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RAC Encyclopedia - part 2

Formed in 1988 this German skinhead band rose to the top of the scene for bringing about a very hard sound that strayed from the basic Oi! punk of it's day. Comprised mainly of songwriting duo Jorg Petrisch (vocals, bass) and Volker Grunner (guitar). Their first effort "Dreckig, Kahl und Hundsgemein" (Dirty, bald and vicious like a dog), gave the band a huge skin following and caught the mainstream media's attention as well.

Before long Störkraft had become a media sensation for their right wing leanings and publications like the “Der Spiegel” newspaper carried interviews with the band. Storkraft managed to sell over 100,000 records which is unheard of for such an underground band. German journalist Klaus Farin had this to say about the band's success "A third-rate amateur rock band that previously was virtually unknown in schools and youth clubs, went so within a few weeks at least three major appearances in talk shows, could populate hundreds of newspaper columns, and illustrate a dozen TV magazine articles, and now in virtually any 14-year-old this country had understood that he is necessarily a record of this, had to obtain ultra-hard 'band, he was not out to be. " They were a lightening rod for controversy and great songwriting, which made the band stand out among their peers. In 1990 Störkraft released their landmark album "Mann fur Mann" which launched the band further into the public eye and controversy. The 1992 album "Wikinger" showed the band tone down it's political content and make an album with a much more acoustic, folk feel. Also featured on the album was a cover of Symarip's classic 'Skinhead Girl' which served to further distance Störkraft from their right wing label.
Not long after the band was put on trial under Germany's strict free speech laws toward suspected right wing activity. Along with manager Torsten Lemmer, Störkraft was forced to defend themselves against accusations of Nazism and promoting violence. It was not long after that the band called it quits in 1993, but not before releasing a farewell EP “Mordbrenner - Ihr gehört nicht zu uns” (Murders, burners, you are not one of us) inspired by the events of so called “Barbecue im Rostok”in August 1992. This EP featured a cover of the Angelic Upstarts' 'Brighton Bomb' with new lyrics by Störkraft. They titled the song 'Morder ohne Ruhe' or 'Murder without regret.' The song denounced the racial violence outbreaking in Germany at the time and had special significance due to the band it was coming from. Singer Jorg Petrisch went on to record an album call 'Störkraft Solo: Jorg und die drei bagaluten' or 'Jorg and the 3-man band.' Guitarist Volker Grunner acheived success with the non-political Oi! band 4-Promille until they disbanded in 2007.
Source: "The Spirit of Yesterday Oi"


Storm is Swedish WP band founded in 1992 in "Nodinge-Nol" a suburb of Gothenburg. The first name of the band was "Raskrig" (Racial War), but changed their name to Storm in 1993, and in the next year they record their first album - "Hell Seger!" (Hail victory). In 1996 was released their second cd called "Is it too late?", followed by "For Blood and Honour" in 1999. Their best album came in 2002 under the name "Levande Historia" (Living History), the title comes from the name of the Swedish educational institution which is brainwashing children in schools with stories about the Holocaust. Two years later is released their album "Terror state", the name was chosen because the cd contains many anti-Zionist and anti-Isreali songs, which makes the Storm blacklisted by the ZOG. Their last full album so far is "Frihetens Första Dag" (The first day of freedom) which was released in early 2007. Also the band has participated in various compilations like "White pride World Wide" vol. 2, "Nordland" vol. 3 and 5, "Rights for Whites" and many others.Band was involved in three split albums: with German bands Freikorps (1995) and Spreegeschwader (1998), but also with Hysel (2002). The only remaining founding member is Kenneth on vocals. In 2007, Storm decides to stop playing, but they have promised their fans to record two more albums in which should be collected their unreleased tracks.

