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South America's Skinheads

The first skinheads were born in São Paulo (Brazil) in the year 1981. "Carecas Do Suburbio" called themselves. They were nationalist skinheads and come from the punk background, they were fed up with the drug, gay and communist degeneration of the movement. Years later are formed the "Carecas do ABC." The skinheads youth begun to extend to other cities of Brazil like Rio de Janeiro, Parana, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, etc. In 1985 in Brazil was carried out a gig with bands Oi!, punk and hardcore that finished with several deaths, wounded and 120 detainees. It was known as "black December." The skinheads get quick a reputation of violents thanks to their fights with gays, punks and commies.
In 1984 was formed the first Skinhead band in Argentina, called "Comando Suicida". At the end of the 80 in Brazil had around 1.000 skinheads and in Argentina 150.

In 1989, in Brazil the movement skinhead was divided among the integrationalist skins and also nationalists that accept blacks and half-breeds in to their orgs (Carecas do ABC, Carecas do Suburbio, carecas do Brazil) and the Skinheads White Power. The first NS skinhead band in Brazil was GSB (Grupo Separatista Branco). The WP skins are separatist, because they consider the San Pablo state as a White region and are against the immigrants of the north and north east because most of them are blacks and delinquents. In Buenos Aires (Argentina) some skins joined the MSN (Movimiento Social Nacionalista) of Federico Rivanera Carles.
In the 90's there was a big prosecution from the ZOG and the WP skin movement was temporally dismantled. In Argentina the violence provoke a fall of the number of skin heads, and till the formation of the MNO (Movimiento Nuevo Orden) they do not emerge again
In these years appear the first skins in Chile and was born the first RAC band called ROCKANOi!, most of the chilean skins follows the doctrine of the NS writer and philosophic Miguel Serrano. In Colombia also arise Skins in the cites of Cali and Bogota, they started to publish the zine HAZ REBELDIA OI!. In 1996 in Argentina happened a tragic event inside the Ns movement, that was the murder of the comrade Marcelo Scalera at the hand of an anarchist - bolshevik mob. This happened in the environs of Rivadavia Park where the MNO had a book stand, and the skinheads and patriots used to go there. In the environs of that zone the anarchist punks made a festival against the police repression, in a determinate moment they decide to attack the book stand, in which were skinheads and young Ns, in total 20 persons more or less; the scum was a mob of more than 100 persons, and in this attack was cowardly murdered the comrade Marcelo Scalera.

In Argentina have existed the following bands: "Comando Suicida" (the most popular) "Razon y Fuerza", " Ultrasur ", "Accion Radical" ,"Reaccion Violenta", "Legión Argentina", "Producto Nacional" and "Krisis Nerviosa" . The following fanzines has been published " Volksturm ", " Phoenix ", Odalan Skinheads", Victoria o Valhalla", "Guerrero Suburbano.". Nowadays only rehearse Ultrasur, Nuremberg and Vinland.
In Urugay the skinheads didn't appear till the last years of the 90's, in a small number, but they managed to publish the zine and website 'Orgullo skinhead' and form a RAC band called Escuadron 88. This website had many information about the skinhead scene in southamerica as well as pagan and Ns texts. The band Escuadron 88 only recorded a demo - rehearshal. In 1999 the ZOG decide to prosecute and arrest the components of Orgullo Skinhead, under the charges of promoting racial hatred and violence and subversive association. 5 young man went to prision, including the leader Sebastian.
In Brazil there are several WP music bands like "D.A" (called before Defensa Armada) , 'Locomotiva88' and 'Frente Nacional'; 'The Skulls' are just a bunch of mixed with good relations with the Sharps... There is an important org called IMPERIUM, There are a great quantity of publications like '20/04', ' Vitória ', ' Verlauf ', 'Povo do Senhores', ' The Horde of the Wolves ', etc. At the moment in Brazil there is around 200 WP Skinheads The nationalist skinhead movement, is bigger in the cities like São Paulo and Niteroi. There are 1.500 nationalist skinheads in all Brazil. There are also nationalist music bands like 'Bandeira de Combate" or 'Cruzada Patriotica', etc. The main skin'zine is Nação Forte Skinheads.

Other South American countries with presence of skinheads is Chile,In Chile there is around 100 skinheads, and the main organization in the past was "Accion Chilena". There is a skin'zine called 'Rayo Surdico'. In the past had music bands like 'Rockanoi!' and 'División Gamada'. Now there are "Odal Sieg", "Tropa SS" and " Sieg'88 ". The main skinhead org now is 'Santiago Skins' that edit the zine 'Batalla'
In Colombia nowadays there are some skinheads in Medellin and Bogotá. They continue publishing the magazine "Haz Rebeldia Oi!" and they have two RAC groups "Orgullo nacional" and "Huetramannaland."
The 20 April of 1999, was formed the first skinhead organization at South American level called " IMPERIUM " with skinheads White Power of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico.

This is a list of all the bands of South America that had relations with the skinhead movement
· Argentina: Comando Suicida, Doble Fuerssa, Tropas de la Noche, Batallon, Producto Nacional, Legion Argentina, Real Victoria, Reaccion Violenta, Ultrasur, Nuremberg, Razon & Fuerza, Accion Radical and Vinland.
· Brasil: GSB, Brigada NS, Nazi Combat, Nova Nação, Defesa Armada, D.A., Frente Nacional, Resistencia 88, Locomotiva 88, Zurzir, Resistencia 1945 and Pit-Bull.
· Colombia: Sociedad Violenta, Destacamento de Asalto, Orgullo Nacional y Huetrammanaland
· Chile: RockanOi!, Division Gamada, Odal Sieg, Tropa SS, Sieg'88
· Uruguay: Escuadron 88.

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