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The Stormer zine # 13

The Stormer zine n. 13 is out now!!!
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Upcoming CD

Coming soon! 12 brand new songs, 12 nails into ZOG's coffin, for the 20th anniversary of the Legendary Hungarian band Archivum!!!  Order thru: Loyalty Records - loyalty-records@hotmail.com . Trades are welcomed.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Slovenian ISD Memorial 2012

   Hello everyone, it’s time to tell you the story about the fourth ISD Memorial concert our crew attended this fall – the one in mighty Slovenia. On the flayer published at the end of the summer five great bands was announced, so everything seems to be quite promising for the future event. I have never been before in this country, so I was really looking forward the day of my departure. Unfortunately there was no direct flight from Sofia to Ljubljana, so I was forced to go by bus. The journey took approximately 14 hours, so in the very late hours of Thursday I landed in the outskirts of Ljubljana, where two comrades were waiting for me. We had a few beers and a good talk with them, so around 3 a.m. I thought it’s time to go to sleep, but they had other plans for the poor, innocent Bulgarian guest (hahahaha) The party moved in the comrade’s house and lasted until the morning involving wine, Schnaps  and other alcoholic beverages. The conclusion I reached is quite simple - Don’t try to drink with Slovenians, it’s a game you’ll never win J
  Next day passed very quickly, when after a few hours of sleeping and a lunch, on the late afternoon we headed to nearby town of Domazale. We’ve visited the local “Club 88” where comrades from near and afar started to gather. Guys from Bully boys were already there, so I was really happy and honored to shake hands with my good old pen pall Big Ed, which I’ve never met in real life before. Just a while after Ken from Brutal Attack and few lads from the old British guard joined us. We had a few hours of great party with our favourite White Power tunes, laughs, talks and drinks. I became a DJ for the part of the night, playing mostly Eastern European RAC tracks in favour of the huge Polish crowd in the pub which singalong the classics of their native bands such as Konkwista 88 and Honor. I believe all of us had a great time this eve, which for me ended around midnight, trying to stay sober in order to keep strength for the day of the gig.
On Saturday I packed my stuff and moved to a nice looking hotel, which I shared with our constant gig reporter (which came from France) and two of the bands which was supposed to play – Bully Boys and Blackout. After a delicious meal and few beers we headed to a city near by Italian border where the gig venue was. It was a nice looking night club plus a huge tent next to it, when all the merchandise tables were placed. Doors were opened at 6.00 p.m. and people started to gather in the next hour and a half. Unfortunately on the very same day there was another big gig (European Hammerfest in Switzerland) so the total amount of attenders was not that many as expected.
The first band of the night was Blackout from Wales. They’ve opened the gig with I think their best song so far “Mental Welsh Bastard” followed by some songs of their second cd, which was released this summer. They played a brilliant set playing some more songs from their first cd “Spirit of the warrior” plus the obligatory Skrewdriver covers. What I found interesting is that they’ve played covers of ballad tunes such as “The snow fell” and “Ode to a dying people” (by RA.HO.WA.) but in full electric version which sounded quite interesting. The crowd really enjoyed their performance dancing and hailing all over the place.

Blackout was followed by the most famous band from the East – Kolovrat. They started with a few songs in Russian like “Two Brothers”, “Music of the streets” and “Anti Antifa” followed by a huge amount of covers such as “Narodovy Socjalizm” by Honor, “Legion Blanche” by Legion 88, “Tales of Glory” by Brutal Attack, for which Ken joined them on stage and many others. During their performance the first problems with the sound system/technician started to happened which sadly continued almost until the end of the gig L.  What I can state as a minus is that their set lasted a way too long plus they didn’t played more songs on their native tongue, but preferred to count on covers, I believe to satisfy the large international crowd which attended the concert.

 After a short break third on the stage appeared Italians from Gesta Bellica. They were supported by a 50 plus people crew of VFS which made an incredible atmosphere singing together as one and dancing on every song. Between the songs they continued with singing like on a football game “Ole, Ole Venetto Skineheads” which once gain showed what strong following Italian bands have even far from home. Band played mostly their own songs from old albums plus covers of “Rivolta” (joined by Gigi from Legitima Offesa) and “Free my Land” (when again Ken took the mic).

