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Jan Peter Interview

1.Who is Jan Peter?

A 26 years old guy from Germany who tries to give expression to his thoughts by music!

2.When did you first begin singing and writing music?

I began writing lyrics when I was 15 or 16 years old. That was also the time, when I started to learn playing the guitar. The first steps in a band were also around these years. It maybe was a dilettante beginning but nevertheless also important for an advancement as music always is.

3.I think your musical influences are from rock to metal... can you be more concrete? Do you like to listen commercial music?

To be concrete I listen to many kinds of music, even to a couple of “commercial” interprets. I will try to mention a few from diverse styles. Within our movement I like the most: Skrewdriver, Skullhead, Hassgesang, Estirpe Imperial, Andre Lüders, Kolovrat, Hate for Breakfast, Honor, Konkwista, Path of Resistance… Outside our movement: Bathory, Social Distortion, Madball, The Meteors, Primordial, Rise Against, Irish Folk in general…

4.Are we living the final stage of music as business? Do you download any record throught Internet?

No, I don’t download any kind of music because I think it’s destroying all the true work which musicians and even labels invest! Maybe one can have a different opinion when it’s pertain to the mainstream music companies and bands, but also this kind of music CAN be true and decent so that it’s respectable to pay for it!

5.Someone asked me if skinhead music can be a good platform to carry the political message to population. Obviously I answered: No, skinhead music is just for skinheads. What's your opinion about that?

I also think so! I’m not a Skinhead but I will try to answer in an objective way. The existence of Skinhead music is totally okay but to carry a political or ideological message with it, it’s absolutely useless! People won’t listen to that if they’re not involved in that scene. And why should they? To spread a massage you need to use other levels and platforms.

 6.A few words about: -Skrewdriver -Konkwista 88 -André Lüders - Kolovrat

Skrewdriver: Unforgotten and still higher-than-average

Konkwista: One of Poland’s best bands

Andre Lüders: Unfortunately not active anymore! A big loss for the freedom music movement, because he was one of the best!

Kolovrat: Amazing!

7.Do you like the new Hassgesang album?

Oh yes, I love it! This is definitely Germany’s most important and striking NS band and their new album is fantastic! Perfect music mixed with excellent lyrics!

8.Have you any unforgettable musical anecdote?

No, sorry! There are a few for sure, but these are themes to speak about while having a few drinks ;)

9.You're in good touch with East Europe countries scenes as Russia, Ukraine or Poland, what's your opinion about these scenes? Can you advise specially any new band? I ask that because I know you're cooperating with bands as Russkij Stjag....

East Europe has a lot of great potential for the fulfilment of our cause! We once looked “with caution to the east” nowadays we look with hope to the east!! The political activism there is path-breaking!

About the music scene: The east European bands are basically harder than others and personally I prefer that! But about new bands that’s beyond me, because I prefer listening to those bands I already know.

The cooperation with Russkij Stjag will hopefully be release in the near future! This split will be an 11 track ballad album…

 10.You've participated in a few compilations during last months... which are these compilations?

There’s a support compilation for the Hellenic nationalist POWs, Olaf Jasinski’s Solo album and there will be another compilation (from Poland) in the near future on which I participate.

11.It was a surprise to listen you on Olaf Jasinski's 'Stay Strong Brother' compilation, what's your opinion about the final result?

Yes! I was very glad to be asked by Olaf to do two guest vocals on his cd. And the result is great. Especially his own songs and those which are sung by Denis from Kolovrat!

12.I know you're fan of Honor, so was your friendship with Olaf born due to that? What's your favourite Honor song or album?

No, I don’t know Olaf from the Honor period. The contact was just in conjunction with his album. My favourite Honor song is “Twarda Wiara”!!!

13.I listened your song 'Haltet stand' on Greek compilation 'Freedom', what's the topic you talk in that song?

