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New project

Hello everyone,
May be you are wondering why the blog activity stopped in the last months? The reason is that I'm currently working on a book dedicated to Ian Stuart and Skrewdriver under the working name of "Legend lives on". The main aim of the book is to collect the memories of the people who knew Ian back in the days, no matter from which organization or political Party. If any of you is able the help anyhow (personal memories, contacts, photos, etc) please don't hesitate to get a contact with me at: Thanks in advance to all who would like to be involved!


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R.A.C. Encyclopedia - part 11

The 4-Skins

The 4-Skins are a working class Oi! band from East London, England. Originally composed of Gary Hodges on vocals, 'Hoxton' Tom McCourt on guitar, Steve 'H' Hamer on bass and Gary Hitchcock on drums, they formed in 1979 and by 1984 had broke up. Although new line-ups formed in 2007 and 2008. Initially the band members had known each other from football, or from following bands such as Sham 69 and Menace. Most of the original four band members were or had been skinheads. Hence the name. However, Steve Pear had a rockabilly style, and Hoxton Tom McCourt was a suedehead.
The first line up was Hoxton Tom McCourt on guitar, Gary Hodges on vocals, Steve H Harmer on bass and Gary Hitchcock on drums. This lasted from 1979 to 1980 and in 1980 to 1981 saw Steve H Harmer replaced on guitar by Steve Pear and Gary Hitchcock replaced on drums by John Jacobs. From 1981 to 1983 Tony (Panther) Cummins took over vocals and Pete Abbot came in on drums. This line up was used for the 1982 LP The Good, The Bad and The 4 Skins.
The last early days line up from 1983 to 1984 was Hoxton Tom on bass, Roi Pearce on vocals, Paul Swain on guitar, and Ian Bramson on drums. This line up was on the From Chaos to 1984 album.
The 2007 line up was Gary Hodges on vocals, Steve H Harmer on bass, with Mick Geggus on guitar and Andy Russell on drums. The following year in 2008, the line up had changed to Graham Bacon on bass, Tom Brennan on guitar and Sedge Swatton on drums.
Prior to the release of the band's debut single, One Law For Them, The 4-Skins contributed songs to the first three Oi! compilation albums, alongside bands such asCockney RejectsCock Sparrer, and The Business. The 4-Skins went through many personnel changes during their five-year existence, with only bassist/songwriter 'Hoxton' Tom McCourt being present in every line-up of the band. Other former members include Roi Pearce, who was also the frontman of The Last Resort, and Paul Swain, a guitarist who later joined Skrewdriver.
In 2007, the band reformed with two original members, lead singer Gary Hodges and bassist Steve 'H' Harmer, plus guitarist Mick Geggus and drummer Andy Russell of Cockney Rejects. This line-up recorded two songs, Chaos 2007 and Glory Days for the compilation album Kings Of Streetpunk, released by the independent record label G&R London.
2008 saw Hodges form a new version of the band under the name Gary Hodges' 4-Skins, featuring Indecent Exposure members Tom Brennan on guitar, Graham Bacon on and Sedge Swatton on drums. This line-up played three gigs In Berlin at the Punk and Disorderly festival, in Allentown, PA at the East Coast Oi Fest and as the headlining act on the final day of the Blackpool Rebellion punk festival in August 2008. Two newly-recorded tracks were also released for free on The 4-Skins' official web page. Both were covers of Slade songs – Cum on Feel the Noize and Thanks for the Memories. Following this, the band decided to continue recording and touring.
On 4 April 2010, they released a studio album, The Return, on German label, Randale Records.

Indecent Exposure

Hemel Hempstead based Oi! band, formed in January 1984. The original line-up was Steve Reeve vocals, Tom Brennan on guitar, Colin Wright on bass and Sedge Swatton on drums. After a few practice sessions it was agreed that Wright was hopeless and he left. Tom Brennan switched to bass and Graham Bacon joined on guitar. They changed their name to The Real McCoy after being told that someone else were already using the name Indecent Exposure, but reverted back to Indecent Exposure when they found this to be false.
In 1984 they issued a seven-track tape and a 7” single, 'Riots', on their own label, Index Products. In March '85 they headlined a gig in Rotterdam, Holland, alongside Condemned 84 and Public Enemy, in which the second part of their set was as a five-piece, with Paul Swain, ex-4-Skins, on second guitar. In 1985 they released their debut album, 'Reveal All' on Rock-O-Rama Records, which had guitar contributions on one track from Paul Swain (Skrewdriver and 4-Skins) and was produced by Mark Sutherland. Rock-O-Rama asked them to change some lyrics on 'Reveal All' In particular the ones to 'England My England'. A line in the song went “England my England we are white forever” the line was changed to “England my England, we are right forever”. The band also played in Germany and Sweden. In 1986 they released their second album 'No Looking Back' on Rock-O-Rama, it was more rock sounding than their debut album and it had guitar contributions on one track from Richie, of Straight Up.
By late '86 the Oi! scene has seem to split between the far right and the left, it was turning ugly. That same year singer Milky got into a fight before a gig with some political skin and told him to fuck off due to his politics. Indecent Exposure continued to played the show, and after a few songs that same skin that Milky had an argument threw a bottle to his face and split him. Indecent continued playing their set till after they were done he jumped into the crowed looking for the asshole who threw the bottle at him, but he seemed to run away.
In 1987 Brennan moved to lead guitar and Dave Martin, ex-Tenpole Tudor, came in on bass, whilst Steve's brother occasionally helped on drums. They played their final gig in February '87 then split up.

