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Bisson and Anna – Lena Interview

Originally published in Defiance magazine # 2

Scandinavia – land of Vikings, cold winters, beautiful girls and great music on any sorts. Yes, I know that majority of people would pick up ABBA, Roxette or Europe, but we will pass them by for now (you didn’t really think we will do interview with ABBA, do you?), instead, we turn to the lovely couple of Bisson and Anna-Lena. Many of you know them, especially Mr. Bisson, and we will try to steal some of their precious time to “interrogate” them – Defiance style!

You have a good reason for celebration these days, for you are just a few days away from releasing your new CD entitled “Steelcapped ballads”...I think you should have a break from folding up the booklets now and share with us some info about that new long did you prepare it, where did you record it and most important – how do you feel about it?

I really didn’t prepare for making a ballad album at first. It was Anna-Lenas idea first. She asked me why I didn’t write some ballads so I took up on that and wrote 2-3 songs. We like them so I continued to write some more and then the idea came up to make some old Steelcapped strength songs into ballads. I asked a friend that own a studio at his home if he could help me out to record it. It was just supposed to be a simple ballad album with 2 acoustic guitars and vocals but suddenly he came up with the idea to put some accordian on a song and then it all kept on going. We said that it would be nice if we could find a girl to sing a little bit with us so we asked Anna-Lena but first she refused and told us to F..k off:) She claimed that she couldn’t sing at all but we managed to convince her at least to take a shot and she fucking did!! we were stunned after the first song so we let her join in for more songs without hesitations. So now I’m very proud of her and that we have recorded an album together. I feel strongly about this recordings because for me it’s not just a CD like the other ones I’ve recorded. This means so much more to me. It’s a thing I’ve made together with the one I love and a thing we will share forever. This is just the beginning, already planning for the part 2.

Defiance crew has always good manners, so lady first...Anna-Lena, was it your first singing experience? I know you are a couple, but anyway, how was it like to work with Bisson who has a lot of experience with recording and related stuff? Tell us, is Bisson a recording studio dictator? By the way - and risking the slap from my girlfriend - I have to say you have a great hair on the cover of the album!

Yes this was the first time ever I tried to sing and that day I was having a cold and sounded like a man when I was talking. After listening to the guys all day and spending alot of time conviction me I thought, what the hell, the best way to get them to shut up and leave me alone was to sing and scare them off. It turned out going better than expected... Bisson is easy to work with, he is pushing me to do better and better and the only problem I have is to read his notes on the lyrics, looks like Greek to a normal person ; ) Other than that we are having alot of fun in the rehearsal studio and he is inspiring! About my hair, as you said Bisson is a man that knows how to do alot of things and it is actually Bisson who is cutting my hair this way hahaha!

And now for Mr. Bisson! Doing this interview, I’m listening to the song “Break Free” and it’s just amazing! I hear in it old American blues-like tunes and kinda – I don’t know why – reminded me of Jon Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory” (no insult intended, no need to put your boots on, brother! :)) So the first question – untypically I think – is: Bisson and the blues guitar, how right, how wrong?

Bon Jovi??? Aaaah, now I’ve put my DM's on;) Haha, no it’s OK, by the way, “Blaze of glory” is a good tune. Well the song break free is not from the ballad album actually, it will appear on a split cd together with the band Filopatria called “Vikings meets the Spartans”. It’s just a strange thing we tried to do and it’s supposed to sound a bit like some outlaw styled tune from the American south ...or something like that. It’s fun to play around with the music especially when I almost always make music in the same kind of style.

I can without hesitation swear, that you are among those who seem to have more hours in the day then the rest of us, otherwise I can’t explain how did you – and still do – manage all the work you to sort things out, what exactly you are now associated with? I know about Bisson Productions, ballad project, Bisson and the Vikings...did I miss something?

