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B&H Hungary interview

1. Hello comrade, greetings from Bulgaria. What could you tell us about the history of Hungarian B&H movement? As far as I know it has an official registration as a “cultural organization”.

Regards from Hungary! Well, everything has begun on the August of 1998, when the Hungarian B&H was founded in the town of Szekszárd. We were helped by our German comrades to found our division. Between 2002 and 2005 we had an official association, which was called “Vér és Becsület Kulturális Egyesület” ( Blood & Honour Cultural Association ). It was banned after a long trail in October 2005 because the basic rule and ideology of the association was almost the same as the “Nyilaskeresztes Párt - Hungarista Mozgalom” (Arrowcross Party - Hungarist Movement) basically the “Hungarian National Socialist party” which was our country’s last government in the last years of the war (15. 10. 1944 – 9. 05. 1945). The other cause was then the association has contact with the international Blood & Honour movement what is clearly national socialist. The third cause was then on our meetings, rallies, gigs those people who said speeches often said things what was too aggressive and offensive towards the Jews and the gypsies… We didn’t give up we still exist just not officially J.

2. It’s a well known fact that from your Fatherland a lot of lands was taken away after the world wars. Does this fact have influence the relations with your border countries? We ask specifically about a country which is also neighbor of Bulgaria :) ?

Well its always a hard question. The 2/3 of our lands were taken after the First World War in Versialles (Trianon palace) 4th of July 1920 by the Antant nations. Our lands became a new part of other countries as: Czech-Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Russia, Romania, Austria and Slovenia. Between the years of 1938-1941 we got back some of our territories because the help of the III.Reich. But we fought in the WW2 and lost our lands again. Most of the Hungarians who are not living in Hungary now are living in Transylvania, what is a part of Romania now. More than 1,5 million Hungarians are living there still today. These people had to face the Romanian socialism all the time, but they don’t give up! Many atrocities and genocides happened there since we had lost our land. And all because the socialism what is noting else than “leftwing-extremist nationalism”. This is still living in Slovakia, Serbia, and Romania. It’s hard to forget! The good thing is that many NS comrades are coming from Slovakia, Croatia, and Slovenia to work together with us for our common goal. We are going to understand and then we have to fight together because our enemy is international, so we have to fight as conational against it! Personally I think the borders of Hungary in 1941 were correct because we got back those territories where the Hungarian people were at least a 70% majority. But as I said we have to fight commonly first because if we lose we don’t have to speak about borders anymore… so its time to work together.

3. Hungary is famous with the heroic defense of Budapest at the end of WW II. Could you tell us more about this day and about the annual “Day of Honour” Memorial march? What kind of problems you as one of the organizers faced in the last few years?

The first Day of Honour march were held in 1997 with a couple hundred NS people, till 1999 when more then 1600 people marched together (many comrades from Bulgaria as well!). The so called “right wing” government took steps to shut down our strong movement. After the march the Police tried to check the people’s ID’s on the gig, but the fight broke up, and many policemen got hurt. There was a trial against the comrades who fought with the police. The secret police sent agents to turn the comrades against each other. So our movement was in pieces till 2001. After that the leaders of the NS groups came together and they had the will to work together and build up the movement again. Everything went on, and in 2003 we were to able to hold our next Day of Honour. Since then every year we are able to make it, and now it becomes a tradition in Europe to visit Hungary and participate in the Day of Honour. Why do the police let us to do it? Because the march is going always in order, we don’t burn cars…etc. The march is official every time as well. Somehow they respect this…it’s a really interesting situation. This year more then 1400 people were in the formation and a couple hundred were just passive supporters outside the formation. Also this year the media told then we were more than 2000 people attending… it was really good for us…because they always decrease our numbers J. In this way I would like to say thanks to all our Bulgarian comrades who are coming to our march each year to support it! My respect is yours!

4. Our movement worldwide is separated between B&H and C18 sides. What is your opinion on this subject?

The Hungarian B&H was always the part of the so called independent B&H so most of our actions are determined because this. This is the official view of the Hungarian B&H. My personal opinion, I search people who are serious enough and have enough intelligence to work together with others. I care more about the personality and the personal activity and not about the “club”! We won’t be harmful to our enemies if we are fighting against each other like hooligans…it makes no sense to me.

