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RAC Encyclopedia - part 3

No Remorse
No Remorse was a WP British rock band formed in 1986. Original singer of the band left it soon after it’s foundation replaced by new singer Paul Burnley (born Tristram Bellany ) joining from his own band Public enemy.
In 1988 their debut album, This Time, was released and was said to be "the most evil record ever produced" according to The Jewish Chronicle. Later on that year they recorded See you in Valhalla after changing record label from Rebelles Europeens to Rock-O-Rama Records.
In 1989 they recorded the albums The new stormtrooper and Blood against gold. The same year, Paul Berley recorded the album There's Only One Public Enemy with his solo-project, Public Enemy. Next year another Public Enemy-album was released, titled Our Weapon Is Truth.
In 1990 their album Blood Against Gold was released, and for the first time ever No Remorse performed in the United States of America. First in Ottawa, Canada, and then as a contributing band at the Aryan Fest in Oklahoma. Their show was recorded by White Aryan Resistance and was later broadcasted via cable-TV throughout the entire United States.
In 1991 No Remorse held a concert in Brandenburg, Germany for their largest crowd ever. Later that year, Australian musician Nigel Brown (White Lightning, Celtic Warrior, Ravens Wing, Wolfseye) joined the band.
In 1992 No Remorse was scheduled to hold a concert in Spain with the Welsh band Violent Storm. When they arrived in Spain they received word of the death of all Violent Storm band members except the singer, and they dedicated the concert to their memory. In 1992 they accompanied the Swedish band Dirlewanger at the Brandenburg festival. In September they traveled to California with Dirlewanger where they performed together and recorded the album Desert Storm.
In 1993 No Remorse performed as the first non-Czech freedom rock band in Czechoslovakia. They also performed in Poland with the native band Konkwista 88. On the 24th of September Ian Stuart, lead singer of Skrewdriver, died in a car accident. In November they played in London and performed their tribute song, The Flame That Never Dies.
In April of 1994, Farewell Ian Stuart was recorded, and they signed for both Movement Records and Nordland Records. Under Nordland Records they recorded the album Under The Gods, and under Movement Records they released Skinhead Army. Later on that year they also performed at "A Tribute to Ian Stuart", accompanied by Bound for Glory, Centurion, RaHoWa and Berserkr. Following the concert, Joe Rowan, singer of the American band Nordic Thunder, was murdered at a gas station.
In 1995 Nordland Records released Under The Gods and Resistance Records released The Best of No Remorse. Movement Records encountered economic troubles and sold the rights to European Skinhead Army to Nordland. Paul Burnley takes part in a documentary entitled “World of skinheads” which was presenting the different sides and political aspects of the skinhead subculture.

In 1996, Paul Burnley accompanied by Swedish band "Swastika", recorded the album Kindred Spirit Carry the Flame. The Winning Hand, the re-named version of "European Skinhead Army" was released.
Aside from the above mentioned records No Remorse were also featured on several collective- and compilation albums.
On the 1st of November 1996, ten years after No Remorse was formed, Paul Burnley decided to leave the band. At the same time was started another band under the name of “No remorse” with Big Jacko on the vocals. They released “Barbecue in Rostok” album but the quality of the record was much inferior then the previous productions of the band. With some “on and off’s” the band continue to exist in next years, but many people believe that No remorse history ended with the withdraw of it’s front man.
After No Remorse, Burnley released a cd under the name "No Fear" (Still got the power) along with the melodic musicianship of Nigel Brown in 1999.
Paul Burnley wrote a book “Nazi Rock star” about the livework of Ian Stuart and Skrewdriver under the pseudonym Paul London, book was produced by Swedish Midgard records in 2002.
Burnley disappeared from the scene in next few years, but in present times he can be seen singing football songs hailing Chelsea F.C.
Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery was an Italian band in the 80's. They released one 7" in 1986 entitled "Rivolta". Their classic song "Rivolta" has been translated and covered by Spain's Division 250, Italy's Legittima Offesa, Portugal's LusitanOi!, and German band Faustrecht. Unfortunately they're not around anymore, but their music is still heard world-wide by true fans of Oi!

Blackout was originally formed in the early 90's by Andrew "Stinko" Lewis along with 'Miffy', 'Acky' and Roger. Blackout always remained in Stinkos heart, even though he was involved in other projects, and in the late 90's, along with Brad and Freeman, Blackout emerged again and recorded tracks for a compilation album.

During these recordings, the idea of recording a full length CD was discussed but, due to the deterioration in Stinko's health, the project was shelved. There followed a period of serious illness which resulted in the untimely passing of Stinko.

Prior to his death, Brad and Freeman discussed at length with Stinko, the recording of the full length CD which was to incorporate music and lyrics Stinko had previously worked on.

Blackout, as we know them today, Brad, Freeman, Eggy, Steve and Martin, was formed in 2005. It was the aim of the band to perform their first live gig at the Stinko Memorial to be held in 2005 - which was a success!

During the following year, Blackut built up a loyal following and played a number of successfully gigs, but the demand was ever increasing for the full length CD. Which brings us to the present day and the release of "Spirit of the Warrior" dedicated to the eternal memory of our friend and inspiration - Andrew "Stinko" Lewis!

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Kolovrat Interview 2010

"Kolovrat" interview for "NS Hatecore Revolution" blog (Hungary) - August - October 2010

1) Hail and greetings from Hungary! When, why and where was the band formed?

Cheers to you mate and sure to all Hungarian comrades, actually to all like minded readers of this interview as well! Before answering to your questions I would like to thank you (both in behalf of the band and from me personally) sincerely for your interest in our activities, and for this opportunity to give an interview for your edition (and make our voice heard to really big part of Hungarian activists reading your blogspot) too, we appreciate this chance very much, especially because this interview is maybe the first one we make for right - wing Hungarian edition for last 10 years already. I guess that the last to date interview of our band has been taken by some of Hungarian fanzines back somewhen in 90s already.

