Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Gig in Northern Spain

On the 22th of May, after the acts of memory to the heroes of the Battle of Clavijo, in village near by, a concert was held organized by the comrades of the area in cooperation with organizations “Boxroom House” and “Free nationalists”.

Around 20.00h we arrived at the place of the gig. There we find a small venue but fully conditioned and with a professional PA system. In a room next to the hall there were some tables where you could find books, CDs, shirts, badges, patches, stickers… merchandising of Boxroom House Productions.

The band which opened the night was Invictos, who performed only a few songs, but was enough to start warming the crowd. They played songs of their first CD released as “Banderas al Viento” (Flags in the Wind), “Valiente Combatiente” (Brave Fighter) ","Invictos” (Undefeated)... a breath of fresh air for the scene that gives us Jessy, the female singer, as she has an extraordinary voice and a powerful singing ability.

Next band to play was the band Asedio, from Madrid. A group who is improving themselves from concert to concert. The band has a new singer, who gives more aggressiveness and emphasis to the songs, coupled with the incredible guitarist that has joined the band. They have become a band that can stand out in not a long time. Topics such as “Despierta” (Awake), “Putos Bastardos” (Fucking Bastards) and "A. H." originated the first pogo dancing of the night.

Then went to the stage Más que Palabras. With a few changes in their line-up , they still show that the attitude and the quality of the group are indisputable in them. The powerful singer thrilled the audience in the room. They started with their usual sing “Lobos” (Wolves), playing songs of their first cd. They also made some covers of Brigada Totenkopf and Rienzi, from which we must highlight “Uno de los Nuestros” (One of us). A great band that delighted the audience, and caused the biggest pogo of the night and who regretted to having to stop playing despite the requests from the audience.

Next to play was the band from the Catalonia region Hijos del Odio. They have an impressive musical quality. They have also some new faces in their line up, but following the original style of the group. They played all the songs of their first album, with a very powerful voice and guitar solos that caused great sensations among the audience. Best song in our opinion was a cover of the band 7 Muelles, awesome!

To end the night and despite the evident fatigue among the audience after a long day, Iberian Wolves went up for the last rounds. This bands is one of the promises of the National RAC. They played own songs as “Tierra de Lobos”, "Willian Wallace”, “Rosa de Hierro” (Land of Wolves, William Wallace, Rose of Iron)... All of them accompanied by an extraordinary voice and melodic guitar solos that reminded to the legendary Estirpe Imperial band.

It was nearly 4 o'clock in the morning but the audience wanted more, so different members of the bands went to play changing frequently their positions, to play all kind of covers for the delight of the audience.

After all this we left to the camping to continue partying until well into the morning.

Regards to International readers and special greeting to Bulgarian brothers and sisters!!!

See you again next year again!

BXRH Staff!!!

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