Sunday, 7 October 2012

ISD Memorial Gig England 2012

Like the last five years, me and my friends traveled to the England‘s ISD Memorial gig in September. On Friday evening we arrived in the middle of England, the place of the gig.  After a few conversations with friends we went to the concert tent. As in the previous years, it was a two days event program, starting with a ballad gig. At the beginning of the evening, the tent wasn’t filled with crowd so much, but however that changed over  the time,. At 9 o’clock the ballad evening began.

First on stage appeared Stevie, who played many of the famous Skrewdriver songs. Next  came the boys of Frakass from France, who sang their hits in their native language. The next presentation was followed by singer John of Scottish band Nemesis accompanied by a guitarist. Personally I found the performance awesome, we has a great voice and perform the songs with great passion.

The last guests of the ballad evening appeared on the stage at 1 o’clock at night . It was Sleipnir from Germany. Their hits were brought over very ingenious and persuasive. There were, for example, "Wunderbare Jahre " and "Meine Welt" . They played for about an hour so around 2 o’clock  the  ballad evening came to it’s end.



 After a delicious English breakfast on Saturday afternoon we went back to the gig venue for the “full electric” gig night. First on stage appeared  the boys of Gentleman Thugs. It was the third live performance of the band. They played many  No Remorse covers, giving their best to warm up the crown.

 Gentleman Thugs

Then came March or Die, which unfortunately I have not seen because I ate a barbecue.

Slowly the tent started to fill with people and the next band was Section 88, which hits like "Ain´t no black" presented to the audience.

March or Die

Section 88

The next band was the Scottish boys from Nemesis, which impressed me very much like the night before. A  fabulous  performance.

The next band were the  boys from  Legion of St. George. They played their well-known pieces of their CD's  "On the footsteps of Heroes".

Legion of St. George

With "Kick the reds in" White Law started their performance. After an announcement by the singer a minute of silence in the memory of Ian Stuart followed. 

After White Law the guys from Blackout took the stage. Songs like "Blackout", "This is my country" and great cover from  Skrewdriver songs were sung. As always, a  great performance by  the boys.
White Law

The next  band for the night were the guests from Australia. The three guys from Ravenous played their hits. Unfortunately I can’t   say much about it because I do not know the songs. But the performance was very good for my point of view.


Ken and the rest of the guys from Brutal Attack were next band of the schedule. There played songs like "Tales of Glory", "Rock against communism", “Always Near” and Let it burn.

With great hope, I expected the next band. It was the guys from Deahts Head from Australia. The crew was the same as at Ravenous. Only the singer changed the position. Jesse put on a convincing performance. A great performance. Love it!

The last band of the evening were White Rebel Boys from Germany. I’ve ever before seen them live before, but they made a good performance.

To sum it up: about 700 people attended, great organization, we will be back next year.

Greetings to all my friends,  the guys from Blackout, Section 88 and Gentleman Thugs and of course to Silvy.

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