The Ovaltinees

Originally formed in 1979 under the name White Youth the band featured members who went on to more recently form Eye Of Odin. At their first gig the band found difficulty booking a venue because of their name - White Youth. After recruiting a new bass player and guitarist they settled on the new name The Ovaltinees.
They were the first skinhead band to take on a hardcore National socialist stance and so are regarded as the earliest of the RAC bands. At the start the Ovaltinees played regularly supporting Oi! bands in London at the 100 Club, Skunx, Gossips, and the Red Lion.
Between 1980 and 1982 the band recieved offers from musical papers, managers, and record companies, all with the hope the band would drop their political stances, but the band had no intention of selling out. In 1982 they recorded a 10-track demo. 1982 also saw the rebirth of RAC and on 2nd April 1982 in Stratford, East London the first RAC concert was held since 1979. Featuring The Ovaltinees alongside Skrewdriver and Peter & The Wolf with some 500 skinheads.
Come 1983 the band released their EP British Justice containing four tracks. The line up for this release was Mick on vocals, G on drums, Billy on guitar and Dog Bone Idol on bass. This was credited as being the first RAC record just beating Skrewdriver's White Power EP which appeared shortly after. The Ovaltinees continued playing live RAC gigs with The Wolf, The Die-Hards, until late 1983 when the bands bassist and guitarist left the band. Attempts were made to finde replacements but without success and the band called it a day in 1984.

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Jon Hill Interview

We are pleased to interview one of the veterans of the English nationalist scene – Jon “Benny” Hill. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers in few brief words?

Veteran... well, I have started to recede slightly and I have got a couple of grey hairs so I might qualify!
I first got involved in the scene 25 years ago, and in that long winding bumpy road I've been linked with several White interest groups, been in and out of prison for the cause, traveled to various corners of the White world and met friends and comrades I now regard as family.
Today, I try to be on friendly terms with all the rank and file kinsfolk of our various 14 Words organisations, and consider myself an Aryan Conservationist.

How did you get involved into Nationalist/ Skinhead scene and what has influenced you mostly?

When I was at school I started listening to Punk/OI! music, from there I progressed to the sounds of White racial rock and RAC. I loved the music and the message what Skrewdriver and Brutal Attack sang was something I could really relate to, especially living in Northern England and witnessing the miscegenation and the demographics of my home town alter around me. I was soon shaving my head, polishing my boots and meeting up with like-minded friends who thought the same as me. I began to read and learn more about our racial struggle, and basically have never looked back.

You are the author of “Live the Dream” pamphlet ( Can you please describe its conception to our readers?

In a nutshell the Live The Dream philosophy is about developing White community and creating a self-sustaining legacy for future White generations.
I examined essentially what the 3 main 14 Words organisations in Britain wanted -  National Front governmental power, British Movement for the shires to awake to the NS credo, and the Blood & Honour movement for their music to be heard. I then searched for a way these basic desires could be molded into a workable concept. The result was a slim, A6 32 page booklet entitled Live The Dream - A Call For Racial Rebirth & White Resurgence.
Copies of the booklet are available from at a cost of just 50p plus post and packing.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the ideas are quite similar to those of the founder of American National Alliance Dr. William Pierce. Do you think that “White Homeland” idea could be workable for UK and Europe, where we don’t have such a huge free territories to settle down?

The Live The Dream philosophy is slightly different to other White Homeland concepts. Live The Dream is not about creating a hippie type commune or having people relocate to some remote outpost. Live The Dream offers a more practical approach by having our racially aware kinsfolk settle in an already establish White community, then slowly interweaving into that fabric until our numbers and credo are enough to excert the social, political and economic influence that will dominate the region.

“I have been to London and I don’t need to go to Pakistan anymore” I always tell this joke, when meet English comrades around Europe…but what is the current racial situation not only in your capital city, but also around England at the present days?

 The Daily Mail reported on 11/01/2013 that more than 50 percent of people living in Leicester, Luton and Slough have joined London in having a minority White British population, and that Birmingham is expected to have a similar makeup by the year 2020.
As the sands of time slip away further china towns, paki lands, black ghettos and gay enclaves are going to spring up and more and more towns and cities are going to be took over by our foes. That is why we need to look at viable alternative solutions like Live The Dream now before its too late. Our nations our under siege, and history has taught us that when your nation is under siege one of the first steps a people must do is to form a castra or defensive position were they can rest, regroup and take stock of the situation.