Next on the schedule was long awaited legendary American band – Bully boys. Unfortunately the previous motioned problems with sound system reached its climax during their performance. This made their singer Scott really pissed, and I believe this was the main reason for the not so good performance of the band. So just for the record they played mix of both old and new songs such as “Jigrun” , “The hero was born”, “Hard times, hard measures” and of course “Superstar” as a last song of the set. To be honest most of the attenders was disappointed of their performance, as I believe the band members themselves.

The last band of the night was German veterans from Sturmtrupp. These three piece RAC bands really rocked the stage for the delight of the presenting German comrades. They played singalong tunes such as “Sturmtrupp 88” as an opener, “Der Letzten patrioten” plus some songs of their last cd entited "Unter Fiendlicher Attacke"
So around 3.30 a.m. the gig came to its’s end. We had a last beer and say “Good bye” to our friends, both old and new and returned back to hotel in Domzale to have some sleep after this long and exacting day.
On the next morning I had a breakfast with guys from Bully Boys, sharing opinions and laughing on some funny moments from the previous nigh. Then at early afternoon sadly it was time to go back to my Fatherland. I had one of the best weekends of my life meeting old comrades and making new friends from near and afar. I would like to thank all the boys and girls from 28 Slovenia for the perfect organization of the whole event especially to Rok for arranging my stay there and Matija for the great hospitality. For all you guys who are reading this report I can honestly highly recommend to visit a gig in Slovenia!!! This is land of the beautiful ladies, strong beer and at last, but not the least the home of one of the best (if not THE BEST) Blood and Honour Divisions in Europe!!! Slovenia, I’ll be back!!!

 Exclusive report by Editor 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Italian ISD Memorial 2012

      In the beginning of October was the date for the Italian ISD Memorial for 2012, organized by "VFS". It was my third ISD Memorial for the last few weeks, after France and England. Honestly I was very tired and not so exiting for that travel, but I did it, as I know well that Italy is always a very good destination for RAC concerts.

    Friday evening, right after work, we started our trip to the beautiful Italian city Genova. After around 4 hours by car, we arrived at the place right before midnight. Our friends from the Italian hatecore band "Still Burning Youth" was waiting for us, we went to very nice pub and there our weekend has started.
   After couple of beers, a lot of laughing and chat with our mates, around 3 morning we took again the cars to went to sleep.
   Saturday morning-big hangover: D. It was really hard to go out of the bed. All of us take fast shower, breakfast and we prepare us for the second part of our travel. On the route other comrades join us and after few hours of driving we arrived to the  gig area.
   It was very big open air place. Big stage, little bar next to it, enough parking place for the cars. As it was the late afternoon we had enough time to take a little break and install our table with BH "Hexagone" productions. We  had  a few beers and a  lovely dinner right after which  the concert started.
   First band for the evening was Italians from "Acciaio Vincente". The band played their songs from their first album "Professionalisti dell'Odio" (2011). Good performance, it was my first time I hear the band and I like it. Good dynamic music, the singer has a great voice.

Acciaio Vincente

   Second was "Linea Ostile". They played some covers as "Peggior Amico". The style of the band is classic Italian "OI" and that was the reason I liked their presentation. Unfortunately they didn’t record a cd yet, but hopefully they’ll do this in the near future, because it’s really good band.

Linea Ostile
   Right after them, after little pause on the stage come the long awaited "Gesta Bellica"! I was very exited to hear that band. It was my first time ever to listen "Gesta Bellica" at life, as I’ve miss them when they played year or two ago in my Fatherland Bulgaria. So the guys have couple of cd-s, those I know are " Usque ad inferos", "Interum rudit leo", "Ius primae lineae" and others. They played songs from their repertoire as "Voglio", "Ritorno a Camelot" and "No pasaran". They finished their set with "Skrewdriver" cover together with Ken /Brutal Attack/.

