiger Krieg and Lunikoff Verschwörung have already played in Bulgaria. Will you accept an invitation for a gig in my country? 

Thank’s for your invitation! But I don’t play concerts. I create the songs with Gigi and record the albums, but I have no time for concerts. My family, job, sport, my video projects, my online shop and many mails and letters fills my day. For concerts, you have to ask Gigi. He has some session musicians for live gigs. 

Thanks for your answers, Frank. Any final message to the readers of the blog?

I have to thank you for your interesting questions. We Europeans live in an very important period. We decide if Europe will remain a continent of white people, or if our great Europe will fall down into a dark abyss, without a future for the next generations. We have to stand together and we have to build fortress Europe!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Jocke Karlsson Interview

We say hello to Jocke Karlsson, a name which don’t need a special introduction. He’s well known from more than 25 years with his involvement with cult bands such as Pro Patria, Pluton Svea, Pitbullfarm and more recently his new project Code 291.

So, Jocke let me first ask you about the gig you held few months ago in my Fatherland. What are you recollections from the days in Bulgaria? Do you want to come again with your new band?

I was half dead and my liver hated me for weeks after the visit in Bulgaria, which means I had the time of my life over there. Haha.. You guys are doing a great job with the organizing, and your hospitality was top notch. I’ll be back in November again with CODE 291, it’s already booked, so see you then!

That’s great news!!! Going back to the major part of interview. I will try to structure my questions in chronological order… Tell me about your teen years? How did your interest in music have started? How did you get involved in skinhead scene as well?

When I grew up I wasn’t the kind of kid who enjoyed any typical music for children, and my elder brother was a Punk back in the late 70’s. I loved the tunes I heard from his room, and in the early 80’s he became one of the first skinheads in Sweden. He gave me a few mixed tapes of Punk/Oi-bands, so my interest in music came very early. In the middle of the 80’s I bought my first guitar and we started a punk band. Back in that days punx and skins were friends here, and my best friends were skinheads. 

When Skrewdriver released the Blood and honour album 1985 I was totally paralyzed! About that time the punk scene started to be a left wing movement and the skinhead culture matched my mind and thoughts much better. 
One thing led to another, and the year after, I shaved my head.

Your involvement in Pro Patria?

We started the band 1987. I dropped my guitar and bought a drum kit. 
We were active until 1990 and the only real album recording we made was 3 songs for the compilation Nordland. After we broke up one full length album and some compilations are released.

A little known fact is that you have been part of band called “Slapping Suspenders”… few words about it?

Our bass player from Pro Patria started that band as a project beside Pro Patria. 
They recorded an album, and just before they released it their guitar player (also from Pro Patria) left the band. I liked the sound of the old school Psychobilly, so I joined them for the next 5 years.

What are your recollections from the second Skrewdriver gig in Sweden back in 1989? As far as I know Ian Stuart borrowed your guitar for the concert.

Yes. Pro Patria was one of the support bands at the gig. So both Ian and Merv borrowed our instruments. Unfortunately that guitar doesn’t exist today.

In the beginning of the 90’s you were a founding member of Pluton svea, rated as one of the best (if not the best) Swedish WP bands. You have started just as guitarist, not singer, haven’t you?

That’s correct. The first singer was the singer from Pro Patria. But after our first album he left the band and it was impossible to find a new singer. The recording studio was already booked for our second album, so we had some panic. I didn’t want to sing, honestly. That was just an emergency solution. I couldn’t stand hearing my own voice in the beginning, but after a while I felt comfortable with my new role in the band.

Your creativity with this band faced problems with the law in Sweden. Your second album Stöveltramp was taken to court. What was the “legal” reason for this? What were the other actions of ZOG against Pluton svea?

We have a law here which is most comparable to the American charge: hate crime. 
And every song on that album (except one) was found illegal, but the limitation period for an approved prosecution had passed. Which probably saved our former record label’s ass.
It was nothing personal against Pluton Svea, I can say that all the bands and organizers in the Swedish scene had really hard times back in the 90’s. 

