Friday, 17 July 2015

11th of July - Celebrating the fighting spirit of Flanders

*Exclusive report by 28 Flanders

The world has seen many wars, Flanders fields are drenched in blood, plenty of battles have been fought here, countless victories! But no matter how you turn it, plenty of Flemish people bled here to secure there existence, preserve their culture, save there country from occupation and have an independent land witch they can call their own. The whole reason to remember this day goes’s back to a time when 'horses and steel' ruled the earth. Mounted knights, the strongest forces at the time thought to be invincible on the battlefield.

     On the 11th of July 1302 in a battle against the French, Flemish farmers, foot soldiers, barely armed had to stand against this fearful power. But the Flemish fighting spirit prevailed and the French were defeated. This battle is known as; Battle of the Golden Spurs. This was because they found over 500 golden spurs when the battle ended. Many stories have been written about this day, how this is the start of Flemish awareness, the start of Flemish nationalism we know today.
Flanders today, like every other white country is under attack, forced immigration, forced cultural and ethnic assimilation; the genocide of our race by replacing us in numbers. Forced down by our own politicians, traitors to our race, puppets on a string, they try to change our ways and views on this remarkable day. We all have experienced situations when they tried to change our symbols, cultural heritage, your traditions, most likely because of 'racism'. They try to take away our identity, so there is no more 'us or them', no more 'black or white', only grey, slaves only to serve as good gentiles. Our Flemish Lion is the symbol of the Flemish community, the golden (yellow) background with a black lion is the proud symbol of our people. Only this is apparently to threatening for all these 'newcomers', and so they wish to change our Lion, to make it multicultural acceptable.

         This year, for the first time, they had a 'Flemigrant' celebration (notice the combination between Flemish and immigrant), a multicultural event to celebrate a day for everyone who 'feels' Flemish. I don’t think I need to explain this any further. At the same time, a politician (from the so called nationalist party - in fact just neo-liberals) said that this day should not be a 'white' celebration. Now for some this day is about bashing the south of Belgium, the French speaking Wallonians, for some it’s an excuse to pretend all high and mighty in the media. For us however, it’s about standing our ground, being proud. I am happy to say, sadly for that politician, as we did have a 100% white, 100% proud celebration.

        A gathering of (100% white) comrades, to celebrate our Flemish fighting spirit, to remember the battles of our ancestors, to honour those who gave there lives so we could be here today! We had a small and very personal event, gathering only those that truly fight for the same values as ours. We do prefer small events like these, as it brings forth more opportunities to get to know one another. We hosted a barbecue witch is almost becoming a tradition on this day and we invited Stevie from England to play ballads. It was a lovely day, the weather was simply beautiful. The crew fixed up some shelter from the sun, hooked up the PA so we could enjoy everything in a nice surrounding.

      At 16.00 our guests arrived, among them are some of the finest people I've ever had the chance to meet. We've invited a few people from Holland, a couple from England, a German friend, and of course a lot of Flemish brothers & sisters (If they are reading this; Thank you again for making this day a success)! Your support matters, your attendance is a virtue for us, a strong brotherhood is what we strife for and is what we carried home that day. Thank you, brothers!).

At 19.00 everyone finished the barbecue, and Stevie prepared himself to play some of the greatest ballads we all know. Stevie made my skin crawl when he played 'Ode to a dying people' by RaHoWa! He played tons of covers from Skrewdriver, like 'Skrew you', 'Boots and braces', 'Built up knocked down', 'Voice of Britain' (witch he altered to 'Voice of Flanders'), 'Hail Victory', 'Diamonds in the dust' (witch he played referring to the organization), 'Free my land' (my all time favorite!) and many more! He's talents to play acoustic are amazing, and we thank him for all the kind words and gestures that were said and done during he's performance. Flanders is proud and thankful!