English rose

A Coalville (Leicestershire) based Oi! band, formed in 1987. Originally called White Aggression but months before their first concert they changed their name to English Rose when it was realised a Swedish skinhead band was using the same name. The original line-up was Jonesy, vocals, Mick on guitar, Dean Porter on guitar, Spen on bass and Blakey on drums. Jonesy and Spen had both been in Oi! band British Born. Porter didn't last long in the band. This line-up recorded an eight-track demo, which was sold on the scene and sent to a few labels. The label that showed most interest was Rebelles Europeens and after a few letters and phone calls a deal was struck to record. The first release was a single called 'Proud Nationalist Warriors', which was released in 1989. The next recording session was also for Rebelles Europeens in which four songs were recorded. 'Warriors Of The Rose' and 'Stop The Invasion' were released in 1992 on the 'Last Chance' compilation album. The other two tracks 'We're Back' and 'Justice-There's No Justice' were meant for volume 2 but it was never released. By this time Mick had left the band and a new guitarist was found by the name of Guiness, he played a handful of gigs and started recording the new album 'Never Be Silenced' before leaving the band following an incident with a gang of immigrants and a spell in prison. The album was completed with the help of former guitarist Mick and released by Rebelles Europeens in 1992. The band was out of action for a while until along came a local ex-punk called Steve. Some practice sessions were arranged and the result was a new CD called 'The Flame Still Burns' released by German label Skull Records. Steve quit, he was replaced by Martin Cross. They went into the studio to record four new songs, the first two 'You Know Our Name' and 'Voice Of The Right' were released by ISD Records on 'Blood And Honour Volume 1'. The other two tracks 'Choose Your Side' and 'White And Proud' were released on a single by French label Boha Records. This is when Martin Cross quit to join Razors Edge. He was replaced in 1995 by Dirk, ex-Close Shave. They went into the studio again to record six new songs for various labels. The first two songs were 'Feel Our Power - Feel Our Force' and 'Our Nation' and were released on the Polish label Thor Records. The next two songs, 'One Mission' and 'By Any Means', were released by Nordland Records. The last two songs were recorded for ISD Records but have never been released by them following their falling out. Those tracks were 'Cheers, Thanks And All The Best' and a cover of Skrewdriver's 'Blood And Honour'. In late '95 they split from the Combat 18 controlled Blood & Honour organisation. 1996 saw the band go through a line-up change, this time bass player Spen decided to leave the band to give one hundred percent to his wife and children. There was more studio time lined up, but this time they called on the help of Brad of Squadron to stand in on bass so they could record three tracks for 'Justice', a compilation CD to raise money for prisoners. It was released by French label BoHa Records. The three songs they contributed were 'We'll Overcome', originally recorded by French skinhead band Legion 88, 'Blood, Honour, Pride And Faith' and 'Segregation'. The band once again had a full line-up when Stinko, ex-Celtic Warrior, joined the band on a part-time basis, which turned out in the end to be full-time and it wasn't too long before the band was back up and playing live in Britain and Europe. The band decided it was time to record a full length CD, the result being 'Dreams Of Freedom'. They felt let down by the studio and the engineer. They wanted to go back and remix the songs but the studio had already recorded over the master tapes. The same line-up travelled out to Germany together in January '97 to a private birthday party and played a live set that was probably one of the best they had ever played. This set was recorded and one year later and after a bit of editing to remove what can only be described as �politically incorrect� songs and rantings, the 'Live In Deutschland '97' was released by Movement Records. Stinko later died of cancer. Back in the early '90s they travelled with Squadron to Germany for a gig but were stopped by police on the motorway about an hour after landing. They thought it was just a routine check but they were made to leave the van and strip on the side of the road. They were held for a number of hours so the gig couldn't go ahead and then they were released. One gig they didn't get to finish was in Germany as a memorial to Stinko. The police raided the hall half way through their set in riot gear and a riot ensued. They joined the anti-Combat 18 faction in 1996 and set up their own self-named label in the same year. Graham (from Avalon) became the second guitarist. But due to the departure of Chris Telford the bassist, Graham became the bassist. Their final line-up was Jonesy, vocals, Tom, former guitarist with Whitelaw, on guitar, Graham on bass and Blakey on drums. Sisco was a one-time member of the band. As of 2003 they officially became a recording project. In May 2005 Jonesy reformed English Rose with a Hungarian backing band and played a gig in Flanders.
Source: Band's myspace

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Joe Rowan Memorial gig in Hungary

Joe Rowan memorial – 09.10.2010. Hungary

The annual Joe Rowan memorial concert was organized again by the Hungarian Hammerskins, just like in every year’s October since 2005. The gig took place in the nord-west area of the country, in the small town Sopron. Four bands got invited to play, Worst Nightmare, Verszerzödes and Vegitelet from Hungary, and an Italian Hammerskin band Bullets.

To be the first band at a gig is not so grateful, and this time Worst Nightmare got this role. The band was formed back in 2002, after few years break they came back in 2006. Their line up at this night was quiet new, since their new vocalist joined the group just 5 months ago. He hasn’t much gigs behind his back yet, but he is getting more and more routine on the stage. They played a good set, and beside their own songs they played few covers, for example ’Hammer Joe’ from Aggravated Assault with Hungarian lyrics.

The next bnnd on the stage was Bullets. This was the first visit of the Italian guys in Hungary, but hopefully not the last one. Their set was a good mixture of their own songs with many Nordic Thunder covers, like ’Born To Hate’, ’Change Of Scenery’, ’Runing Riot’ and ’Cold Hard Facts’, which was sang by Geri, the vocalist of Verszerzödes. The crowd already started to warm in during their show, and the song ’Revolta’ from Plastic Surgery was just the top of the iceberg.

After Bullets came Verszerzödes. More people gathered to the front of the stage and finally we could see some pogo too. The guys had one of their best show in the last months I think so. They also played the Nordic Thunder anthem ’Change Of Scenery’, but before the song Geri had few words in memory of Joe Rowan, and asked the attendances to remember with one minute silence to our fallen marthyr.

As much isn’t the best to be the first band at a gig, is just same to be the last one. But the guys from Vegitelet didn’t care about this, and made a powerful gig. This band is quiet new in the Hungarian scene, but the guitarist we could already seen before in bands like Nimrod and Hunor, and their drummer plays in Hunor too. I could describe their style as hard RAC, with a few influence of hardcore. Hopefully we don’t have to wait so long to their debut CD.

I could tell, that it was a really good event and worthy of Joe’s memory. Well organized, good atmosphere and without any problems or fights. Comrades attended from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovakia and of course from Hungary. Hammer Joe you are forever in our hearts, see you in Valhalla!

by HHS

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

ISD Memorial in Southern France

The date of 9th October was planned for ISD Memorial gig, which should take place in Southern France under the banner of B&H Midgard. This was my first ISD Memorial ever so I was quite curious and exited because of the upcoming event.
B&H Midgard are the only official Division of the Brotherhood in France and they exist for more then 10 years. They don’t have a big number of members, but many followers and supporters. Alongside with the Hammerskins, 28 Midgard is the most active skinhead organization in France at the present times.

After a long but pleasant journey we arrived on the gig venue. The hall was located in the industrial side of the city - a perfect place for this purpose. The first people who welcomed us were the guys from Italian band "Still Burnin`Youth", which had just arrived. Inside the hall the preparations for the concert have already began. The next few hours went into band rehearsals and sound checking.