What was the reason to stop activity with Pluton svea?

The last years I was the only original member left. I had to borrow musicians from other bands, so my inspiration to continue with Pluton Svea died slowly but surely.

Few words about your cooperation with Saga and her tributes to Skrewdriver? Can you compare it to the tribute to Skrewdriver “Blod & Ära” where songs were sung in Swedish?

Personally I think the Swedish stuff were better and funnier to record. 3 albums with Sagas voice to Ian’s songs is too much!

Last one about Pluton svea… some years ago a “best of” cd was released by Midgard. Which were the “new” songs included?

Över gravar framåt, Nothing but a whore, These boots and Dömda att dö.

Story goes further to your next band. When you first started Pitbullfarm in 2002 did you want to start a PC career with the band?

I’ve never tried to make a musical career ever. I don’t believe in mainstream music or bands.
But I must say that I’m relatively sure that I’ve had the chance to do that a few times. Before we start to play gigs with Pitbullfarm we received some deals and requests that many musicians can only dream of. And also my other band Völund Smed which I left a few years ago. We sent a song (just for fun) to the biggest radio station here. They have a region based radio show with bands from the middle part of Sweden, and a competition where the listeners can vote on their favorite song. And after one week we were the no.1 at their top list.

They found out who played the guitar, so they arranged a live interview with the band on the same radio show the next week. But the interview didn’t go the way like the radio actor wanted. They thought they had a big fucking scoop here and probably much more than that. 
I felt the enthusiasm sparkled from the radio people before the interview began, and they seemed to have plans that the listeners should hear me take an officially distance from my past in this live broadcast. Well… I had other plans. I stood my ground instead of getting my 15 minutes of fame. I told them that I will always stand by my nationalist values and never become a turncoat. Of course all hell broke loose and they kicked us out. Hahaha.

Around those years a picture of you and non-white person appeared in I-net. Who is him, where and why you took this photo?

The non-white guy is a very famous rapper from the Hip Hop scene. His name is Ken Ring. I had not even heard his name before, but the same day I met him, he was all over the Swedish media. My ex fiancée saw him on the news the same morning and she shouted: "Jocke come here, you have to see this". (I just use google to remember all this) He made some really strong statements against immigration and also attacked other artists verbally with anti-semitic words of abuse like:“He’s a fucking Jewish scum” etc. 

The same night I went to a party with my old MC club to another club, and Ken Ring had a gig in that city too.. In the middle of the night He showed up at the clubhouse for an after-party. It's no more complicated than I felt that I have to take a picture of him and send it to my fiancée. I thought it was a funny thing, and I also posted the pic at facebook etc. Of course there’s always people without a sense of humor who can’t see the funny in it. So I’ve heard there was people who really believe that me and Ken Ring were close friends and things like that, which usually happens when genius people speculates. I still think it’s fucking hilarious :)

In 2005, there was a now very famous statement on German psychobilly forum under your (or somebody imitating you) account, that you stopped with hate an fascism, etc.. Was it you making this statement? Some people heard from you that you were in prison by the time and technically cannot do it.

I think it’s even older than from 2005. And yes, I was in prison then. First time I saw/heard that bullshit was not so many years ago. But in that story the story was “It’s from an interview”. There were several factual errors revealed themselves in this so called statement. The not so unknown Kuggnäs-festival where 9 of 10 bands play every summer are nationalists was an “antifa-festival” etc.
When I buried Pluton Svea and left the NSF (National socialist front) I became a “racetraitor” to some cunts. I actually didn’t give a shit about that then. And the very few who had the balls to say something in my face was smashed down, of course. I must say I was sick and tired of big parts of the Swedish nationalist movement in the early 2000’s. Backstabbers, comrade-thieves, informers and other trash people were involved. People I wouldn’t even piss on if they were on fire! I’ve done a shit load of crazy things and always walked my own way in my life, no matter where I ended up, but I would never turned my back on my beliefs. 