What is your opinion about Islam in Europe, and especially in England where you have one of the largest Muslim populations, most of which unfortunately are British passport holders?
Britain's top judge says the nation should allow Islamic Sharia law. The head of the Church of England said something similar. Consequently, police dogs might have to wear booties when they search Muslim homes to avoid offending Muslims who believe dogs are unclean. And Britain's Home Secretary has decided Islamic terrorism should be re-named "anti-Islamic activity."
I'm a tad like Nicolas Sarkozy when it comes to Islam who said "When you live in France, you respect her republican rules, you don't practice polygamy, circumcise your daughters or slaughter sheep in your bathroom".

How the nowadays British Nationalist scene looks like? Are the major groups such as National front, BNP, British Movement and B&H cooperating to each other or not?

The BNP has done a lot to destroy Nationalist morale in the UK, and no real White racial group would want to work with the BNP. The BNP is not a 14 Words organisation, although legally they have to accept ethnic members, there is no excuse for them actively recruiting them and Nick Griffin encouraging it.
The rank and file of the BM, NF and B&H do go on demos and events together, however they could practice more White Racial Teamwork and do more to share resources as outlined in Live The Dream with the use of the One Voice Council.

Your opinion on EDL?

The EDL fly star of David flags, have a homosexual division, as well as proclaiming “Black and White Unite”. The EDL are not a 14 Words organisation and just like UKIP are a pressure valve the state opens and shuts when needed.

Mentioning B&H, in just couple of days the 20th annual ISD Memorial gig will took place somewhere in England. What are your personal memories from Ian Stuart, have you ever had the chance to meet him live on personal level or visit Skrewdriver gig?

I saw Skrewdriver play many times. At one point I remember them playing to such an extent in the Midlands that a lot of our Krew were getting sick of traveling down to watch them every week!
I remember the first time I met Ian, I was only 17 and was a little star-struck, I looked upon Ian as a pop idol. He came over to the bar and started chatting to me, sipping his pint, just like one of the lads, then he just climbed on stage and did his thing. He was a really likeable bloke with no airs or graces.

To be honest to our readers I didn’t asked the previous question accidentallyJ. You are the author of the “Diamond in the dust” ( published by RVF in 2002, which is kinda brief ISD Biography. Please, tell us a bit about the process of writing the book, which were your major sources of information? Why so large parts of the book are occupied by song lyrics and quotes from Ian Stuart’s statements?

I moved to Blackpool in 1998, and got in with the Blackpool Krew. We use to go drinking in Ian's old haunts - The Old Town hall in Poulton and The Tash nightclub in Blackpool, and I met Ian's brother Tony, and got to know his dad Arthur who would show me baby photos of Ian and even gave me an old diary of Ian's from 1976 which mentioned the forming of Tumbling Dice.
I just started writing Ian's biography for fun, I had a large collection of Skinzines and would read through the Skrewdriver interviews and put in quotes Ian had said, and then pad it out with relevent lyrics from his repertoire.
The only other Skrewdriver book available back then was The First Ten Years, by Joe Pearce, so my mates asked me if I would put my writings into a book format, which I did. I got 50 made which were spiral bound, A4 size with photos on every other page, it was first published in May 2000, I believe they are quite rare now and sell for over £50.

As far as I know you are the writer (it seems that you are really smart guy) of a pretty new book on the same topic called “Birch Street Echoes - Skrewdriver The First 88 Weeks ”. Let us know about its contents and where people can buy it or order it? What made you write another book dedicated to ISD& Skrewdriver a decade after “Diamond in the dust”?

Birch Street Echoes - Skrewdriver The First 88 Weeks, came about because in the gap between DITD I met people who grew up with Ian and they told me stories from the early days. Quite a few books appeared about Ian and Skrewdriver, but none of them spoke about the early days, like Skrewdriver playing in Holland in 1978, and Ian going shopping with Steve Strange. So, I thought our kinsfolk might be interested to read about these times.
The book is available from

Going back in the days 20 years ago…when and how you received the information of Ian’s death? Do you believe it was a car accident?

Jay (one of the Oldham Skins) told me of Ian's death over the phone. I'd only spoken to Ian about a week earlier, so for awhile it didn't sink in.
I traveled to South Africa just a few days later, and the worse thing was telling the Skins and AWB lads over there the bad news.
To begin with I thought Ian's death was an accident, and the rumors of murder were just propaganda to give the cause publicity, but, now I'm not too sure. The coroner at the inquest concluded "There must have been some other factor which contributed to the crash".
Very recently Red Action were linked to the Warrington bombing in March 1993, which shows the reds were capable of carrying out a hit, and just a couple of weeks ago the SAS were quizzed about the assassination of Princess Diana. One things for sure, the marxist left and the state saw Ian as a threat.

What did happen in the years after his death? What are the main reasons for the inner wars and separations in the B&H movement?