         Afterwards we moved inside to keep the volume to an acceptable level for the surroundings, it was a real social gathering as many people talked trough the early hours in the morning. At 4 a.m. we called it an end, happy and tired we went home to get some hard earned and much needed sleep.
I'd like to thank the “Bulgarian Savage” for all his support, and much needed help in connections to set this up, thank my crew for all the hard word and dedication, thank Stevie for the wonderful performance, thank Rob for all the confidence in us, thanks everyone for showing your support (even if you couldn’t make it!) we are very grateful and you will surely hear or see us again! Hail Blood & Honour, Hail Flanders and Hail You! "

Monday, 6 July 2015

Anti Shomrim Demonstration in England

The demonstration in London Whitehall was organized against the Jewish Shomrim police who are an illegal organization and receive special privileges which was given without consent of the British Metropolitan Police. We have known held two Anti Shomrim demonstrations in Hackney and Whitehall with in London. It was originally being held in Golders Green North London but complaints by Jews and Reds, the police decided to ban organizers and supporters of Anti Shomrim from Golders Green. Instead it was moved to the center of London (Whitehall) its the first time an Extreme far Right group has been banned in UK. Because it concerns the Jews they get special privileges. The Jewish community is getting away with making up their own laws in which the general public is not allowed.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pagane - Beautiful Bulgaria

New Bulgarian RAC project with female vocals

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Comuniratia 2015

On Saturday, 13th June, near Cerveteri/Italy was held the last edition of "COMUNITARIA" (La Festa delle Comunità). Organized from different political realities present in Roma area and neighborhood the event was held in the best way was possibile. A lot of participans from different networks, enjoy the fair, with comradeship, laughters and exchanging CDs books, t shirts and all the products the create or just sell in their communities. A lot of stands were organized selling also food and goods from our land. 

During the fair there was also an exposure about imagines of Italian soldiers during the first world war and also a theatrical exhibition with the guys of "FORO 753". The "menù" for dinner was composed of "pasta amatriciana" and pork and after this the gig has begun.

 Finally the most cheerful part of the event, music with: Tributo a junker TESTUDO, Imperium and Topi Neri. As always beer, songs and chants have closed the fair. So, really a very beautiful day to spend with your comrades and to know new ones, we wait for you next year!

Exclusive report by S.P.Q.R. Skins Rome

Monday, 15 June 2015

"Day of Glory" in France

Exclusive report by K.

We departed on Friday, as its a long drive to Lyon from Flanders. Its about 876 km's to go and 890 km's back, all this by car and a time frame as we need to be back home on Sunday evening. The weather was truly special this weekend, it was very hot during the day (35°+) and we've seen Thor hammering the skies like he was in a frenzy in the evening. Looked like he was just as exited as us to see the MMA! The scenery along the way was amazing, those beautiful fields, authentic towns, it always fills me with hope for the future. When we finally made it to the scene it was the perfect location! A big sports hall for the MMA fights, professional ring in the center, lots a chairs, a great overview. You couldn't miss a thing! Next to the hall was a smaller but just as perfect location for the gig to go down. There were a couple of stands to buy cd's, t-shirts and other usual stuff.

The MMA part of the event:

The organisation(s) who worked together on putting up this event got on to the stage to have a small speech. They reminded us that whole idea is not about nations against nations. Its not about being better then one another. Its not about winning or losing, Its about strength, brotherhood, discipline!!! The event was set up by 28 Hexagone and Pride France, in cooperation with White Rex and Pro Patria which delivered” most of the combatants who participated in the event.

I've seen some amazing fights go by, the atmosphere truly changes when you see the fighters enter the ring, those couple of seconds before the bell go's off and everything breaks lose.
I've seen knock-outs, I've seen some major damage, I've seen amazing dodging! To say the least, I've seen the future. Every victory was hard to earn, but in my opinion I've only seen winners enter and leave that ring. After every fight, no matter how brutal it was, the combatants came together, not with a single handshake, but with an honest, respectful hug, which show Brotherhood at its very best!!!

Unfortunately for us, as we sign on in the list our fighter at the very end, there was no competitors left, so no Flemish fighters were presented in the ring.
This did give us the opportunity to fully enjoy the entire spectacle, make contacts with old and new comrades.

When the fights ended, we prepared for the the second part of the event, which started with a brief speech delivered by the organizers. They thanked everyone for coming down to Lyon, supporting the fighters, supporting the scene, ... but at last, but not the least, they reminded us not to drink to much! Discipline!

