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Books about ISD & Skrewdriver

Title: „Skrewdriver – First Ten years”
Author: Joe Pearce
Publisher: Skrewdriver Services /England 1987

As the title suggests, this book examines the early years of Skrewdriver and their transformation from punk to a leading nationalist band in Europe. The author was a close friend and associate of Ian; the book was written to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the band. The information contained within was given personally by Ian Stuart in a series of audio interviews.

Title: „Nazi Rock star”
Author: Paul London
Pages: 168
Publisher: Midgard /Sweden 2002

The story begins with Ian’s childhood in Blackpool and continues until his death in 1993. This is definitely the most detailed history of Ian and Skrewdriver. The author is the infamous Paul Burnley from No Remorse who received a great deal of help in writing the book from Ians’ friends and former members of the band like John “Grinny” Grinton (R.I.P.) who wrote the material on the early years of Ian.
The book comes in a luxury edition with a soft cover and glossy paper. You can find a huge amount of high quality photos inside. This book is a true relic for all of the ISD and Skrewdriver maniacs. It still can be ordered via internet for the “modest” price of 25 British pounds.

Title: „Diamond in the Dust”
Pages: 102
Publisher: RVF/ England 2002

Here is another attempt at a biography of Ian’s life and the band; however, this time it’s quite unsuccessful. The information contained within is quite brief, but concise: doesn’t go into too many details. A large part of the book is occupied by lyrics and quotes from Ian Stuarts’ statements. Inside you can find several valuable pictures. The book is posted on the Internet and it can be found at:

Title: „Memories”
Author: Mark Green
Pages: 195
Publisher: PC Records/Germany 2007

“Memories” is one of the newest books about ISD/Skrewdriver, which was published in German and English. It contains a series of interviews and personal recollections of people who personally knew Ian Stuart and they shed light on who he truly was behind the scenes. Amongst the people interviewed are: his closest friends; former band members; musicians like: Jonsey (English Rose), Cisco, Stefan Hammer (Noie Werte), Ian’s fiancee Diane, Murray Holmes (Quick and the Dead); etc. Inside the book, you can find manuscripts of lyrics of the most famous Skrewdriver songs and a large amount of pictures that for the first time have seen the light of day. A must-have item!!!

Title: „The outcasts of Rock’n’ Roll”
Author: Jozan Zoltan
Pages: 135
Publisher: Loyalty Records/Hungary 2010 г.

Here we find one of the latest books written about Ian and Skrewdriver; this time, however, it’s from Eastern Europe. The book is entirely in Hungarian and as far as we know it is a compilation of all previous books on the subject. You can find more details on the book in this interview that was done with the author: HERE

Title: „Rock’n’ Roll Patriot”
Author: Mark Green
Pages: 80

The newest book!!! This is the follow-up to the highly popular "Memories" book and features a lot of material from the archives of various people around the world with many stories, anecdotes and exclusive interviews with the producer of the "Back with a Bang" Maxi, Pajen of Midgard, Jeff Clayton of Antiseen, and many, many more. This English version has come out as a “limited fanzine version,” but it looks more like a book as it's properly printed and the photos are of good quality. The book is 80 pages. Only a limited quantity is available as only 100 copies were made in total. The German version was published by PC Records in 2009.

* Some of the books are published under different titles in other languages.

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