I started the band together with our original vocalist Vladimir aka "Balu" (he sung for us in 1994 - 1995 and then make short comeback in 1997 for a couple months of rehearsals and just 1 gig) in our native city Moscow at Summer of 1994 and there were no WP Skinhead bands in the territory of ex - USSR before us. So we celebrated the sixteenth anniversary of our existence at 01.08.10 (an official date of birth of our band - 1th of August' 94 was the date of our very first rehearsal in whole line up in the real practise room, not just at our flats as before) already and we still really looking forward into the future, because of the reason that we still have enough interest and strength to continue our activities for many years to come if our faith will let us to follow to chosen road as we did it before.

2) What does your name mean?

"Kolovrat" word has 2 meanings in Russian: 1) "Kolovrat" is the name of the right sided solar cross in ancient Russian / slavonic pagan tradition; 2) "Kolovrat" has been the martial nickname of Russian national hero Evpaty "Kolovrat", which leaded Russian partizan troops against numerous and savage Mongolian hordes at winter 1237 / 1238 at their way to Europe and defeated them a few times, but perished in the unequal battle finally. Also I have to add that his name is one of the main symbols of national resistance for today's Russian followers of his heroic deeds, even the methods are quite similar :)

3) What is current line up of the band? Has it changed a lot through the years?

Our current line up: D. - vocals / guitar, A. - guitar / backing vocals, I. - bass / backing vocals, P. - keyboards, R. - drums.

Yes, we were forced to change our line up several times through our "carrier", but it was unavoidable, cause like in all other long running bands (especially noncommercial underground ones, which don’t pay any salaries to their musicians) some members are slowly losing motivation with time, some become involved in family / work / other "mode of life" affairs too deeply to have some necessively significant time for the band, others are leaving to start their own musical projects, etc. Actually the line up changes are quite natural and I wonder if they're just some very few bands around the world, which continue to play in the original line up for 20 years :). If speaking about "Russian Ghetto" / "Kolovrat" particularly I suppose that about 25 musicians (session musicians included) went through our band during all 16 years of its existence. What about my personal attitude - I prefere to play in the same stable line up, but it doesn't depends on me, but on those who decided to left or has been kicked out, it's not the problem of the band, cause the people are changing with the time and it's absolutely impossible to avoid what's natural.

4) Have you played many concerts? With which other bands?

We gigged circa 270 times (both "electric" and ballad appearances), sure mainly in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, but also in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, France, Italy, we performed by a couple of times in some of these countries. Many our gigs were cancelled, forbidden and even smashed by the repressive forces of the system in some cases ... We gigged together with almost all known Russian / Ukranian / Belorussian bands: "Shturm", "TNKF"/ "TNF", "Shit Town Street Bulls"/ "Ultra", "Division", "Radegasst" (Sergej "Hater" RIP), "Svarog", "Ultimatum" (Sergej "Borov" RIP), "Vityaz", "Buldog" / "Sokyra Peruna", "White's Load", "Shit I Mech", "Rusich", "Аpraxia" / "Molot", "Vandal", "Аtaka 28", "Gr.Om", "Velimor", "Nord Wolf", "Oskal", "Russky Styag", "Linija Frontа", "Pryamoi Podhod", "Garynich", "Ermolov", "Rossija", "Clownsball", "Huk Sprava", "Nachtigall", "Shiroky Lan", "White Lions" + with many good foreign bands like "Adler", "Death Warrant", "Agressiva 88", "Оdwet 88", "Brigade M", "White Law", "Brutal Attack", "Bully Boys", "Ultima Frontiera", "Bad Fate", "Brigada 1238", "Ancestors", "Brainwash", "Оdessa", "Blitzkrieg", "Honor", "October 15", "Unit 28", "Feher Torveny", "Faustrecht", "Archivum", "Vendetta", "Moshpit", "Voice of Justice", "Projekt Vandal", "Sahsonia", "Hope for the weak", "Sachsenblut", "Gesta Bellica", "Corona Ferrea", "ADL 122", also with such excellent balladeers like Frank Rennike and Jan Peter ("Project Vrill", ex - "Sleipnir"). And last but not least I would like to express our (in behalf of the band) sincere appreciation to all our past split CD partners: "Nahkampf", "Guarda De Ferro", "Hassgesang", "Imperium", "October 15" and "Attack". And sure many greetings to all our further joint project colleagues, I prefer to keep their identities in secret yet :)

5) Could you tell us some more about your CD's? How many CD's, splits and albums do you have? What are their names?

We released about 150 songs at the moment, the number of written songs is more than twice bigger I believe (our usual problem is connected with a lack of finances for necessiyely qualitative recording so the songs are forced to wait for the recording / release for several years in the majority of cases), the discography is quite wide as well so it would be more comfortable to reply to your question just in the form of the list of releases.

"Kolovrat" official discography
(* "official", because of many pirate bootlegs not authorized by the band)

Ready to destroy (demo 1994, unreleased)
Hail Russia! (demo 1995, Кolovrat SN Records 2000, MC; Strong Survive Records USA 2005, CD)
National revolution (album 1998, Кolovrat SN Records 1998 + 2000, MC)
Blood of patriots (album 1999, Kolovrat SN Records 2000, MC/ CD)
Forged boots rock (official live bootleg 1999, КТR 2000, MC; Kolovrat SN Records 2002, MC)
Nahkampf/ Kolovrat (split CD 2000, Jens Puehse 2000, CD; Kolovrat SN Records 2000, MC (under the tittle "Russian-German NS unity"))
Ninth wave of WP (tribute album 2001, Kolovrat SN Records 2001, MC/ CD)
Era of right hand (album 2002, Kolovrat SN Records 2002, MC/ CD; Pit Records 2002, CD)
Hammering the road to victory (album 2003, Kolovrat SN Records 2003, MC/ CD)
Prisoner of conscience (album 2004, Kolovrat SN Records 2004, MC/CD; Moloko+ Versand 2004, CD)
In memory of Ian Stuart (live album 2003, Kolovrat SN Records 2005, CD)
European freedom express (split CD (with “Guarda de Ferro”) 2004, White Noise Records 2007, CD)
Radical voice (in defense of freedom) (album’ 2002 / 2007, X Day Records/ Kolovrat SN Records 2007, CD; White Noise Records, CD (Englishspeaking (2008) and Germanspeaking (2009) versions))
Tоtal war (album’ 2008, X Day Records/ Kolovrat SN Records 2008, CD; White Noise Records 2009, CD (Englishspeaking and Germanspeaking versions under the tittle "Brother war" - to be released))
Unity in action (split CD with "Hassgesang", PC Records 2009, CD))
Elite brotherhood (split CD with "Imperium", "October 15" and "Attack", Kolovrat SN Records 2009, CD (for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and for the participated bands only); Moloko + Versand 2010, CD (European / world edition) - to be released)

