Friday, 2 October 2009

Support POW releases

Two new releases from сommonweath between "Kolovrat SN Records" and "X Day Records": "Elite brotherhood" (split CD: "Kolovrat", "Imperium", "October 15", "Attack") and "Support POW Worldwide" compilation will be released in foreseeable future.

"Elite brotherhood" is joint album between 4 known Eastern European bands, includes 16 previously unreleased tracks: brand new songs, cover versions and the new versions of old songs as well (4 tracks from each band). Totat time - 58 min. The majority of the songs were recorded exclusively for this project being prepared for the last 2 years. The half of the material of this spit CD is the last to date studio work of vocalist of "Imperium" and 2 musicians from "Attack" (ex - "Utok'), which they were able to finish before their arrest. This project became the charitable one because of this reason. All funds from its sales will be directed to the fund of support of our arrested Czech comrades. Split CD includes Russian - English "mirror" 30 page booklet with the reference to the listener, pictures, the lyrics of the songs/ explanations to them and other information.

"Support POW worldwide" international compilation was prepared during last 2 years as well. The project will be released as double CD with 36 songs from 27 bands ("Kolovrat", "Russky Styag", "Kiborg", "Vernost", "Protest", "Shtandart", "Nachtigall", "Kamaedzitca", "Lemovice", "Vinland Warriors", "Nachtkult", "Guarda De Honra", "No Surrender", "Invictos" and others) from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Canada. Total playtime - 147 min. The style of participating bands vary from Oi!/ RAC to NSBM, from Hatecore to Industrial, from pagan metal to electronic music. The compilation includes many previously unreleased and absolutely new tracks. The booklet contains the information about right - wing prisoners (the info concerning their support as well) and fallen heroes of Movement. The project is charitable one - all financies from its distribution will be directed to POWs.

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