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Fehér Törvény Interview

 1. Hello guys, greetings from NS Revolt webzine. Please introduce your band’s history in few words (line up, discography, etc.)?

- First of all, it's an honour to us, to answer your questions for your webzine! We formed Fehér Törvény in 1995 with few of my friends. This line-up was active till 1998. Then, we made other projects. I began to deal with Fehér Törvény again after 4 years. This time I have moved to another city, and I didn't have any contacts, so the first few steps were really hard. We had many changes among our musicians, but in the past 6 years Rocker-drums, Zozó-guitar, Maci-singer formation was fixed! We had Tango-guitar for 2 years with us, and Stevie-bass joined us half year ago, so the machine works excellent!

Fehér Törvény

2. What is the band present music style? Did you change it a bit thru the years?

- Our music style was Oi/RAC at the beginning. When we started again, it was an Oi/HC/RAC mixture, we made with our split with Brigade M and our album “Vér kötelez” in these styles. Nowadays, we are between somewhere HC and thrash metal. The “Szemben a világgal” album, what came out in 2009, contains a lot of thrash elements, and some hardcore too. We made a lot of new songs since then, where is more of the hardcore style, and less thrash metal. It seems a little bit complicated, but if you want to know the truth, you should visit one of our concerts :)

3. You have played in Bulgaria back in 2008. What are your memories from this event?

- This was an awesome gig, we will always remember it! The organizers invited a lot of excellent bands: Agreese 95 (Cz), Project Vandal ( SK ), Voice of Justice ( H ), and Fehér Törvény ( H ). Unfortunately, most of the bands called of their participation to that night, but the Bulgarian guys didn't give up! They said, we can start our trip, everything will be fine. The local activists in Plovdiv are cool guys, and those too, who have came from other cities so far! The local youth in Plovdiv have an own club (Skinhouse Plovdiv), the gig of course held here. The guys at the concert were really inspired, they knew our songs, and we felt that our message has a great value for them! They made a fuckin’ good rampage in front of the stage! :)

Live in Bulgaria
4. Lots of people across Europe like your music a lot, but the lyrics are understandable only for the Hungarian audience. Is there any chance in the future to hear Fehér Törvény singing in English?

- First of all, we want to show a way to the Hungarian youth in this filthy fuckin’ world, but as the time goes by, many activists liked our music from other countries, so we planned that we will have songs with English lyrics. You will hear some of these in our next CD! Unfortunately, we can't write good English lyrics, so we turned to our friends for help. I want to thanks for the help here to Robert (Zittau)!

5. Provide us with some information about the story of BHS crew and also about the label BHS Service?

 The BHS Crew was founded in the 4th May of 1997. This is a circle of friends, with less members, but the guys with us we have a real togetherness! They doing many things: newsletters, managing webpages, doing works for zines, musicians, record-shops, sport, so I can say these guys doing a lot of good to the NS scene! The first production of BHS Service was made in 1999, what followed many more! The first of them was a radio cassette, after then we produced CD-s, and vinyl’s. We sent free monthly newsletter, these were great help in the movement's life before the spreading of the internet. We celebrated the 10th birthday of the BHS Service in 2009, a 2 days festival, with those bands, who helped our work.

6. What is the current situation in Hungary in the Nationalist movement? There are a lot of different organizations, but are they united in their activities? Why there are no so many gigs like in previous few years.

- Unfortunately, the nationalist organizations cannot work together yet. We have many organizations, and many activists, but we still missing a leader! If you think, that we don't have concerts as many as were the last year, you don't follow the news properly :) In the last Saturday we had 5 (!!!) concerts throughout the country!

7. You play very often both in Hungary and abroad. Do you have any funny story or anecdote from your numerous gigs?

- Many of our good friends and many good activists organizing concerts in Hungary and Europe nowadays, and they often invite us to play. I could tell a lot of stories form the past year's gigs, if you were speak Hungarian, I think it wouldn't end in a couple of days, I could tell a newer and newer story to you :) First of all I remember a concert in Nederland in 2007, where I was jumping on the stage, and its suddenly collapsed under me, haha :) In 2007 too, we were playing in Belgium, when we where the first band on a great festival! We had to start at 18:00 in the evening, and I thought nobody will be there this early.....I was totally wrong. Nearly 800-1000 comrades were waiting for us to start, and all of them liked our music! After our second song I had a feeling, like that we are playing for Hungarian fans: hundreds of Italian, Czech and German comrades shouted at the same time: KITARTÁS! And it was continuous, until the end of our concert!

Clockwork Torveny in Skinhouse Plovdiv
8. Did any of your members play in other bands too?

- All members had other bands, and now they play in other bands too, but I hope Fehér Törvény is important to everyone in the team! Zozó's bands now: Backstab, Gungnír, Heldentod, Dög / Rocker's bands: TarsOI/ Stevie has an sXe metalcore band, but I forgot their name/ Tango: Utolsó Védvonal, TarsOI, TUS/ Maci is working on an sXe band!

9. What are interested in apart from music – sports, hobbies, tattoos, books?

- Of course, all of them are a part of my life. Unfortunately, I don't have time for sports, and I don't have money for tattoos now, however I have newer and newer plans! I like books and fanzines, I more prefer these ways of news than spreading them on the internet. I started to work on my own skinhead fanzine in 1993, since then, I help working in many others, now I'm writing to the fanzine “Magyar Hang”. I was reading many books when I was young, but now I don't have time for them, but I hope I'll have years, when I can read all of those books I bought in the past few years!

10. What would you advice to someone who has just about to start a nationalist band? Is there any secret to keep a band like your active for more then 15 years?

- I think, someone who started playing recently, train himself/herself, and when he found out he /she have the talent for it, he/she should practice more and more! We can only make successful propaganda, if our music is pleasing to all of those people, who are not in our movement yet! It's a great feeling, when we can make achievements with this way, and many activists will have this success in our scene! I don't know what's making a band working through many years, but I know, Fehér Törvény is like my child, I care about it a lot! It will be adult in 2 years time, haha :)

Live in Italy
11. As far as I know your newest CD should be out soon. Tell us some info in advance about it… time for free of charge advert :)

- It's really hard to get it straight. Last years spring we talked it over with a record in New Zealand, but a year has passed, and nothing happened, just changing some emails....We almost finished our studio works, so the time has nearly come to give our new CD out. In the past few days, we talked with one of our German comrades, who likes our music, and he want to release it. I hope this will be the “final option”, and our new CD is coming out in this year!

12. Thanks for you time. Final words are yours.

- Thank you for the opportunity! My message is to your readers is: “Come to Hungary, you can see many beautiful sights! If you can, come to a good gig, nowadays we have more than one in every weekend, so just came when you can! I hope we will return to Bulgaria someday, like the barbarians (haha) !

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