We can divide the history of Pitbullfarm into two periods - aggressive non-politics Psychobilly and RAC-a-billy. What was the reason for this transformation? You failed with your chances in Psychobilly scene, or were just matter of things happening around you and your life?

In the first Line-up of Pitbullfarm (2002) the other members were totally different than me in many ways. None of them were a leftie or an asshole, but we had different opinions in almost everything, except how we should create our sound. So it became natural to make non-political lyrics. At that time I had played political music for more than 15 years so this was a kind of a challenge for me. I didn’t want to play classic Psychobilly, cause the scene is very left wing infected, so we sneaked in a lot of punk and other non-typical Psychobilly stuff into the songs and created a very own sound. After 4 years I killed the band for some personal reasons. But 6 years after (2012) I regrouped the band with new members. RAF (Rock against fascism) judged us the same second as we were reborn, so now we were officially a fascist-band. Hahaha. Just kidding, but it’s not far away from the truth. We weren’t or didn’t even want to be a part of the Psychobilly scene.
We said no to all gigs (except for one in Russia) with a Psychobilly organizer.

What was the REAL reason to end up with PitbullFarm? I’m asking because it’s not the first band that is splitting up after they played in Bulgaria, hahaha?

I think it would be funny if our trip to Bulgaria would be the true reason, So let's decide that this is the official story. It’s your fault, you bastards!! Hahaha!

Why you started immediately new band under the name of CODE 291? Many people associated it with Pluton svea... is it a resurrection of the band under a new name?

I had those plans for a long time, and in December last year I asked the other guys if they were interested of starting a band. And here we are now.
The new band is not more of a resurrection of Pluton Svea than of Pitbullfarm.
CODE 291 is something totally new and shouldn’t be compared to any of my other bands from my history. But of course you will hear that this is me.

Why you decided to entitle the album "Tolerant today - dead tomorrow"?

I saw that phrase at internet, and it was both better and matched the rest of the whole concept Code 291.

What about the lyrics? It seems you have returned to good old politically incorrect style?

A different thing compare to my earlier bands there’s no fiction in the new lyrics. Most of the lyrics are based on the concept of Code 291. There are some historical lyrics too. I sing about the bitter truth that our system is tried to cover up. And of course, they are automatically classified as politically incorrect.

Which was the song you recorded first? Can you rate your best song, both from lyrical and music point of view? Why did you made a track about Simo Hyaha and do you think this can upset your Russian listeners?

We recorded six songs (not one song) to a promo CD a couple of month before the recordings of Tolerant today – Dead tomorrow. It was just for fun. It’s impossible to pick just one best song. When I listen to the final result of the album, all the 13 songs are 13 important components which makes the album a full-scale unit that I’m 100% happy with and proud of.

We should all pay our respect to Mr. Häyhä. Not just the Finnish people. As the Swedish man I am, I feel so much loyalty with the Finns, because of our countries common history. They were our brothers more than 800 years ago, they are our brothers today! Simo was a true war hero and without his efforts and sacrifice I’m pretty sure that both Finland and Sweden would have been a part of the former Soviet Union. 

I don’t think our Russian listeners will be upset about the facts that I salute our kinsmen who stood up and beat the enemy who invaded their country. I don’t point at Russia today and accusing the Russian people for all the shit Stalin and his red army did to Finland, Germany and Sweden during WW2 and the winter war. Yes, I wrote Sweden too. It’s not very famous, but even though we were neutral in the war, we were bombed by Soviet air force a couple of times in the 40’s. 

Recording sessions with CODE 291? In the same time you've done the “farewell” Pitbulfarm album. You literally recorded both of them very fast. Tell me about the days in the studio?

It was the toughest studio work I’ve ever done. 2 albums in 2 weeks, but I worked almost 24 hours/day. It took me about one week to be normal again after that.
I don’t know what to say about the studio days. We worked like hell, and we reached a result we´re all satisfied with.