The gig started around 22.00 when first on stage appeared the Italians from Still Burnin`Youth. This is very young band, founded just 3 years ago. For this short period they have released two albums: "The Flames Of Hatred"-2008, "NSHC Is Not Music,It`s A Family"-2010 and one split cd "Italians Do It Better" together with "Blind Justice" and "Ribelli D`Indastria". Their style can be described as a brutal Hate Core. Their set began with songs like "Nightmare", "Misantropo e asociale", "Io Non Ci Sto!" – the last one is very powerful song which lyrics are against the laboratory experiments and torture of animals. They also did few covers of some legendary Italian bands like Hate for breakfast-"Bella come una prigione che brucia", Plastic Surgery - "Rivolta" and Intolleranza’s "Come il vento".

Their performance was a perfect start of the concert which warm up the crowd for the next band for the night, our old palls from Mas Que Parablas/Spain/.
I have followed the band for their last three gigs and I find out that they are getting better and more professional from their previous performances. The interesting thing is that this band has fans both from RAC/Oi! scene and by those who prefer the very popular in last few years NS Hard Core.

First song of their set was from their own repertoire, followed by cover version of Estirpe Imperial-"Iremos a un bar" and few more by Division 250 and Battalon De Castigo. Their part of the gig was finished by a speech held by the bass player dedicated to our Spanish comrade Josue, who was unjustly sentenced for 26 years imprisonment.

He was followed by another speaker from the organizing crew who gave a long and well prepared speech about the lifework of Ian Stuart. His words grabbed the attention of the crowed. The speech ended with one minute silence in the memory of our fallen leader.

Last band for the night were French veterans Frakass. This band exists since 1986 (!!!) and in last few years they share some of their members with living legends from Brutal Attack. They have played some of their old songs, my favourite of which is "Bouclier contre bouclier", classical Skrewdriver’s “White Power” as well us covers of old French bands such as Legion 88 and "Gardien de l'ordre” by Nouvelle Croisade. This was the final blow of the concert.

The gig was attended by around 150 people – guests from France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia and Bulgaria. The organization was on top level. Every detail from the service on the bar, gig venue, selection of the bands… everything was perfect. The most impressing for me was the security – it was really serious guarded concert. There was no possibility for fights between the guests inside the gig hall. I didn’t saw any heavily drunken people or beer split on the floor.

Once all the guests went over to their cars and headed to the hotel which was about 20 km from the place of the gig. We were heading towards to our car when we got a phone call from the organizers. They warned us that the police patrols are stopping comrade’s vehicles for alcohol check up and making photos of the passengers of the cars! We had the same bad experience after the last gig in Spain. So we have decided to wait and hour or two until checking get over. This time was spend with the Italian guys, we had some extra drinks, lot of laughs and fun, really nice way to finish this wonderful evening.

I would like to thank Xavier, Dimitri and guys from "Still Burnin`Youth" for the great party time spent with them, hail to B&H Midgard and Loic for the perfectly organized event and their warm hospitality.


Exclusive report for NS Revolt by S.

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Sokyra Peruna Interview

Interview is conducted by us in January 2009 in Russian. Thanks to Kirill for doing the translation in English for the blog. “Большое спасибо брат”!

1. Hello, tell us about the history of your band in details? When it was created? Who are the members and how many albums were released? Why did you change the name of the band?

In brief: the reference point is 26th of April, 1998, that day during Rudolf Hess Memorial in Kiev it was announced that the band “Bulldog” changed its name for “Sokyra Peruna”. For the 8 years of Sokyra Peruna’s activity, about 25 people participated in recordings and concerts. More than 100 concerts were played in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Lithuania. 4 albums were recorded, the band participated in 2 compilations and one split album. In 2001 Polish label released the Best hits of the band for past period. First of all, we are Ukrainian band and we are proud of our glorious nation’s history. When the great prince Svyatoslav destroyed Sarkel (Khazar city), he dedicated this victory to the God of Victory. When he said “I’m going to fight with you”, raising his sword, he sanctified it with the name of God of the War. Both Gods have the same name – Perun. So the history began. According to Russian epos Perun had a great arsenal or arms, in particularly he had battle-axe (sokyra). So that is how the name of our band was born. It’s not just a some group of sounds, this is an integral part of our ideology. We are the sense of our land, we will always be true to our land, we don’t believe those who speak to you of otherworldly hope. We are ready to defend our ideology.

1998 – Очи Сповнені Гніву (Eyes full of Hate)1999 – Європейська Єдність (European unity)2003 – Перунова Рать (Perun’s Army)2006 - … і мертвим, і живим, і ненародженим… (For dead, live and unborn)сборники:2001 – The Best Of Sokyra Peruna2003 – ISD Memorial – 10 Years in Valhalla 2004 – Ukrainian-Hellenic Friendship2007 – Lost Wisdom – Tribute to Varg2007 – Perun Fest `06

2. What do you think about political parties and politicians at all? Does Sokyra Peruna support any Ukrainian nationalist party?

Politics In Ukraine means absolute embezzlement and moral degradation. There are some people who I respect. But the band will be never marionette in the hands of politicians. Now we don’t support openly any political party.

3. What do you think about current political situation in Ukraine? Is it possible that Ukraine would be divided into 2 countries as some geopolitical analysts consider?