Hahaha, well I would lie if I said that it’s me who’s doing all the heavy work. I just writing music and playing live. It’s thanks to Anna-Lena that I can do this. She’s the one who taking care of the productions, pushing me (and that.s not an easy thing) to get up on my ass to write stuff. She really is fantastic!! Yeah, Bisson and the vikings was like a second solo album for me and it was Anna-Lena who helped me release it so it could come true. Then we came up with the idea to go under this name and play songs from all of my musical projects like Steelcapped, Enharjarna etc and with the new songs as well. The ballad thing is what we wanna do now with recordings and gigs all around because it’s such a great new experience for us. we will also go to Germany in September to make a new album together with Mr Barny. He will join me and Anna-Lena when we are going to play live with this.

I pose this one to all the musicians in every interview – what was the reason you started with the music in the first place? If you can recall, who or what was the inspiration behind it?

I started to play early in my youth, punk music. Then it came naturally to start playing Oi! music when I turned into a skinhead. In the beginning I’ve listen to old classic Oi! music and RAC like the Skrewdriver, No remorse, Skullhead and Brutal attack. But it was our first experience with a gang fight against immigrants I’ve started to get more into Ian Stuart’s lyrics for real. So it’s from Ian I got the inspiration and also Ken Mc’Lellan. and it always will be!!!

You play guitar, bass, drums, write music and you cook? (ha! :-)) )

Actually I have a fulltime job, working 2 days in a row from morning to the next morning and then I’m free for 4 days in a row. I am using those days off to do everything that considering my music, painting, cutting Anna’s hair;) AND I can COOK as well:)

Your first band Enharjarna is among the oldest patriotic bands in Sweden. When you look back, how did the scene back then looked like compared to these days? I haven’t had the opportunity to ask anybody from Sweden, so I will use the opportunity now, what did you (or do you) think about the split-up of popular Midgards Soner?

It was Ultima Thule, Enharjarna and Midgards soner who started it all here in Sweden. Those times were really fun but at the same time very hard. Back in the early 90.s we had a lot of problems with groups like the AFA, red action and shit like that so it was very hard to get a gig or anything at all that had to do with the patriotic scene. But we survived! Midgards soner was a great band but the singer Nitton change his ways and went to the media and cried out that he were going to leave the scene. Then he started to work for an organization called Exit that helped nationalists to drop the scene... some of the ex members continued to play in a band called The Jinx.

I was very surprised to learn that in Sweden also patriotic bands, like Ultima Thule, could be successful even with the general public, something unthinkable in the rest of the Europe, I would say...what’s your opinion about that?

It was a mediamogul called Bert Karlsson that discovered that Ultima Thule sold many albums and just because the music was a bit “forbidden” in the mainstream scene he signed them so he could make millions on them. I think that was a great thing because it surely did wake up people that never was in the skinhead/nationalist scene.

Follow-up from the last question, I think apart of typically Scandinavian music (which is amazingly melodic, whether I would play aforementioned Roxette or, say, Children of Bodom), the lyrics are the core of “our” music. So, what are “Steelcapped ballads” lyrics about? Do you think you can win the general public with nationalist lyrics...and yea, what audience is the latest CD targeted at?
The lyrics is just the same as I always sing about. Nationalism, the pride of our heritage and stuff like that. we play for anyone who like it and of course to the Nationalists all around the white world! If we can wake anybody up to realise what’s going on with our music, we’ve reach one of our goals.

What type of gigs do you prefer… festivals like ISD, smaller gigs or ballad evenings?

We prefer all kinds of gigs but at the moment we’re into Ballad evenings. ISD would also be a great gig to do with this band.

You played at this year’s St. George’s Day Gig in the UK, how do you recall this gig?

This gig was really special and an amazing weekend! We got to meet alot of people that we have had respect for and the gig was amazing as well! Really something special to play for the most honorable people in 28 and us made alot of new and important contacts. To get Rob to drive us around and show us London and tell us stories about back in the days was a priceless experience for all of us as well! We loved it and hope to be back there soon again!

