Saturday, 24 October 2009

Faustrecht interview

Few weeks ago you have played in Hungary on "Sons of Europe" fest. What are your impressions of this gig and the atmosphere on this night?

It was really great to see that the European youth was united at this evening. And there where no fights. I hope this will happen again next year. This festival is an important thing for us all and should be continued anyway.

Did playing in a band make you feel younger? Will you ever reach the day when you will be too old for this :) ? What do your families think about your music commitments?

Well, at the moment we don’t feel too old for this at all. The music that we make is an important thing in our lives and will be continued as long as possible. Alright, after a weekend with a great gig we feel very bad at Monday morning and sometimes think, why we do all this. But at next Friday everything bad is forgotten and we go on.
Our families have no problem with our kind of living and our weekend activities. And this is good and very important to us!

One of your famous songs is “The love of my life” dedicated to the skinhead cult. What is the situation in Germany in the skinhead scene? Do you have a lot of young people or they follow the new wave of Hate core bands like Moshpit?

At the moment the Skinhead Scene in Germany is way down, and not many younger people join the scene. The new direction is Hate Core and to be an “Autonomic Nationalist”. All in all in the south of Germany where we live we have a good and strong Scene. But in the north of Germany, and especially in the East, the Skinhead Scene is as good as dead. Which we think is a bad thing.

Faustrecht does also songs in Spanish? Why you are doing this, are you a Multilanguage band?

We made these Spanish songs as a thank you for our friends and comrades in Spain. Every time we played there, it always was a weekend full of comradeship, hospitality and a great experience to us. On the other hand, I (Michi) like the Spanish language very much and I am trying to learn it.

What is the level of political correctness in Germany and why the re-press of “Klassenkampf” cd was seized by police?

The level of political correctness is the highest in the world in Germany, I think. Everything’s that got something to do with patriotism is criticized and not liked. Every kind of opinion which is not in common with the point of view of the state is persecuted and in most of the cases banned. So I think you can imagine what the situation here is. Not only the re-press of the “Klassenkampf”-CD was seized by the police on this day, also everything else our producer had to sell at his shop. He had a House search by the police. So the re-press was not the reason for that.

What do you think about the problems between German and Polish nationalist? Do you think about a possible end of this conflict in nearest future?
Well, the Polish people also belong to Europe. So far, so good. The problem is that most of Polish Nationalists hate Germans. The reason is Second World War, I think. At the moment I see no solution for this in the near future.

What is your opinion about Islam in Europe, and especially in Germany where you have millions of Turks?
The Islam doesn’t belong to Europe and should be kicked out of here. But I am no “Fan” of any Religion, but if I had the choice, I would prefer Christians. Not because I believe in God or something like that, because it has more in common with Europe as the Islam. Yes, we unfortunately have millions of Turks and also many other Moslems. Every big City here also has a mosque.

What do you think about the future of the skinhead scene? Will it remain, or it will fade away?

I hope and I fight for a great Comeback.

As far as I know some of you are fans of TSV 1860 Munich. Do you remember the Bulgarian footballer who played for this team few years ago?

Of course I remember Daniel Borimirow. And yes, we are fans of 1860 Munich. Fuck Bayern Munich!

What are your future plans, any upcoming gigs, albums or splits?

Next year we are planning to release a new album, we will see…

Any final comments?

Thanks for the interview and for the interest in our Band. Good Luck for the future of your Web Zine! Keep up the fight!

- F A U S T R E C H T 2 0 0 9 –

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