This is only my second time I see Gesta Bellica, but as soon as they sound check started and they played 'Free my land' by Skrewdriver i was already exited. (I'm afraid i don't know any of there songs, as they sing in Italian, so I'm limited to say that there playlist existed of a few other covers from Skrewdriver 'Hail the new dawn' and 'The voice of Britain'). They got everyone all wired up from the start until the end!

 Then it was time for the big act by Legitime Violence, they have the advantage of singing in French, since most of the people there are French it blew the roof. Everyone, and I mean everyone (French speaking or not) was singing along! (Though, again, sorry to say I don't know there songs. But they played covers like 'Smash the Reds' & 'Skinhead Superstar')

I'm very bad at guessing so couldn't say how many people were there. But i suppose it would be something between 250 - 350. Lot's of girls too!

 Personally, I would like to thank my brothers from 28 Hexagone and everyone involved in organizing this event. Thanks everyone for traveling down and giving us all a weekend to remember. Hope to see you next year, in the ring! Order and Discipline!

Monday, 1 June 2015

S.P.Q.R. Skins Memorial, Rome 2015

This is how the story went, I saw the gig flyer by accident and the band line up blew me away. A fine collection of European bands was in the schedule, plus top of the tops from across the ocean – the lads from Bound for Glory and the new promising band from Canada Legitime Violence.

I got in touch with my good, old comrade from Rome to discuss some details about my trip and staying there. I’ve never visited the Eternal City before, so this was a nice opportunity to do some historical tourism in the cradle of European civilization. Time ran fast, and at the afternoon of 21st May I was flaying from Sofia to the capital of Italy full of enthusiasm for the upcoming weekend. I was picked from the Fiumichino airport and drove directly to a nice restaurant near by the Casa  D’Italia Colleverde – the home of mighty S.P.Q.R. Skins. A gala dinner for the comrades who arrived same day, was about to take place there, so about 40 skinheads were already around the tables waiting for their meals. Right after I entered the restaurant I jumped on Big Ed (and the rest of the guys of BFG) and Stigger, who were having some nice time together and I was very glad to join them. Stigger appeared to be a very polite and down to earth person, we have a good talk about the glory old days of Skrewdriver, so if all goes well I’ll interview him for my upcoming book. The dinner itself was kind of culinary fiesta, we ate like ten different meals, starting with salads, salamis and spaghetti, thru pasta, beef steaks and chicken skewer, to some fine local sweets, all this poured with lots of white wine, grappa and beer. After all this food I could barely take a breath, so we went down to the Skinhouse for a quick beer and went to bed to take a rest. The Skinhouse (Casa  D’Italia Colleverde) is a four floors ex school building, located 5 km away from Rome. Inside the building, there is a pub, which can host ballad gigs, a concert hall in the basement for 450 persons and some rooms and aprtments for the guests and the permanent residents. In the house lives few of Rome skins and some Italian families that need a house. Also the guys have their own Rugby team, where they train a lot of the local kids and they are really loved and well respected in the neighborhood.

After just a few hours sleep and a breakfast with my Flemish roommate (hello Kim), we went to sightsee the Coliseum with a bunch of Swedish, French and Canadian guys. Despite the rain our noisy skinhead crew had a great time and fun together and turned into a major attraction for the tourist groups at the downtown (thank you Swedish Kim, you should start your own stand up comedian show). No need to say that Rome is a beautiful city, full of historical monuments, so we didn’t have enough time to see them all. At the afternoon we went back to the Skinhouse, where at around 8.30 p.m. a “small” (like 120 people) ballad gig was staged. Lots of guys have arrived meanwhile, like my mates from Slovenia, Russia, Greece, Hungary, Germany, England and even Australia (hello K. you old fella).

The ballad night was opened by some acoustic set of Legitime Violence who did a few songs, followed by the bagpipe of Griffin who did some songs as well, among which was my favorite “Sons of our race”. Stigger pleased the crowd with some nice old tunes of the Skrewdriver’s patriotic ballads who made the crowd to sing along with him. BFG did an acoustic set, which if I’m not wrong is their first of a kind ever. By the time the pub was overcrowded already so I went outside in the yard to spend some time with my comrades from all across Europe, so I didn’t catch up a lot of what they played. I surely catched up few tunes by Stivie, who came together with the rest of B&H England crew. At the end of the evening some local musicians played some ballads in Italian, including the hymn “Avanti Ragazzi di Buda” for the delight of the Magyar comrades (Ria, Ria, Hungaria)!