What bands would you like to play with in the future?

Well it may depend on with which band I play with and what kind of concert it will be. But there are great bands out there and especially British bands like Brutal attack, Blackout and off course Whitelaw, LSG, March or die that we have played together with.

You have your own production company now – Bisson Productions. Why did you feel it’s important for you to go DIY style after all these albums you have recorded?

We decided to do this on our own for many reasons. I’ve done a lot of recordings through all these years and they have been released by different labels and now I feel it’s much more fun to do it by ourselves. This is all because we want to control it all ourselves and make the desitions about the music. Also we want to build up a studio and be able to do more for the scene with other bands etc. But we still let other labels release some of our stuff like Rampage productions for the solo ballad album because it is important for us to involve the right people and to help the scene.

Music and downloading from the net (sharing sites etc, torrents...). How do you view it as a musician and as a producer?

About downloading we feel the same, feel free to download anything as we do sometimes as well BUT if you like it you fucking go ahead and buy the cd from the band to support them because that is the only way that they can continue to do the music! True fact!

Finally, one for the end… any message for Defiance magazine readers?

Final words from us is to keep spreading the word of RAC out there and support us and if and when we meet at a gig out there, please come and say hi to us Visit the webpage to order and SUPPORT US at !

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R.A.C. Encyclopedia - part 6

Peggior Amico

Peggior Amico from Vicenza, were destined to become one of the leading bands of the Italian skinhead scene. They were formed in 1986 by Massimo (drum), ex member of Hope & Glory from Treviso, Ganzo (guitar), Beppe (voice) and Andrea (bass).

They started to with a lot of ideas, attitude and enthusiasm and in 1987 they recorded a demo tape with six track named “Le strade sono nostre”(The streets are ours), but few months later Ganzo and Beppe left the band leaving Massimo and Andrea the only ones to drive the band, but they didn’t discouraged by the situation, and short after, Caio joined them as a vocalist, as well as Mauro from Plastic Surgery (band from Verona) on guitar.

The band played uncompromised Oi/RAC style with lyrics full of anger and social critics which lead them in the next years to a cult status on the scene, gathering a large number of supporters and wide following.

In 1988 the French Rebelles Européens produced their 45’rpm vinyl named “Colpevole di essere bianco” (Guilty of being White) with song “Brest 88” on B side, dedicated to fight between skinheads and police which took place in this city due to gig cancellation, this gig was very important for all European scenes.

While the band played many concerts all over Italy in 1990 they released their first LP “Il leone ruggisce ancora” (The Lion roars again) out from the same French label - Rebelles Européens.

This first LP appeared to be a Milestone of the Oi! Music and even nowadays is still one of the most wanted collectors item. The album contains 11 track which one instrumental song (the unforgettable “Freiheit”) and contain some songs that became anthems for every skinhead as “Giustizia sociale”, “Lavoro e dignità”, “Con noi o contro di noi” and “Nuova Europa”.

Their second 7 inch vinyl was named “Diritto di marciare” (Righ of Marching) out in 1991 from the French label and contain also the song “Non staremo a guardare”.

After the debut LP, the band was quite busy gigging abroad in Spain, Germany, England and Czech Republic thanks also to their participation in a numerous foreign compilations.

In Italy, after the entry of Mauro as a guitarist, they played at the first edition of Ritorno a Camelot (Return to Camelot) Fest held to Foci di Montemocato near Ascoli. At this gig they released on tape the live recording from this evening.

At the second edition of the historical Skinhead Fest, held this time in Veneto region, they played with legendary Skrewdriver during their first and unfortunately last appearance in Italy, this gig will remain in the golden pages of the history of Italian skinhead movement.

Their second album named “Sulla pelle dei ribelli” came out in 1993 from the newborn Tuono Records, label from Vicenza that will give ample space for band as ADL 122, Gesta Bellica, Corona Ferrea, Ultima Frontiera, Londinium SPQR, Injustice Side and other bands from Europe as Lusitanoi!, Warlord and Division 250.