I think it's well documented that C18 took over the reins following Ian's death, ISD Records was set up and things looked positive for awhile.
Blood & Honour is a worldwide movement and suffers from the same problems that beset all conglomerates and large numbers of people united in common aim, it's very difficult to keep all the people happy all of the time.
The thing we should all focus on now is the future. A lot of our rank and file who attend B&H gigs weren't even about when the problems occurred, and several people who were key players in the problems have now left the movement. Ian had to overcome difficulties with B&H and Unity Productions, but he managed to resolve the situation. I'm sure if Ian was still alive B&H would be one united movement, as the great man said himself "Together we are strong, divided we are weak".

To what extend did Ian Stuart influence your own attitude and live? After all this years what do you nowadays think of Ian’s lifework and legacy?

There's an old saying "Show me the boy at 7 and I will show you the man". I think there might be a ring of truth in that. When I first heard Ian's voice come growling out of my speakers telling me of our racial struggle, it must have lit a spark, a spark of hope, and that spark of hope has stayed with me all these years. Everyday our enemies chip away at our freedom, trying to destroy our bloodline and heritage. But, everyday, so does our resolve and hope grow. Our foes need to fear that hope, they know a small spark of hope is ok, but when it grows into an inferno then they are in danger.

From what I have been witnessed with my own eyes the vast majority of the people inside British Skinhead scene are aged 40 plus years. Why you have almost no need blood in the movement?

I don't agree that the vast majority of our kinsfolk are old timers. We do have new blood in the movement, just not enough of it.
The solution (again) can be found in White community building. If several hundred racially aware families are living in close proximity to each other, this will manifest into a strong sense of camaraderie. Our children will go to school together and grow up in a community that shares our credo, philosophy and belief system. They will then become the future and from small acorns mighty oaks do grow.

Many people see Eastern Europe as the last fortress of the White Race. Do you agree with them? What is your vision about whole Europe and UK in 20 years? Do our nations and race have a chance to survive?

Eastern Europe will only become the last fortress of Europe if we don't change tactics.
At the recent G20 summit Hungary repaid its loads and told the Rothchilds and the IMF to close its office in Budapest, saying it was no longer needed. If they can do it so can our nations.
Things in Northern Europe seem to be going from bad to worse. The Swedish government announced on September 3rd that it would be granting permanent residency to any Syrian refugees seeking asylum, great news for the 2 million Syrian refugees displaced by violence and war I'm sure, not so for the blonde haired, blue eyed vikings who muslims have earned Sweden the title of rape capital of the world.
People say there must be a serious economic crisis in their lands before Nationalist politics can rise. Hitler's Germany, and the recent success of Golden Dawn is testiment to this. However, if there is a serious economic emergency in your land would you and your racial organisation be prepared? There should be at least a national meeting point where all Aryan Conservationists can congregate and unite in times of strife. And AGAIN this comes back to the Live The Dream White Homeland concept.
We all know Germany suffers from the harshest racial laws in Europe, but even in the Motherland their is a spark of hope with the town of Jamel and its growing White racial enclave.
Today, Europe is at a crossroads. If we keep just plodding away hoping for a new Fuhrer to emerge to save us from dispear then in 20 years things will be very black. It is down to us to make things change, so there is always a chance of survival.

Thanks a lot for the interview! Any final comments or massage to the readers of Revolt NS?
I would like to ask all readers of this blog to take the time to read the Live The Dream booklet. Absorb what it has to say, and if you agree with just 80% of its philosophy please lobby your racial leaders to support the concept.
Also, a big thanks to the staff at NSREVOLT for this interview.

Cheers Benny

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Nordic Summer Fest in Finland

Nordic Summer fest 9-10 August  2013

Nordic Summer fest was held in the second time in Finland, at Orivesi which is 40 km north of Tampere. This year the gig place was closer to the city and the the weather was good, also many improvements was being made, there were cabins which could be rented to the comrades, also good toilets and washing facilities as including a sauna, little over 200 comrades arrived at the gig place from, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and of course Finland.
Friday's first band was Pagan Skull, RAC from Jyväskylä band was founded in 2006, latest cd – In the hands of the Fatherland published in 2012. The second band at Friday was Marder from Helsinki, they have played since May 2012, but they have been very active in gig front. Last band at Friday night was the Street sweepers from Kouvola, they played some covers from the famous Finnish RAC band Mistreat and also they new material at they cd whits is almost ready and out.

Saturday began with small problems, beginning of playing would have been Civic Duty, but one band member's car had broken down, so there was some changes to the band playing order. So, first at Saturday was Irminsul from Spain, they have played since 2006 and they second full length album is soon out, at the gig they played very energetic gig which they received a lot of positive feedback.

Second was Endless Pride from Sweden, band was born in September 2002, and plays metal with glimpses of old school rock'n'roll and oi. They had their sixth CD-Decade of pride” released by Midgard records in 2012. Endless Pride played a good gig and the crowd liked what they saw.

Third band was Goatmoon from Lappeenranta. This Finnish black metal band was established in spring of 2002, the lyrics are mostly about white supremacy and hate. This band was expected a lot and there was a lots of fans in the crowd, and they were not disappointed.

