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Death's Head interview

When was the band formed? Did you spread your demo around widely or only to select people and labels?

Andrew and I originally formed Deaths Head back in ’99, and we remained the driving force between line ups until he threw in the towel a couple of years ago. Since then I’ve sort of carried the Deaths head banner by myself, chasing people around and poking them with pointy sticks until they agreed to record with me haha. Our original demo was just a rehearsal recording we did one night. We recorded it on an 8 track to cassette in the room (and drank a good few beers as well). We never really “released” it or sent it to any labels, we just copied ourselves and gave it out to our mates so they would know our stuff when we played live. All up I think we only ever did about 50 of them, so if you’ve got one hang onto it, I don’t even have a copy of it.

What was the general feedback of your demo?

I don’t think anyone actually listened to it, though now it is a bonus on the end of the “Metal Skin live” cd that came out last year haha, We got our first cd released with Panzerfaust by recording half of it and just sending it to them, they like what the heard and told us to record some more tracks for a full length. I paid for that recording out of my own pocket because I was just having so much fun with the band. It was a pleasant surprise when the cd got picked up and I got the recording money back.

What is the current line-up? Have there been many line up changes?

Sadly Deaths Head is a line up of one at the moment, I’m writing all the songs and then getting some other comrades to help me out in the studio. Its always been hard to keep members when the scene sees so many people come and go. I would love to get a full line up happening again so I could play some shows, but unless we get some new blood come in its going to be a hard ask. There are people out there who would help me for a live show but the distances involved make it near impossible, so it would have to be a very important show.

Have you been involved with any bands before Death’s Head?

I have been involved with a few since Deaths Head, but DH was my first band, and will always be my favourite, I hope to keep it going for years to come yet.

I see you have not stopped releasing quality albums. Could you tell us about the new Death’s Head offering “Kriegslied”?
I recorded “Kriegslied” (lit. Warsongs) late last year as Deaths Heads fourth full length album. It is a World War 2 concept album. Each song tells a different chapter in the rise and fall of the Third Reich. While each song is wholly separate and stands alone when the cd is taken as a whole I would hope the total is greater than the sum of its parts. All up its 9 new tracks and should be out sometime in the next couple of months on BHS Services in Hungary. I hoped to release in Germany, which would be fitting due to the subject matter, but unfortunately they recently tightened their laws again, so I think the whole album is illegal there.

Are you working on any new Death’s Head material at the moment?

I have the next Deaths Head project written, it is another concept album this time based around the old Norse legend of the Death of Balder. The intention for this one is to have the separate parts of the story as distinct parts but have the pieces all joined together, so in essence it will be one long song. The parts of the songs are all written and I hope to record it later in the year. Two concept albums in a row might sound a bit wanky but I wanted to do these projects for a long time but other band members didn’t. Now there’s no one to tell me know so I can indulge myself. After that I’ll get back to the familiar Deaths Head format.

How long does it take to put a song together?

For me not long I will always do the lyrics and music separately. As for the lyrics a word or phrase will trigger a few lines and from then the song will just take off and usually be written in an hour or so, sometimes quicker. It is rare that I will ever go back to an unfinished song, if I don’t finish it on the spot it goes in the bin, though I might re-write some stuff when it gets put to music. As for writing music, I’ll just fool about on guitar, making up riffs until I have something resembling a song and then I’ll go to the lyric pile to find something that suits, I don’t sit down or set out to write anything or I just freeze up.

What are your musical and lyrical influences?

Depends on what I’m listening to at the time, I like a lot of different styles, metal, rock n roll, even folk and country. As for lyrics I just write down what comes out, I don’t know where I get my ideas. I mean I try to be original, but at the same time the message has been getting spread for 60 years.

Is there any difficulty finding a recording studio to record pro-White music in Australia?

Luckily there are plenty of studios here, and most producers are businessmen. Whatever they may think of our views personally they have to make a living. Personally, when I am in the studio, I don’t keep any secrets but I don’t force my views on anyone either. The producers and I might not see eye to eye on most subjects but we are both there to do a job in a professional manner, hell we can always talk about the weather and shit...

You played the Australian ISD Memorial with the Bully Boys that must have been a great show, the line up was brilliant! Not having our own memorial concert here in New Zealand yet can you give us some insight into how the gig went?

We did play that show back in 2004 and it was a great gig. On a personal note I think we played one of our best sets ever, which can be heard on the “Metal Skin Live” cd which was professionally recorded at this show. It was great to see the Bully Boys, a long time favourite of mine, and they were a good drawcard as well ,so I caught up with some faces I hadn’t seen in a long time, all around a great gig. There is a very good dvd of this show that came out recently, I haven’t seen it yet but it features Fortress and Bully Boys, Deaths Head and Blood Red Eagle didn’t make the cut as far as I know, which is a shame but it still shows what most people want to see I guess.

What are your memories from playing in New Zealand?

Very few I got pretty pissed haha. No seriously I love New Zealand and try to get over there whenever there is anything on. I have met many good people over there and made many good friends. The gig we played over there was my first visit to NZ and after a warm welcome from the customs people at the airport it was a non stop pleasure to be there. The band were treated like royalty and the gig was a great time, even though most people didn’t know who the hell Deaths Head were haha.

