Saturday, 11 July 2009

Die Lustigen Zillertaler - Wir lassen uns das Singen nicht verbieten

After twelve years of silence Zillertaler Türkenjäger are here again. This time under a new name and with new material. The cd contains cover versions of various songs in different music styles – disko from the eighties, rock ballads, Bavarian folk songs…etc. All this all this sang in karaoke-style: a nice and cheap way to record tracks. The voice of the singer is pretty strong (reminds me of Gig a little bit) and all the lyrics are politically incorrect J The title of the album speaks for itself “We won’t let them forbid us to sing”. Actually the band is using the name of an already existing band which does mainstream folk songs…and this fact have put them in very a delicate situation. They have had to explain to the local cops and journalists that they are not neo-nazis and that they haven’t produced this “evil” album The cd booklet is in typical Rock O Rama style -- just a front and back cover. The original cd is pressed outside Germany, but it already has had two bootleg versions made of it in the Fatherland.

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