Current situation in Ukraine is carefully directed permanent chaos. A movie watched by electorate, which has forgot about everything. After the events of 1991 and 2004 people begin to understand or even feel that all that they see it’s not an independence, democracy or freedom. The old communist system was destroyed, but the renaissance of Ukrainian nation and once great Ukraine, successor of Kievan Rus’ didn’t happen. A new antiukrainian system was created full of antiukrainian politicians. The country converted into transit point for illegal immigrants, recruitment agency for European and asian brothels, out country lost 7 millions people and the nation continues to die out. We are not allowed to European Union because they consider us “defective”, but anyway we ask on bended knees to allow us. Legislative power and all the money are in hands of foreigners. Am I right? We give everything to aliens who are sly and cunning and then we cry how it’s unfair. We are the champions in crying, but we don’t try to change the situation. The reason is that we are not so as we must be – we are the race of honest warriors, race of victors, race of unselfish fighters. For example the jews are so as they must be. They are fraudsters and sly dogs. That’s why we lost, we are not proud of our great ancestors, we don’t lead their way. Now we are only observers.
What is to geopolitics, I think Ukraine wouldn’t have the same destiny as Serbia. At least in the near future. Artificial stirred up confrontation between Western and Eastern regions exists. But Ukraine is too big country with a strong patriotic idea.

4. What do you think about Russian Federation desire to return Crimea? What is your attitude to chauvinism?

First of all I should think about Tatars and Turkish in Crimea. They are geared up more seriously. They buy land and drive out native population. Turkish government secretly pays money for newborn Tatars. That’s the problem. Of cause My attitude to chauvinism is negative. In such tragic situation for White Race it’s a crime to be a chauvinist.

5. It is well-known about separation between В&Н and С18. What is your opinion about this conflict and what is the position of Ukraine?

Unfortunately, after the death of Ian Stuart (RIP), a lot of people pretended to be the leader of organization, they thought that it’s high time became “the boss”. This situation is used by all kind of “infiltrators” who undermine organization and provoke people to do thoughtless deeds. I think that only evil’s forces (we know who are they) will benefit of the separation, and it wont be useful for White Movement. We got stuck in faction and mutual disrespect. We have to solve this problem. It’s time to unite – that’s the position of Ukraine. This is an old Slavic proverb: let bygones be bygones.

6. Can you name some musical. historical, political or other person who inspires you?

There are too many, to mention everyone in this interview. They are heroes of the past and the present, our contemporaries and those who lived hundreds years ago. They are Heroes of my Great Race, who are like the fire, they are fearless and full of pride creators.

7. What are your favorite RAC and Metal bands?

Nothing special - Bound For Glory, Teardown, Blue Eyed Devils, Brutal Attack, Fortress and of cause, Skrewdriver. If I speak about non-right-wing music. I can mention classical music of different times and modern bands as Motorhead, Manowar, AC/DC, Slayer, Hatebreed etc.

8. Which way of fighting is the best, according to you?

All the means are good, because the end justifies the means. When the matter is survival of our Race we must use any means in our fight. The propaganda, the direct actions and legal resistance – are the ways to attain our common aim – our Victory.

9. Now Ukraine suffers demographic crisis. How do you think what are the reasons?

The reasons are well-known: somebody tries to convince our nation that children are “worthless stuff” for family. That you should think only about yourself, about the present day, well-stuffed wallet and a good car, and the rest is not your deal. The people deceived by jews, don’t identify themselves with their Race. They live by present day, without thinking about the future of their nation.

10. What do you think about religion?

The religion is lies, one of the most effective means to manipulate people. The laws of Nature and Nation – that is we oppose to all religions.

11. What can you tell us about Bulgaria? Do you have and connections with Bulgarian comrades?

Bulgaria is a beautiful sunny land, with a very similar language. When a Bulgarian speaks, a Ukrainian can understand. We met many times with Bulgarian comrades at different European Gigs, but unfortunately we don’t have more close connections. But I hope we will enter in cooperation.

12. We know that you organized Perun Fest. Tell us about this gig. When it was held for the first time? What is the main idea? Also we would like to know something about next gig which will take place in summer 2008?

The very first Perun Fest took place in Kiev 4 years ago, since that time it is organized every year In the end of July as a patriotic music festival, because 20th July is a great Slavic holiday – The Day of Perun ( Perun – the God of Thunder, patron of warriors). The main idea of the festival – is to honour our Gods. Sokyra Peruns, Whites Load (Ukraine), Antisystem, Kolovrat (Russia), Nemesis, Stigger, Brutal Attack, Blackout (Great Britain) are among those who participated in the gigs.
In 2008 it was a double holiday, because Sokyra Peruna celebrated tenth anniversary. We carried out one of the best gigs in the history of Ukrainian movement. About 500 people came from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Slovakia, Serbia and Poland. There were 9 Val (Ukraine), Antisystem (Russia), Ancestors, JM (Slovakia), and of cause hero of the occasion – Sokyra Peruna. The importance of this gig can scarcely be overestimated and I hope it has a good future.

13. In the beginning of 2008, Serbian territory was taken away? What do you think about the situation in Kosovo?

Kosovo is a running sore of Europe, her pain. Every European has personal responsibility for that we permitted to Muslims to get this Slavic land. Let these bastards choke with their joy, but soon we will revenge them.

14. What are your plans for the future?

We continue to work on our new album, which we expect to release in spring of next year to our eleventh anniversary. Also we are going to release this winter our joint project with Bound For Glory, Brigade M, Antisystem – which is called Germanic-Slavonic Army. We plan to record a ballad album with Ken McLellan.

16. The last words for our magazine? What you want to say to our readers?

То strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield!

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Brief report from ISD Memorial - England 2010

On the early afternoon of the 25th of september our crew has „landed” on the place of the gig. The event was on a big rest-station sorrounded with nice fields close to the highway towards Northampton. As usual the gig took a place in an event-tent. As we heard the Friday night ballad-event brought more then 400 attenders so we waited big numbers of people on the main day of the event.

The gig started at 18:20 with Stevie’s ballads. He brought his young and powerful style so it was enjoyable. Then the newbie’s of March or Die played in traditional british oi music what made the public to sing and move a little bit. The next band was Section 88 then the Legion of St George played almost an hour for the public. After so much classical British Oi! music it was good to change the style a little bit.