Guess who’s coming for seconds (GBNAR Records 2000, CD; Kolovrat SN Records 2000, MC)
Unsere Welt (Jens Puehse 2000, CD; Kolovrat SN Records 2000, MC)
Division East Europe (Ragnaroek Records 2001, CD; Kolovrat SN Records 2001, MC)
Nadsat - 1, 2 (Nadsat crew 2002 and 2003, CD; Kolovrat SN Records 2002 and 2003, MC)
WPWW- 6 (Midgaard Records 2004, CD)
Up to zero - 8 (Masks Off Records 2004, CD)
ISD Memorial (live split CD 2003, Patriot Productions 2004, CD)
Prezent (Forumul Crestin Noua Dreapta 2005, CD)
Tribute to "Skrewdriver" Vol. 2 (Moloko+ Versand 2005, CD)
Day of the rope - 2 (Strong Survive Records 2005, CD)
28 Vol. 5 (unknown label 2005, CD)
No one like us … we don’t care (Streetfight Records 2006, CD)
Tribute to "Strikeforce" (Iron Eagle Division 2006, CD)
Tribute to "Legion 88" (Streetfighting Records 2006, CD)
Lost freedom. Tribute to "Burzum" (Patriot Productions 2007, CD)
Thanks bro (tribute to Ken and "Brutal Attack") (Good Night Left Side Records 2008, CD)
For faith and folk Vol. 1 (Revenge Records 2008, CD)
Tribute to "Kontingent 88" (Genocide Europe Records 2009, CD - to be released (?))
Support POW worldwide (Homo Superior / Kolovrat SN Records / X Day Records 2010, 2 CD) - to be released.

Guest appearance:
October 15 "Gde walka ..." (1 song) (... Спросить у О.лейбл / год выпуска?)
Olaf Jasinsky "Hold on brother" (2 songs) (Homo Superior 2010)

Kriegsberichter - 5 (NS 88 video division 2001, VHS / DVD)

6) How often does the band practise?

Hehe I believe that I did not less than 150 interviews of our band, but I'm facing such question for the first time, quite untypical and interesting one, thanks! I think that "practise room development" (till the present moment) of our band is pretty typical for every long running band and could be divided for 3 different periods: 1) right in the start (1994 - 1999), when we were young enthusiasts, which just learned to play their instruments well and had much free time for rehearsals, because of being young (18 - 23 years old), so we’ve been practised quite often (2 times (by 3 - 4 hours) a week as a rule (especially in 1997 - 1999 ), sometimes even 3 rehearsals weekly)), but sure there were some pauses, when we didn't rehearsed for a month or so sometimes, everything happened .... second period (1999 - 2004 and 2005 - 2007) could be called "mature time", when we grew up as musicians and reached the best form as a band, because of numerous common rehearsals (I can recall even our 7 - 9 hours long rehearsals, when we played almost all days through, since morning till evening); it was our best period so far, definitely, we were in the optimal form and played much, much more better than we play today! :) Аnd the last to date period (since 2008 and till the present moment) could be characterized as "adult life" :) - almost no spare time, because of stable full time jobs (some of us are even forced to work 2 jobs constantly), families (we have 6 children as a band already and the kids require a lot of time and efforts you know) and other "mode of life" questions, etc, etc. So called "adult life" with all its pluses and minuses :) But we still do our best to rehearse as much as we can anyway (2 times (by 3 - 4 hours) a week usually). Sure we are more often in the practise room, when we are preparing for the studio sessions or a gig than when we don't expect anything like this, which requires more harder and regular rehearsals.

7) Do you support any political parties and / or organizations actively?

No, we were, we are and we will always be an independent band, this is our principal strategy, cause we feel that the creativity should be absolutely free and independent from any influences from outside, which is hard or nearly impossible to avoid if the band belongs to any certain fraction (organization or political party). None of us is a member of any certain political group, but we support all right - wing organizations, which are honest, descent, uncompromising and active on stable, regular level - this is the main reason for us to show the support to any certain organization.

8) Do you as a band get much attention from police, reds, media, etc?

Well I think that we were lucky enough (because of our age) to start the band at that time, when the totalitarian "communism" (sure it wasn't "communism" actually, but just some form of pretty much perverted and corrupted socialism) almost failed and so called "communist party" was dismissed as an official governmental regime a few years ago already, but despite it the commies stood standing quite strong and influential on political situation in many aspects in fact even if they had lost power officially. But we didn't experienced any troubles with powers at that time anyway. We started to face the first serious problems since 2000 only, when our concert was attacked and smashed by police force and almost about 100 comrades were detented after a massive fight with coppers, when the attendants of the gig just tried to defend one of the comrades at that show.

