Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Italian ISD Memorial 2012

      In the beginning of October was the date for the Italian ISD Memorial for 2012, organized by "VFS". It was my third ISD Memorial for the last few weeks, after France and England. Honestly I was very tired and not so exiting for that travel, but I did it, as I know well that Italy is always a very good destination for RAC concerts.

    Friday evening, right after work, we started our trip to the beautiful Italian city Genova. After around 4 hours by car, we arrived at the place right before midnight. Our friends from the Italian hatecore band "Still Burning Youth" was waiting for us, we went to very nice pub and there our weekend has started.
   After couple of beers, a lot of laughing and chat with our mates, around 3 morning we took again the cars to went to sleep.
   Saturday morning-big hangover: D. It was really hard to go out of the bed. All of us take fast shower, breakfast and we prepare us for the second part of our travel. On the route other comrades join us and after few hours of driving we arrived to the  gig area.
   It was very big open air place. Big stage, little bar next to it, enough parking place for the cars. As it was the late afternoon we had enough time to take a little break and install our table with BH "Hexagone" productions. We  had  a few beers and a  lovely dinner right after which  the concert started.
   First band for the evening was Italians from "Acciaio Vincente". The band played their songs from their first album "Professionalisti dell'Odio" (2011). Good performance, it was my first time I hear the band and I like it. Good dynamic music, the singer has a great voice.

Acciaio Vincente

   Second was "Linea Ostile". They played some covers as "Peggior Amico". The style of the band is classic Italian "OI" and that was the reason I liked their presentation. Unfortunately they didn’t record a cd yet, but hopefully they’ll do this in the near future, because it’s really good band.

Linea Ostile
   Right after them, after little pause on the stage come the long awaited "Gesta Bellica"! I was very exited to hear that band. It was my first time ever to listen "Gesta Bellica" at life, as I’ve miss them when they played year or two ago in my Fatherland Bulgaria. So the guys have couple of cd-s, those I know are " Usque ad inferos", "Interum rudit leo", "Ius primae lineae" and others. They played songs from their repertoire as "Voglio", "Ritorno a Camelot" and "No pasaran". They finished their set with "Skrewdriver" cover together with Ken /Brutal Attack/.

Gesta Bellica
   Last on the stage come the British monsters from "Brutal Attack". I don’t think it’s necessary to present the band, as they are "living legends" and even the kids know " In your eyes" and "Odin`s daughter". I saw them two weeks ago in ISD Memorial in England. The guys share members with the famous French RAC band "Frakass" /close and good friends of mine/. I’m not pretty sure with which song they’ve started, i`m not even sure which songs they played exactly, because it was already too late and I’ve drank many beers (hahahaha). For sure they played "Embers of yesterday" and my very favorite "Rock against communism". Their performance was on the top! Ken was in euphoria, he left the microphone and he jumped over the guys who were slamming below the stage. Michel /guitar/ broke two strings of his guitar, all the members of the band was very exited, which made the crowd exited as well…it’s hard to put in words the atmosphere we felt out there, but it was really cool! Real R.A.C.!!! Thanks to Ken and his crew for that! Here I want to share my personal opinion about Ken. I really believe that when he’s singing he feel and he live with his music. For him there is no matter if he play in front 3000 people or in front 20. He just...enjoys the party and his music from the bottom of his heart!

   This great evening didn’t finish with the concert. All the guests together with the bands went on a party. I had the chance to have a few beers with my French and Italian mates and the guys from "Brutal Attack". Thanks to David /Blakey/ for the interesting stories he told me about Ian Stuart and "Skrewdriver". Thanks to Ken and all the bands that played for us and made this evening magic, to VFS for that great concert and special thanks to Alberto for his hospitality and everything he did for us and our travel.
   From all that I saw in the last few weeks, from all the trips to the ISD Memorial concerts, all the new friends I’ve met and all new places I’ve visited I’m really happy to see that the people didn’t forget what Ian Stuart Donaldson created for us and his spirit lives in our hearts.  Ian Stuart R.I.P.!!!

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