Monday, 28 June 2010

Police attack in Catalonia

Hello everybody,

Last Saturday 12th of June there was a private party planned in the Boxroom House – Skinhouse in the south of Catalonia (region in Spain), with different activities during the day.

At 15:30 just before we started the barbecue lunch, the regional police of Catalonia assaulted the compound and the building like the SWAT, with tactics of an antiterrorist command, all entered in anti-riot vans and were equipped with helmets, 9mm submachine guns, guns, batons, bullet proof vest, tasers, anti cut gloves...

All the people outside the house were told to rest in the floor and don’t move, and the people inside the house was put in the floor and handcuffed with bridles.

The people inside the house was moved to the outside, still with the brides, and put apart. All the people have to give their ID and mobile phone. Then started the register of the house with the owner of the property They confiscated the knifes of the kitchen, and also the flags that were in the tents of the camping zone, and material from people from abroad, as they would look nice in the photo of all the material confiscated.

Then the police started to take out boxes with t-shirts, cd’s and different material that was inside the house.

All the people were told that they must go out as the festival was cancelled, and after their luggage, tent and car were registered they could go out.

Meanwhile the police was with metal detectors around the property looking for who knows what, and make some big holes finding only sand.

Around 20:00 a lawyer went to the property to help the owner, but he was not allowed to enter.

By night the owner was transferred to the police station jail, accused of “promoting racial hatred” where he could be assisted by his lawyer.

In Sunday morning he had to declare in the police station, but he made no declaration. On Monday morning he is going to declare in the court with his lawyer, and then he wait two days in police station about Court conditions, he paid 3000 euro for freedom and then will be free.

The only arrested is the owner, the rest of the people were allowed to go our free. About the foreigners, some of them have returned to their countries and others without car were allowed to stay in Boxroom house until the day they have to take their flights.

This new act of repression of the separatist regional police of Cataluña against nationalists. They assaulted a property like they make when they look for a terrorist commando or dangerous drug dealers, in a place were there was only pacific persons without weapons.

Regards from Spain to European brothers, fight to be continue!!!

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