5. In contrast to all other countries in Hungary the National Socialist movement is not divided. On the contrary, the biggest organizations are united in “Unity for Homeland” Movement. What is the major reason about this fact?

It’s very easy. As I told we were influenced by secret agents after 1999 who turned the comrades and the group-leaders against each other. In 2001 the leaders understood then it is better to work in alliance. The alliance helped us to build the movement and increase its numbers. There is a meeting between the group leaders in every year to speak about the upcoming events like the dates of the demonstrations and gigs. In the fall of 2007 some group leaders wanted much more order in the alliance, so they made a system for this. After this order-system was introduced the “Untity for Homeland Movement” changed name to work under the name: NS-FRONT. There are some groups and active persons who didn’t join this new alliance because they believe the freedom of the leaderless movement.

6. In my contacts with comrades from your country it seems to me that almost everyone is taking part in some military games or “replays” of war battles. Can you give us more information about these “games”? Why most of the skins in Hungary are militants?

The fact is that I would be happy if most of the skins would be more militant here!
I would call 10% of the skinheads are real militant, others are militant only in the gigs or in the demonstrations, they are acting like SA, fight on the streets, drink beer, make politics…and sometimes that’s all. But there is a couple hardliner who are really militant. Those comrades are the ones who try to teach themselves how to fight, they had understand that we would never win our struggle if we are just sitting in the local pub and dreaming about the upcoming IV.Reich… We try to organize the militant comrades. For example in every year since 1999 we hold our “Outbrake tour” which is a 45 km long excursion one week before the Day of Honour. The most militant persons are coming to this excursion to prove then they are able to march 12 hours across the hills and valleys in nighttime to reach their goals. In this way these comrades –WE– show our respect to our ancestors and heroes who broke from the besieged Budapest in 11.02.1945. This year more then 100 persons were marching… of course there are other activities as well. There are gamer-groups who play “airsoft” almost every weekend. The airsoft is one of the best tactical-war games because it is quite realistic, cheap and keeps you in shape as well. If you are there not just for fun then you are able to learn a lot of things by experience. Other comrades are going to shoot in shooting clubs or making historical reenactments. Many comrades are doing martial arts as well to improve their fighting skills. There are a few who went into the army or the “Legion Entrange” to have real experiences from the real war. Some skinheads fought in the Yugoslavian wars as well to help to defend the Hungarian minority in Croatia against the Serb army.

7. Next question is about the music scene in Hungary – which are the most famous local WP bands? Why do some of the hardcore bands from your movement play live with other “non political” HC bands?

The most favorite local WP band is “Archívum”, this band is playing again since last year, so we have their support again. The other active WP-bands are: playing RAC: Valhalla, Vérszerződés, Titkolt Ellenállás, Vendetta, Arrow-cross, Tar-Had, Hunor, Vádló Bitófák, Hűség, Tarsoi and 3 new bands. In other styles: S.O.G. / Gungnir (NS-Grindcore) Fehér Törvény (RAC/HC), Pushing Onwards (NS-Deathmetal/HC).
In 2007 one of our active gig-organizers thought than it would be good idea to spread our voice for not just skinheads but other right-wing people, or towards just ordinary metal/HC people. So he made a gig with a big success where right winged HC and other non political bands were playing. So we become open to influence from other sub cultural groups with our ideology. Why? The fact is the RAC has good lyrics, but not everybody likes the typical skinhead music…so these bands are reaching only those people who are already involved in this kind of scene. With making other kind of music, we can reach hundreds or thousands of people! I think the ideology should have a culture, not just only one subculture!

8. Here in Bulgaria one of the most popular Hungarian bands is Karpatia, people like it because of their unique style. What could you tell us about this band, which as far as I know is just patriotic and it’s not aligned to B&H?

We have a subculture which is called “National Rock”. They are playing patriotic songs and they are not connected most of the time with the NS movement nor B&H. They’re making big business from patriotism, and we think this is not a right thing. Otherwise it is good then they give some ideas for the people who they are, what does it mean to being a Hungarian… being one nation…etc. Kárpátia is one of the “superstar” bands from these. They are playing every weekend. If you go somewhere you can always find a couple Kárpátia song in the musicbox. They become very popular because 70% of their songs are old national military songs, and other folksongs.

9. During one of my visits to Budapest it was a huge impression to see a soviet monument from communist times which was surrounded with tree fence lines!!! Majority of the Hungarian people are anti-communist. Is there any active Antifa movement in you country in present times?