Our gigs were stopped, raided and even attacked brutally (the worst episode was at "ISD Memorial" in November' 2002 in Moscow area, when almost 300 comrades were detended) by police and special branch many times since above mentioned episode. One of our band members was arrested after "Kolovrat" concert in Czech Republic, he has been accussed with "the support and propaganda of "anti - human movement" (!!!) and spent almost year and a half in maximum security block of one of Czech prisons during the time of the investigation and the trials. He was acquitted completely twice during 2 trials, but both excused judgements were cancelled in full form by an appeallational court. Also we're still under constant oppression and active monitoring in Russia so it's almost impossible for us to play even a small private concert for 100 comrades in our native city last couple of years. Actually the situation in our country is pretty hard nowadays - Movement and its musical scene is under the massive repressive attack of authorities and I think that the situation will become even worse with time, don't see any positive tendencies to improve it right now. So we can expect more serious troubles in the future. So called "Russian Federation Security Council" has proclaimed Russian nationalism as "the main threat to the state's safety of RF" a couple of years ago so you can imagine the consequences ... They don't want any dialogue or any kind of discussion, any "legal nationalism" political force or anything like this, they are just aspired to annihilate Russian nationalism Movement completely and totally.

9) Hungarian revolt against communist government was crushed in 1956 by Soviet Union Army troops. In 2006 "Russian" government declared that they can't share the responsibility on this act, because it was done by the government of "another state". What do you think about this historical event?

Yes, sure I know about that really tragic fact of Hungarian history and believe me I regret (I'll speak for myself at least in this case) a lot about that lined crime of communism. You Hungarians were the first enslaved nation from so called "Eastern block", which started the resistance against Soviet communist occupation and the real fight for the independency of your state. You showed an example to Poles and Czechs, which followed you in this direction sooner. Concerning the position of "Russian" government (you did the right thing while mentioning the world Russian in inverted commas in connection with "our" official powers) - perhaps it could be pretty strange for you, but I found that position of the powers of so called "Russian Federation" is reasonable, cause firstly: USSR and Russian Federation are different states, second: today's "Russian" official powers deny the communist ideology and didn't commanded to start the agression against Hungary, consequently they can't take the responsibility for that crime of communism. My position is quite surprising for me actually, cause maybe it's the very first time, when I "support" the government of RF :)

Concerning my personal (and I can speak about our band's position in general) position towards to that event in 1956 - sure I recognize it as pure crime of USSR communist totalitarism and one of the most tragic events in modern history of Hungarian nation. I believe that there couldn’t be finded any apologies for that crime and that the followers of communist ideology should be judged for this slaughter and for all other numerous crimes of Marxism one day.

10) What's your opinion on chauvinism? Many nationalists from Finland and Baltic states show anti - Russian attitude openly.

I reject the chauvinism as reactionary and obsolete prejudice, which is absolutely unacceptable and destructive for today's pan - European movement of national socialists. Actually the chauvinism is nothing else than the ultra - nationalism, an extreme and completely wrong form of nationalism, the blind and obscure form I would like to say. This is a fact that national socialism is based on nationalism, but today we all have to be racialists (White Power!) first and foremost, not just nationalists. To a great complaint many nationalists from Baltian (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) states and Scandinavian countries (from Finland first and foremost) showing this kind of bullshit attitude towards Russians, also similar paranoia is spreaded in certain national circles in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sometimes it looks like that these nationalists from Finland still living in the 40s of last century and continue to wage a war for Carelian Isthmus, Balts still suffer from Soviet occupation and some of Germans just can't see the obvious difference between "Russian" and "communist". But listen these times are gone long ago, even "cold war" era is finished, what's a point to still living in the past and by the past?! We have to be the realists and live by today, not just by yesterday, we have to forget old prejudices and the pain of Brother war, we have to unite and go forward, especially in these terrible and catastrophical times, when Eastern Europe became the last hope and the outpost of real resistance of our race. If you know the cold facts, which could be impossible to contend, Russia is an absolute leader of militant struggle for the last 5 years at least, just look to the statistics on Internet. I'm pretty satisfied that more and more comrades in the West begin to realize that the chauvinism is completely wrong and all these pseudo racial "theories" about "Mongoloid subhuman" Russians (and Slavs in general) are nothing more than just pure bullshit. I don't have anything against Finns and Estonians, moreover: I really hope that we all will unite oneday and fight the common enemy, the real enemy together!

11) You have played many gigs all across Russia. Any funny anecdotes or moments that will always remain in your memories?

Correct, we gigged not less than 260 times all over Russia (sure mainly in Moscow, but in the regions as well (especially actively during 2000 - 2003 and in 2005 - 2007)). There are so many good memories and different funny stories about those endless travels, just don't know where to start. So many trains, so many air flights we changed, so many cities were visited. Let me decide what of numerous to tell ya guys. Oh probably it will a good one! :) Where we arrived to play in some southern city of Russia (almost on Caucasus :)) a couple of years ago the local police and special branch disrupted our gig and we were forced to spent a night till the morning's air flight in some village type suburban house of one of local comrades with several his friends. We were so tired and a bit drunken (after a half of night in the company of no holds barried hosters :)) that, when we went to bed almost nobody of us didn't considered anything at all :) But just after one hour of deep sleeping everyone was awaken by absolutely terrible scream, which nobody of us has heard before I think. It was some kind of most dreadful scream you can imagine, just
monstrous one ... The awakening of an entire house was quite hard and took fair long time after everybody gathered in the kitchen like a bunch of zombies :) We all were shocked after the sleep, cause the situation in Russia is really hard and we can expect easily any kind of bad consequences after the gig being disrupted by the local repressive structures, that's why we were discouraged / nervous a bit and tried to find the source of that cry, which continue to repeat in the interval of each 15 seconds or so. We realized finally that the terrible scream is heard from the small room, where our that time's keyboardist slept peacefully. We opened the door and saw our keyboardist sleeping deeply in his bed, our bass player was sleeping next to him. The cry out has been heard from our keyboardist, but he slept deadly, without any emotions, just like the dead body, nothing more :) The same about our bassist :) We realized finally that the source of scream is located within one of the pockets of our keyboardist and it was quite hard to find it after the pretty deep sleep, because of the numerous pockets on his fashionable clothes :) We founded his extra modern smartphone finally :) with the alarm clock, which has been set at a half of the night (instead of the actual time of our awakening) by him mistakenly and the sound of that alarm clock had some ultra modern and most crazy ringtone, which I ever heard in my life - it was a recording of very loud and very brutal cry of deep suffer or torture, which sounded pretty much natural for our tired just - after - the sleep ears :) It was no surprise, because our that time's keyboardist was an ultra technician and crazy Black Metal fan so I've been not surprised that the crazy guy was able to find such terrible and pretty natural ringtone for the alarm clock of his handy. We had a good laugh after we founded the source of the scream, it was pretty laughable moment really. Maybe it doesn' t sounds too funny now, when I'm telling this story to you right now, but you can believe me it was something to remember at that night really :) :) :) I can't imagine, where our ex - keyboardist took that crazy shout, but he's terrible person :) believe me so that's no surprise about it :)

12) What do you think about the free downloading of WP music in the Internet, which harms the bands and the labels who put a lot of efforts and labor in the studio and money to release the albums.