Gesta Bellica
   Last on the stage come the British monsters from "Brutal Attack". I don’t think it’s necessary to present the band, as they are "living legends" and even the kids know " In your eyes" and "Odin`s daughter". I saw them two weeks ago in ISD Memorial in England. The guys share members with the famous French RAC band "Frakass" /close and good friends of mine/. I’m not pretty sure with which song they’ve started, i`m not even sure which songs they played exactly, because it was already too late and I’ve drank many beers (hahahaha). For sure they played "Embers of yesterday" and my very favorite "Rock against communism". Their performance was on the top! Ken was in euphoria, he left the microphone and he jumped over the guys who were slamming below the stage. Michel /guitar/ broke two strings of his guitar, all the members of the band was very exited, which made the crowd exited as well…it’s hard to put in words the atmosphere we felt out there, but it was really cool! Real R.A.C.!!! Thanks to Ken and his crew for that! Here I want to share my personal opinion about Ken. I really believe that when he’s singing he feel and he live with his music. For him there is no matter if he play in front 3000 people or in front 20. He just...enjoys the party and his music from the bottom of his heart!

   This great evening didn’t finish with the concert. All the guests together with the bands went on a party. I had the chance to have a few beers with my French and Italian mates and the guys from "Brutal Attack". Thanks to David /Blakey/ for the interesting stories he told me about Ian Stuart and "Skrewdriver". Thanks to Ken and all the bands that played for us and made this evening magic, to VFS for that great concert and special thanks to Alberto for his hospitality and everything he did for us and our travel.
   From all that I saw in the last few weeks, from all the trips to the ISD Memorial concerts, all the new friends I’ve met and all new places I’ve visited I’m really happy to see that the people didn’t forget what Ian Stuart Donaldson created for us and his spirit lives in our hearts.  Ian Stuart R.I.P.!!!

Monday, 22 October 2012

French ISD Memorial 2012

 On 15th of September in of South France was held ISD Memorial, organized by the French Blood and Honour Division "Hexagone". For me that was my second ISD Memorial in France,as the first was back in 2010 organised by BH "Midgard". I was very happy of that memorial as many of my mates come and i was glad to have the chance speak in English and my own language - Bulgarian. In the middle of August we had already the band list and our preparing for the concert start. It was hard to find a good concert hall, but finaly we`ve got luck and the place was perfect for event like this.
   Some of our friends arrive Friday-the day before the gig. We made some small party at home with many pacs of beer and of course pizza. Was nice to see smiling people at home,even if it was a little bit like "Romper Stomper"  style party with 14 skinheads sleeping in my apartment :). Saturday morning we went to the airport to take our German friends.
  On the early afternoon we’ve started to manage the stuff inside the gig venue, such as setting the sound equipment, supplying the bars with coffee, soft drinks, beer, food etc. and other important things without which the gig couldn’t go ahead.

 The most of the people arrived later, so the concert started around 22:00h when everyone was already inside the hall. First on the stage come the French band "DC" /DECADENCE CULTURE/. I already wrote once about them, when I heard them for first time life, on the last year’s RAC Festival in France when was their comeback gig after 5-6 years of silence. I enjoy a lot their style - brutal and rough RAC. Now "DC" share musicians with the RAC band "BORDEL BOYS”.
   So "DC" started the concert with cover song of the first band of the singer "ELSASS KORPS" and with the song "Division Charlemagne". Usually on live performance they play two their own songs, one cover, and so on. Sadly, I was very busy with the bartender work, so I haven`t the chance to listen to them carefully. The last song of their set was "Plus fort que tout" /Stronger than anything/, cover of "KOMINTERN SECT"- song dedicated to the friendship and brotherhood. From what I can understand in French, the most of the lyrics of "DC" are dedicated to our fight against the system. Was nice to see that the crowd was so dynamic and exiting during the performance of first band!

