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R.A.C. Festival in France

On 3rd of September in Central France was held RAC festival entitled "Deuxieme Festival" organized by "Front des Patriotes". We heard about the concert around month before the date, so we confirmed our visit immediately. The flyer announced 8 bands /all of them French/ but around week before the concert the organizers told us that there is little change in the band list.

In the early afternoon of 3rd of September we start our travel to the gig place. Sadly in the last moment we have been told that the location has been changed and is much more far away from the first destination. Anyway, after long but nice travel we arrived at the venue. The place was smartly chosen, it was a big concert hall in the middle of the forest with very big parking place for our cars .It’s important to notice that "Max Resist" played in the same venue not long ago – in 2007.

We arrived around 19:30 h., a little bit worried, because the start of the concert was announced for 18:00 h. Fortunately, the gig hasn’t started yet because many of the people were also late /the place was hard to find/.In the parking we meet many comrades, we greeted them and we went inside of the hall. It was nice to find out that I already know many of the people who were there.

The gig started at 20:00h. First on the stage came the French RAC legends "Frakass". I already saw them live at ISD Memorial back in 2010, which was organized by BH Midgard. The band exists since 1986 and in the last few years they share some of their members with Brutal Attack. Their show that night was just acoustic but ‘till this moment not all the people has reached the venue, so the hall was almost empty. Their presentation was very good and perfect start for the night. We are looking forward to see them again in 8th October in ISD Memorial in France organized by BH "Hexagone" together with "Legitima Offetsa" /IT/ and "Brutal Attack" /EN/.

After them on stage appeared "DC" /Decadence Culture/.Band comes from Elssas near to the border with Germany. This was their comeback after 5-6 years of silence. Their style can be set like brutal and rough RAC. In their songs most of the lyrics are dedicated to our fight against the system. They played songs from their own repertoir like "Bad Reichenhall","Le sence de l`honneur". The pogo was very dynamic no matter that the people were not drunk yet (hahaha)!!!

Decadence Culture

Third band were my friends from "Bordelboys". They exist since 2006 and the name ( Whorehouse Boys) speaks strongly enough for them. Their songs contain funny lyrics about the skinhead way of life. They played songs from their own repertoire like "Europe", "Army songs" and my favorite song "Bordelboys". Band merchandise is ass kicking fun as well, like cup for tea with iron fist handle and...bikini, of course with the logo of the band :) Their style can be definite as punk rock, sounds a bit like "Exploited".I already was been in few parties with them and I honestly can say that this is are the funniest people that I ever meet in the French movement. Cheers Bordelboys!


After them was time for "Bretonische Waffenverband".To be honest I needed whole day to pronounce in correct way the name of that band. Their style is Oi! - RAC, band exist since 2009 /around/.Their singer was the vocal of "Totenkopf" / very old French RAC band from the beginning of the 80s/.They play songs of their own set like "Rupture", "Breizh da gentan" and also cover of "Totenkopf" - "Sovien toi". Band works on their first cd at the moment and we are looking forward to hear it in the end of 2011.The pogo was on top level and the people like their performance.

Bretonische Waffenverband

Fifth band for the evening were "Lemovice". That band exists since 1999. I see them on stage them for a second time, the first was in their Birthday party in 2009 "10 years Lemovice crew". They played their songs like "Beloi army", "France", "Tricard" and some covers of "Brutal Combat". They had some changes in their line up /the singer of "Bordelboys" is now their drummer/ but the sound is on the same top level like before. Salute Nico!


After them was time for "FTP" /Francs-Tireurs-Patriotes/ to play their set. Parisian band is very young- exist since last year. Their style is something very interesting for me, called "RIF" /Rock Identitare Francais/, sounds like typical Rock. Guys are members of RF "Renoveau Francais" and they are NS Catholics. They performance was nice and interesting, they play songs like "Vikings", "Con, J`ai Paye" and others. It’s important to note that for their short band history they already recorded a selftitled album “FTP”. We wish them long and nice “career” in the French WP scene.

The last band and the “cherry of the cake” were the living legends from "9eme Panzer Symphonie". They exist since 1992, a band with big musical creativity. All the people in the concert was very happy to see them at live, because they was didn’t play in the last 10 years! When the singer come on the stage, dressed in "Clock Work" style, all the people saluted him and the entire hall was very glad to see him back. The slam was on top level! Their style is RAC-punk,very dynamic and fast ritme. They played songs from their own repertoire like "Coups D`Boots Party", "Chasse a l`homme" and cover of "Cock Sparrer". Really awesome band, I hope they will make some new projects and we’ll see them soon on the stage again.

9eme Panzer Symphonie

Right after the last band which finish around 2:30h we have to say "goodbay" to everyone, because we needed to travel long way back home. As usual the concert was visited from the French police. One comrade saw 3 police buses in the parking lot /maybe they take the plate number registration of our cars/ and after that they disappeared. On the next day in the newspaper was a report about the concert. We became famous!!! :)

To sum it up the gig was attended from around 250 people, guests from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Bulgaria. Thanks to "Front des Patriots" for the perfect concert they organized for us, to all the musicians for their excellent performance, to BH Hexagone for the top level security (like always), to the bartenders who cared for us all night long. Cheers to Xavier, Christine, Dimitri, Vincent and all my friends with which we had a lot of fun there.

Once again - it was a great gig. I’m looking forward the next concert in France-ISD Memorial organized by Blood and Honour Hexagone.

Exclusive report for NS Revolt by S.

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