I'm totally opposed to this MP3 paranoia, which is so wide spread nowadays, especially in Russia, when people claiming theirselves being "friends of right - wing scene", but almost finished to buy original copies of releases and support the bands / labels, but just uploading MP3 from Internet. Here in Russia this disaster is really beyond all reasonable limits now, that's why I started to call it "paranoia". Sure nobody is opposed to MP3 format itself, it's useful and comfortable, no questions, I use to listen to MP3 myself from time to time like anybody else today, there's no shame to listen to MP3 :) But I don't pirate the albums of our scene, which suffer from the lack of finances for the necessively qualitative (even according the underground standarts of quality) recording / release even from its start in 80s. And if the situation degenerates in such way that the labels can't even return the budgets they put into the studio and release expencies, old, well established bands can't start to record on higher level and many young, newcomer bands simply miss the chance to release an album (I speak about Russia at least), then I have to notice that this MP3 thing really has gone too far. I guess that if the situation will continue to develop in this direction then there will be a day, when our pretty underground and financially poor scene (in comparison with mainstream rock music industry) will be almost collapsed - the labels will simply not have money to release new albums, cause their previous releases are still on stock and the budgets aren't returned. The bands will not have studio budgets (normal studio budgets for the descent recording). So this is the first, "economical" aspect of MP3 threat and damage to our scene.

Second aspect is "moral" one. The content of an album (music / lyrics) is "intellectual property" of the band, the same goes for the content of the booklet / layout (I mean designer's work first and foremost), it should be quite obvious I suppose. All these eternal, endless and pretty pointless discussions about "the copyright is capitalistic" are nothing more than of waste time. If you don't respect the sacrifice and dedication of the bands (OK, long running bands at least) why you have a right to demand any respect to you? If you don't respect the hard toil of the creators of certain release of your scene and just download it from the www without the purchase of an original copy then how you can call yourself "a friend" (supporter) of this scene?!

There's one more aspect of my anti - MP3 attitude. I don't see any "soul" in MP3. For example if you bought an original copy of the release then you can feel "the soul" of it while reading the information in the booklet, overlooking the layout, you can see and understand how much toil the band / the label / designer team has put into the release, you can notice their respect and dedication to you as to the listener, and it's extremely important in my opinion. MP3 format doesn't have anything from it and moreover: it suffers from the low bitrate oftenly and the listeners get wrong impression about the release not listening to the qualitative original, but just to poor copy.

13) There were the terrorist acts in Moscow underground few months ago, which ended with many victims and injured people. Who is responsible for these acts? What is the current situation in northern Caucazus?

You're absolutely right, there were 2 unabomer terrorist attacks (lined attacks I would like to add) in Moscow metro recently, many peaceful people were killed, many wounded. As you know these attacks weren't the first terrorist acts happened in Moscow (and in Russia in general) and I suppose that they weren't the last, cause the partizan Vahhabit underground still resist in several countries of Northern Caucazus (Chechnya and Dagestan first and foremost) and sure these violent Moslem fanatics are responsible for those attacks. Actually so called "Chechenian terrorism" appeared on the territory of Russia in the beginning of the second half of 90s of last century. Sure the situation in Northern Caucasus is much more better nowadays (in the sense that there is no open war like before), but vahhabit underground is still strong over there and there is no end of that partizan guerilla in sight. Also we shall not forget that as we know from the lessons of war history there are no effective tools to shut down the partizan resistance, especially in such areas, where exist comfortable conditions for the partizans (I mean mountains and forests in the case of Northern Caucasus particularly) and if the certain part of the population support their actions (and such situation exists in Chechnya at least). Sure official media of so called "Russian Federation" keep silence about it, but there are many other sources of information nowadays, thanks to Internet, it's not too hard to get more or less trustworthy info. So I suppose that this terrorist war of violent Moslems against Russia (they say that they're waging a war with "Russian" powers, but peaceful and quite innocent Russian people are victimized by their bombs during the attacks in Moscow metro in fact for example, cause those with power don't use the subway, they have personal cars and well trained security teams from "FSO" ("Federal Security Service")). Other pretty bad and shameful detail about Chechnya is that Russian Federation paying the contributions (in fact) to this state even despite the fact that Russia won a war in Chechnya, but to keep savage pro - Moscow Chechenian "official authorities" of Ramzan Kadyrov loyal and peacefull Russian Federation is forced to finance that region in tens of times more actively than our own native russian provinces in the middle of european part of russia for example. I can call it just "the contributions" in fact, the contributions the victors must pay to the conquered. it's a fucking shame.

14) A video called "Format 18" gained a lot of popularity in Russia and abroad few years ago with videos showing violent acts against the reds, immigrants, etc. What is your opinion about this project? What happened with "Tesak" who was the main personality behind "F18"?

You're absolutely right, "F18" gained quite big popularity in nationalist circles (especially among young comrades) and even on international level.
The story started in 2005 and finished (I mean "Format 18" as the video studio) in 2007 with the arrest of "F18" leader known as "Tesak" ("huge knife" in Russian). Actually "F18" (or "Format") wasn't just an underground studio making different kinds of WP videos, they were (and still are) the organized group of Skinheads, which was/is active not just with the recording of video. And even if there are different opinions about them (and sure about "T." as well) in Russian nationalist movement, but I think that one certain thing is for sure: "F18" made big influence on the minds of the new generation of street activists in our country. They ignited many young brave hearts all across Russia and inspired the new wave of direct action (in the regions especially). Here are just cold facts.