Tired already?!? Hahaha… ok just a few quick ones for an end… Some unknown bands make a “Tribute to Jocke” mini CD, what were your feelings about it?

Yes, I’m tired as fuck. Too many questions here! This is the last interview I’ll ever do! 
Hahaha :D Some of the big musicians usually get a tribute album after their death. 
I’m not a big musician, and I’m still alive. So I would say that I’m deeply honoured!

You have played hundreds of gigs, can you tell us some hilarious moments while touring around Europe?

I will keep them all for my book.

Do you plan any new face tattoos?

No. Not at this moment. But that doesn’t mean I won’t do another facial tattoo. If I find something that I like, then I’ll decide whether to do it or not. The time will tell.

And finally who is producing CODE 291 new album and where fans can order it from? 

Midgård Records. The obvious choice of record company for me :)

Monday, 4 April 2016

Police raids in France

Mass police raids and arrests have been done last week in France. At the early morning of Wednesday, March 30th a large police action took place at 8 different regions in France. More than 200 cops and special polices forces were mobilized. 

Eleven rifles, two guns, 28 knives, some bullet-proof vests and helmets, several NS flags. cd’s, mobile phones, personal computers and historical items from personal collections were seized during the raids.

Two of the arrested comrades are risking prison for charges of “criminal association”, “participation to a combatant group” and “propaganda of extreme right wing ideas”. According by the French law this can be punished with up to 3 years imprisonment and 45 000 Euros fine.

All the comrades have been already released, waiting for the trail, but they don’t have the right to communicate each other.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: 28 HEXAGONE stated that all the announced upcoming gigs will GO AHEAD AS PLANNED!

Friday, 17 July 2015

11th of July - Celebrating the fighting spirit of Flanders

*Exclusive report by 28 Flanders

The world has seen many wars, Flanders fields are drenched in blood, plenty of battles have been fought here, countless victories! But no matter how you turn it, plenty of Flemish people bled here to secure there existence, preserve their culture, save there country from occupation and have an independent land witch they can call their own. The whole reason to remember this day goes’s back to a time when 'horses and steel' ruled the earth. Mounted knights, the strongest forces at the time thought to be invincible on the battlefield.

     On the 11th of July 1302 in a battle against the French, Flemish farmers, foot soldiers, barely armed had to stand against this fearful power. But the Flemish fighting spirit prevailed and the French were defeated. This battle is known as; Battle of the Golden Spurs. This was because they found over 500 golden spurs when the battle ended. Many stories have been written about this day, how this is the start of Flemish awareness, the start of Flemish nationalism we know today.
Flanders today, like every other white country is under attack, forced immigration, forced cultural and ethnic assimilation; the genocide of our race by replacing us in numbers. Forced down by our own politicians, traitors to our race, puppets on a string, they try to change our ways and views on this remarkable day. We all have experienced situations when they tried to change our symbols, cultural heritage, your traditions, most likely because of 'racism'. They try to take away our identity, so there is no more 'us or them', no more 'black or white', only grey, slaves only to serve as good gentiles. Our Flemish Lion is the symbol of the Flemish community, the golden (yellow) background with a black lion is the proud symbol of our people. Only this is apparently to threatening for all these 'newcomers', and so they wish to change our Lion, to make it multicultural acceptable.

         This year, for the first time, they had a 'Flemigrant' celebration (notice the combination between Flemish and immigrant), a multicultural event to celebrate a day for everyone who 'feels' Flemish. I don’t think I need to explain this any further. At the same time, a politician (from the so called nationalist party - in fact just neo-liberals) said that this day should not be a 'white' celebration. Now for some this day is about bashing the south of Belgium, the French speaking Wallonians, for some it’s an excuse to pretend all high and mighty in the media. For us however, it’s about standing our ground, being proud. I am happy to say, sadly for that politician, as we did have a 100% white, 100% proud celebration.

