Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Report from VFS Summer Fest

Like every year in the middle of July in Italy was held Veneto Summer Fest. For me and my mates, that was our first traveling to that event and we were pretty exited. Early in Saturday morning we took our cars and we started the long travel. With a lot of RAC music in the car, many packs of Red-Bull and of course our dog, we started the trip to our destination. The way have passed nice and faster, and no matter of the 7 hours of driving, we really didn’t feel tired at all.
   We arrived at the place around 17h afternoon, which was the perfect time, as the start of the concert was 18:00 o`clock. We have enough time to see our friends from the French RAC band "Lemovice", to prepare our merchandise table and take the first long awaited cold beer for the weekend.
   The place was perfect for event like that. It was a big field, with great big stage, two bars, restaurant and enough toilets for the guys and the ladies. The merchandise zone was also good chosen, near by the stage and the big space for the pogo “dancing”.
   Dogs were not allowed, which was sad for our pit bull/staf Freya, and here I want to say big THANKS to the guys of the organization, who made compromise for our dog and let us take her with us in the concert (it was very hot in the car).    It was really fucking hot, so the beers help us to fight out the heat.
   First on the stage come out the French RAC legends "Lemovice". Good band, I have already saw them few times at life and I love to write about them (and drink with them :D). My first meeting with them was back in 2009, when I had the chance to been guest to their 10 years Lemovice B-day party. After I listen them again at life in 2011, so this was third time I saw Lemovice live. Every time i hear the band,i like more and more their music. They played their famous "Beloy Army", "Triquard" songs, and others. Nico with his magic voice make the crowd crazy at all and the pogo have started. Usually the best bands play in the end of the evening, but I think that "Lemovice" was very good choice for start of the gig, as was many French comrades there, and was kick-ass starting. The next time we can see "Lemovice" at life will be in Southern France- ISD Memorial, organized by BH Hexagone.

   Here is the moment to say something about the other bands, but honestly i didn’t saw that much of the concert. I was happy to see many old friends from East and West Europe, so I spent the time with always cold beer in hand having a fun and having a say with my mates. I heard German singing, I thought the band was "Burning Hate", but I’ve been told that they couldn’t make it to the gig. Actually the band on stage was Confident of victory” which made a very class performance, with songs from their first album “F.N.A.B.” and the second “the unfeeling” as well as a great cover of Ode To A Dying People  (original by RaHoWa)   After  Italian RAC bands like "Testvdo", "Soliti-sospetti" and Linea Ostile, but as usually I do, I go in RAC concerts to see the old and find a new friends. The "special guest" that was the famous "Sleipnir".I was waiting long to hear the band live but as I usually do,I miss it :).

Confident of Victory

    Last on the stage was the Italian RAC stars "Legittima Offesa" .Well known band, very popular not only in Italy, but all around  Europe. The guys played last year in my fatherland Bulgaria and as well in France for BH Hexagone. Played as usual, very professionally, a cover of "Come Il Vento" by (Intolleranza) was also played Right after that gig was over, we had a  beer with the singer Gigi and he give to us CD of his band-special gift for BH Hexagone :) Thanks Gigi!

Legittima Offesa

   The concert was visited by around 350 people, from Czech Rep., Serbia, France, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and of course Bulgaria/sorry if I’ve missed someone/. I would like to thanks to all my friends there for the party time together, cheers to smiling Joanna from Germany, guys from SBY (Italy),my French comrades from BH Hexagone and thanks to VSF organizing crew for the perfect concert they did for us. It was my first Veneto Fest, but for sure not the last! Great week-end with a lot of laughing, people who locked themselves in the cars /yes Ben, everyone knows now :D/ and very friendly and nice atmosphere.

   Sunday midday we start our travel back to Marseille. It was hard for us...Big hangover, great memories for Saturday night and a little bit sadness because that great evening was over. Anyway, I’m very happy for that week-end, I met many old and I had the chance to find a new friends. Looking forward for the next Veneto Fest :) and hey guys, hope to see you 15th of September in Marseille on our ISD Memorial concert ;).
 Exclusive report by S.

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