Wednesday, 26 May 2010

B&H Spain trial

On 25-05-2010 started the trial against 19 members of the Asociación Cultural Sangre y Honor (Cultural Association Blood and Honour) which are accused of forming part of an illegal organization and of possession of illegal weapons.

The public prosecutor office said that this association promoted an anti-Semite doctrine and a doctrine revisionist of the jewish holocaust, with promotion of the neonazi ideology. They say also that the association promoted the discrimination against certain groups due to his race, sexual orientation, religion or ideology, and that in 1999 it was founded as the Spanish division of the international organization Blood & Honour.

They are accused also of possession and selling of illegal weapons like metallic extensible batons, CS sprays and teasers When they raid their homes the police found also two guns of 6.5 caliber and bladed weapons.

In the first session of the trial the court has rejected to play the cd's of some bands that played in BH& Spain gigs, as well as to show some live recording of B&H Spain concerts that the antiracist and left wing association “Movement Against Intolerance,” that acts as private prosecution, has presented as proofs, which has caused some upset to them, as part of their strategy is based on this “proofs”.
The defense of the accused has requested to consider illegal the telephone recordings made by the police, but the court has rejected this and they will be played during the show. The trial is expected to end the 10th of June.

The supposed leaded of the organization, Roberto L., and other five persons could be condemned to 5 years. The rest of the accused face a possible sentence between 2 and 5 years.

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