 Fourth band was Civic Duty from Helsinki, the band was founded in 2007. They are also very active at the the gig front, they have a very aggressive sound and Joonas have a good voice, they played a good set in the darkening evening.

The fifth and  the event's headliner was Blitzkrieg from Sachsen/Germany, founded in 1999. Their latest cd is called Das letzte Bollwerk(The last bastion) released in 2011. Blitzkrieg is very famous and popular band all across Europe, this was second time they were playing in Finland, and time after time the band succeed to exceed expectations of crowd. Even before Blitzkrieg finished their set the crowd wanted to see Irminsul back on stage,   so the band played few more songs on encore and the Spanish boys did their best to pleased the crowd which went mad. It was a great final of this second edition of Nordic Summer Fest. See you next year in Finland!!!

Special Thanks to: Blood and Honour Finland, Luopio Band members, all bands, all crew who supported the gig, Alex, Niko, Jaana, Suvi, Kristiina, Kaisa.

Report by: Jope
Photos by:  White Rebels Finland

Anti communist rally in Bulgaria

   On the evening of 9th September a rally remembering the victims of Communists regime in Bulgaria, took place in country's capital Sofia. On the 8th September 1944 the Bolshevik Red Army invaded Bulgarian territory and occupied several big cities such as Varna, Dobrich, Russe, Silistra, Burgas. On the next day all lousy so called "partisans" came down from the mountains.... afterwards a wave of massive violence broke up and in term of just 40 days tens of thousands innocent Bulgarian were either killed without a trail and sentence or imprisoned and thrown in Communist concentration camps.The main target were political and personal opponents, high ranked army officers, Orthodox priests, teachers and basically all intellectuals and aristocrats.This was the worst and most bloody moment in the our modern history, which still reflects on nowadays, because the sons and grandsons of this red criminal gang are still at high positions of the Government.
   The rally was organized by "National Resistance" and attended by 150 comrades. After the demonstration the commemoration continued in front of the Monument of the victims of Communists regime located in downtown Sofia.

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Caio - R.I.P.

Caio, Peggior Amico lead singer and Italian VFS co-founder.

Today we left a Man and a Friend.

He who with his life gave us an example of loyalty , consistency and courage that have inspired generations of Lions.

He wanted to be at the front until his last breath going forward, to assault of last frontier.

He will remain forever in the hearts of those who, thanks to him, keep alive the ideals that in an auspicious day our paths joined.

R.I.P. Comrade!!! 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

R.A.C. Encyclopedia - part 10

Faustrecht (which means Rule of Fist or Rule of Force) is a band founded in the middle 90’s in Allgau, Bavaria and became the voice of the organization called Allgau Skinheads which was prohibited later. The first foundation of the band took place back in 1994 as a project. After 3 rehearsals band activities were
stopped again. The band „FAUSTRECHT“ was started again in spring 1995. The members of that time were: Nogge/Vocals, Michi/Bass, Pep/Guitar and Thomi/Drums. Unfortunately no one except Pep could play an instrument, so there was one year of practicing first. At the same time we were composing songs also, so after this year we recorded a Demo-Tape called „Geächtet“ („Banned“). It was released in March 1996 and became a big success for us. It sold over 3.000 copies. Unfortunately it was banned in summer 1996 because of one song and is not available anymore. Because of that we had big troubles with the German Law. Because of the big success of the Demo, we decided to do a Debut-CD. We signed at Jens Pühse Label and released our first CD called „Blut, Schweiß und Tränen“ („Blood, sweat and tears“) at the end of December 1997. It became a real big success for us also, it sold nearly 20.000 copies till today. Unfortunately it is not available anymore, because the German Law had also problems with that. After that we released our following CD called „Sozialismus oder Tod“ („Socialism or death“). This was in March 1999. We are not really satisfied with this one, cause the sound did not fulfil our expectations and the songs were not really finished. It sold over 6.000 copies. 
In 2001 a second guitarist joined the band. His name is Markus and he was also the man who gave the name to our band. With him we recorded our last CD called „Klassenkamf“ („Class war“). It was released in July 2002. After that we decided to dissolve the band „FAUSTRECHT“. The reason for that was that two members did not want to go on the way we go for so many years. Also there were differences about the musical future of the band and also personal ones. Unfortunately it was impossible to find a solution for this problems, so it was the best to dissolve the band. Well, Thomi and Pep left us. But for Nogge and me (Michi) it was always clear to go on with a new band. So we started looking for new members. In 2003 two long time friends named Rainer and Daniel joined us. At the same year we started rehearsing and in spring 2004 also Markus returned to us. So we decided to go on with „FAUSTRECHT“. After some further changes in the Line-up the current Line-up consists out of following persons: Nogge/Vox, Rainer/Guitar, Markus/Guitar, Werner/Drums and me (Michi)/Bass.
CD Niemals Verrat Die fruhen Jahre was released in May 2005, which contains non- Prohibited songs from their first demo and first album, and the same year in July, Faustrecht recorded split with Italian band SPQR, and is called "Kameradschaft – German - Italian Brotherhood. Also this year the band recorded 2 songs for "The Skinheads come back" compilation. The 4th CD which is called "Ein Blick zurück im Zorn", was released in June 2006 and the 5th called -"Das Recht zu hassen" was released in august 2008. Their latest album called "Straßensozialisten", was recorded in august 2010. In October 2010 single called "S.H.A.R.P. / Nothing is in vain" was released. Despite of difficulties Faustrecht still continues to be one of the most popular European RAC-bands, and is considered to be one of the best bands to perform at gigs where we can see them often.