Right after the end of the music program, a representative of Swedish B&H divison did a small speech and ceremony, thanking the other divisions that helped them set up. The night went very well, with some minor incidents with people who can’t handle the effect of alcohol. So, around 2 a.m. I went upstairs to our room to catch some sleep for the next day… but simply it didn’t work out…. when a gang of dozen noisy Portuguese comrades invaded the room (number of beds was enough for everyone) and kept me awaken until the sunrise :)

At Saturday morning I was heavily tired, when we headed with two busses to a venue which was located around 70 km away from Rome. In was place in the middle of nowhere in my opinion, but location was very cleverly chosen for the needs of the event. There was a large parking zone with a garden, in front of roofed gig hall which can easily offer space for 1 200 plus attenders. We were there few hours before the gig, so we had time to rest a little bit and to have some food and beers. Lots of people from around Europe and Italy began to arrive at the place, so around 7.30 p.m. it was the kick off of the concert.

Nessuna Resa opened the show. Up to this moment this band was almost unknown for me, but I have to admit they sound is really professional, very tuneful and sing along melodies in the good tradition of Italian Oi! They played for about an hour, warmly supported by the Italian skinheads. I strongly recommend catching them on you tube and the support the band buying their official cd’s. My Bulgarian Homeland was represented apart from me, by six righ wing hooligans who came to see the Rome football derby, but didn’t missed the opportunity to visit the gig as well. We did a very good job to open the pogo dancing for the night – in a true Balkan gentleman’s manner J 

Skrew You was second on the bill for the night. As you may be already known this band is side project of Stigger, Griffin and Mushy (last Skrewdriver drummer) and their only goal is to play live the songs of last Skrewdriver album “Hail Victory”. So they did, they played all the tracks from this album, plus two extra songs on encore. Unfortunately Mushy couldn’t make it to the gig, so he was replaced by the singer of Gesta Bellica. 

Bound for Glory which were the headliners of this gig and they did their very best to satisfy their fans who had traveled even from places like Brazil and Australia to see the playing. The band played nearly 2 hours (!!!) set, mixing old tunes and songs from their last two albums such as: Vindication, Hey Joe, Stuka Pilot, Valkierie, No More Jagermeister, The Iron Eagle Flies Again and many more.

After a short break Faustrecht was the next band on stage. The crowd was already a little bit tired of the previous breath taking performance, but after a song or two the slam re started in full force again. Unfortunately due to the late time they didn’t played their full set which was a bit disappointing for a die hard fan of the band like me. Nevertheless more great bands where about to come on stage to rock us, for the next hours.

I must declare that the gig was a Memorial for 4 Italian comrades who have lost their lives in the last few years. Around midnight a minute silence in the memory of Gianluchino, Mirko, Simone and Emanuele was held in full respect and discipline by the attenders.

Next on the schedule were Canadians of Legitime Violance. They did a great aggressive set of mostly their own songs sand in their native (for Quebec) French.

Gesta Bellica took the stage at the early hours of Sunday, when surprisingly for me the hall was still almost full of people who had enough energy to slam. They had a strong support from Veneto Front Skinheads.
Ultimium was the last band for the night, but to be honest I didn’t catched a lot of their music, because I was 4 a.m. already and we were all busy to catch our bus back to the Skinhouse, which we reached at 6 a.m. After a quick nap, it was time to go home after almost three days of non stop party time and no sleeping.

To sum it up… it was a TOP weekend in Italy!  Both ballad night and the gig was second to none!  Great atmosphere and hospitality! Very solid and strict organization from A to Z! Security lads (B&H Hexagone, England and Portugal (yeah… the noisy geezers) did a good job, there were no troubles during the gig.

The gig has been visited by around 700 people from all across the White world including Brazil, Australia. Chile, Canada, USA and almost every European nation.

Thanks to all involved in the organization, especially to Pigi, Franco and Riccardo! Looking forward to see you soon comrades!!! Hail S.P.Q.R. Skins!!!