Concerning "Tesak" - he was arrested in 2007 and sent to jail for 3 years, because of right open hand salutes with "S.H." shouts during the political discussion with some representatives of our political opponents: so called "democrats" and "liberals". Those debates took a place in one of the mainstream Moscow clubs in the center of the city, there were hundreds of people, many different reporters so it was guite easy to expose "Tesak", because there were many witnesses and some of the people filmed "T." saluting with "S.H." chant. Also there were some videos made. So there were more than enough proofs for the court and the police just didn't wanted to miss the good chance to send "T." behind the bars, cause they were looking for such possibility for quite long time already - "T." became one of the main and most established street leaders of Russian Skinheads. He became dangerous to the system. When "T." was condemned to jail for 3 years already the police decided to add some more time to his sentence and provoked one more trial against him, because of his participation within "F18" video called "The butcher of drug dealer", where about 15 comrades dressed in "KKK" uniform filmed the imitation of Lynch's Trial over the actor, which has been filmed as black drug dealer. The video ends with that actor hanged on the gallows pole. The court staff decided to add more than 2 years to "Tesak"'s sentence for that video ... but according to the system of summary of the sentences he received just a few months more by the second trial, he didn't appealed against that judgement and has been sent to the place of imprisonment. There are not too much news about him after his condemnation, he should be released from the custody during next few months and I think that then we'll what about him and his political stand today.

15) You're the veteran in Russian WP scene. What have been changed for the last 15 years? Any "romantic" memories from the first years of the band, when you were young and without experience?

To be honest I don't like this "veteran" definition, but that's true that I'm actively involved with the scene in Russia for last 16 years. Maybe somebody will not recognize me as humble person after saying it, but I've been the first person, which started to play RAC music on the territory of ex - USSR with the serious ideological attitude towards the thing, there were 2 marginal alco - bands like "Totenkopf" (St. Petersburg, you can see this shame in "Kriegsberichter" (Pt. 2) video) and "Crack" from Moscow (these "comrades" dealt with the hard drugs as well) before us, but their "NS" was a kind of "NS" Sid Vicious of "Sex Pistols" showed in Jewish district of Paris while demonstrating swastika t - shirt, just cheap poseurism and epatage, nothing more ...

I can tell you that almost everything within Russian movement and its scene has been changed now in comparison with the beginning of nineties (I mean the beginning of SN Skinhead movement, cause Russian national - liberational SN Movement has been started much more earlier - in 60s of last century already). The Movement has developed a lot really, it became much more serious and definitely most violent, brutal and militant nationalist movement worldwide, I can't find any analogs worldwide ... Just look to Internet and you’ll find a lot of information about it.

Today's Russian movement is sober (there are even concerts, where one can be beaten, because of being drunk), very aggressive and well prepared -almost everybody trains sports like bodybuilding and martial arts (the knife fight especially) regularly, there's strong cult of sport within Russian SN Movement and it’s very positive, without any doubt.

Sure I can recall a lot of “romantic” memories from my first years being Skinhead (I’ve been Skinhead for more than 10 years, but I started to look at the things a bit wider than just within subculture limits (I still respect real SN Skinheads very much though)) and “Skinhead thing” became my past, but ideology and activism remained actual and important), there are too many to tell … I remember my first bomber jacket, first real “Getta Grip” boots I bought, our Friday’s night parties and soon – to – come adventures, first fights with the scum in underground and our very first rehearsals and “gigs” for friends, which we played renting big practice rooms. We had a squat right in the center in the city in 1994 – 1995 (it was possible back then), where we had the possibility to organize the political and private gatherings, organize rehearsals and give a place to stay for those Skinheads, which need it.

Also the memories about the first visits of foreign comrades are always nice things to remember: comrades from Estonia (Russian Skinhead from Tallinn), Finland (“International Skinhead Bulletin” editors), Germany (brother of “Nahkampf” singer) and other guys were (and are!) always welcome to the heart of Russia.

16) Could you tell us about Russian WP scene (about the bands, organizations, etc)?

Well, I've seen the story of our scene since the day one and I think that I'll be able to reply to your question in full form. Russian WP music scene developes since 1994 (as I told you before I don't want to count marginal pseudo "nazi" bands like SPb's "Totenkopf" or Moscow "Crack", which started around 1992), when "Russian Ghetto" (the first tittle of "Kolovrat") band was organized. Second Moscow RAC band called "Shturm" appeared at Spring of 1996 (then under their original name - "Oi!"). The third RAC band of our city was organized in the very beginning of 1997, their name was "Radegasst" and the members of this band were from older generation of Skinheads. The first RAC concerts in Moscow (I don't want to count our practise room "gigs" for 15 - 20 comrades in 1994 - 1995, they weren't the real shows) were started in Moscow in the 1996 by "Shturm". The mainstream alternative / metall band "TNKF" from regional Russian city called Yaroslavl, the band, which had some nationalist undertones within their creativity earlier, started to be more outspoken and "in your face" with their lyrics, that's why "Shturm" invited them to play the common gig in Moscow and that action attracted about 350 Skinheads, everyone was very impressed by such high and unexpected result, cause it was really big number (even for the capital) for those times. Russian right – wing musical scene started to grow very rapidly quite soon, a few new bands: “Ultra” (Ivanovo”), “Vandal” and “Ultimatum” (later “Banda Moskvy”) (Moscow) appeared in 1998 – 1999. There were many excellent concerts in Moscow at that time, big numbers of attenders (400 – 650 comrades), good venues and equipment, no problems with police.

Quite questionable “Romper Stomper” movie has influenced young Russian SN Skinhead movement a lot: the numbers of Skinheads grew tens of times bigger just in a year or so. The first official chapter of international Skinhead organization – “Blood and Honour” has been opened in Moscow in 1995 after the meeting with the comrades of “B & H Berlin” at RAC festival in Budapest (that famous concert with “BfG”, “Aryan”, “Providenje” and other bands).