     After a short break, second on the stage came "Non Plus Ultra". German band which exist more than 10 years .For that period they had some changing in the line up,but the singer M. is the only original member since the beginning. I saw them back in 2010 in "Ovni" RAC club in Spain once and I really liked them then. That was the reason why i was so happy and why i wanted to hear them once again, as in Spain, the guys made great show! This time their performance was with one additional guitarist, and I find out that their sound was even more professional than the last time. So they played few "Skrewdriver covers, cover as well as one by "Cock Sparrer" /Because you`re young/, some of their own set too. Funny thing was that the French crowd was dancing and even tried to sing the German songs :)

   Was perfect to see all the dancing and singing people, once again "NPU" made great atmosphere and show! I honestly can said, that is one of my favorite bands even if I’m not big fan of German scene and I waiting the moment to hear them once again at life.
   Last on the stage appeared the French R.A.C. “stars” "LEMOVICE". Funny and nice crew of guys, I already wrote few times about them so now I want to say few more words about the band. It was established back in 1999. For this period they played more than 50 concerts! Their first material was “1999-2002” demo, then in 2006 go out the debut cd "Lemovice", 2009 "Skinheads living dead" and 2011 "OI le tribute". They also took a part in few compilations cd’s such as "France Explosion 3" (2000) with two songs, "Tribute a Bunker 84" (2001), "Compilation de soutien aux prisonniers" (2011). Their future production will be entitled "Limoges" and must see light of the day by the end of the year. The guys started with song, dedicated to the memory of ISD, cover song of "SKREWDRIVER" - "Back with a bang". Groundbreaking start!!! All the attenders gathered front of the stage, dancing, slamming and singing with the vocalist N., it was a great moment! Really very good chosen song for start and perfect cover version! They went ahead with songs of their own set as "Triquard", "Beloi Army", "France" and others. After their last song, the crowd didn’t allow them to go out of the stage, people were screaming "more,more,more" so finally they played for us the last song of the night "L`epee en main".
   The concert was visited from around 150 people. Everything went really well, in a really friendly atmosphere without any problems or fights. The gig goers enjoyed another nice evening and at last but not the least the bands who played gave their very best to make a great party! Thank you guys!

   Here I want to say big thanks also to F. and especially to G. for the hard nonstop work they do on the bar and big CHEERS to K. and M. from Bulgaria for the time we shared together :) Thanks to the "Hexagone" guys for the great concert they organized for us, and special thanks to "DC","NON PLUS ULTRA" and "LEMOVICE" for the perfect performance! Salutes to my Jagermeister friends T., H., and M.:)
 Exclusive report by S. (as usual :)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

R.A.C. Encyclopedia - part 9


Mistreat was one of the first ever Skinhead bands in Finland, founded in 1988 under various aliases, such as "Synthetical bastards", "Sorbus sound" and "Technodeath". They released a demo tape in 1990 but later on same year their debut EP came out, featuring classics as "Keep Finland Clean", "Clean your boots" and "Skins Rule". Their style was pretty HC influenced.

Then the band recorded a demo tape which spread all over Europe (and rest of the world) like third world immigrants, except as for comparison, Mistreats demo proved out to be highly successful everywhere.

Mistreat's first proper big gig was gonna be the White Xmas in Finland 1992, supporting Agent Bulldogg, but because their singer, Muke, was arrested and kept in jail in Sweden for participating in Karl XII memorial (which turned into a full scale cityriot) the band played just a couple of numbers with a visiting guest singer.

Then they made a deal for a full LP with Gael Bodilis of Rebelles Européens, but since the contact turned too random, they had a deal with Herbert Egoldt of Rock-o-Rama Records instead, but that came to nothing as well. What a loss to those two labels.

From time to time Muke, stepped into guitar duties for a legendary Finnish HC punk band "Maho Neitsyt", this caused a lot of hysteria among the left wing losers as he also went to in studio with them and his photo was featured on their single as a full member of the band. Mistreat's long running guitarist, Arska, was also from the original line-up of "Maho Neitsyt".