This kind of change was made by Woden. Good odinist metal with nice show as well. After them the highlight of the night arrived: Brutal Attack. They hammered down the public as usual. The only foreign band was the german Sturmtrupp with their „street-rock” songs. The last band was White Law. At the end of the gig we could hear a nice ISD memorial speech from the singer of White Law. The gig ended at 2:30.

At the end lets make a special score about the bad and good sides:

Bad points: expensive entrance fee (20 pounds) and the drinks were also expensive. All together one toilet for girls and four for mans. Not enough for 800 people. The sound engineering was awful. Thee guitar was too low and the singer was all the time overdrived. We barely could hear the bass. We could hear mostly oi music.

Good points: More then 800 attenders, lot of sellers, we could hear the elite of the british NS music scene. Nice memorial speech for ISD. No problems with police. Nice weather.

by Dani

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R.A.C. Encyclopedia

This is the newest rubric in our web blog, under the name of "RAC Encyclopedia”. Our goal is to provide you with information about the history of hundreds of bands that were or still are part of the Worldwide WP scene , which over a quarter century awakes patriotic white youth, and is expressing the views of thousands of people from Europe, America and Australia. Skrewdriver intentionally will be missed from our research, because there are already plenty of web sites and books dedicated to them... they are not just a band, but a legend. Let these articles be a source of knowledge for our young comrades, and the veterans can remember the golden years back when the music reaches us through apocryphal copies of audio tapes ( especially in Eastern Europe)which were passed from hand to hand. In the first edition of the rubric, we’ll start with the old and glorious bands without which scene would never be the same ...

Skullhead is a RAC band from Newcastle, England, founded in May 1984. In an interview for the music zine WelshLeak, from inside prison in 1987, Skullhead’s founder Kevin Turner says that he started the band as a reaction to the murder of a close friend, Peter Mathewson. The band was originally called Skullhead U.K. but soon dropped the “U.K.” Having started out in Consett, UK, as an Oi! band singing patriotic lyrics, the band joined in 1985 the “White Noise Club” of the National Front and quickly became a prominent “Rock-Against-Communism” band. When the first album "White Warrior" saw the light of a day in 1987 (released by record label Rock-O-Rama), no one suggested that the band would gain cult status in the WP scene in Britain and alongside with Brutal Attack, Skrewdriver and No Remorse would remain forever in the history of this music scene.With elements of Oi!, Rock n' Roll, and Heavy Metal, their sound was very unique for the time and culture. Unlike other British bands in those years, who have left the "White Noise Club" led by National Front and joined Blood & Honour, Kevin and the band remained true to the WNC till the end. Their lyrics were not openly racist or had NS messages, they sang about the pride of being British, about the Nordic Gods and against capitalism. After releasing two albums-"Odin's Law" (1989) and LP "Cry of Pain" (1991) traces of the group are lost. Kevin Turner left the WP skinhead scene and became ... DJ of techno music known under the alias "MC Techno T". He was working in the biggest rave music clubs in England, his mixes are included in several compilations of electronic music.Surprisingly Kevin Turner gave the band a rebirth in 2002 with all new members. They have recorded some songs and made a concert tour in Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia. Nevertheless, the band totally dropped out the skinhead image, but also addressing the media in an interview Turner said that Skullhead has never been anything more than a patriotic rock band and that only music was important to them.
Division 250

División 250, formed in 1991, and are one of Spain's first nationalist bands. This Valencia band released 4 albums, getting less politically extreme as the years went on. One of the most driving melodic bands in the Oi! scene, the lyrics usually had to do with separatism, capitalism, abortion and later on The Yugoslavian Wars. With exception of their first album "Sangre De Conquistadores" which had some pretty racially charged lyrics. They covered the music of "Böhse Onkelz - Wir ham' noch lange nicht genug" and Italian band "Plastic Surgery's Rivolta" filled in with their own lyrics. "División 250" does not play together anymore, but never said farewell, at least not to my knowledge. Lead singer Manuel Canduela is now the leader and spokesmen for "Democracia Nacional", which is a Spanish nationalist political party. Bassist Toni Ortiz went on to play guitar in the more metal influenced band Brigada 1238, before his death in October 2007.

Source: "The Spirit of Yesterday Oi"

Legion 88

Legion 88 were formed in 1984 in Essonne (South of Paris) by Dominique on guitar and his brother under the name Combat 88. Alain joined them as a singer and the band’s name became Legion 88. There were several line up changes until Fred settles on bass.

The band practice with some “Totenkopf” members at Geno’s mothers house and sometimes at Dominique’s. Everytime at least 30 skinheads would attend the sessions and it often ended up in a small gig. Vico (drummer) and Jean Jean (guitarist) of “Totenkopf” help them out when the other musicians can not attend. When Geno dies in 1986, they have joined Legion 88.

The line up (Dominique, Jean Jean, Vico, Fread, Alain) released their first EP « Terrorsites » they have played gigs in Belgium, England (St. Georges’s Day with Skrewdriver in 1987) and Brest.

Later in 1987, Dominique leaved the band (he moved outside paris), followed by Jean Jean soon after. Ptit Bruno, their neighbour of the “19 bis” in Dravel (where Alain and the others squatted at the time) and guitarist in Nouvelle Croisade joined them. In 1988 he composed a number of songs of the “Thule” album and “Legion Blanche” EP.

The band wanted to play a farewell gig before splitting up in May 1988 in Brest, but the police stopped the concert.

