Friday, 11 June 2010

Gig in Argentina

Perhaps one of the most waited and most boycotted gigs ever took place in May, on Saturday 15th. However, there were no problems and furthermore, many comrades attended the show. It is worth mentioning that several comrades traveled from various cities of the country to be present at the gig.
This gig’s distinguishing note was that, for the first time, it was organized in memory of Marcelo Scalera, who lost his life on May 8, 1996, after a brutal fight planned beforehand by left-wing groups.
It was a concert where true comradeship reigned. And what does this mean? It means that, notwithstanding the personal differences that always exist among some comrades, there was an atmosphere of respect and thoughtfulness, which shows everybody's intention to help our movement to continue growing.
The first band to perform on the stage was the debuting band "BATTAGLIONE", who played 8 songs from their demo, “El fuego de la revuelta”, featuring songs like "Traidor", "Joven revolucionario", and "Malvinas argentinas"; they also covered "Ragnarok”, of the Spanish band Sección de Asalto.
Despite some problems with the drums, they debuted with a fast sound that is unfamiliar to the Argentine public and with very “incorrect” lyrics that left many comrades craving for more of this young and promising band.
Next, there was a short break during which the comrades continued sharing beers and conversation. It was very gratifying to see long-lost comrades chatting and remembering good old times.
The second band on stage to upset the attendance with their straightforward, catchy lyrics was BORCEGASSO; it was their 4th gig, but they proved to be at the same level than more seasoned bands.
They played songs from their first demo, such as “Falso socialismo", "Skinheads patriotas”, “Camisas pardas”, “Unidos somos más”, and also played a new song, “Camaradas y amigos”, plus several covers: "Unica solución”, from the already dissolved Argentine band Acción Radical, “Ultimo Recurso” (Comado Suicida), and the legendary hymn of all skinheads worldwide, “Chaos” (4 Skins).
The special note of their show was that they asked a comrade who was present in Marcelo Scalera's final battle to say some words about it to the public. This kind of request was very unusual in previous gigs and impregnated the atmosphere with respect and emotion for all the comrades who did not get to meet this great man who gave his life for our ideals.
The last band to perform was MUERTE Y CALAVERAS; they played many songs from their first CD "Noches de furia", including “Nacional revolución”, “La revuelta va”, and “Canción de Trinchera”. Additionally, they played several songs from their soon-coming-out second CD, “Una vida sin igual”, “Nuestra convicción”, “Enemigos del capital”, among others which, despite being new to the public, were highly accepted.
The set list also included covers such as Mentiras (Batallón de Castigo) and “Guerrero Skinhead” (Torquemada), that unleashed all the power of the pogo, and the party continued until late in the night.
When the gig was reaching its end, some members of the 3 bands got together to play some covers, including "Revuelta" (División 250), "NS" (Ultrasur), and "Es por tu nación" (Klan).
And such was the end of an evening that will be pleasantly remembered by all comrades.

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