So it was time to put domestic forces in action, the long running AinaSkin skinzine & video service founded an CD label which was the kick start and base of the scene to come and released their debut CD "Faith & Fury" on AinaSkin Musiikki label. Mistreat went into studio and re-recorded the whole album.
Jas was also singing the backing vocals on it. (AinaSkin would later on release the debut albums of Pig Killer and Sniper as well).

The first pressing was 1000 copies, which sold out rather quickly and just made the band more popular everywhere. Their first gig outside of Finland was going to be with the new No Remorse in Germany but riot police decided otherwise and they couldn't play. But later on same year 1995 in Sweden, they managed to play their first gig abroad and they have played pretty much in every White country since then. 

NS records that we also controlled (offspin of NS88) released their split with Kraftschlag (Mistreat's guitarist Miika played in both bands actually) entitled "Waffenbrüder" which also, no surprise, became a best seller.

The band has went through several line-ups' leaving Muke as the only original remaining member.


1990 Mistreat-EP
1995 Faith and fury
1997 The Flame From The North
1997 Waffenbrüder (split Cd with Kraftschlag)
2000 Battle Cry
2001 Ultimate Mistreat (US compilation)
2001 Beer bottles & Hockey sticks (split CD with Bound for Gloryn)
2002 Best of... (White vinyl)
2003 Unfinished Business (old songs that never got recorded etc...)
2005 Never forgive - never forget

+ countless songs on various compilation CD's.

Written by: Jäsä AinaSkin

RACmentary of Mistreat (as long as youtube allows it to be:)

British Standard

British Standard came from Scotland (Glasgow) and they started playing in 1982. The first line up was Jim Boland drums, Sim bass and Dods guitar. In 1986 Cazy played the guitar and Lorraine took the vocals duties. This was the first R.A.C band with a female on vocals. Under this line up they wrote a demo tape and some other songs like Skinhead Headlines, Bomb Scare and Smash The Reds.

The band had member change again with Midi on vocals and John on guitar (rehearsal 1993 & Last Chance songs) and they took part in Last Chance Volume 1 compilation with a new version of the old song Violence Rape & Murder alongside a brand new track called New Europe.

Midi left the band around 1994 to concentrate more time with his family.

In 1999 Barrel make the vocals for a while and after this they released the split cd together with Celtic Warrior with 5 songs. The line up was then J.C (pre-Nemesis band) vocals, Sim on bass (the only one from original line up), Big G drums (ex-Oi! Polloi and pre-Nemesis) and famous Nigel guitar.

The Last Chance Volume 2 compilation never got released due to the police raiding the Belgian recording studio and confiscating the master copies. However these British Standard songs later appeared on The Early Years cd.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

ISD Memorial Gig England 2012

Like the last five years, me and my friends traveled to the England‘s ISD Memorial gig in September. On Friday evening we arrived in the middle of England, the place of the gig.  After a few conversations with friends we went to the concert tent. As in the previous years, it was a two days event program, starting with a ballad gig. At the beginning of the evening, the tent wasn’t filled with crowd so much, but however that changed over  the time,. At 9 o’clock the ballad evening began.

First on stage appeared Stevie, who played many of the famous Skrewdriver songs. Next  came the boys of Frakass from France, who sang their hits in their native language. The next presentation was followed by singer John of Scottish band Nemesis accompanied by a guitarist. Personally I found the performance awesome, we has a great voice and perform the songs with great passion.

The last guests of the ballad evening appeared on the stage at 1 o’clock at night . It was Sleipnir from Germany. Their hits were brought over very ingenious and persuasive. There were, for example, "Wunderbare Jahre " and "Meine Welt" . They played for about an hour so around 2 o’clock  the  ballad evening came to it’s end.



 After a delicious English breakfast on Saturday afternoon we went back to the gig venue for the “full electric” gig night. First on stage appeared  the boys of Gentleman Thugs. It was the third live performance of the band. They played many  No Remorse covers, giving their best to warm up the crown.

 Gentleman Thugs

Then came March or Die, which unfortunately I have not seen because I ate a barbecue.

Slowly the tent started to fill with people and the next band was Section 88, which hits like "Ain´t no black" presented to the audience.