Tuono Records is still active and produces some of the major Italian skinhead bands.

The second album of Peggior Amico presents one more professional and technical sound, less connected to the dictates of classic Oi! With some acoustic additions as the first track “Vi rideremo in faccia” or in “Osa”, useless say that every single track of this milestone album is an anthem, with lyrics without compromise and with a remarkable political maturity and street attitude: songs like “Giornalisti terroristi”, “Peggior Amico”, “Non deporremo mai la spada” or “Stato di polizia” are songs that every skinhead knows by heart.

This album enjoyed a huge success in Italy and abroad making this band one of the must well known and popular in the first half of 90’s.

In 1995 Peggior Amico took part in the compilation “Fuori dal ghetto” produced by Tuono Records with the track “Fuori dal ghetto” and “Nel nome del progresso”. Bands such as ADL 122, Londinium SPQR, Corona Ferrea, Block 11, Topi Neri, Gesta Bellica and Intolleranza also was part at this compilation. Unfortunately this was the last appearance on CD for Peggior Amico, cause of this the frequently change of line up (especially on the guitar), so they were obliged to cancel their invitations to play in Italy and abroad.

The official dissolve of Peggior Amico was in 1997, leaving a vast musical and cultural heritage behind them, which is an inspiration for all the Italian skinheads band in the future.

Few years after some members of Peggior Amico had established the band ARMCO which released 3 albums from Tuono Records.

Thanks to Eros/Pisa skins for the translation

Evil Skins

Formed in the early 80's this Parisian Oi! skinhead band certainly made their mark not only as bringing about some of the most innovative music in our movement, but also becoming one of it's most infamous acts. The band was comprised of Fensi-vocals (real name Iman Zarandifar) 'Petit'Willy-guitar, Renaud-guitar, Regis 'Madskin' Kerhuel-bass and Cornette-drums. The band released their only full length LP entitled "Un Cause, Une Force, Un Combat" that consisted of 10 tracks. In 1987, the same year the band called it quits, the EP "Docteur Skinhead" was released. The band has been characterized for their offensive sense of humor and sarcasm. In 1984 vocalist Fensi was shot in the vertebrae by a punk (Laurent Jackqua aka Shark) during an altercation. Fensi's friend Oliver Burton (aka Turlut) was killed in the shooting. Although he survived the bullet Fensi was parylized from the waist down. Despite his disability the band pressed on performing live and releasing the "Docteur Skinhead" EP. After Evil Skins broke up guitarist Willy, vocalist Fensi and former bassist Bertrand formed the non-political band Teep'N'Teepatix in 1990. Many within the skinhead and punk scene argue over the validity of Evil Skins and their political leanings. The truth is complicated as many bands at this time were. Fensi is of Iranian heritage, hardly the usually WP skin, and is married with a family these days. Petit Willy went on to follow Krishna and espouses a non-violent, vegetarian lifestyle. Regis Kerhuel on the other hand is spending his time in a French prison for his participation in the killing of Maurician immigrant James Dindoyal in 1990. He will be in prison until 2025.

Regardless of people's opinions Evil Skins' music speaks for itself. They made their own skin sound, influenced countless bands and we're still talking about them today.

Source: The spirit of yeterday blog


Sturmwehr is RAC band from Gelsenkirchen (Germany), which is founded between 1993/94 by Jens Brucherseifer (guitar) and Rony Krämer (drums). Then Detn join the band as singer. They released first album “Zerschlag Deine Ketten” in 1995. Next year, in 1996. they released 5 albums, “Musik im Zeichen des Thor”, “Stimme unserer

Ahnen”, “Nordisches Blut”, “Nordland”, and “Donnergott”. Detn then left the band and Jens came as singer, from then on it was two men band. In the next years they realeased many albums, and on every album they played different style of music (Oi!, acoustic or even metal). Soon the drummer left the band and Jens continued to work as one man band.

