Monday, 5 September 2011

Day of Freedom in Hungary

Many national socialist organizations was joined that demonstration what held in Budapest (Hungary), near the castle of Buda. The goal of the demonstration was to help the people realize, that the muslim immigration nowadays is just as dangerous as it was in the 500 -600 years.

Our country's liberation from them started in 1686, with the siege of Buda castle. This was come before a 3 months siege, because the defender of the castle, Abdurrahman pasha was hold on to his last men. Before this was another try to liberate the castle in 1684, but the assaulting teams were retreated because the wrong weather. The news in Europe spread like a disease that the jews were defending the castle alongside with the turks, so in many european city has started pogroms, for example in Padova( it can be found in the North-Italian Veneto region).

In the 18th of june 1686, the 70-80.000 people of the christian army led by Max Emanuel Kurfürst von Bayern and Prinz Karl Leopold von Lothringen was started the assault (in their lines with 15-20.000 hungarians and many croatian divisions) against the 12.000 people of Abdurrahman pasha's. In this army, many nations fought together with us: german, dutch, czech, italian, danish, bourgognes, english, spanish, french and swedish people split their blood for a free europe. Among the other companies volunteers, officers, and artillerymans we found out, nearly ALL OF THE EUROPEAN NATIONS standed together!

 In the 14th of august, the christian army was defeated the army of Szári Szulejmán,and 3 weeks later they started the last charge, what broke apart the resistance of the turks. Retaking of Buda was a big celebration throughout Europe. However, the castla was nearly equal to the ground because the wild fights, an italian army engineer has saved the pieces of Corvinas(Corvina is from the times of Matthias Rex hungarian king, and its a collector name for his Codexes. Corvina also means raven in Latin, which can be found in the family crest of Matthias Rex).

The speakers from the organizer Pax Hungarica Movement : Endre Domokos János and Péter Szász were emphasised that 1686 was a great event when an international christian coalition was borned to expatriate the invaders from our land.This was one of the last european solidarity's example. Nowadays we need a brotherhood like this, because millions of muslims invading Europe. We must not fell to that mistake, that some of the arabian countries resistance against Israel will fade our eyes from the islam's conquest. The islam is threatening us like the international jewish money"gangs", and a hungarist must be fought against any danger, what threatens his culture and homeland!
I think this will not be the last time that we remember these heroes, who fought for one goal: our freedom, and european freedom! Many countries today are threatened by muslim immigration, and the situation is get worse day by day. The question is: can we realize that we must be unite, when the last hour has come?

Keep your faith Comrades, throughout Europe! Never give up the fight!

More info about the participating organizations:, (Pax Hungarica Movement), and (64 Vármegye Ifjúsági Mozgalom)

Urban Resistance Crew, Hungary

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