Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Report from Slovenian ISD Memorial

3rd October 2009
When we were told about ISD memorial in Slovenia we decided to go a day earlier and help Slovenian comrades everything they might needed because they help us alot in August when we had our gathering. So two of us from Rijeka went to Slovenia on Friday and after 2,5 hours trip with train we arrive to Ljubljana. After we met our comrades we went to town of Žiri. There we spend the rest of the day ( with Laško:D). We woke up early in Saturday morning for a meeting in local pub where we spend night before, and after few drinks we picked up all stuff that was needed for the gig we went to Domzale where the gig should take place. After arriving to gig place we helped Slovenian comrades to preapare hall for the gig.

Around 8pm concert started, first band was Hungarian Tar Had, I saw them already few times in Hungary but this was their best performance that I ever seen. After them Slovakian Project Vandal come to the stage, they get crowd going, dancing and singing with them, this was my first time I hear them live and I was impressed.

Third band of the night was Garotta from Varese (Italy), they play tradicional italian Oi/Rac but I didn´t listen them much because I go out to get some fresh air and to speak with comrades. Last band of the night should be german Ohne Worte, but unfortunately they couldn´t make it to the gig because of the problem with police.

Suprise of the night was when guys from Skullcrusher took the stage acompanied by Project Vandal drummer and preformed few of their songs after 2 years of absence from gigs. On the gig it was cca 150 people from Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Slovakia, Germany,Hungary. It was great time with great comrades and thanks once again to Slovenian comrades for their hospitality, see you soon again.


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