Band is one of the oldest and best-known groups of the RAC scene. Unlike many other bands from this scene they play and the production of CD’s is relatively professional. They published until today about 20 studio albums and various best-of CD’s. The political orientation tends between nationalist and NS.


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Stigger's Interview

Stigger, mastermind of Brittish WARLORD, old guitarist of legendary SKREWDRIVER, ballad singer, patriot and son of working class. Enjoy this interview, work for which was really long… but “better late than never”.

Your albums come out rather seldom – for approximately 15 years of group’s activity were released only 4 full-length works. It is related to lack of free time, or you prepare the material so carefully? How much time did it take you to compose the last album?

The problem is time of course; I have lots of different hats I have to wear for working, music, politics, family life etc. so time is sparse to say the least. Also it is me who writes most of the music / lyrics, so I get little help from the others in the band in that aspect (partly my fault as I am a control freak!). So things take a little longer as when an album is written, I have to teach them all individually. The first two albums were not so far apart, but the gap to the 3rd was huge. In the time between there was major things happening professionally and personally for me, so music was not my first consideration.

The last album («Ascension») was a joy to make, and that whole experience has given me a new life and outlook on music. The enthusiasm and sincere belief of the new blood around me at that time opened my eyes and strengthened my resolve. The whole album to write from start to finish was probably 18 months on and off. I find music very easy to write, but I take a lot of time with the lyrics.

Why the Ukrainian studio was chosen for the recording of the new album? There was no suitable place for this in England, or there were any other reasons? Are you satisfied with the result you got?

The choice of studio was suggested to me by some German and Ukrainian comrades. I came to Kiev for the Perun festival some years ago, and after meeting such friendly dedicated people I had a chance to be exposed to Ukrainian / Russian nationalist music first hand. The power and feeling of this type of music inspired me to try something similar, and it was then I realised that the whole recording process and studios were something alien to me.

The studios in England are just money making ventures, and have no love or interest in what we are doing, and that reflects in the recordings. It is the same for a lot of alternative genres in music (folk, pagan, black metal etc.) Our 3rd album («The Last Command») was a victim of this. The producer had too many late nights as he also owned a pub, was designing a new house, and his wife had just had a child, so this bastard was half asleep most of the day, and so it was real hard work to get this project done. He also left the guide vocals on the record instead of the proper recorded ones. If I see him again, he will regret the day he met me.

Anyway, I was so pleased with the studio and the recording techniques, the engineer was quite a miserable individual, but boy did he know how to get the sound I wanted. Sometimes I think everyone should have the same enthusiasm I do for making music, but I forget it is a job for some, and they hear the same thing every day. My real inspiration sound wise was SOKYRA PERUNA and the quality of their recordings. I am a lucky man to call their singer a brother. Hail King of Kiev!

Would you tell about how the record progress went. Comrades from Russia and Ukraine took part in some studio work – did they help you or disturb more? :-) Who assisted you in instruments recordings?

True, I am always very cautious when people want to know names of people who I collaborate with. Needless to say, the King of Kiev and his voice of thunder gave the whole album a great tone. Myself and Mush (old SKREWDRIVER drummer) did vocals / guitars / drums. The keyboards and piano were done by another very talented brother from Russia, who, if I had my way, would be with me writing all the time, as he is outstanding for his age, in fact has joined me on numerous occasions to play the ballad gigs. (Hail the pipe smoker). The translator / bodyguard / financial advisor etc was another great comrade of ours, who I am lucky enough to meet all over Europe, and along with his wife and son, have become very good friends indeed, in fact he is responsible for arranging this interview (wild hail to him too;). Hail Vodka and caviar for New Year’s breakfast!

Everyone was a help, and there were very little distractions, apart from 2 ugly Germans sitting in the studio… but that is another story!

There is a really mighty song on the album named «South will Rise Again». Do you believe that there can happen some positive changes in America and south will really rise, or the text of the song has more a historical and descriptive meaning?