Avalon is a prominent English RAC band from Coventry.These severe lads started in 90’s and despite a lot of changes inside their band they continue to perform.
Some Avalon members have been involved with various side projects, including the Anglo-Canadian band Kara, and Thunderbolt, with members of Razors Edge. Band was formed in 1994 and Originally called 19th Twice. After various line-ups the band settled on Bod on vocals, Graham on guitar, Shag on bass and Acky on drums. This line-up played their debut gig at the St. George's Day 1995 concert. Acky left in 1995, Sid stood in on the drums for a short time. An early line-up included Peter who left in 1995. When they played the ISD memorial '96 concert they recruited new drummer James. Graham replaced Bod as the vocalist in late 1996 whilst also remaining the guitarist. They split-up soon after. Avalon's debut CD 'Our Honour Is True' ran into numerous problems. The German label Di-Al Records got raided by the police, which made them rather reluctant to release the CD. When they played in Germany in January 1998, the line-up included Graham on guitar and Steve, ex-Conquest, on rhythm guitar. They split-up again around 2001 because of a shortage of musicians in their local area and reformed in April 2003 with Graham on bass/vocals and guitarists Kev and Mark, who were both new to the scene, and Andy, ex-Conquest on drums. At the beginning of 2005, the band was left by Kev who was substituted by Garret who played in Germant his first time for Avalon in june of the same year. Later the band was left by Garret and Andy. So now the line-up is: Graham on guitar and vocals, Rob on bass and Steve (London Diehards) on drums.

Gesta Bellica

The band was formed in 1991 within Veneto Fronte Skinheads, a skinhead group operating in Veneto region of Italy. It has included Alessandro (guitar), Fabrizio (drums), Ubi (bass) and Pippo (vocals) since 1991. The play on August 31. 1992 at the concert Ritorno a Camelot (English: Return to Camelot) alongside with Peggior Amico, Verde Bianco Rosso and others, after which they produced a live tape of their concert. Thereafter they produce their demo-tape titled Gesta Bellica. In 1994 Ubi and Pippo leave the band and are substituted by Andron (bass)and Toast (drums), meanwhile Fabrizio becomes the singer of the band.
In 1995 at Tuono Records label the band released split with Corona Ferrea, called Tempi Moderni, and at the same label in October they participated in compilation Fuori Dal Ghetto.
In 1997 at the same label the band releases their first CD ''Usque ad inferos''( later, in 2001 it was reissued with 500 copies in red vinyl for german DIM Records) and participated in an international RAC-compilation. In 1999 the band releases their second CD ''Iterum Rudit Leo'', which was also reissued in 2001 in yellow vinyl at DIM Records. In 2004 third CD ''Ius Primae Linae'' was released.
In 2005 they contribute with a track of I ragazzi sono colpevoli vol. 2 (English: the boys are guilty vol. 2) compilation, by Skinhouse Prod. During the exibition at Ritorno a Camelot of 2006 the band announce their split up. At the beginning of 2007 the band returns to the scene with new front man – Umberto and they perform all round the Italy.

In 2011, Gesta Bellica releases CD called XX, which is dedicated to twentieth anniversary of the band.

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"The Sound of the street" Skinzine

"The Sound of the street" is a new Italian Skinzine started from October 2012.  The publishing crew manage to produce new issues on every 4-5 months. For the moment they printed 3 issues full of band interviews, cd reviews, gig reports plus comics and other stuff. Anyone interested in distributing or just to get a copy for his collection, don't hesitate to write to:

Friday, 5 July 2013

B&H Hexagone Summer Solstice

22nd of June was long awaited day for me. It was the date of summer Solstice organized by the French BH Division-Hexagone. The other very important reason that I was so exited about was the special guest of the event - the living legend Stigger!!! As soon as I was told about the event, I have done my very best to be there, no matter it was really hard to take day off from work. I’ve visited summer Solstice in 2012, so I had great memories from this event.
   The celebration was at the same place as last year-very nice and big botanic garden, near by the city of Marseille. We arrived around 17 h., when everything was already prepared. So it was the right time for a bottle of rose wine :) !!! I was happy to see there some old faces, almost all the guys from B&H crew and many of my mates.

 In such so nice and friendly atmosphere time ran out very fast. Between the wine, beers and all the friends there, somehow the night was already fallen down. So here came the moment I have been waiting for years. Finally I had the chance to see Stigger on a live ballad performance! Of course a musician like him needs no representation, I really don’t believe, there is someone in that movement, who don’t feel respect and comradeship, when he hears his name.