March or Die

Section 88

The next band was the Scottish boys from Nemesis, which impressed me very much like the night before. A  fabulous  performance.

The next band were the  boys from  Legion of St. George. They played their well-known pieces of their CD's  "On the footsteps of Heroes".

Legion of St. George

With "Kick the reds in" White Law started their performance. After an announcement by the singer a minute of silence in the memory of Ian Stuart followed. 

After White Law the guys from Blackout took the stage. Songs like "Blackout", "This is my country" and great cover from  Skrewdriver songs were sung. As always, a  great performance by  the boys.
White Law

The next  band for the night were the guests from Australia. The three guys from Ravenous played their hits. Unfortunately I can’t   say much about it because I do not know the songs. But the performance was very good for my point of view.


Ken and the rest of the guys from Brutal Attack were next band of the schedule. There played songs like "Tales of Glory", "Rock against communism", “Always Near” and Let it burn.

With great hope, I expected the next band. It was the guys from Deahts Head from Australia. The crew was the same as at Ravenous. Only the singer changed the position. Jesse put on a convincing performance. A great performance. Love it!

The last band of the evening were White Rebel Boys from Germany. I’ve ever before seen them live before, but they made a good performance.

To sum it up: about 700 people attended, great organization, we will be back next year.

Greetings to all my friends,  the guys from Blackout, Section 88 and Gentleman Thugs and of course to Silvy.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Legion Condor Memorial in Spain

In the main cemetery of Madrid City there is a Memorial in memory of 7 pilots of the Legion Condor that died during the Spanish Civil War fighting in the nationalist side.
This memorial was inaugurated on July of 1942, with the presence of the German Ambassador, the Spanish Minister of Air Force,  the Major of Madrid and different military authorities and diplomatic from Italy, Japan, Portugal, Romania, or Slovakia.

The main placard had words in German and Spanish. In German stated: “The German pilots here buried died fighting for a free Spain” and in Spanish it said: ”German Pilots, fallen for God and Spain. Present! “. 
Above it there was another placard with a Luftwaffe eagle, that in the spring of 1958 at the urging of the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, was removed due to the presence of swastikas on it.
It is said that the remains of the pilots were returned to Germany after the IIWW.
Some years ago, in 2005, this memorial was attacked by the reds, that covered it with red paint, and after that it was restored by Spanish comrades, that make a ceremony after the restoration was completed.
In February 2012 it was vandalized again and some months later it was restored. The reds also made some damages to the monument-tomb of the Blue Division that is placed very close.

The Socialist Party has complained for the presence of this Legion Condor monument several times, but as the City Council is controlled by the Popular Party (right conservative) they did not achieve anything. Therefore some month ago they decided to complain to the German Embassy, the German Embassy spoke with the German Government, and in April following orders of the German government the main plaque, which had the motto we have previously mentioned in black letters, was covered with white paint and plaster.
After that the Socialist Party sent a thanks letter to the German Embassy.
Something to highlight is that when this monument was vandalized, the German Embassy did not complain or went to the police; they did nothing at all, and were the Spanish comrades who had to make the restoration. Also is not clear if they have competencies to take decisions over a memorial placed in a Spanish cemetery in Spanish land without German corpses on it.
A new sing of lack of honor of these democrat authorities that do not respect even their fallen countrymen.
For this reason it was decided to make a “redress” act the morning of the 29th of September in the place of the memorial, which was attended by around 50 comrades of different political parties and organizations.