This song is really a historical overview of all that I love about the southern states of America. From the segregation side, the civil war, and especially the southern rock, which I have loved since I was a kid. Bands like LYNARD SKYNARD, MOLLY HATCHET, DOC HOLIDAY etc. have had a deep influence on me, and later in life when I met Ian Stuart, I found out he was the same. The older friends I have from Germany and Italy also share this passion, so I always try to incorporate a bit of rock and roll into the music. “Think about the Klansmen”, or even “Get Yourself Tattooed” I did with Ken (McLelan, BRUTAL ATTACK), all have that rock’n’roll feel.

I believe there is still a very strong spirit of the rebel in the south, and I, as much as you wish the south would rise again.

The material of your album «Last command» is good, but the sound, in our opinion, came out not fully suitable. Do you agree with it, and if yes, how did it happen so?

Think I answered that one earlier. As well as a bad producer, I was in a pretty dark place too at that time, so maybe the two things together didn’t help. I should have written some more up – beat songs for that album, but hey – you have to live with what feels right at the time. Maybe I’m just getting too old! Ha-ha.

Is there any ideas about the next album? It would be more pleasant to hear it sooner then usually!

The next album will be called «Home», and that will finish the Warlord story. The "old and angry god awakes", fights on the "theatre of war", in the battle before he falls he gives "the last command", on his death he has ascension to Valhalla, and then he is finally... Home. This will be recorded next year, and I have around 7 songs for it already, so if the gods allow, I will use the same process as the last album. That is if the King of Kiev doesn’t kill me with alcohol before we can record anything!!

You gave concerts in Ukraine many times – please, tell about your impressions from those trips, from shows and people.

The people were fantastic; I met some of the greatest people I know there. Also inspired me to write “Bonded by Blood”. Who would have thought that 20 years ago such a thing would have happened? To travel to these beautiful countries and meet good Nationalist people who for decades have been portrayed as brainwashed puppets of the communist era, only to find that we all think exactly the same thing and share the same values. We are indeed bonded by blood.

The concerts were great too. From playing in the open air, to playing on a ship, to playing in a club in Kiev was something I could only have dreamed of. The hospitality was out of this world, and still to this day I tell comrades around the world of our nights in the «Docker pub». Singing and dancing till 5 in the morning, with brothers of every white nation. Awesome. Drinking vodka and swimming in the Dnieper river from an old fashioned paddle boat will stay with me forever. Along with my Ukrainian tattoo!

Live at Perun Fest - Ukraine

Modern right-wing music scene probably doesn’t strongly influence your own creation. ;) Please, tell which musicians influenced you in the past and which music do you prefer to listen now (right-wing or not and, please, don’t forget about our countries).

I am really a rocker, my early influences were MOTORHEAD, BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE etc, I liked some punk and skinhead stuff too at the end of the 70s, then I loved the new wave of British heavy metal and especially the black metal scene, VENOM, MERCYFUL FATE, DEMON. The southern rock of course, ROSE TATOO. Now of course all rock sounds the same but every so often a band or song will come along. I like the sounds and presentation of RAMMSTEIN, but of course they are perverts with perverted lyrics and not a good influence on our youth. From the RAC side apart from SKREWDRIVER I always liked SQUADRON and both incarnations of NO REMORSE. NEMESIS are probably the best British band now, on sheer song writing ability. There are too many bands around the world to list my favourites and maybe even individual songs. In Russia there is a very professional sound happening, and a very powerful delivery. Unfortunately for us island monkeys, we don’t understand the words, but the sentiment is still there. Of course we know of KOLOVRAT, TNF, ANTISYSTEM, etc. and of course my brothers in SOKYRA PERUNA from Ukraine, and we have a lot to learn about production from these people. Your pagan metal scene is also interesting for me, I remember hearing a song by a band called ARKONA with a female voice that was very beautiful, but when I think of pagan I think of NOKTURNAL MORTUM, and early BATHORY, this is music I can relate to.