The lyrics are about the thinking minority resisting against state’s repression, ban, imprisonment and caning in a time where all others are just following like sheep and trotting to their slaughter while believing that they are free! The song was not written after I was asked to participate on that support compilation but it fitted to the topic and concept. I did the recording at home so that the quality isn’t as good as usual. But to support the comrades from Hellas the sound doesn’t really matter, I think!

14.Are you planning or invited to participate in other compilations in next months?

Yes, I was asked to spend an already released song for an activist’s compilation here in Germany. Don’t know when it will be released.

15.Let's to talk about Projekt Vril! When and why did you start with this band?

P.V. was formed after the band Bloodrevenge ended their activities back in 2004, I think. I cannot remember the exact date. We started this new band, because the music changed into a harder, faster and a more brutal style.
16.'Fragmente einer Verschwörung' was your first Projekt Vril record, When was it realized? Are this demo songs included in your new album?

The demo was released in 2006. It took us a long while then since we recorded the debut cd. Two songs from the demo are contained on the new album, but in order to avouch alternation, we changed them a bit for the second recording.

17.The Projekt Vril sound is described as political metal... is this a good description?

Yes, in general it is! But it’s more than political. It also contains topics such as charges against the human beings for ripping off mother earth, degeneration of our culture and even some spiritual themes.

18.The first Projekt Vril album is out now. Unfortunately I haven't still listened it, what can you tell us about it? Who did design this good CD cover? Was it produced by PC Rec.?

“1984” contains of 11 songs, mainly sung in german. To characterize the music it’s a bastard of metal, hardcore and strong rock and the vocals rotate between rough, screaming and clean. The concept of this album is the book “1984” by George Orwell and also the background of the movie “They live” by J. Carpenter, so that the lyrics are mainly about mind control, conspiratorial governments, soul slavery and downfall of the people.

Yes, PC Records is the publisher and producer of this album.

The cover artwork was done by me. I’m no specialist in that but I have this so called “love of details”!

19.I would like to know if Projekt Vril is focused as a studio band or you're playing live shows.... when was your last concert?

We also play gigs! The last one was in May in the north of Germany.

20.What's about your relation with Kuba P.? You cooperated with him in the first Invasion album... did you choose the 'House of Treason' song for your collaboration? What can you tell us about your split EP with Kuba?

I was asked by him if I would do guest vocals on his first release and I agreed. After that we decided to realize this EP. It’s the first time ever that there is a german-polish-friendship project and we’re proud of that! The EP contains one song of each and a common Skrewdriver cover.

21.What's about your musical status in Sleipnir?

I quitted playing in Sleipnir!

22.Sleipnir and Sturmwehr have recorded a split CD now. I have been told it's a ballad album... is that correct? What's your personal participation on 'Europaischer Traum'?

Yes, it’s a ballad album and I didn’t participate on that recording.

23.Your bonds with Polish scene are strong, so this question is inevitable. When will disappear the old German-Polish rivalry from the scene?

I hope it will disappear soon! I never understood why brothers hate each other in such a fucking chauvinistic way! That’s totally stupid! Maybe Kuba a me did the first step to antagonize that shit. But the hatred between our countries is old and I’m not sure, if there will ever be different times!!

24.What's your opinion about this interview? Have I forgotten any important question?

The interview was good, thanks! Unfortunately, it’s always not as easy to answer as in your native language! But I hope my English is good enough so that you get what I mean!

25.That's all, thanks a million for your answers. Last words are yours!!!

Act clever! Inform the people around you what’s wrong in this world! Tell them about the alternatives against the system!

Thank you a lot, mate!! I enjoyed answering your questions!

All the best for you and your magazine!

Taken from "Skinhead magazine" in English issue # 11

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History of Hungarian Movement

* Taken from Hammer Fall zine issue # 5

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The Wrecking Dead

Wrecking Dead play loud and fast psychobilly with healthy doses of tight street punk and oi! mixed in – perfect beer-drinking music for Skins, psychos and football hooligans! This Danish/American combo based in San Diego/USA started out in 2001 playing psychobilly music. However, the band staying true to their love of OI!, came up with a mix of psychoblly and OI! music. Lyrics tended to be about drinking and fighting but have become more politically charged with the album “Viking Rock & Roll” with a mix conservative viewpoints mixed with a Orwellian style of writing(Think 1984 and Animal Farm). You can join band’s community at Facebook . EnjOi! some of their videos!