Russian SN Movement (and Skinheads is one of the fractions of this Movement in my opinion) had developed really a lot since that time, we go through the long and hard way. We have many political nationalist organizations like “Russian National Unity” (“RNE”), “Russian All - national Union” (“RONS”), “Movement against illegal immigration” (“DPNI”), “Russian Outlook” (“Russky Obraz”), “National Socialist Initiative” (“NSI”) and others. Some of organizations like “Slavonic Union” (“Slavyansky Souz”) or “National Socialist Society” (“NSO”) were prohibited officially and outlawed. Sure there are some strong organizations and groups in “Skinhead segment” of Russian Movement, but their names couldn’t be mentioned within the public interview - there are brutal repressions during the last several years in Russia, about 1500 comrades are doing the time behind the bars, more than 10 comrades were condemned to life sentences. There are not too much SN Skinheads still in Russia nowadays, “Skinhead the way of life” thing became a bit “obsolete” over here and mainly SHARPs, RASHs and trads are still wearing Skinhead clothes and shave their heads, we prefer to use “activist” term instead of “Skinhead” and the main value of how significant is the person for the Movement is just how active and with what results he fights through his deeds for the common cause.

Obviously there are some quite strong groups of right – wing football hooligans in Russia as well, the clubs with the biggest numbers of SN supporters are “Spartak”, “CSKA”, “Dynamo” and “Torpedo” from Moscow, also some regional FC supporters crews are quite good. There are some amount of NS Black Metal activists as well, but they are not too many yet. I have to add while finishing to reply to this question: my thinking and position is that it doesn’t matter if you have long hair, short hair or shave your head completely – the main thing is that what you have in your heart and in your soul.

17) What are your lyrics are about?

It's not easy to answer to this question sometimes if you answered hundreds of times before already:), better listen to our songs (those in English) or the reply will be too much like the list of the topics of our songs and it's quite boring (in my opinion at last). Well there's not too much to say on this topic - we are political RAC band so the content of our lyrics and our message is no surprise. Don't think that our lyrics are too "original", probably they're even quite typical for the band of right - wing music scene, but for me the main thing is that these lyrics are sincere and from the heart. Also I think that our lyrics are quite well thought out and "in your face" so everybody can understand the message easilly. Actually if giving you just the boring scroll of the topics of our songs ... they're are about politics first and foremost (I mean the criticism of today's so called "democratic" and "liberal" capitalist system); great European heritage, it's glorious history and rich traditions; the tragedies of WW2, which we call "Brother War"; Slavonic unity and our pride to be Slavs; the support of our Serbian brothers in their unequal fight for their holy land Kosovo; our struggle for the survival of our kin, etc. Also we still have some "old time" subculture songs "from the 90s" about Skinheads and Hooligans (right - wing hooligans sure :)) in our repertoire, cause it's about our roots, our Skinhead past (we don't recognize "Kolovrat" as Skinhead, but political right - wing band), but the subculture topics aren't too actual and important for us anymore. We growing older and realized that our struggle is much more than just Skinhead subculture.

18) "Kolovrat" played in Hungary at "Sons of Europe side by side" fest last August. Could you please tell us about your impressions on it? As far as I know the band spent a few days in Hungary, how did you like our country? How did you like the gift from Hungarian comrades?

Yes, we gigged at this great fest and I'm very proud by this fact, cause in my opinion this festival is one of the best annual concerts of our scene in entire Europe (and constantly growing number of the attendants is a good proof of this fact), really diverse (in the sense of the styles of participating bands) and well organized (in all technical aspects). Also we all can notice just outstanding hospitality of the main organizer of this action, which has been great host (together with his wife) for our band. Hungary is one of the most beatiful European countries and Budapest is amazing city with many old buildings and places of cultural interest, just pure living history! I didn't had too much time to check it out, cause I saw Budapest just from the window of the tour bus during the travel to the gig, but my bandmates had the chance to stay in Hungary for several days (thanks a lot to the organizers once again!) and they were absolutely nicely impressed by the cultural program the orgs prepared for them in Magyar capital. And last, but not least: I have to mention wonderful gift from from the organizers - an exclusive concert banner with excellent design (cheers to "Ninja"!), which we used on the festival immediately and moreover we trying to use it during all our Western European appearances (the logotype of the band and other inscription are written in English). The only small detail on this banner, which we don't support too much (and Hungarian friends didn't knew that while preparing the banner I suppose) is the image of doubleheaded eagle, which is known as the symbol of Russian monarchy (so called “Tsarizm”) and we reject this pretty obsolete and reactionary model of the state, it has almost nothing to do with the political direction of our band's creativity. But if seeing this symbol as an important part as Russian historical and cultural heritage particularly - then it's completely acceptable for us, cause NS is based on nationalism and no nationalism can exist without knowledge of the national legacy and deepest respect to it.

To sum our impressions about "SOE" fest' 09 up - we are really looking forward to return to great Hungary one day to play some more good Russian RAC! :)

19) What do you think about European scene? Do you know anything about Hungary, our scene, our bands maybe?

Well I'm listening to European RAC music from 1993 so I'm quite familiar with this topic :) Also I can tell you many things concerning Hungarian scene particularly, because Hungary was the first European country (together with Poland) Moscow Skinheads started to visit for the gigs in the first middle of nineties and I think that the impressions being received during those trips had big influence on manly young Moscow Skinhead community of those days. I can speak for myself at least - I've been really impressed by the stories our comrades told us about the level of Hungarian movement (the level of the organization of the gigs included) and the scene. I like to listen to Hungarian bands like "ACAB" (our first personal contact with Hungarian scene back in 2000 or something like that), "Archivum" (cheers to these real veterans of Magyar WP music for the help with the instruments for us at "Sons of Europe" festival last year!), "Valhalla", "Feher Toerveny" (cheers to Maci and Zozo!) and "Huseg", "Vendetta", "Romantikus Eroszak", "Titkolt Ellenalasz" (the masters of Hungarian RAC Metal), "Verszerzodes", "Hunor", "Voice of justice" (excellent New School Hatecore / Metallcore). Also I like more extreme Magyar WP bands like "Gungnir" (NS grindcore) for example

20) Could you tell us about POW support split CD with "Kolovrat", "Imperium", "October 15" and "Attack"?