Source: "Tribute to Legion 88" double cd

Dramatic Battle Interview

* Originally published in issue # 6 of “Hammer Fall” magazine

1/ Presentation the members of the band

D. Battle – lead guitar, lead vocals. Twenty years-old. Fitter.
R. Battle – rhythm guitar. Twenty years-old. Tattooist.
J. Battle – bass guitar. Thirty years old. Computer stuff.
J. Battle – drums. Twenty years old. Government employee.

2/ History and production of the group
The band was formed about 2000 or so playing a classic blend of Oi!-RAC in the vein of bands such as Skrewdriver, Combat 84, English Rose, Freikorps, Endstufe, etc... At first there was only one member and he recorded a low-quality demo-CD entitled “Violencia Nocturna” (Nocturnal Violence) playing all the instruments; some time later the band got a regular line-up and recorded the mini-CD “Terroristas” including 4 tracks which became very well-known over the Spanish nationalist scene; later the band recorded a 2-way split together with Depresion (Spanish Streetpunk band) which got them a bit better known abroad. About two years ago, the band recorded a 4 track mini-CD called “La vida en un pacifico nuevo mundo...” (Life in a new pacific world... ironically making fun from a Jehowah’s Witnesses panflet talking about “peace and love between races all over the world”) under the name of DB (to avoid anti-racist laws here); the 4 songs included have become anthems (you can believe me) among Spanish nationalists since the lyrics are more direct and deal with social/political problems with tons of irony and humour. Again, the band suffered new line-up changes and got a new member, me, and started to play in a regular basis all around Spain.
Being honest, the band started as an unpolitical patriotic Oi! band, but later on the original member and founder took the right path towards nationalism. He was sick of the PC Oi! scene and left-wing infiltration and Dramatic Battle turned into a true RAC band... Til the moment we have played with bands such as Estirpe Imperial (Spain), Zetazeroalfa (Italy), Brigada 1238 (Spain), Mas Que Palabras (Spain), Retaguardia (Spain), Frakass (France), Blue Max (Germany), Aufbruch (Germany), Guarda de Honra (Portugal), Hobbit (Italy), Delendha Cartago (Italy), Testado (Italy), Kriminal Tango (Italy), Gesta Bellica (Italy), Hate For Breakfast (Italy), Legittima Offesa (Italy), Post Mortem (Spain)...

- “Violencia Nocturna” (“Night violence”), demo-CD.
- “Terroristas” (“Terrorists”), 4-track mini-CD.
- “La infamia hace la unidad” (“Infamy makes unity”), split-CD together with Depresion (Madrid Streetpunk), 3 songs.
- “La vida en un pacifico nuevo mundo” (“Life in a pacific new world”), 4-track mini CD under the name of DB.

3/ Tell us about the band name and why you chose it?

Since the beginning, the founder of the band wanted an epic name, a strong and real name. In his eyes, life of a young working class Spanish man is a fucking dramatic battle full of trouble, abuse, injustice,… if you have love for your country and think about the situation you’re in, you realize everything’s getting worse and there’s no return. Our greedy Government doesn’t care about the national working class and our land itself. Capitalism set the rules.
About the fact of having a name in English is quite simple, skin culture is so influenced by his mother language and so we thought the name of the band would fit better in English. We have some songs written in English but we don’t rehearse them nowadays.

4/ Main themes approached in your songs

Well, basically about social problems, the hard life of a young Spanish man in this corrupt and inmoral society, the skinhead way of life (or what’s left of it!), patriotism/nationalism, our cultural identity, our rejection towards “democratic” politicians… and don’t forget irony and sense of humour!!

5/ Your musical influences ? 6/ Your preferred bands current and passed?

Mainly European classic Oi! and RAC. About the bands, they’re too many to mention all of them here… An example: old Skrewdriver, Brutal Combat, Skinkorps, Evilskins, Komintern Sect, Camera Silens, Close Shave, English Rose, Razors Edge, Combat 84, Indecent Exposure, Endstufe , Storkraft, K.D.F, Freikorps, Holsteiner Jungs, old Böhse Onkelz, Peggior Amico, Plastic Surgery, Orlik, Kratky Proces… nowadays: ZZA, Hobbit, Legittima Offesa, Kommando Skin, Blue Max, Malnatt, Ultima Frontiera, Hassgesang, Legion of St. George, TMF, Frakass, Hais et Fiers…

7/ Your projects with short and long terms (Cd, compilation, concert…)?
Who knows?... We have just finished the recording of some new stuff but we’re not sure when it will be released. Also, we were asked to record a couple of songs for a compilation, but finally it didn’t work…
We hope to play more gigs in Spain but especially all over Europe (if it’s posible), for the moment we only played once in Italy…

8/ Tell us about the concert organized last November in Valladolid.

Well, it was a nice gig to play since there were some very good Italian bands such as Gesta Bellica (one of our favourites ever), Legitima Ofesa, HFB… The lads from Valladolid are very good friends of us and they are making a very good work out there. Having their own clubhouse, the OVNI (UFO), they have managed to hold a regular series of gigs without being harassed by authorities and they’re taking here some of the best bands around… The 20-N concerts used to be organized in Madrid, but due to police pressure and boycotts people decided to move them to Valladolid since there’s a full equipped nationalist club where the gigs are able to be held without any problem.

9/ Tell us about the "28" comrades arrested.