So, for the first part of his set, he has played some very famous Skrewdriver ballads like "Old Albion" and "Green fields of France", few of his own band “Warlord”, plus covers of “Sweet home Alabama”, "Tuesdays Gone" and "Devil's right hand". I have expected really a lot, but his performance was even more than I expected!

Right after him, Michel (singer of “Frakass” and guitarist of “Brutal Attack”) took the guitar. It’s not necessary even to say, how all the people was happy to see him on the stage, as his band “Frakass” is one of the most loved and active from the French RAC scene. He has started his acoustic performance with “Runes de pouvoir”, ”Un chemin pour la liberte”, ”Hymne a la gloire” and “LVF”.  Right after his set, it was time for the Solstice ceremony.

    The “head” of BH Hexagone, delivered a great speech about the nature, the mission in our life, comradeship and family. He said really good things which touched the heart of everyone. After that we burn the fire, and for respect the tradition we drink “Hydromel” (the oldest alcohol ever known), which Stigger brought from England especially for the ceremony. After that, everyone had the chance to put in the fire stick of wood for the memory of someone important for their lifes, which is not anymore among us…
   Great ceremony, not to short, not to long-just perfect! There was something magic in the air and we really become one with the nature and we felt the spirit of our ancestors.

   After that was time for the real party! Michel took again the guitar, he made very professional and the same time funny presentation, and as always when he plays - all the people was singing along and dancing with him. The second part of his set contained songs as “Pour la France et l’Europe”, after “Solstice d’hiver” and he finished with “Dernier Hommage”. Michel was perfect, as usual. I really believe, that at the moment, he is the most popular French RAC singer, as we can see, he really loves what he does and he do it well.
   So once again it was time for my favorite singer in present days – Stigger. For the second part of his set, he has choose more dynamic and rock’n’roll songs. It was the climax of the party, everyone, absolutely everyone was singing and dancing. The youngest fan of his music was very little girl, which has been there with her parents.

 The moment I will never forget, was when Stigger played “Get yourself tattooed” specially for me J. He also played “Blood and Honour”, which were specially for the guys from B&H and for finish, as he always do, he played “Sleep well my brother”. Now he really touched my heart, was breath stopping moment to stay and watch this amazing acoustic concert with the big fire under the moon light!!! A moment of my life, which for sure I will never forget!!!
   The concert was over, but the party wasn’t. All the people were sitting around the fire, we had nice and interesting conversations and I’m sure that all of us will remember this evening until the end of our days.
  Here as usual I want to thank first B&H Hexagone’s members for the hard work and great organization, Stigger and Michel for the great concert they did for us, to Nadia, Helene and Aurelie for the great “wine time” we had togetherJ!!! I honestly confess this was one of the best weekends in my life.

 Exclusive report by S.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Gig in Milan

Ciao ragazzi… I bet you all are waiting to read the report from the big gig in Milan! Well, let me started… after the gig in Poland I was quite sure I’ll not have any gigs around Europe at least till the fall, because of eternal money problem plus family obligations. But the situation changed for just a couple of hours when I find out a low cost flight and a place to stay in Milano. So despite the moaning wife and the small amount in my pockets I flew to Italy on 14th June in perfect condition of spirits. After almost 2 hours flight I landed in Bergamo, from where in went to downtown Milan. I had some free time for sightseeing before a mighty crew of Russians comrades joined me in the hotel. As you may know Russian and Bulgarian languages are very similar, so there was not any language barrier or even a need to communicate in English. It was a bit late so we decided to go to downtown of the city, instead of visiting Skinhouse Milano, which was far away from us. Unfortunately the whole city centre was empty, no people on the streets, pubs closed down, not even stores were open where you can get cold and cheap beer L In moments like this I realize how much I love Eastern Europe where you can have drinks on reasonable prices 24/7 J  So finally we find out a place where we had some beers (0.66 ml, just to notice) the good mood was back, so we’ve spend the night till 4 o’clock drinking and singing on the streets.
           So at Saturday after an early beer start and lunch we headed to the edge of the city where the meeting point of the gig was. On the metro station we met some beautiful Canadian skingirl which couldn’t stand the charm of our gentleman crew and joined our ranks.  Just a few meters before the gig venue we were stopped by civil police who took away and pictured our passports. Fuck you “Old bill” it’s not illegal to visit skinhead gigs…still!
   The gig venue appeared to be a big store - house with well sized open air area in front of it. Right on the moments when we’ve entered, Brutal attack was having their sound check. Nevertheless the acting of Ken on stage was emotional as always, so we had a few songs in advance before the real start of the gig. We used this time to buy some T-shirts and cd’s from the numerous tacles with merchandise and to put the Russian (Imperial) and Bulgarian national flags on the stage.
     The gig has started around 7.30 p.m. with the first band for the evening – Wolfsfront,   totally new and unknown band from Germany. They played the typical for their country aggressive R.A.C. with metal influences mixing own songs with covers of Hassgesang and The Oppressed (Ultra Violence). Not bad performance at all, but in Germany there is too many bands who sound quite the same and this one makes no difference.  The sound of the vocal was a bit down, but the sound technicians fixed this problem for the next bands.