This long awaited project has been relesased by Russian label named "Kolovrat SN Records" in March of current year finally. "KSNR" release of this project is for distribution in Russia / Ukraine / Belarus and for the participated bands strictly, all rights for European / world edition belongs to "Moloko Plus Vetsand", well established label / distro from Germany. I can't tell you exact dates of their release momentally, but I hope that this split CD will be out in the very near future.

The work over this project has begun almost 3 years ago, our colleagues from "Imperium" proposed us to join them in common studio project. Another respected Czech band named "Attack" joined us soon according the initiative of "Imperium" lads and our project has crossed the limits of "ordinary" split CD between 2 bands, that's why we decided to invite the fourth band into our project - our long time friends and comrades from "October 15", excellent Polish RAC combo. Our project became 4 way split CD this way, each band donated by 4 brand new studio songs, which were previously unreleased (in this version at least) + we re -recorded our "Czech knights" song with Czech lyrics / vocals as bonus track - the special present for all our Czecz comrades, which we respect very much. So finally we have 4 bands / 17 songs split CD with big booklet, which was created by one of the best European designers from Hungary (cheers to "Ninja"!), he did just an incredible job for our project, really talented and skilful guy, hats off!

Really hope that Western European / world edition of this project will follow soon and then the comrades from abroad will have the chance to listen to it, I'm sure that all fans of good RAC / Metal wont be disappointed! :)

21) I think that we created a good relationship. Many people helped to develop it. What's your opinion: does it have the future? Maybe Russian - Hungarian friendship split CD or t - shirt? Or something else?

I'm absolutely agree with you - the relationship and cooperation is really good at the moment. And we're honored to be in contact with you! Sure this collaboration should be continued and developed in the future as well, through the methods of musical scene as well. I suppose that split CD of Russian and Hungarian band would be the an excellent sign of friendship and common work of activists of our Movements. Or some other studio project (maybe even in form of split CD with several bands) with the participation of "Kolovrat" and descent Hungarian RAC band would be great. Solidarity t - shirt would be fine as well, I like an idea a lot too! But at the same we must not forget that music is just one of our tools of propaganda, music couldn't be everything and what's most important - music and enterntainment can't replace the real political fight! The common actions of Russian and Hungarian comrades would be the best show of our brotherhood in this sense. But I'm afraid that such political actions are impossible at the moment, much more closer collaboration (and not just between the musical scenes) is needed for it. Also the distances between our countries are quite long, we're not neighbors to organize common demos and meetings, unfortunately. But I really wish to see such kind of collaboration in the future!

22) What are your future plans?

There are many different plans already, in the studio circuit mainly, cause it's nearly impossible to play a gig in today's police state named "Russian Federation". The most important thing for us studio wise is the work over the recording of our quite big ballad set, it includes more than 40 own songs + a few cover versions (like "Old Albion" and "Hail victory!" (acoustic version) by great "Skrewdriver", classical "Tomorrow belongs to me" + some "unexpected" stuff, which may surprise many people within our ranks :)) at the present moment.

These ballads, which we're recording nowadays finally, were written since we started to play ballad gigs back in June' 2000, but we haven't the possibility to record some full length ballad album before, just by one ballad at our past studio albums beginning from "Blood of patriots" (1999) - this material includes 2 of our maybe most famous and internationally known ballads: "Kosovo front" and "Blood of patriots" itself. Then we continued this tradition and recorded such ballads as "Honour and blood" ("Ninth wave of WP" album), "R.O.A. heroes" ("Era of right hand"), "Racial loyalty" ("Hammering' the road to victory"), "Sign of fate" ("Radical voice"), "Dmitry Donskoy" ("Total war").

Plus we continue to work over large double CD compilation, which will include all studio album outtakes (the versions of the songs / or the songs, which were recorded for the albums, but weren't included within them), previously unreleased songs / other mixes of released songs, tracks recorded for different compilatons, several absolutely exclusive songs (some of them were recorded for this project particularly, others were recorded just "for ourselves", not for any public release), but all the songs are qood enough to put them out within an official release of the band, cause we are assured that these songs will be interesting for the listeners.

Also we almost finished to practise with the brand new material for upcoming split CD with several veteran RAC bands from all around the world recently. It should be out closer to the end of this year at one of the best European labels, which will be very good for the wider worldwide distribution of this release. I can't tell you more details (the names bands as too, but be sure you know all these bands very well) about it at the moment - the terms aren't known. But we continue to work over it actively.

Concerning new lined studio album in "electricity" - I suppose that we'll be able to start the work over the new full length "electric" studio album not earlier than just in second half of 2011, cause we have more than enough studio work for this year already and to be honest we're pretty busy with all these things. We have to finish with these several big projects at first to begin the new one, you understand, it's the best possible way, most reasonable one I guess.

Moreover: we prepare one more live album with the recording of our ballad and "electric" sets at "Sons of Europe side by side" fest, which took a place in Budapest last August. It should be released in the form of double CD at one of descent Western European labels.

23) Thanks for the interview, any final messages to our readers?

Thanks a lot for this interview too mate! It has been great opportunity and even pleasure to speak directly to Hungarian comrades! Also I hope that our friendship and collaboration will be even much more closer in the future. I know that we have many listeners in Hungary from nineties already and we wont disappoint' em as well. I'd like to use the opportunity of this interview and send my best regards (both from me personally and in behalf of the band) to all our Hungarian "fans" (I pretty dislike this stupid "mainstream rock music business industry" definition, which is unacceptable for our scene, but just don't know how to call them briefly (?)), we'll meet in beatiful Hungary someday again hopefully! Keep up the fight!