I would say then the people learned what it means to live under a communist regime. Because of that the Antifa people are mostly Jews or idiot liberals….well most of the time they are the same, so we don’t really have Antifa mob in our country, but the government is always Antifa because they have to serve the New World Order which is run by the free masons & Jews. So there is no way out… but at least we don’t have so many problems on the streets like our comrades in Germany.

10. Around two years ago the streets of your capital was plagued by thousands of people protesting against the Prime Minister Gyurcsány. People from the NS movement took major part in the riots and fights with police. The most remarkable moments was the blockade of the building of “national” TV channel and the kidnapping of an old tank…what are your memories from these great days?

In 18th of September 2006. the socialist party leader and Prime Minister Gyurcsány’s speech was made known in the media. He told to his party members then they lied about everything…they just ruined the country etc. So the people went onto the streets in front of the Parliament building in Budapest to protest against Gyurcsány. The protesters wanted to proclaim their story to the “national TV (government TV) but they refused so the protestors fought with the police and conquered the TV. The riot-police were beaten totally. The following two days the fights continued. We fought with everything we were able, with rocks, with bottles, everything from the street.
On the 23rd of October 2006 on the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian anti-communist revolution the people wanted to show they don’t want this government! When we gathered at the Deák Ferenc square and we were waiting for the fight. We saw the T-34/85 tank on moving towards the police and the people went on attack, us as well. The police were shooting with rubber bullets and the usual teargas…sending water/paint-guns against us… many people got shot down with rubber bullets its not a nice thing but the people kept fighting The driver of the tank was taken out from the tank by the police using tear/smoke grenades. The fight was going on and they shot at us, we then threw Molotov cocktails towards them. Then we built barricades against the mounted police (cavalry) attacks, which were using real swords against the people – so it was a real situation. Since then every national holiday is looking like this just a little but smaller. I was happy then I was able to see in live this part of the history and fight for my rights against the system! Many of my comrades were fighting as well, shoulder to shoulder we fought, even the rival hooligan groups were working together against the police, and this was a precedent! What did I learn? It was good practice, and I could see who is the real fighter…who fought with us…and who are those who just speaking about the acts.

11. What are the positive and the negative sides of the Hungarian membership in the EU?

Well, I see no positive things in the EU…. it’s just an economic union, which is the perfect representation of the New World Order.

12. Just a few days ago the territory of Kosovo declared independence. Can you share with us your position about this important for Europe subject?

In my opinion Kosovo’s fight for independence was a perfect example how to fight a guerilla war and making world wide propaganda to support this fight, and even having the USA’s help in it. Serbia was not able to resist or control the situation, so they lost this territory. Since 1920 the Albanian population grew 6 times bigger. They become 90% majority in that region, and of course ruined the economy of this region. Most of them are unemployed and those who are working are doing this in the EU countries. Actually the USA wanted to have a “base” in the South Balkans because Kosovo won’t be in the EU for a while. Some economists say that Kosovo will be very important soon because of the oil-transportations. So we can see how is it possible to use ethnic people to fight for what the USA ( or those who control them as well) wants. It was a good example of the diversion.

13. Do you have impressions about the movement in Bulgaria? What do you think about the idea of future co-operation between Bulgarian and Hungarian sections of B&H?

Sadly I never was in your country, but I heard stories from my comrades, that the Bulgarian comrades were always very helpful and nice with them! Those people who I already met become my friends and good comrades! As I saw your propaganda materials (zine for example) made me think, then what you are doing is serious. I still need more information about your whole movement but I think you have enough talented persons to reach your goals! I think the co-operation has begun we just have to continue our struggle! We as the Hungarian B&H are ready to help you anything as we can to improve our connections!

14. Your last words? What would you like to wish to your Bulgarian comrades?

First, I would like to thank you Savin for the interview it was really good to answer well thought out questions! I would like to send my comrades best regards to our friends in Plovdiv as well and for those Bulgarians who read this article! J I wish for you to keep going all the time, our fight is very hard sometimes, but what doesn’t destroy us makes us stronger! I would like to finish the interview with the following admiral words:

“Better to live for a moment as a hero then being a slave in your whole lifetime!” Szálasi Ferenc.

B&H Hungary

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