Friday, 30 September 2011

Race riots in Bulgaria

A massive wave of race riots erupted in Bulgaria, after young Bulgarian boy was murdered brutally by gypsies on the late afternoon of 24th September. The 19 year old boy was literally smashed by a bus driven by a gypsy in the village of Katuniza, near by Plovdiv the second largest city in Bulgaria. Just few hours after an angry mob of local residents joined by a  “right wing” football hooligans burn down two of the houses of the local gypsy mafia boss which is terrorizing the Bulgarian village for ages.

 In next days the whole country rebelled against the brutal murder. Spontaneous demonstrations organized in Facebook took place on the streets of every big Bulgarian city. In contrary of the people anger and will  for justice the Government, joined by the lieing Zionist media didn’t put the blame on the gypsies and tried to present the murder like a “car incident”!!!

This made the people even angrier!!!  On the numerous demonstrations police arrested hundreds of White Bulgarians just for flying the national flag, and being on the wrong place and wrong time. In same time TV cameras showed gypsies in their ghettos armed with knifes, guns and bats and police did nothing. Below you can see a compilation video of the events from last few days. Big protest will take place this weekend in Sofia and Plovdiv.

All the hooligan firms in the country declared that they will be UNITED under the Bulgarian flag, no matter the team they support.  On international level support came from Russia, where Zenit (St Petreburg) /Спасибо соратники/ fans put a banners on the terrace in the game vs. FC Porto saying " BULGARIA FOR BULGARIANS, NOT FOR THE SCUM".

We'll keep you updated for the further events.



Anonymous said...

Well done, Bulgaria! Serbia is not too far behind. Faggots won't march on our streets:

anarchsoul said...

Well done, you have our support from Romania. The gibbo scum must be annihilated. It's about time we reclaimed our countries for our own.