Friday, 10 July 2009

Blood Red Eagle interview

This interview should took place in Swedish fanzine “Ragnarok”, but never saw a light of a day because the oppression of Swedish occupational government.

1. First out, tell us a little about you in the band, who are you?

My name is Doug, I play guitar, some other instruments and i sing and write the songs.
2. When, were and how did the band start? Who was it that started it?
We had just left an Oi! band we used to do. We preferred the message in RAC but we listened to alot of Viking Rock bands from Sweden and we wanted to make something like that but a bit harder and with a good message. At the time we were listening to a lot of the main Swedish bands like Ultima Thule, Hel, Enharjarna, Volund Smed, Midgards Sonar and we wanted to mix this up with our own style in a new band, so we did. I think the year was around 2000.

3. Were do you guys stand politically?

We are a WHITE POWER band and we don’t make any apologies for it. We like to sing more about love of our own race instead of hatred for other races and we don’t pretend otherwise.

4. How do you think the Nationalist scene in Australia is?
It's small but its becoming very productive. We have some good groups here to support and people are beginning to do a bit more for themselves so I would say its strong and we have some quality people.

5. Are someone in the band connected to any organisation/party/movement?

Blood Red Eagle supports VOLKSFRONT ( 100%. we also support Blood & Honour and anyone who is in good standing with the official BH. The Swedish Viking-rock bands always says their not 'racists' and really don't want any connections with National Socialists and other true Nationalists, but you have played on ISD memorial gigs, played together with a lot of NS/RAC bands, what do you think of how Ultima Thule and other swedish viking-rock bands are so scared of being called Racists so they even slag their own supporters (That are NS) down?
We dont care what the media and the leftwing commie faggots say about us. Who cares, its just talk and bullshit. I see alot of the 'viking rock' bands in sweden are all PC now and i dont like it, but they can do what they want, they have to look at themselves in the mirror. We dont want to be rockstars, We are WP, Nationalists and all of us are active members and supporters for certain groups and its very known in Australia. We are no different to our supporters. We have been on the cover of national newspapers and in the news all over NZ and the world. We dont care what they say.

6. Where have your inspirations come from (Musically)?

I liked the music coming from Sweden around the early 2000's but I wanted to do it my own way with less pop romance and a more 'honest' message, But we also take influence from Viking Metal and normal rock music, Oi! music, RAC, punk, country and anything at all. My inspirations themselves come from my racial ideals and my studies into asatru.

7. What do you guys have for any favourite bands?

Skrewdriver. Blackout. Kill baby Kill. Enharjarna. Amon Amarth. Fortress. Ravens Wing. Einherjer. Falkenbach. lots of stuff. we like a bit of everything ;)

8.Have you plans for another record?

Yes. we're working on two albums right now and two split cds possibly. The next album will be called 'Divine Providence' and then after this we are doing the 1st of 3 albums based on the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda and other traditional texts. The 1st album of this series has already been written and its called 'Volume 1: Creation'

9. How did you found the name 'Blood Red Eagle'? What does it mean for you?

It's from the story of Ragnar Lodbrokk. Its the form of torture his son imposed on the priest who murdered him. You cut out the lungs of a person while they are still alive and you spread them out like an eagle. Blood Red Eagle is the name of theis method of torture/execution.

10. Have someone of you in BRE played in some other band/bands?

I did a solo project called AFFRAY once. It was improvised traditional style RAC. that was a one time thing. We are now doing another band aswell as BRE, the band is called 'Honky Tonk Knife Fight' and its funny/over the top/offensive scumbag rock/punk stuff for fans of cocknoose, Supersuckers, the hookers, etc etc. we have a 7' coming out soon in the USA.

11. Which bands have you played together with?

Fortress, Bullyboys, Deaths Head, Ravenous, Downright Hateful, Frontline, Rolling 7's, I can really remember.. lol 12. Which band have been funniest to play with?i'm not sure. maybe Death's Head. their singer is a funny guy and a really good guy as well.

13. How is it to be a Nationalist in Australia? Is it much repressions from the system and their servants?

It's not easy but its not as hard as Germany. The system doesnt like us but in the end they cant do much about us. We still get troubles with them but not as badly as europe.

14. Do you have any last words for our readers?

Thanks for your interest in the band. if you want to read more or hear our music then check out , and you can get our cds in Sweden from Midgard records. Thanks. Hail Woden, Race Over All!Doug. Thank you very much for the interview!

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