There were three speakers. The first speaker explained the circumstances that lead to the German Embassy to cover the placard, related with the Socialist complains and the “Historical Memory” law approved by the last socialist government. The second speaker explained also that this is also related to the apologies for the Guernica Bombing that the German President Roman Herzog made to survivors of the raid apologizing on behalf of the German people and state in 1997, which lead to a law passed by the German parliament in 1998 that legislate for the removal of all former Legion Condor members names from associated German military bases. The Madrid socialist knew that and use it as an argument in front of the current German authorities. He explained also that some years ago in a village of the province of Toledo was inaugurated a Memorial for Soviet pilots that died operating in the airfield placed there. In that case, the Russian Putin government sent a wreath with the current Russian flag colors and a military representation.  They were not ashamed of their history and they respect their soldiers who died fighting in a foreign country. The last speaker started saying the names of the seven soliders fallen, that was responded by the words “Present!”, then he spoke about the role of the Legion Condor during the Civil War and the ignominy of the acts of both the socialist party and the German authorities.
The act ended singing the song “I had a comrade" (Ich hatt' einen Kameraden)  in Spanish.
There are plans to repair the despicable act made by the German authorities.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Books about ISD & Skrewdriver

Title: „Skrewdriver – First Ten years”
Author: Joe Pearce
Publisher: Skrewdriver Services /England 1987

As the title suggests, this book examines the early years of Skrewdriver and their transformation from punk to a leading nationalist band in Europe. The author was a close friend and associate of Ian; the book was written to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the band. The information contained within was given personally by Ian Stuart in a series of audio interviews.

Title: „Nazi Rock star”
Author: Paul London
Pages: 168
Publisher: Midgard /Sweden 2002

The story begins with Ian’s childhood in Blackpool and continues until his death in 1993. This is definitely the most detailed history of Ian and Skrewdriver. The author is the infamous Paul Burnley from No Remorse who received a great deal of help in writing the book from Ians’ friends and former members of the band like John “Grinny” Grinton (R.I.P.) who wrote the material on the early years of Ian.
The book comes in a luxury edition with a soft cover and glossy paper. You can find a huge amount of high quality photos inside. This book is a true relic for all of the ISD and Skrewdriver maniacs. It still can be ordered via internet for the “modest” price of 25 British pounds.

Title: „Diamond in the Dust”
Pages: 102
Publisher: RVF/ England 2002

Here is another attempt at a biography of Ian’s life and the band; however, this time it’s quite unsuccessful. The information contained within is quite brief, but concise: doesn’t go into too many details. A large part of the book is occupied by lyrics and quotes from Ian Stuarts’ statements. Inside you can find several valuable pictures. The book is posted on the Internet and it can be found at: http://www.skrewdriver.org/diamond.html

Title: „Memories”
Author: Mark Green
Pages: 195
Publisher: PC Records/Germany 2007

“Memories” is one of the newest books about ISD/Skrewdriver, which was published in German and English. It contains a series of interviews and personal recollections of people who personally knew Ian Stuart and they shed light on who he truly was behind the scenes. Amongst the people interviewed are: his closest friends; former band members; musicians like: Jonsey (English Rose), Cisco, Stefan Hammer (Noie Werte), Ian’s fiancee Diane, Murray Holmes (Quick and the Dead); etc. Inside the book, you can find manuscripts of lyrics of the most famous Skrewdriver songs and a large amount of pictures that for the first time have seen the light of day. A must-have item!!!

Title: „The outcasts of Rock’n’ Roll”
Author: Jozan Zoltan
Pages: 135
Publisher: Loyalty Records/Hungary 2010 г.

Here we find one of the latest books written about Ian and Skrewdriver; this time, however, it’s from Eastern Europe. The book is entirely in Hungarian and as far as we know it is a compilation of all previous books on the subject. You can find more details on the book in this interview that was done with the author: HERE

Title: „Rock’n’ Roll Patriot”
Author: Mark Green
Pages: 80

The newest book!!! This is the follow-up to the highly popular "Memories" book and features a lot of material from the archives of various people around the world with many stories, anecdotes and exclusive interviews with the producer of the "Back with a Bang" Maxi, Pajen of Midgard, Jeff Clayton of Antiseen, and many, many more. This English version has come out as a “limited fanzine version,” but it looks more like a book as it's properly printed and the photos are of good quality. The book is 80 pages. Only a limited quantity is available as only 100 copies were made in total. The German version was published by PC Records in 2009.

