Saturday, 19 June 2010

Democratic dictatorship – made in Bulgaria

On 6th June in Bulgarian capital Sofia four persons, members of the anarchist organization “23 September” was attacked in a tramp on their way to a demonstration in support of illegal immigrants in Bulgaria. All the papers, radio and TV immediately blamed an unknown neo-nazi gang for the attack, which was made be metal sticks and iron boxing gloves. The day after eight people were arrested, most of them in their homes, houses were raided and personal computers were confiscated. Six of these people were charged as potential committers of the crime. The only proof against them is the evidence of the witness. All of them have alibi for the day of the accident, but the prosecutors didn’t care because the media hysteria increased day by day. The branch of the Helsinki committee (defender of “human rights” for faggots, gypsies, immigrants and all other kind of non white scum) sent an “open letter” to the President of Bulgaria, The Parliament and all the newspapers claiming that there is a growing wave of neo nazi violence, which must be stopped and yelling that the arrested people must be punished with all the law’s force. Few days after the Jewish organization “B’nai Brit” made a public statement that this neo-nazi attack must be punished as a attempted murder!!! They also asked organizations like B&H, National Resistance and Bulgarian national alliance to be punished for spreading racial hatred.
At the present moment six young man (age between 18 and 32) are behind the bars after the decision of the Court. We must notice that most of the people don’t know each other, and never ever met each other!!! One of guys has a PALESTINIAN father!!! Of course the cops and the court didn’t care about the FACTS when they masters are pushing them to prosecute the “evil Nazis”.

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