Well, the fact is that these comrades went to a Democracia Nacional (Nacional Democracy) meeting held in a hotel in Madrid to talk with the leaders of this party since they were spreading lies and bullshit about them and some other different groups and organizations… (most of the arrested are very good friends of us and that’s why we are worried about the facts).
This party, DN, tries to be the “national answer” for all the patriots out there with restrained statements against immigration, crime, unemployment, etc (that are still too radical for the established democratic forces), but the truth is that they have become just like the rest of the average political parties and use the same tactics.
I guess not all the members of this party are stupid blockheads (there are some good peopel inside), but their leaders are just a bunch of profiteers who just want to be worshipped and followed by blind masses. I really think they have lost their minds ‘cause they are always crying they are the one and only worthy nationalist party around saying the rest of the groups are nothing but scum and that they are the “true alternative”. For them, the other groups are full of old people longing for Franco’s days or revolutionary radical leaders with no political agenda or government infiltrators or drug-addict hooligans looking for senseless violence… in their eyes, they are the only ones who can save our nation from the rotting system we live in.
It seems that they really believe their ridiculous paranoias and don’t have scruples about writing lies and absurd stories on Internet about their rivals accusing them of the most horrible crimes to show they are the only “pure patriots”.
So, when the 28 lads showed up at the front of the hotel asking for some answers there was a little argument and one of the leaders of the party was punched (a little bit). All of them said there was not any problem and that they were not telling lies. The DN “security service” just disappeared as if by magic… but then the full gear riot police got out from nowhere and started to arrest the 28 lads. After the arrests were done, some members of DN went out the hotel cheering and clapping the cops and saying they were welcome… our friends couldn’t believe it!!
Later on, at the Police station, members of DN went to bring charges against some of our comrades… Another funny thing is that they were in very good terms with the cops and making jokes about the situation…??? For us, they have prepared a sort of an ambush calling the cops the day before… Anyway, it was 20 of November, a dangerous date since police and government are ready to arrest nationalists to “avoid” violence (so they say).
The day after, DN stated that the 28 arrested were a bunch of hooligans trying to boycott their meeting and that police action was right and adequate since they are a political party which asked for protection. They even said three of the arrested had to go to hospital since the DN security service (the same that disappeared) had smashed them… But, if they smashed the attackers, why did they call police???
This behaviour is totally unacceptable for us… They have lied and they have charged our friends with false crimes pretending to be the victims. DN tries to show they are not NS or racists and don’t care to point at the rest of the nationalist parties and blame them of being the dangerous “right wing”. By the way, their main leader is the singer of Spanish well-known RAC band Division 250, but today he totally regrets what he did before. They don’t allow skinheads on their ranks but they are always trying to organize RAC concerts and meetings where they welcome skinheads (their money is worthy, not their look). Many people into the nationalist scene are fed up with the behaviour of this party… sooner or later everybody will turn their backs on them due to their treacherous tactics.

10/ Which band would you like to play with

Humm, it would had be a pleasure to play with the good old Skrewdriver or No Remarse, but that’s only a dream, hahaha… We’d like to play with bands such as Kampfzone, Endstufe or English Rose, to mention a few.

11/ Do you know the actual French bands?

Yeah, we know bands such as Frakass (we played with them in Leon, Spain, very good band!), Hais et Fiers, Lemovice, Rembarre (good and impressive new band), Hotel Stela (very nice Hussard Rock!), Bordel Boys (not sure if they’re still playing), Cellule 23, we also like Fraction Ile de France, Insurrektion, Vae Victis, …

12/ How the scene skin occurs to Spain?

The Spanish (true) skinhead scene was very active about 6-7 years ago… then there was a huge pressure from the Government and the re were less concerts and organizations: police arrested all the memebers of Hammmerskins and B&H 5 years ago and they’re always looking for skinhead crews to charge them with everything you can imagine…
There were many skinheads into the football firms but nowadays most of them have become casuals… though there are still some skins into several football crews.
Today it looks like there is a sort of resurrection and there are some new active bands and shows every 3-4 months, more CD’s and many websites and blogs supporting our scene.
Anyway, there is still a little discord due to personal differences but the most of the times can be solved without any problem.

13/ Speak us about the repressive system in Spain?

Well, as you can imagine we suffer the same repression every nationalist faces all around Europe… our ideas and points of view are banned and persecuted and there’s no real freedom of speech. About 10 years ago Spain was a very free place to live… you were able to say whatever you want and there were no laws against our ideology… nowadays is very different: our politicians have followed the rest of European countries and now is very hard to show your views. Everytime we organize a concert or a nationalist meeting police forces ask you for your ID cards or try to stop the event, not to mention the extreme left-wing crying and moaning about the “evil nazis” reporting our activities to police or mass-media…
The funny thing is that extreme left-wing organize dozens of concerts and meetings every weekend (most of them illegal) and they have NO police around and even the newspapers talk about them saying they’re making “cultural activities” or “actions against racism”… usually, their meetings become into riots, disturbances, violence,… but no one seems to care about it.
Last year, dozens of antifascists attacked a Police station in Madrid’s downtown injuring some cops. About 10 of them were arrested but immediatly left-wing parties, associations and newspapers started to claim for their release and saying it was a slight confrontation started by young teenagers… Politicians and mass-media totally support antifascists and even justify and excuse their actions. There have been many attacks against young nationalists on the streets and police only arrested a few of the attackers… most of the assaults are not solved and police don’t care about it. The antifascists really have a total impunity in Spain: they always look like the victims and the truth is that they are the ones who attack and assault other people because they don’ have the same ideas…
An example: on june, the Hammerskins were judged in an important court in Madrid… An antiracist organization was present as private prosecutor. There were no proof against them, their phones were taped illegally, no crime was proved, there were no “victims”… finally they were condemned to one year and a half for nothing, just because the mass-media and antifa groups put the court under pressure. Police invented crimes and attacks and their statements was their only proofs… there’s no justice!!! Meanwhile, ETA and left-wing terrorists get very low jail terms after they killed or try to kill innocent people… this system really sucks!!
Another example: Josue… He has been condemned to 27 years in prison alter he killed in self-defense a well-known violent antifascist who cornered him into the subway together with more than 150 left-wingers (in the wagon there were about 40-50, outside more than 100). He only tried to save his life and acted before the mob started to smash him (it was obvious they were going to beat him up) but the court didn’t care about it!! They try to show that Josue attacked 150 thugs alone!! Now, the mother of the dead antifa has created an organization against fascism and racism… she profits from her son’s death, what a shame. Now, just imagine if the situation was the other way round: an evil neo-nazi killed by a non-violent antifascist who was attacked by a horrible mob of fascists… I guess everybody (politicians, mass-media, the Catholic church,…) will demand his release and label him as a hero.
By the way, Josue was going to attend a DN meeting in a working class neighborhood invaded by immigration… DN didn’t want anything to do and left him alone…

14/ The last words?

