Tuesday, 6 September 2011

In Review: Les Vilains

Name: Skinhead Family Label: Pure impact records
Style: RAC/Oi!
Tracks: 13

Long awaited album after few years of silence from the Belgium Oi! combo. We great the usual great music and lyrics plus a bit more…in some of the songs are used some guitar solos from earlier recorded demo with Dieter Samoy (RIP). So because of this fact I have the feeling that I listen to a perfect mix of “Kill baby Kill” genius music supported by the strong vocals of Les Vilains singer Suck. What can we say about the lyrics … all of them are in French, all of them come from the heart, especially the song dedicated to fallen band members “Dieter and Oliver”. I can also highly recommend my favourite “L’homme le plus riche du Monde” (The Richest man in The World” written for the daughters of Suck and of course “De Kastelein” - a song to remember the “good old days” in the mythical skinhead pub in Bruges.

All the rest songs are second to none, so dear readers don’t hesitate to get a copy for your collection from Pure Impact or other distro, this is a 100 % obligatory item! For all those who will download it instead, I can only say: You are nothing but a bunch a wankers, queers and kikes!!!

To sum it up – I love this album. This is the epitome for the music of the SKINHEAD FAMILY!!!

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