Friday, 14 August 2009

Section 88 Interview

What is the band's line up?

The line up of the band is as follows; Vocals - Mick - Lead Guitar - Steve - Bass - JB & Drums - Matt.

When was the band formed?

The band originally formed way back in 94, with Steve being the only member of the current line up involved. The new and hopefully improved Section 88 formed back in June 2001.

Have you performed abroad since the formation of the band?

We have played one gig abroad and that was laid on by your good selves at Blood & Honour Vlaanderen. We were very impressed with the scene over there as well as the hospitality shown towards us .

What are your plans for the future?

Our plans for the future will be gigging as much as we can (If asked of course) as well as getting our songs down on CD. As long as we can get our message out through the good old sound of Oi, then we will be happy.

Where do you come from and how did you get to know eachother?

We all come from the South London/North Kent area of good old Albion. We basically met through the Blood & Honour and political scene, which highlights the way people can meet other racially aware comrades and make something positive out of it.

Why did you choose the name "Section 88"?
Section 88 was thought up by the Steve back in the early days, and the name signifies our strong National Socialist beliefs, and our utmost respect and admiration for Adolf Hitler. R.I.P…His memory will always remain in our hearts and minds!

Who has influenced your music and why?

Our music is influenced by the early eighties Oi scene, with its rawness and the way it gave the white working class a voice, to speak out against the never ending shit that we still face every fucking day. (And to all you Red Wankers out there, that includes the scourge of non white immigration) Bands such as the 4-Skins, Cock Sparrer,The Business and the Last Resort, are obvious favourites and of course the mighty Skrewdriver.

Are you planning to release a cd in the near future?

We have no Cd's out at present, but the lads at Panzerfaust have agreed to do an Album with us. We have also been asked to record two tracks for the Voice Of Britain 2 Compilation, and on top of that an English Rose/Section 88 Split CD.

What is your opinion about Blood & Honour?

We feel that Blood & Honour has gone from strength to strength and the organisation is second to none. The unity is there for all to see, and what I like is the fact that Skinheads, casuals and bikers can all get along really well. I also feel that the different types of music and actions on offer will appeal to everyone.

Can you give us a top five of your favourite songs?
As there are 4 of us, we'll give 4 different top fives

MATT) Man Enough - Another Mans Poison, Running Riot - Cock Sparrer, Red Flags - Skrewdriver, Reign I Forever - Eye Of Odin, Let The Battle Begin - Celtic Warrior

JB) White Power - Skrewdriver, So What - Anti -Nowhere League, Sweaty Betty - The Macc Lads, New Rose - The Damned, Sheena is a Punk Rocker - The Ramones

STEVE) One Law for Them - 4-Skins, Keep the Faith - Condemned 84, Poseur - Combat 84, Suburban Rebels - The Business, Danger UXB - Dead Mans Shadow.

MICK) White Power - Skrewdriver, King of the Jungle - Last Resort, House of Treason - Skrewdriver, White kids gonna fight - Bully Boys, Oceans of Warriors - Brutal Attack

Any last words?

On closing we would just like to thank all our comrades for the help and support they have gave, and if we can put something positive back towards our struggle then it will be worth it.


thanks to Matt for thet interview
28 Riese


URMOM said...

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by the way you all look like products of incest, but isn't that what you want to? purity of blood ;)

Anonymous said...

fuck you bonehead. u are not skinhead... I am sick of reading your opinion...there is no white power,,, we are all equal human beings :)