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Monday, 6 August 2012

Murray Holmes Interview

* Cut-off from NADSAT Magazine Spring 2008

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Report from VFS Summer Fest

Like every year in the middle of July in Italy was held Veneto Summer Fest. For me and my mates, that was our first traveling to that event and we were pretty exited. Early in Saturday morning we took our cars and we started the long travel. With a lot of RAC music in the car, many packs of Red-Bull and of course our dog, we started the trip to our destination. The way have passed nice and faster, and no matter of the 7 hours of driving, we really didn’t feel tired at all.
   We arrived at the place around 17h afternoon, which was the perfect time, as the start of the concert was 18:00 o`clock. We have enough time to see our friends from the French RAC band "Lemovice", to prepare our merchandise table and take the first long awaited cold beer for the weekend.
   The place was perfect for event like that. It was a big field, with great big stage, two bars, restaurant and enough toilets for the guys and the ladies. The merchandise zone was also good chosen, near by the stage and the big space for the pogo “dancing”.
   Dogs were not allowed, which was sad for our pit bull/staf Freya, and here I want to say big THANKS to the guys of the organization, who made compromise for our dog and let us take her with us in the concert (it was very hot in the car).    It was really fucking hot, so the beers help us to fight out the heat.
   First on the stage come out the French RAC legends "Lemovice". Good band, I have already saw them few times at life and I love to write about them (and drink with them :D). My first meeting with them was back in 2009, when I had the chance to been guest to their 10 years Lemovice B-day party. After I listen them again at life in 2011, so this was third time I saw Lemovice live. Every time i hear the band,i like more and more their music. They played their famous "Beloy Army", "Triquard" songs, and others. Nico with his magic voice make the crowd crazy at all and the pogo have started. Usually the best bands play in the end of the evening, but I think that "Lemovice" was very good choice for start of the gig, as was many French comrades there, and was kick-ass starting. The next time we can see "Lemovice" at life will be in Southern France- ISD Memorial, organized by BH Hexagone.

   Here is the moment to say something about the other bands, but honestly i didn’t saw that much of the concert. I was happy to see many old friends from East and West Europe, so I spent the time with always cold beer in hand having a fun and having a say with my mates. I heard German singing, I thought the band was "Burning Hate", but I’ve been told that they couldn’t make it to the gig. Actually the band on stage was Confident of victory” which made a very class performance, with songs from their first album “F.N.A.B.” and the second “the unfeeling” as well as a great cover of Ode To A Dying People  (original by RaHoWa)   After  Italian RAC bands like "Testvdo", "Soliti-sospetti" and Linea Ostile, but as usually I do, I go in RAC concerts to see the old and find a new friends. The "special guest" that was the famous "Sleipnir".I was waiting long to hear the band live but as I usually do,I miss it :).

Confident of Victory

    Last on the stage was the Italian RAC stars "Legittima Offesa" .Well known band, very popular not only in Italy, but all around  Europe. The guys played last year in my fatherland Bulgaria and as well in France for BH Hexagone. Played as usual, very professionally, a cover of "Come Il Vento" by (Intolleranza) was also played Right after that gig was over, we had a  beer with the singer Gigi and he give to us CD of his band-special gift for BH Hexagone :) Thanks Gigi!

Legittima Offesa

   The concert was visited by around 350 people, from Czech Rep., Serbia, France, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and of course Bulgaria/sorry if I’ve missed someone/. I would like to thanks to all my friends there for the party time together, cheers to smiling Joanna from Germany, guys from SBY (Italy),my French comrades from BH Hexagone and thanks to VSF organizing crew for the perfect concert they did for us. It was my first Veneto Fest, but for sure not the last! Great week-end with a lot of laughing, people who locked themselves in the cars /yes Ben, everyone knows now :D/ and very friendly and nice atmosphere.

   Sunday midday we start our travel back to Marseille. It was hard for us...Big hangover, great memories for Saturday night and a little bit sadness because that great evening was over. Anyway, I’m very happy for that week-end, I met many old and I had the chance to find a new friends. Looking forward for the next Veneto Fest :) and hey guys, hope to see you 15th of September in Marseille on our ISD Memorial concert ;).
 Exclusive report by S.