Monday, 22 October 2012

French ISD Memorial 2012

 On 15th of September in of South France was held ISD Memorial, organized by the French Blood and Honour Division "Hexagone". For me that was my second ISD Memorial in France,as the first was back in 2010 organised by BH "Midgard". I was very happy of that memorial as many of my mates come and i was glad to have the chance speak in English and my own language - Bulgarian. In the middle of August we had already the band list and our preparing for the concert start. It was hard to find a good concert hall, but finaly we`ve got luck and the place was perfect for event like this.
   Some of our friends arrive Friday-the day before the gig. We made some small party at home with many pacs of beer and of course pizza. Was nice to see smiling people at home,even if it was a little bit like "Romper Stomper"  style party with 14 skinheads sleeping in my apartment :). Saturday morning we went to the airport to take our German friends.
  On the early afternoon we’ve started to manage the stuff inside the gig venue, such as setting the sound equipment, supplying the bars with coffee, soft drinks, beer, food etc. and other important things without which the gig couldn’t go ahead.

 The most of the people arrived later, so the concert started around 22:00h when everyone was already inside the hall. First on the stage come the French band "DC" /DECADENCE CULTURE/. I already wrote once about them, when I heard them for first time life, on the last year’s RAC Festival in France when was their comeback gig after 5-6 years of silence. I enjoy a lot their style - brutal and rough RAC. Now "DC" share musicians with the RAC band "BORDEL BOYS”.
   So "DC" started the concert with cover song of the first band of the singer "ELSASS KORPS" and with the song "Division Charlemagne". Usually on live performance they play two their own songs, one cover, and so on. Sadly, I was very busy with the bartender work, so I haven`t the chance to listen to them carefully. The last song of their set was "Plus fort que tout" /Stronger than anything/, cover of "KOMINTERN SECT"- song dedicated to the friendship and brotherhood. From what I can understand in French, the most of the lyrics of "DC" are dedicated to our fight against the system. Was nice to see that the crowd was so dynamic and exiting during the performance of first band!

     After a short break, second on the stage came "Non Plus Ultra". German band which exist more than 10 years .For that period they had some changing in the line up,but the singer M. is the only original member since the beginning. I saw them back in 2010 in "Ovni" RAC club in Spain once and I really liked them then. That was the reason why i was so happy and why i wanted to hear them once again, as in Spain, the guys made great show! This time their performance was with one additional guitarist, and I find out that their sound was even more professional than the last time. So they played few "Skrewdriver covers, cover as well as one by "Cock Sparrer" /Because you`re young/, some of their own set too. Funny thing was that the French crowd was dancing and even tried to sing the German songs :)

   Was perfect to see all the dancing and singing people, once again "NPU" made great atmosphere and show! I honestly can said, that is one of my favorite bands even if I’m not big fan of German scene and I waiting the moment to hear them once again at life.
   Last on the stage appeared the French R.A.C. “stars” "LEMOVICE". Funny and nice crew of guys, I already wrote few times about them so now I want to say few more words about the band. It was established back in 1999. For this period they played more than 50 concerts! Their first material was “1999-2002” demo, then in 2006 go out the debut cd "Lemovice", 2009 "Skinheads living dead" and 2011 "OI le tribute". They also took a part in few compilations cd’s such as "France Explosion 3" (2000) with two songs, "Tribute a Bunker 84" (2001), "Compilation de soutien aux prisonniers" (2011). Their future production will be entitled "Limoges" and must see light of the day by the end of the year. The guys started with song, dedicated to the memory of ISD, cover song of "SKREWDRIVER" - "Back with a bang". Groundbreaking start!!! All the attenders gathered front of the stage, dancing, slamming and singing with the vocalist N., it was a great moment! Really very good chosen song for start and perfect cover version! They went ahead with songs of their own set as "Triquard", "Beloi Army", "France" and others. After their last song, the crowd didn’t allow them to go out of the stage, people were screaming "more,more,more" so finally they played for us the last song of the night "L`epee en main".
   The concert was visited from around 150 people. Everything went really well, in a really friendly atmosphere without any problems or fights. The gig goers enjoyed another nice evening and at last but not the least the bands who played gave their very best to make a great party! Thank you guys!

   Here I want to say big thanks also to F. and especially to G. for the hard nonstop work they do on the bar and big CHEERS to K. and M. from Bulgaria for the time we shared together :) Thanks to the "Hexagone" guys for the great concert they organized for us, and special thanks to "DC","NON PLUS ULTRA" and "LEMOVICE" for the perfect performance! Salutes to my Jagermeister friends T., H., and M.:)
 Exclusive report by S. (as usual :)

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