After the sorrowful events in September of 1993 did you decide at once to create a new band? Didn’t you have ideas about continuing SKREWDRIVER without Ian Stuart? And why did you decide to play in other style, did you have thoughts about playing heavy metal before?

Ian was SKREWDRIVER. I was just a cog in the wheel. The whole music and lyrics were Ian’s. I contributed little to the build of the song; I just interpreted what he wrote. Hence I or anyone else could not have carried on the band without him.

Warlord took off 2 years later. In hindsight we knew we would do something new, we had the spirit, we were young and we wanted to change the face of British nationalism. The sound we have is due to me and mush both having a similar musical up bringing, although he likes punk rock much more than me.

When I was in my early teens I used to play on the rock circuit around Nottingham and Derbyshire every weekend. When I wasn’t making music I was watching other bands. Same with mush, he was playing in punk bands when he was an early teenager. In later life this caused a few problems as punks and skins have a bad history abroad. In England most punks and skins still get on fine, but Germany in particular can be funny.

But without Ian there would be nothing today. He is the reason I exist (good or bad), that there is a very healthy RAC scene all over the world, and that I am here today to answer these questions via comrades in Germany / Ukraine and Russia. Odin keep you brother.

What do you think, if Ian lived until our days, what would he act now and what music would play?

Sure he would have hated the hardcore – ha ha! I know he would have been impressed with the way the rest of the world have taken his ideals and made them a reality. I think he still would have played, but probably more ballads, he loved just sitting down with an acoustic guitar and singing from the heart. I think the true test of a song, is if you can appreciate it when it is performed by just a man on an acoustic guitar.

Think politics would have played a big part of his later life too. He was a good speaker, and had a good grip, not just on British politics, but also on the world wide scene. He lived long enough to see the first B.N.P councillor elected in England (B.N.P. – British National Party).

Please, tell, if it is possible, about SKREWDRIVER albums re-release problems. As we can see, mostly bootlegs appear nowadays – replicas of old albums with bad printing quality. Don’t anyone thought about a normal reissue with thick booklets, texts and archive photos – it could be very wholesome and pleasant! What is the problem? «Rockorama» doesn’t perform anything in this direction and block others? Why?

The bootlegging of cds is a whole industry now, some people have become very wealthy from this, and the biggest shame is the people who give nothing back to the movement, or donate proceeds to prisoners who are in desperate need of funds. After Herbert from «Rockorama» died, it seemed to be open season for bootlegs to be printed. I am not sure how it could be regulated as everyone with a pc and a printer can make copies. You would have thought that our movement having a foundation in trust and honour would behave responsibly, but sometimes greed is their god. I would welcome proper re releases with new booklets and pictures / information, and maybe that time will come. Just to give the other opinion – I also feel that it is better to spread the word to the masses, and if some people can’t afford the official price, I understand why they would buy a cheap bootleg. «Rockorama» is now in new hands, and I’m not so sure they are the people to re release the music, other record companies releasing our music would be a better choice.

Could you give any advice to starting musicians based on your age experience? A large part of them play like each other and the quality is rather low (though the last years the situation is much better). And what do you think about modern trend of near-right oriented fashion hardcore groups appearance?

My advice would be play from the heart. Look to your influences, but put your own stamp on the songs. Melody is very important, so try to not write music in the same key every time, and maybe look at different chord progressions to surprise the listener. Words are the life blood of RAC music, so if the listener cannot understand what you are trying to say, you have wasted a good opportunity. By this I am thinking of hardcore. I like M.O.D and S.O.D for example, Billy Milano is hardcore but you can understand the words, so you get the best of both worlds. I like some of the new hardcore stuff, in fact I was in Italy at the weekend watching path of resistance. Their sound was great, but the singing was just a blur and unless I have the c.d with the lyrics I have no idea what the songs are about. Just my opinion.

