Thursday, 9 July 2009

Interview with Ed (Boud For Glory)

Hello Ed! Firstly I want to thank you for agreeing to give us an interview. Please, tell me what the situation with Bound for Glory is.

Hello! BFG has been retired for quite a few years now. However on a bright note, we are working on some new projects for the future. We have some new bands in the works.

How are the things going with Before God?

Sadly, the answer is the same. BG also retired a few years ago.

The song "Micheal Wittman" is a great song, when will it be released?

The song was originally recorded 4-5 years ago for a German compilation. Sadly, the compilation never seen the light of day. I am currently working on a new album and the track will be released with as an added bonus with the new cd.

What is your opinion on NSBM? Do you have any favourite bands?

I am not into NSBM. It is a bit too noisy for me. I prefer my metal more technical and decipherable. I come from the old school of bands like Iron Maiden, early Metallica, Slayer, etc.

Will you comment on American foreign (Bush) policy and the war in Iraq?

The thing that strikes me the most is the sadness I feel when I see the local news announcing the casualties of young small town guys dying for this bullshit war. America has many problems within its own boundaries that it should be taking care of. For example, the elderly can't afford their medicines, the drug epidemic is out of control, especially with crystal meth. Illegal immigration is hurting the economy, the big companies selling out and moving overseas is hurting the economy. Crime is out of control in major cities. These are but a few of the problems in the US. Money would be better well spent on these problems rather than policing the world.

What does being a nationalist mean to you personally?

A nationalist works for the betterment of ones native people and nation.

Can you share your opinion about the people whothink nationalism is a fashion trend, having a big WP music collection and drinking a lot every day?

Your heart should always beat for your people and your nation. Its not about trend, its about being honest, loyal and willing to further yourself. If you follow these traits, you will influence others. Degeneracy through alcoholism or other bad traits will turn people off to understanding ones true love of race and nation.
Who is your favourite writer? Does the movement need more books like Dr. W. Pierce’s “Hunter” and “Turner Diaries”?

I must say the man whose books have really struck a place in my heart have been by not only a writer, but a warrior, a man who stared death in the face and against all odds survived and still stood proud despite the slander against him and the brave men he led into battle. That man is Leon Degrelle!!!!! I am not really into "fiction", I am more into history and tales of glory and the origins of our peoples.

How you can describe the life of the common White man in USA? A lot of people here think that people in America have been brainwashed.

The common guy in the US works hard, he has to work hard to try to keep his bills paid and family happy. Its normal that both husband and wife have to go to work to keep bills paid and they send their kids to day care. You need 2 incomes to stay afloat. A lot of your common guys know the problems that this country has. But they don't really voice their opinions outside of the bar. They are quite clueless about the world outside of America. They just work, pay bills, watch sports and go on vacation about 2 weeks out of the year.

What do you think about the wave of racial violence in France and Australia? Is it the first sign of a racial revolution across the World?

I know one thing for sure, had those riots from France erupted in a country like Serbia or Croatia or Russia, the rioting would have been finished in a matter of hours after it started. I think its a sign of weakness the "west" has had since WW2, but it also shows that "diversity" is not a good thing. Its like having a mongoose and snake living together. They will end up fighting till the death with each other. I think Western Europe is a powder keg waiting to explode.

As far as I know you have Croatian blood in your veins. Bulgaria is very close to Croatia, so please tell us what do you know about the Balkans and my country?

I know a pretty good amount of history of Serbia/Croatia and its wars, fights for freedom,battles against communism, and against the Ottomans. As for Bulgaria, I don't know too much of its history. I do know that Bulgaria has had wars with the Serbians, and Bulgaria was an ally of the Germans early in WW2. I believe Bulgarians' primary religion is Eastern Orthodox.

I have noticed, that during the years Bound for Glory are changing their musical style, and they have become to sound much more heavy and metallic. What is the main reason for this?

The change in the line-up brought more talent into the band. Plus we are all old meatheads. It’s just natural progression and getting back to our roots.

Any final comments? What do you want to say to your Bulgarian fans?

The man that fights may win or he may lose, but the man that does not fight has already lost!!! Do good and others will follow!!! 1000 hails to the Bulgarians!
November 2005

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