Friday, 16 October 2009

Interview with Sven, Flemish drummer

From 3rd issue of "Skinhead magazine" (in english)

Give us a brief introduction of yourself, in your own words.

Hi there, and thanks for this interview, what an honour. Well... I'm Sven, most of my friends call me Svenne; I'm 27 years old. Live in Bruges, Flanders ( NO Belgium).

When did you first begin playing drums? Were you a child with a toy-drum?

I started playing drums at the age of 15 and no I didn't have a toy drum, I started "playing" on mums pots and pans.

What was the first band you played in?

My first band was a heavy metal band in the style of Iron Maiden. I think I was 17 at that moment. We did some gigs and were pretty good. But I was getting more and more involved in politics so I called it a day.

Do you play other instruments? Would you like to play other one?

I only have time for drums, other instruments are impossible to combine with work and all my bands.But the piano is my favorit instrument next to drums.

You were involved in Stormwolf; is still this band active?

Yes I was involved in Stormwolf and we made a full album with the old stuff and some new stuff. But the band died a slow dead. We couldn't find the correct people to join the band and continue playing.Maybe one day . . . Stormwolf returns. Never say never.

What are the bands you are currently working on?

I play in 4 bands these days: Kill Baby, Kill!, Les Vilains, The Pride and Headcase.

Who and what band influenced you?

For me bands as Guns 'n Roses, Iron Maiden, AC/DC influenced me the most in the early years. After a few years I tryed different things by listening to more extreme metal bands, such as Death, Cannibal Corpse, Ancient Rites, Absu, Ancient and other bands. Drummers as Mike Portnoy, Derek Roddy, George Kollias, Mikke D and Matt Sorum are people I look up to.

We interviewed Aufbruch recently whose drummer is also the singer, could you do it too? Would you like to do it?

All my respect to those who can sing and play drums at once. But I simply can't do it just because the drums in bands like KBK and Headcase are just not so simple, so I have to be focused.Would I like to sing? Nooooo, I'm not the kinda guy who wants to be singing for an audience. They would run away as gast as possible. I like to sing in the shower, and I continue doing that in there. hahaha.

Have you a favourite song which you love to play?

With KBK I like playing Give Back The Oi! cause the people just go nuts on that song, don't know why ? hahahaLes Vilains: Belgique Hooligan for the same reason as KBK, Headcase: Falling just because its so fun to playThe Pride, hard one. I like to play most of the songs but Skinhead and some new stuff are my favorites.

What was the last concert you played?

That was in December if I can remember with Les Vilains and The Pride somewhere in Flanders.Good gig, had lots of fun and the people enjoyed the gigs so that makes my day to

Was 'This is Belgium' concert a special night for you?

Yes, I think I lost one of my testicals that night cause of the cold, hahahahaha. Special? In a way it was as it was the first "big" concert of The Pride and I believe we made a good impression.

What's best or your favourite make-design of drum?Best drum?

I prefer my Tama, love to have a DW and I like my drums full of cymbals hahahaHave your drums at home?

Do your neighbours love your music?

Ooooooooooooo yes. My drum is in the attic of my house. I have to look at it at least once a day, just loooove drums. I try to play every other day.My neighbours??? I think they love music and mine too. They like to invite "friends" to come listen. To bad these "friends" are dressed in blue, hahahaha. But they can fuck off. I'm allowed to make "noise" till 22 o'clock, but I'm not inhuman so i try to play at a reasonable hour for only one hour.

I saw your myspace and read: Don't judge a book by his cover'... have you been judged by people for being skinhead?

Who hasn't hahahahaha How many hours do you spend with computer every day? Waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much, you could say I'm addicted to it.

You've recorded the KBK new album last week, any good studio anecdote?

This is a hard one to answer, I don't play on the records. I only do the live action.

When will the new Les Vilains album be ready?

The million dollar question, Suck has the lyrics ready, we just don't find the time to start rehearsing. Sorry.Maybe this year, maybe next year, maybe . . .I hope we can make one for the end of the year.

Thanks a million for your answers. Your last sentence?

"Be yourself, not who you want to be !"and for the drummers out there, "Keep the beat"

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