Will we see Death’s Head playing live shows again in the future?

At some point I hope so, but its hard to say. In the near future probably not but you never say never y’know. I would definitely love to play DH live again if the circumstances ever permit.

I have heard you plan on re-pressing your first album “Onslaught” ? Any news regarding that release?

I got contacted by some people a good while back, we’re talking a year or two now, about repressing “Onslaught” and we came to an agreement, but since then I have heard little news so it seems to be in limbo at the moment. Hopefully it will come together soon as I still get a few people asking me about that cd and I don’t know of anyone who still has any of the old Panzerfaust release kicking around. The repress will be remastered and will be the original format with the song “Higher Power” on it which Panzerfaust cut from the original album.

I enjoyed the split album “Blood on my hands” how did Kilgore come about?

I have always enjoyed rock n roll, and after doing Deaths head for so many years that was always so serious I wanted to do something a little more light hearted and fun. I had just started teaching myself guitar at the time and the rock/country/punk style came out of that, simple chord driven songs with some fancy Rock lead over it, and some take the piss lyrics, it was either going to be good or an abortion...personally I think the split is rough but the sound came into its own on the full length ‘.44 magnum opus”. The split basically was using Deaths Head to give me a chance to record Kilgore, but it has gotten to the point where I can record Kilgore on its own merits now. Most of the feedback has been very positive.

I hear talk of a new Kilgore album. When can we expect that to be out?

No idea when it will be released, there is always some down time between when we record and when the cd is released, it depends on the label, but I plan to be in the studio in the next couple of months. 10 more tracks in the style of the first full length, I am looking forward to it.

What would your advice be to any young Comrades wanting to start up a pro-White band?

Just do it, I’m not sure whether it is a good or bad thing, but ours is a very scene based movement, and people are a lot more likely to come and see a band , have a few drinks and make new comrades that way than they are to go to a rally or a meeting. WP musin is still the best way we have to raise funds and spread our message, and in my opinion even a crappy band is better than no band at all. The best advice I can give anyone wanting to start a WP band is practice as much as possible and when you start to do gigs and stuff, don’t let it go to your head, playing in a band doesn’t make you better than anyone else.

I have checked out your youtube page many times and I see you have been doing a lot of editing. Can you tell us about the “Terror Australis” DVD?

The “Terror Australis” dvd is something myself and another Aussie lad have been working on for some time. We finished it just recently and are looking for someone to handle worldwide distribution. In a nutshell it is a collection of videos, live stuff and film clips showcasing Australia’s WP bands, Its got unseen footage of Fortress, Bail Up, Ravenous, Deaths Head, Blood Red Eagle, Kilgore, Ultra Violence, Quick and the Dead, Spatter Pattern as well as some interviews and a few other bits and pieces, its pretty good if I do say so myself and should be out there soon.

You also provide the vocals for the band UltraViolence? Can you tell us about that band?

yeah, that first came about for the ISD gig in 2006, Pete from Ultra Violence in South Australia said they were short a singer and if I would help them out, I’ve always loved playing live shows and hadn’t had a chance to do it in a while so I jumped at the chance. We had a ball and it went down pretty well with the crowd as well, so we did it again at the midwinterfest in 2007. I’m always willing to help out wherever I can.

How is the Australian scene currently?

Much the same as always, still very small, Theres still a small core of dedicated people who make sure things get done. Things have picked up a littleover the last couple of years, with Final War from the States playing at the last ISD, which was a good show. We hope to get another international act this year as well, but best not to say too much about that. Things won’t change overnight obviously but so long as we don’t go backwards then we can hold our heads up.

What kind of laws do you have in Australia? I have heard of things such as pro-White websites being banned etc. Any truth to that?

To the best of my knowledge things like that have never actually banned, what usually happens is some commie faggot will complain to the server and the site gets shut down out of public relations. These queers are to gutless to do anything but work behind the scenes like that, its just the world we live in and one of those irratating things we just have to put up with. We do have vilification laws here, but its rare for anyone to ever get arrested under them.

What do you hope to see in 10 years time?

I’d just like to see the movement progress a little and not just die away or stagnate. Sadly except for parts of Europe the white race seems hell bent on destroying itself.

What would you like to say to the readers of this interview?

I’d just like to say cheers to all the B&H supporters out there. It is a worthwhile organization that needs all the help it can get, and also I’d like to say ehllo and thanks to everyone I have met over there for all the good times and warm welcomes.

How can fans contact you?

I can be reached at genocidal88@hotmail,com

Where can we purchase Death’s Head and Kilgore? What shops and distros do you support?

For cds I have a few, or just look around, most labels will stock something from Deaths Head or Kilgore. As for the labels I support, Rampage in the UK is good, Label 56 in the US and Final Stand records. Theres plenty of god places to by WP merch if you’re willing to look.

Thank you very much for doing this interview Jesse. It is indeed a great honour. All the best for future projects.

Thanks to comrade Dylan J. from New Zealand for sending us this interview

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