Second on stage appeared Garrota from Varese . The band has been around for a couple of years, producing a demo cd entitled “Fuori dai nostri quartieri” in 2008 and full length album Dalla Parte Sbagliata in 2011. They have played a dozen of own songs plus a cover of Plastic surgery – “Rivolta”.

Next on the row was Linea Ostile - a brand new band from Bolzano/Trento. Apart from being rookies, I give my credits to them because their sound is melodic with rough vocals, quite similar to an old and famous Italian band "Peggior Amico". They have a five songs demo cd self - released just a few weeks ago.

Corona Ferrera was fourth band for the night. They are formed in 1993. They have produced a demo in 1993, with 4 songs and split EP with Gesta Bellica from Verona named "Tempi Moderni" produced by Tuono Records. This split features three songs by Corona Ferrera. In 1996 Tuono Records produced the first and only album by CF named "Skinhead Action" with 10 tracks. They have also appeared in 6 compilations among which "Fuori dal Ghetto", "Tributo a Janus" "I Ragazzi Sono Colpevoli" "Keep It White" "Tribute To Legion 88" "Best Of Tuono Records".  It was great to listen live and sing together old songs like "Nessuna Resa", "Combatti", "Uno di noi", "Giustizia" and others. Italian and Spanish guys went totally crazy! Another top performance was also the song "Non ho tradito" ("I have not betrayed"), the lyrics are from a poem from an Italian soldier parachutist from Folgore Division written while he was in prison after the II World war.

Brutal attack was the next on the schedule. They started with their usual set with tracks  “Tales of glory”, “Healing hands” and “Always near”. As always there was a fantastic stage performance of “good old” Ken who was jumping on big PA system columns like a mental teenager J  In the middle of their set the electricity in the hall went off for a couple of minutes, so it was time for the crowd to sing a song, which was Aurora’s evergreen “Avanti Ragazzi (di Buda)”. Right after the electricity was back on the band waste no time and we got “Rock against communism” which led to massive pogo in front of the stage. Sadly Ken didn’t want to perform any Skrewdriver covers, despite that crowd was yelling for “Free my land” so after few more songs the set was ended with encore of  “Tales of Glory”.

ADL 122 is a veteran Skinhead Italian band formed in Milan over 1993. Their name is chosen in opposition to the Decree Law 122 issued on April 26, 1993, involving “emergency measures in the material of racial, national, ethnic and religious“, from there the acronym A.D.L. 122 which gives the name to the band. They have play an energy set of 14 songs such as “I ragazzi sono coplevoli”, “Anni Passati”, “Skinhead 88” and of course their most know hit “Off”.

Guys from Bully Boys came on the gig place at the late hours of the day, coming directly from Slovenia, where they had a small local gig the previous evening. We had time to have some brief conversation and took some pics with their fans on the open air area. They started their performance after midnight with songs from their last two albums such as “Superstar’s back”, “Nobody’s Hero”, “Dead man tale no tales” and “Hate me please”.

  For some reason Scott sang without the needed for such gigs passion( I guess he waste it all previous night in Ljubljana) , which was felt by the crowd. The other negative thing was that the long awaited “promotion” of their brand new album “From Amerika with Love” did not happened at all. Scott apologized for this from the stage, no matter that I doubt it was his fault. Anyways their performance and the whole gig ended with the top classic “Skinhead Superstar”. For this song the band invited few girls to join them on stage. But they were too shy to sing on microphone, so it was time for yours truly Revolt NS editor to invade the stage and sang the song from the top of his awful voice J What an unexpected end of the show, isn’t it J

So unfortunately it was time to say “goodbye” to all the comrades across Europe. Concert was attended by around 900 people from countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Rep., Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, USA, Canada and of course me from Bulgaria. May be because of the too many drinks, but I had the feeling the gig finished too fast. To be honest the concert was pretty good, but I’ve expected much more from some of the bands (especially from Bully boys) and from the show atmosphere in general. The whole event passed without any incidents between the attenders from the different European nations in a really friendly and joyful atmosphere. I would like to thank the boys and girls from Italia Hammerskins and Crew 38 for the job well done! Regards to my comrades from Germany (Joanna, Massimo, Yves& PC rec. crew), Kris, Tomasz and Polish skinhead gang, Gery (HS Hungary), Pigi (SPQR Skins Rome) and at last but not the least Kirill, Vlad and the rest of the Russian crew!!!

The morning after we find out that our photo is already in Italian newspapers  which you can see HERE Having in mind that now the main political party in Milan is leftwing, these news was like a bomb for them, 900 skinheads in the center of Milan!
To summarize it with just few words - it was a perfect weekend in Milan, those who have miss it can only regret!!!

Exclusive report by Editor
Photos by Fabio