        A gathering of (100% white) comrades, to celebrate our Flemish fighting spirit, to remember the battles of our ancestors, to honour those who gave there lives so we could be here today! We had a small and very personal event, gathering only those that truly fight for the same values as ours. We do prefer small events like these, as it brings forth more opportunities to get to know one another. We hosted a barbecue witch is almost becoming a tradition on this day and we invited Stevie from England to play ballads. It was a lovely day, the weather was simply beautiful. The crew fixed up some shelter from the sun, hooked up the PA so we could enjoy everything in a nice surrounding.

      At 16.00 our guests arrived, among them are some of the finest people I've ever had the chance to meet. We've invited a few people from Holland, a couple from England, a German friend, and of course a lot of Flemish brothers & sisters (If they are reading this; Thank you again for making this day a success)! Your support matters, your attendance is a virtue for us, a strong brotherhood is what we strife for and is what we carried home that day. Thank you, brothers!).

At 19.00 everyone finished the barbecue, and Stevie prepared himself to play some of the greatest ballads we all know. Stevie made my skin crawl when he played 'Ode to a dying people' by RaHoWa! He played tons of covers from Skrewdriver, like 'Skrew you', 'Boots and braces', 'Built up knocked down', 'Voice of Britain' (witch he altered to 'Voice of Flanders'), 'Hail Victory', 'Diamonds in the dust' (witch he played referring to the organization), 'Free my land' (my all time favorite!) and many more! He's talents to play acoustic are amazing, and we thank him for all the kind words and gestures that were said and done during he's performance. Flanders is proud and thankful!

         Afterwards we moved inside to keep the volume to an acceptable level for the surroundings, it was a real social gathering as many people talked trough the early hours in the morning. At 4 a.m. we called it an end, happy and tired we went home to get some hard earned and much needed sleep.
I'd like to thank the “Bulgarian Savage” for all his support, and much needed help in connections to set this up, thank my crew for all the hard word and dedication, thank Stevie for the wonderful performance, thank Rob for all the confidence in us, thanks everyone for showing your support (even if you couldn’t make it!) we are very grateful and you will surely hear or see us again! Hail Blood & Honour, Hail Flanders and Hail You! "

Monday, 6 July 2015

Anti Shomrim Demonstration in England

The demonstration in London Whitehall was organized against the Jewish Shomrim police who are an illegal organization and receive special privileges which was given without consent of the British Metropolitan Police. We have known held two Anti Shomrim demonstrations in Hackney and Whitehall with in London. It was originally being held in Golders Green North London but complaints by Jews and Reds, the police decided to ban organizers and supporters of Anti Shomrim from Golders Green. Instead it was moved to the center of London (Whitehall) its the first time an Extreme far Right group has been banned in UK. Because it concerns the Jews they get special privileges. The Jewish community is getting away with making up their own laws in which the general public is not allowed.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pagane - Beautiful Bulgaria

New Bulgarian RAC project with female vocals

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Comuniratia 2015

On Saturday, 13th June, near Cerveteri/Italy was held the last edition of "COMUNITARIA" (La Festa delle Comunità). Organized from different political realities present in Roma area and neighborhood the event was held in the best way was possibile. A lot of participans from different networks, enjoy the fair, with comradeship, laughters and exchanging CDs books, t shirts and all the products the create or just sell in their communities. A lot of stands were organized selling also food and goods from our land. 

During the fair there was also an exposure about imagines of Italian soldiers during the first world war and also a theatrical exhibition with the guys of "FORO 753". The "menù" for dinner was composed of "pasta amatriciana" and pork and after this the gig has begun.

 Finally the most cheerful part of the event, music with: Tributo a junker TESTUDO, Imperium and Topi Neri. As always beer, songs and chants have closed the fair. So, really a very beautiful day to spend with your comrades and to know new ones, we wait for you next year!

Exclusive report by S.P.Q.R. Skins Rome