Do you follow the British scene? There is an impression that time stopped on your island and the most part of groups continues playing old-school RAC, inspired by the same SKREWDRIVER. What is your opinion about the reason of it?

Can’t tell you a lot about the British scene, haven’t been involved with it for years. Only play for the right people supporting the right causes these days. Got to a point where every gig there was fighting or back biting, and I was sick of trying to get people together who had no interest in unity. They probably do still play all the old stuff, that’s what happens when you don’t encourage the youth. Good job the youth are more political. That’s what we need, intelligent soldiers to fight the war.

What do you think about following famous English groups:


Me and Ken are very different people. Although I liked their early stuff, it has spirit.


Good band, think Jonesy lives in Holland or Belgium now, haven’t seen him for a few years. (in Holland, as we know…).


One of my favourite old time bands. Great singer Andy really has the English voice for this music.


Liked their early stuff with Paul DiAnno singing. Seen them live on many occasions, always a good show, and very down to earth people.


Wattie was attacked in Spain by anti fascists for standing next to a lad with a «Hail the New Dawn» t-shirt on. Not a band I listen to very often, but Mush might tell you more than me.

We sure that you’ve heard Swedish singer Saga, who recorded 3 tributes to SKREWDRIVER. Do you like her versions of those songs? In general, how do you treat covers on SKREWDRIVER, which were recorded by various groups not less than thousand times?

Same as always, if they are done as a heart felt tribute to our fallen leader then I think that’s great. A whole album when no profit is given back to the cause – then I have a problem. Never seen Saga. Nice voice. Hope she has made a difference to other peoples lives that need supporting.

We heard dramatic story how one tourist came into a music shop in London and asked there SKREWDRIVER CDs. And the mad seller was going to call police - could it really happen so? Is it easy to buy disks of right music? What about concerts of respective groups?

London is a shit hole. The days of Carnaby Street and all the old hang outs there are gone. London is a multicultural toilet. The real England is in the north. SKREWDRIVER is blacklisted here, so there is no outlet commercially. There are plenty of places to buy cds you just have to look on the internet, or word of mouth. When they stop fearing us, then it is time to worry.

How is it – to live in one of the last constitution monarchies of Europe? Please, tell about modern political and social situation. How mighty are the nationalistic forces and how mighty are the leftists? Is the “Arthurian Spirit” still alive in the British?

The royals are for the tourists today, long gone are the days when we were led by a warrior king. Today they can be found talking to plants!
The parliament rules everything here, but every party is the same, no left or right just centre everything. Liberal bull shit.
The left only come out when they think they have the numbers. Alone they are nothing. They are not working class kids; they are middle class brainwashed spoiled brats.

Patriotic spirit is still very strong here; we have more councillors in every county of this country each election. The more they try to oppress us, the stronger we become. Even the brainless EDL (English Defence League) are now waking up to the real reason we are proud to be English. The media had them burning the German war flag on TV to ‘prove’ they weren’t racist, this has done them no good as the media still hate them and they still have the Muslim enemy. As for us... these colours don’t run.

We thank a lot our great comrade, without who this interview wouldn’t be done.

Originally published by Casus Belli zine

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

ISD Unplugged

Another great video from the Ian Stuart’s unplugged gig in Germany back in May 22, 1993. We published it here with the kind permission of Andreas J. Voigt ( interview with him you can find  HERE ). Copyright © Kreuzritter für Deutschland.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Compilation for the POW

Release of CD "Freedom" which is a compilation of 18 bands (Brutal Attack, Kolovrat, RebelHell, Panzerjдger, Hais & Fiers, Frakass, Archivum, legittima Offesa Ultima Frontiera, Razor 88, Vendetta, Oпccident, Invictos, Mas que palabras, Conflict, Lemovice , No surrender, PWA) whose profits will be donated to imprisoned comrades

Selling price of 8 euros + shipping

(Cost of CD: 1 euro, a sum donated 7 euros /cd)