Fourteen words!! Ha, ha, ha… Well, thanks a lot for the interest in the band and the interview. Hope to see you at a gig one of these days…

Ave Europa!!!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Attack on nationalist booktore

Last 29th of september there was a General Strike in Spain against the reforms made by the socialist government.

In the city of Barcelona, after a demonstration and taking advantage of the confussion produced by actions of the "Informative Pickets" a group of about 20 leftist had assaulted the nationalist bookshop Libreria Europa (Europa Bookstore) where at that moment (12:00) there was only one girl that works there.

The antifasicists had eggs with red paint and tar, stones and sticks and had destroyed the bookshelves, the computers, a photocopier and many books, cds and dvds that were thrown to the street, as well as making offensive paintings next to the door.

A library employee, who was inside at the time of the incident, told that the attackers order him to go to the bottom of the facility before "start to smash everything," and threatening. him. "I said I would call the police, and they just told me: go inside," she explained.

The assault did not last more than ten minutes and the cowards were wearing dark clothing and most to them were masked.

After that they have flee and with more antifascist they have provoked riots in the city centre, burning one police car, attacking the regional police, stealing shops, burning containers, with tactic of urban warfare and using as centre to regroup a building that was squatted the previous Saturday and that was cleared by the police after they realised it was being used by the rioters. There were 60 person arrested, some of them foreigners and half of the arrested had previous criminal records.

The owner of the shop, Pedro Varela, has condemmed this attack, masked as an action of the strike when it is really a terrorist attack and an act of policial hostility.

This men has been condemened several times for “revisionism propaganda” and “nationalsocialism propaganda” although the Constitutional Court reduced his condemm later. The last sentece agaisnt him is 2 years and 9 months in jail and later the Court of Barcelona lowered the sentence to 1 year and 3 months imprisonment.

In that bookstore almost all the Saturdays are organized conferences, and they have had foreing speakers like David Irving, Manfred Roeder, David Duke, Gerd Honsik, Claude Nancy, Günther Deckert or Israel Shamir.

This is the third attack in their history and the last attack caused dammages estimated in 300.000 €.

Some videos of the bookstore and the chaoten actions during the day.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Gig report from Spain

On 25th September after more then 10 hours of driving around 18.00 h. we arrived in the Spanish city Valladolid. There should take place a small gig, organized by the local skinhead club “Ovni”.

Gig kick off was planned for 20.00 h, but on that time most of the people had not arrived, so the actual start was at 22.00

First on stage appeared our friends from "Mas Que Palabras" (More then Words).They fire up the crowd with powerful sound and the pogo started from the first song called “Kamisias Perdas” . Following was my favourite and well known tracks "Lobos", "Skinheadgirl", "Gloria y honor". After two years absence from the scene the band had come back this year with partly changed line up. Their performance raised adrenaline and heated to the maximum the audience for the next band.

Next on stage were Germans from “Non Plus Ultra”. Their set included mostly cover versions. They did brilliant the classic “Commie scum” by Fortress, followed by “Pulling on the boots” which made crowd dancing like crazy and also "Cock Sparrer"- "Because you`re young", as well as "Bad Manners" - "Skinhead Girl" – which of course was greetings to all the ladies in the hall. After all this these old favorites and classics that our German comrades played for us I began to like this band a lot. They delivered a great party atmosphere to everyone. However it was disappointing when they finished their performance with "Polacken Tango" by Landser. We must state clearly that our web blog crew is against chauvinism and does not endorse this attitude in any aspect. When the band went off the stage I drank a beer with them and we hand a brief talk. I shared my good impressions of their live performance, but also noticed that the topic of their last song was disappointing for me.

Third band for the night was long awaited from me band "Iberian Wolves" from Madrid. They share same singer and drummer with "Mas Que Parablas". It was the second time I see them live. They did some of their own songs like "Tierra de Lobos", "William Wallace", "Rosa de Hierro".

The last band of the planned program was "Repudiados" which line up was formed my musicians from various Spanish bands. They played covers from well known local bands, their performance brought joy to everybody and the crowd was singing along together with them.

After them guys from Non Plus Ultra got back on stage for few more songs and the gig came to it’s end.

On the road near by the gig place the bastards in blue (traffic police) was waiting for us and they stopped all the cars passing along the road. I wondered if those checking’s are not directed against the people who tried to reach their homes after the gig. Of course some of the drivers had alcohol promile over the limit which leaded to some problems. Nevertheless after almost two hours of “negotiations” with the cops we reach our hotel. After just a few hours sleep we headed back to France.

Back home I felt relieve that this tiring weekend was over, because for one reason or another this gig wasn’t the best I’ve visited.

The concert was attended by around 70 people, there were comrades from Spain, France, Germany and Bulgaria. Thanks to the organizers, who did they very best and were attentive to the all the gig guests. Cheers for the Spanish comrades for the time we spend together. Hope the next gig I’ll visit in Spain will fulfill my expectations.

Exclusive report for NS Revolt by S.