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Neo-Nazi ideas not illegal, Spain's Supreme Court says‎

The 3rd of June after almost 8 years from the first arrest 4 Spanish comrades were acquitted of the "crimes" they were accused for by the Spanish Supreme Court.

They were the owner of the "Kalki" bookshop, the leader and a member of the cultural association ‘Circulo de Estudios Indoeuropeos’ (Circle of Indoeuropean Studies), and the owner of the book editor company "Ediciones Nueva Republica" (New Republic Editions).

All were condemned by a regional court to sentences that range till 3 years of prison for spreading publications that minimize the so called Holocaust, promoted the III Reich and talked about the discrimination of blacks and homosexuals, and for being part of an illegal association with a paramilitary section.

The Supreme Court stated that the Spanish Constitution "do not forbid ideologies" or the "extremist ideas" and that "the ideas, as such, must not be prosecuted" in spite of being, like in this case "abominable". "The tolerance with all kind of ideas, that it is imposed by the freedom of ideology and speech does not mean acceptation or comprehension, only that the ideas, as such, must not be criminally prosecuted".

This sentence was also based in previous sentences of the Constitutional Court that said that "At the shelter of the freedom of speech all ideas have a place, even if they are dangerous of wrong, even the ones that attack the democratic system. The Constitution protects also to the persons that deny the Constitution"

Even though the freedom of ideology and speech to not cover under their protection the insult against groups, or the generation of hostility against them, something forbidden by the Spanish Penal Code. Therefore in this sentence they say for first time how must be this "offences" be interpreted. They say that "It is not enough to spread doctrines that justify the offence of Genocide or that excuse it. It is necessary that the diffusion constitutes a direct incitement to the commission or that could create an 'opinion tendency' or sentiments that could lead to the danger of committing specific acts of discrimination, hate, violence against groups or the members of groups"

"It is not only just the diffusion, but the diffusion in circumstances of creating a real danger"

"In this case none of the accused made any act of promotion, public defence, incitation about the doctrine of the books they sold, neither recommended to put them in practice"

The accused proved that the books they sold could be bought in other libraries and they were even in the National Library, where any citizen could ask for them and read it.

We congratulate for this decision of the Supreme Court, and now after many years of paying lawyers, of business closed, and work stopped by the denounces of SOS Racism, Amical de Mauthausen, and the Jewish Community of Barcelona this comrades are finally FREE!!!

Some “chosen people” is not very happy with this sentence:

Spanish Jews outraged at acquittal of neo-Nazis by High Court

06 June 2011

The Jewish Community Federation of Spain (FCJE) has strongly criticized the decision by the High Court to quash a lower court’s decision which had found four persons linked to the now-defunct Kalki bookshop in Barcelona guilty of incitement to hatred and anti-Semitism. The four were convicted in 2009 by a Barcelona court and sentenced to prison terms of up to three-and-a-half years. The High Court in Madrid now ruled that the men could be found guilty only if they had incited people to commit Nazi-type crimes. It said the Spanish Constitution did not prohibit ideologies, no matter how repulsive they might be.

“We Jews are very worried that the Spanish judiciary, which in certain situations shows a lot of sensitivity, does not consider the sale of books in which the Holocaust is denied and racism propagated an offence banned by our laws,” the umbrella body of Spanish Jewry said in a statement. CJE voiced its support for proposals to amend and clarify laws in order to prohibit any activities that incite to hatred based on religious, ethnic and related criteria - including the public denial of the Holocaust - as is required by a European Union directive which Spain has yet to implement.

Israel also strongly attacked the High Court ruling. Its Embassy in Madrid said in a statement: “Israel believes that this decision gives support to racist violence and shows a lack of historic knowledge.” It added that the ruling was reason for “sadness and concern.”

