Saturday, 3 July 2010

Brutal Attack in Skinhouse Hellas

It was great honour watching live a group like Brutal Attack, with many years in white power music scene coming to play in Greek court and speaking with pride about our country! These favorite persons are Ken Mc Lellan and Brutal Attack, a band that exists for about 30 years giving the ability to white youth to be united and a reason to live! For sure, it was the best night ever in Skinhouse Hellas! Ever! The members of Brutal Attack were very friendly and happy, the two famous Englishmen and the two other French. They attended from the soundcheck yet – where they played 7 songs – seemed they had already a lot of energy. Ken used to say on this it used to say before many years so Ian Stuart, that "comrades and fans are the only ones that keep alive one band through the years, the respect that must show one band to them must be for sure equal and moreover".

The gig was opened by the very good Greeks Straightline. In their best appearance till now, with a very good scenery style and sound, played 15 songs, in a set of one hour. Their best times were "State means land in slavery", "Our revolution will live for ever", "Bring back your life", "Forever alive", "Break your rules", "Freedom" (the prologue was the message from our imprisoned skinhead comrade Porky), while very dynamic were the covers chosen to played ("Blue Eyed Devils - We'll never die", "Final War - Land of the Whites", "Kategorie C - So sind wir", "Bully Boys - White kids gonna fight"). We are waiting for their new release, starting their recordings in this summer!
Unfortunately the Serbians Razor 88 couldn’t come here cause of a serious problem of their drummer.
After midnight,it was the time for Brutal Attack, they entered the scene with "Embers Of Yesterday", making the Hellenic crowd raving madly and continued playing for about 2 hours (they must played at term moreover of 20 songs especially from their old school times).

We can’t describe what really happened when the band started to play, Ken is a wonderful man and a great showman, an always young man that loves what he is doing till nowadays, so they played for us "As the drum beats", "Αlways", "Healing hands", "White pride, white passion", songs that are the lovely ones cause of their identity into our lives through the years. A real panic when they played "Tales of Glory", "Rock Against Communism" and "Let it Burn" (played as encore too) by a violent pogo even from Ken, while he made a lot of stagediving. The people was asking for more and more and finally after 6 encore songs Brutal Attack stopped their great appearance, while had already left us the best feelings and impressions for ever!


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