The sentence in the media:

Neo-Nazi ideas not illegal, Spain's Supreme Court says

Jun 3, 2011, 13:17 GMT

Madrid - Propagating neo-Nazi ideas is not a crime if they are not used to incite violence, Spain's Supreme Court ruled Friday.

The court acquitted four neo-Nazis who had appealed against a three-and-a-half year prison sentence imposed by a lower court.

The four, who had a far-right bookshop and publishing house in Barcelona, were charged with advocating genocide and belonging to an illegal association.

Neo-Nazi ideas 'deserved a clear rejection' and should not be propagated by the authorities, but freedom of expression also applied to 'offensive and unpopular' material, the court said.

Neo-Nazi ideas were illegal only when they clearly risked 'creating a hostile climate' which could lead to violence, the court said.

A little background of the case

The 25 of May of 2004 three members of the cultural association ‘Circulo de Estudios Indoeuropeos’ (Circle of Indoeuropean Studies) were arrested in Spain, in the region of Cataluña, by the regional police.

The C.E.I was a legal cultural association, inscribed in the registry of associations of the Spanish Home Office / Department of the Interior, and all their publications and magazines had ISBN / legal deposit. They had delegations in the regions of Cataluña, Madrid, Andalucía, Valencia, Guadalajara, Asturias, and also in México.

The three arrested were: Ramon Bau, 56 years, president of CEI, member in the past of the Spanish NS org CEDADE, that among other activities, during the 60’s and 70’s helped to publish the books that were forbidden in other European countries. Apart from being a respectable man, that has never made any speech or written in favour of the violent acts, is a well known comrade in other countries and edits the magazine ‘Bajo la Tirania’ (Under the Tyranny). ; Oscar P.G, 27 years old, delegate in the region of Cataluña of CEI, and owner of the Kalki bookstore, that was also raided by the police in June of 2003 and is waiting for the judgement of his case; and Carlos G.S, 35 years old, member of CEI and usual writer in the CEI magazines.

They were accused of forming and illegal association for the distribution of material that incites to the discrimination, the hate and violence against groups for racial motivations and for the negation of the jewish holocaust; justification of the genocide; for committing offences against the exercise of the fundamental rights and public liberties, and against the international community.

A section of CEI was called ‘the Order’, but was not a combat group or related with anything violent, they were focussed in the spiritual aspects of the NS. Anyway, as they used uniforms, they had ranks, and hierarchy, the police have considered that they were an “illegal paramilitary association, organised in combat units with the aim of the active resistance against the system, including the use of weapons”.

This was completely false, this section was focussed in the cultural fight, and the unique weapons they have found are daggers, knifes, swords and a Co2 gun, not in the locals of CEI but in the houses of the comrades arrested. So, for being a ‘paramilitary’ group, they were a quite strange one, because the reality is that they didn’t do any kind of fight / combat training, they didn’t practise with or had any kind of fire weapons, their chief has more than 60 years, and their most dangerous activities were excursions and marches in the mountains.

The real aim of the ‘Circulo de Estudios Indoeuropeos’ was to preserve the legacy and ideas of the NS, but without any purpose of forming a political party, or to take part in the democratic elections, or to arrive to the power by the use of force. They tried always to respect the Spanish law, but without having fear to be situated near the border of the law. A prove of that is that they decided to host their website in a Spanish server, to be subjected to the Spanish laws.

The 27 of May of 2004, the three comrades got the freedom with charges, and one of them was been released on bail of 3.000 euros/$.

A huge quantity of material was confiscated, including flags, books, posters, magazines, stickers, uniforms, armbands, pins, helmets, videos, Cd's, swords, SS daggers, and even personal objects of this comrades.

After this attack to the freedom of thinking of the human being, after this outrage to comrades that have never been involved in violent acts and have only tried defend our white race and our ideals the Spanish NS’s could not stand quiet, and diverse groups are preparing an Unitarian NS demonstration in the streets of Barcelona.

Thanks for your attention. 14/88